Fox Hosts Go OFF On Each Other Over Pelosi Conspiracy

By | November 8, 2022

Fox News hosts Will Cain and Geraldo Rivera went blow for blow while talking about their colleagues on their conservative news station who have used the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband for political ammunition. Richard Ojeda breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Directly [Music] Well Kane does the uh David the pap Confession about planning to kidnap Nancy Pelosi not to mention Um posting showing he was suicidal that He believed in an imaginary fairy Undermine efforts uh by some in the Press to paint this mentally unstable Guy as some kind of trumpian right Winger Well the efforts by the media to paint This into a larger narrative to smear Their political opponents is the reason For the existence of conspiracy theories So if you put out false information how Can you then indict people for Understanding that false information What's up everybody major retired Richard Ojeda here and will Kane and Geraldo got into a little scrap on Fox News and we love to see the infighting That Republican on Republican crime is Just getting out of hand should the People who uh posted these this made up Garbage about Paul Pelosi and to perhaps Supposedly being a male prostitute which Includes Elon Musk Larry Elder and Donald Trump Jr now apologize rather Than just deleting the tweets yes yes They should and Will's analysis is Baloney what these people did was Grotesque what Don Jr did uh tweet Tweeting uh that the Halloween costume

Of the year was Paul Pelosi had a pair Of Underpants and a hammer uh it is Disgusting it's low down and dirty and Uh you know the the uh it's partisan Politics taken to an extreme that uh Makes me want to spit so it's obvious That will Kane is a loudspeaker for the Radical right he could have just said That he could have just stated that he Doesn't care about ongoing political and Social conversations because they don't Affect him or he doesn't understand I should really apologize what part of What I said that that you're you're that The atmosphere or the San Francisco Police you know some of the early Information well what do you jump you do You jump into a gay uh tryst uh you know Uh a fight I mean do you jump right into The gutter no because why because he's Nancy Pelosi's husband it is no Absolutely not Some things we can't do something we Cannot do and what we cannot do what we Cannot do is take an incident like this And twist it so it becomes part of uh Now I don't know if you all know this But on occasion Geraldo Rivera does this He pushes back on bigger conspiracy Theories and lies that the mega crowd Glued themselves to not always but I Give credit where credit is due the People on Fox who pretend like they Don't understand how they are labeled as

Radical are the same people that push Radical ideology I do not think you take Those scant false bad details as Provided by law enforcement and media Outlets and jump to absurd conclusions I Do not think that Geraldo now let me ask This of you do you take those same scant False details and jump to a conclusion Of indicting 50 of America for their Political beliefs do you do what Joe Biden did and say this is as a result of Mega Republicans you're gaslighting what Does that have to do with what the with The slander of Paul Pelosi we sat back From caricature you some things you Can't directly but some things we can't Do we we Where do you think wackos get these Ideas Geraldo they get these ideas We entitle them the president of the United States not some random kind that Old man Skull fractured they blame the quote Media Outlets with the blatant irony That they are a part of the median Narrative now they don't argue that in Court they argue that they are only Entertainment not news but here is Will Kane just digging his heels in for the Magical now the host Howard Kurtz framed All this on the false pretense that news Outlets just went straight to assuming That Paul Pelosi's attacker was a fringe Maga fan but we can walk and chew gum at

The same time had reports not started to Pile up about this man trying to find Nancy Pelosi and posted a slew of Comments Maga q and on talking points Then no we wouldn't have looped him into All that but they are all evading the Real core of this argument why has Political violence from the right Escalated so much that we expected that We have about 30 seconds of thoughts and Prayers and then Fox News and on go to Bat for the attackers just like those at The Capitol on January the 6th will Kane Blames media conspiracy theories but I Don't know of any quote news outlets Repeating q and on talking points and Trump prompts except Fox News on and Newsmax so maybe take a look in the Mirror wheel maybe you and your buddies Sold your souls to Donald Trump and Didn't notice that you're all turning Orange he also blames law enforcement Again the blue lives matter crowd coming After the police when the facts don't Help their cause maybe he's not been in The business long enough but police Reports and crime details have a habit Of fluctuating and changing before you Get the entire story and the thing is we Have the attacker was a right-wing Fringe conspiracy theorist who had the Plot to harm and kill not only Nancy Pelosi but others in the government as Well but again much like January the 6th

They will turn to screaming Joe Biden And inflation before they recognize and Correct their own inflammatory rhetoric And for the final thought we should Really move past the myth that Maga Supporters make up half of the country They don't it's just that squeaky wheels Are the loudest in the room and that's a Fact sapper's clear the way Airborne all The way

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