Fox Host Thinks Lobster Is A Vegetable

By | November 29, 2022

In what must’ve been a VERY slow news day, Fox News did a segment on a decision by Whole Foods to stop selling Maine lobster. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Whole Foods has recently decided not to sell lobster from Maine after two sustainability organizations threatened to withdraw their endorsements of the U.S. lobster fishing industry.

Marine Stewardship Council and Seafood Watch are concerned about the impact the fishing gear is having on the rare North Atlantic right whales. There are only 340 of that species of whales left in the world. Whole Foods said that they are monitoring the situation and “committed to working with suppliers, fisheries, and environmental advocacy groups as it develops.”

The Fox network, however, is furious that they can no longer buy their lobster at Whole Foods.”


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Foods announcing they're going to stop Selling Maine Lobster citing Sustainability concerns the Environmentalist groups say that lobster Fishing that industry threatens is the Rare right whale Venom to me It's not for me I'll take the risk For the carnivore who shared his opinion At the very tail end of that video Lobster meat is in fact meat it is not a Vegetable Um so just keep note of that anyway uh Fox News has their finger on the pulse When it comes to the American people We're all outraged that Whole Foods is Going to stop selling Maine Lobster what Will we do what will we do because you Know American families dine on Lobster At least twice a week at least now uh This story actually has a lot to do with An endangered species and that is the Motivating factor behind Whole Foods Decision to stop selling Maine Lobster So without further Ado let me explain What is transpiring here there are two Organizations having to do with Sustainability and they've been speaking Out against uh fishing for main lobster Because of the impact it's having on on Whale populations okay so the Organizations Marine Stewardship Council And seafood watch both cited concerns About risks to rare North Atlantic right

Whales from fishing gear entanglement in Gear is one of the biggest threats to The whales and by the way there are only Hundreds of these whales in existence I'll give you the exact number in just a Moment but the Fisheries use these long Vertical fishing lines to deploy lobster Traps that marine life end up getting Caught in in September the New England Aquarium saw a right whale Tangled in Fishing gear it's not clear that this Was gear from a lobster fishery but as You can see from the image if you look Closely you can see the the lines the Fishing lines and according to the Tweet North Atlantic right whale snow cone was Cited by our team yesterday newly Entangled and an extremely poor health And our scientists believe she cannot be Saved and then they provide a link so You can learn more about what's going on Now the decision by Whole Foods was an Important action to protect the highly Endangered whale said Virginia Carter an Associate with the save America's Wildlife campaign at environment America Research and policy center with fewer Than 340 North Atlantic right whales in Existence the species is swimming toward Extinction unless things turn around Carter said So when I when I think about My need for lobster versus the need to Keep these this species of of whales

Alive Since I never really eat lobster because I can't afford it let's go with the Whales let's protect the whale no but Honestly Yeah this is the right move by Whole Foods it really is I we're gonna be fine Without the lobster So uh a bunch of things here number one Um you know who owns Whole Foods these Very liberal Whole Foods Amazon uh Correct Amazon uh they bought them for 13.7 billion so Bezos basically owns Whole Foods and what he's too left wing Okay no so why are they doing so by the Way the former owner of Whole Foods also Kind of a eccentric right winger okay so Which is kind of ironic given Whole Foods stick yeah libertarian yeah Libertarian at Somehow made sense for him to start Whole Foods anyway the bottom line is Whole Foods is doing this for what Reason for marketing because more people That are progressive and care about the Environment shop at Whole Foods so they Do this as a way of saying look don't Worry about Amazon buying us don't worry About what you've heard we're still good People trying to do right by the planet And everything else right so it's for Marketing purposes you Schmucks and now Having said that do I think it was the Right thing to do yes honestly I didn't

Know about the whale situation until I Found out because of this new story About Whole Foods yep so good on them For bringing that to light and do I like Lobster I love Lobster okay and oh look At you whining and dining oh yeah oh Yeah you like to you like to taste the Wine too is it a little do a little Swirl no I I get hints of pear and Coffee Bean do you So no no I I don't care about fanciness And no I don't know any of the wines nor Do I care to and if I've ever done this It was only to mock it okay uh but uh Having said that Lobster is delicious Okay so I don't agree with the Bible That it's an Abomination uh so nor do I Agree with uh the same part of the Bible That says uh lying with a man is an Abomination okay anyways now that I got That in I got a comment on your point About the marketing because yes that is A hundred percent true I agree with you On that point in fact uh while reading About this story I came across the fact That other companies like blue apron for Instance which I'm a huge fan of also Stated that they will stop selling Maine Lobster as a proponent of Blue Apron as A customer for Blue Apron as someone who Prepares Blue Apron meals for my family Three nights a week I will say this uh With no shame Blue Apron Never sold Lobster there's just not it's

Not on their menu oh really never once Have I come across a menu option that Gives me a recipe including Lobster main Lobster or any Lobster yeah well God Bless listen nonetheless we still give Away 100 Blue Apron gift card so I Remember by the way boyfriend's freaking Awesome like I love Blue Apron I started Using it in the beginning of the Pandemic and I've never stopped because It's just I never waste food anymore They give you exactly what you need and This is not an advertisement I'm just Literally just out of nowhere telling You what I think about Blue Apron yeah This really isn't an ad it's just we Found a way to to express uh thanks and Gratitude to our members and that's why For good comments if you're a member you Get the 100 gift card and we give away a Hundred uh of those uh for the bone Being on on the on the main show uh for Uh people who are members if they answer The trivia question right if they watch The live stream anyways back to this Story uh the reason I was telling you I Love Lobster is because but if you said To me Hey listen for for sustainability Reasons for whales or otherwise you Should stop eating it for X number of Times six months a year two I don't know What the number is okay and everybody Gets to make their own decision right And so you might say hey you know what I

Don't care about those whales I just Want the lobster it's a free country Okay but and and by the way we all draw A line in different places a lot of People say don't eat it at all don't eat The cows because of how we treat the Cows those are all super Fair points we Got vegan host they make a very Compelling case about that I I'm an omnivore and and I love steak And I love Lobster I do Burgers uh you Name it bacon Etc so but if you said to Me for X period of time don't eat that So we can save the whales and say okay Yeah that makes sense I wouldn't be like Oh there's impinges upon my freedom First of all it doesn't you don't have To eat at Whole Foods or Blue Apron you Can go to get Lobster somewhere else Yeah nobody's taking your freedom away Right they're just expressing their Values through that and even if it's for Marketing purposes I don't mind it's Still their values they're still not Selling it to preserve the whales and Bringing attention to it so good on them Now Um that is a reasonable way of handling This news let's go to let's go back to Fox and hear an unreasonable take My understanding of this is that Obviously Maine has the biggest largest Lobster fishing industry in the country There and so you've got political

Leaders and those fishermen who are Essentially saying yes there is a risk But it's actually never happened so We're pulling loud we're telling them They can't do their jobs and we're Pulling these lobsters off the shelves At Whole Foods over risk send them to me Yeah I'll take the risk I love Lobster I love Maine Lobsters Ongoing conversation Is it is it an ongoing conversation I love Lobster so this is going to be an Ongoing conversation there's like really Nothing else to say about it yeah I'm Going why don't you go to a different Store and get your main lobster what's The What is nothing stopping you you just Invent this stuff just to divide us I Mean this is the point man very few People in their audience is like whining And dining on Lobster regular like Regularly like that's the thing that Drives me nuts about the story right it Shows you how fundamentally disconnected They are from their own audience we're Like plans we might not be able to buy Lobster at Whole Foods anymore how can You believe it Most of your audience is like struggling To survive they're elderly they're Probably living on Social Security Benefits which honestly aren't enough to

Keep them whole like let's just keep it Real they're not whining and dining on Lobster But the first thing you said is the most Correct and the funniest but like idiot Meathead which is appropriate in this Case on Fox News is like uh yeah I'm a Carnivore so I don't do that kind of Stuff Dude [Music] Does he really think Lobster is Vegetable Foreign [Laughter] TV I wish a lot I wish vegetables tasted as Good as Lobster but no they don't thanks For watching the young truth so really Appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you gotta do is click that join Button right underneath the video thank You