Fox Host Goes on Sexist Rant After Fellow Host Calls Out Elon Musk

By | November 2, 2022

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld defends Elon Musk after he tweeted a conspiracy theory about the attack on Paul Pelosi. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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”Greg Gutfeld screamed into the camera during Monday’s episode of Gutfeld! and insisted the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi wasn’t politically motivated. He did so just hours after he ridiculed co-host Jessica Tarlov on The Five for being “too emotional” over the incident.

According to federal charging documents, the alleged attacker confessed to hitting Pelosi in the head with a hammer. The suspect reportedly hoped to find his wife, Speaker Nancy Pelosi there so he could break her kneecaps because she’s the House Democratic leader.”*


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The doj indictment of that’s the joke Actually says that he also just wanted To tie her up to go to everybody takes Things down look at you you are getting Too emotional about this you should be Enjoyed than you doesn’t mean I just enjoy it it’s not enjoyable to Spread disinformation Ah yes uh resident comedian if you could Believe it Greg Gutfeld called his uh Female Democratic colleague Jessica Tarloff too emotional as she was uh Expressing her concern about Disinformation that’s been spreading Following the vicious attack on Paul Pelosi in his own home uh man as we’ve Reported broke into his home and then Attacked him with a hammer hit him in The head he had to have uh surgery as a Result and there’s been all sorts of Crazy conspiracy theories even though uh We have details about the perpetrator Including how his attack was politically Motivated now uh later Gutfeld himself gets pretty emotional And has a bit of a meltdown Which makes him a huge hypocrite for Judging a female colleague for being Passionate in making her argument but Before we get to all of that let’s give You a little more context okay let’s Talk through some of the uh initial Elements of this fat now Jessica tarloff Is a guest uh host on the five and uh

The representative of the left obviously Very broadly speaking here on the panel Now Tarlov uh talked pretty rationally About the attack on Paul Pelosi and uh The exchange uh between Hillary Clinton And Elon Musk which we covered on the Show as well in that exchange on Twitter Elon Musk had uh tweeted out a fake news Conspiracy about Paul Pelosi Having some sort of like male guy he’s Having sex with just completely Unfounded nonsense he later took down The Tweet uh but that’s what sparked Some of this debate so let’s take a look At the next clip When Elon Musk weighed in on the Conspiracy theories about Whoever the the guy who broke into Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi’s house Um had zip ties with him Um beat him in the head with a hammer Right and Elon Musk replied I believe to A Hillary Clinton tweet about this Promoting complete lies about what had Happened to Hillary that was the joke That was his joke he was trying to hurt No he was told her because she she came Out with her own conspiracy that this Was obviously right-wing uh a right-wing Uh uh well the guy conspiracy excuse me Foreign So Emma this has been an incredibly Frustrating thing to see played out in The media where you know you have

First of all I mean he was clear about What he wanted to do right uh depape was Very clear about how he wanted to Break Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps if she Lied to him so that she could be you Know wheelchaired into the Capitol Building so other Democratic politicians Know what will happen to them if they Lie as well like it was clearly Politically motivated but Republicans Don’t want to take any ownership of that Even though they engage in all sorts of Rhetoric that incites violence in a Country that’s full of people who don’t Have who have mental health issues don’t Have access to the health care they need To deal with said mental health issues I Mean they know what they’re doing Of course and I mean you know the idea That Hillary Clinton tweeted out the Conspiracy there’s no conspiracy here It’s well documented what this guy was Trafficking in which was Q Anon Pizzagate conspiracies he was writing About hola hoax and Holocaust denial General right-wing racist content and Was uh also an anti-vaxx conspiracy Theorist as well it fits all of the Right-wing ideology to a t but you know Sam and and my colleagues at the Majority report brought this up on the Show today Um how right after January 6th there Were people immediately the day of the

Day of saying well it was antifa right And you just see that as long as they Have an excuse right off the bat they’re Still saying you know Nearly two years later that it was Antifa that it was a false flag on January 6 because they can’t actually Take ownership of their own rhetoric They want to engage in it they want to Use it to an extent for electoral and Financial gain if you’re in the media For example But when the chickens come home to roost And people start to act on this Explosive and violent rhetoric well then They can’t own it and they have to Pretend that it’s fake because there’s No way for them to actually continue to Behave in the way that they have Um and and rationalize it there and yeah I mean Jessica Tarlov she’s been on that Program for a while she is the resident Punching bag for the left but you know Gutfeld and Jesse waters are the two men That are on that uh show the five with Those three other women and it does not Get more like drippingly misogynistic Just in the aura of who they are than Those two I mean Jesse Waters he talked About how you know he met his current Wife who was an intern by taking the air Out of her tires so that she could not Leave the Fox News facility so that they Could uh have a meat cute that’s like

His characterization of that I would you Know if a guy who’s trying to date me Who was older and my Superior Potentially took the air out of my tires In the parking garage I would say okay I’m about to get murdered Um but oh they ended up happily married He left his wife for her how lovely so Gutfeld is also like in that vein of Just they want to cosplay Mad Men and Act however they want to women and and Uh be hypocritical about it be emotional But she’s the one who’s emotional and Honestly Jessica tarlov’s like leave That place I mean there’s no value for You to be there and be the resident Liberal who just gets attacked on a Daily basis I know you’re probably Making a lot of money but go somewhere Else because this is not adding value to Society While the conversation further devolved When uh my my favorite misogynistic Statement was made by Greg Gutfeld and I Say my favorite because I’ve experienced It so often myself so let’s watch that Part of the interaction and then we’ll Go to Gutfeld and his little meltdown The guy said and the doj report came out Today right that he wanted to come there To capture Nancy Pelosi to make her Repent for all of the lies of the Democratic party and he was going to Beat her kneecaps in until she did so

That she would have to be wheeled into Congress Yes actually show what but Actually so Elon Musk is the CEO of that Company Hillary Clinton you could say Whatever you want about her Hillary Clinton he was trolling her a Lot actually the doj indictment of That’s the joke Actually says that he also just wanted To tie her up to go to everybody takes Things down look at you you are getting Too emotional about this you should be Enjoyed I just enjoy it it’s not enjoyable to Spread disinformation You’re you’re getting too emotional About this you should enjoy conspiracy Theories that defame someone who is just Victimized in a vicious attack with a Freaking hammer in his own home I’m technically motivated attack but Don’t get emotional don’t get emotional Even though we’re about to show you how Emotional Greg Gutfeld gets but Emma go Ahead no I just like I and I thank you Jimmy Dore and the people on the left Who mocked AOC for fearing for her life On January 6 and thinking that she was Going to get raped I mean they what if She got raped if she was assaulted by One of those January Sixers you know What they’d say immediately she’s making It up she was asking for it they’re Doing that right now with Paul Pelosi

Let alone Alexandria ocasio-cortez who’s The avatar for everything they hate About the left and the Democratic party And it just I mean they’ll immediately Go to lies and spreading disinformation The I and and what I love too about These like men in the Republican Party Who say that the left is filled with soy Boys and beta males is that they are Socking at the teat sorry for the Imagery of Elon Musk and they just they Think oh man this guy who’s like Basically a 12 year old 4chan troll boy Who’s replying with fake news to Hillary Clinton like oh he totally owns her man Like he’s so sick he’s just like the Maximum troll that we could ever ask for Like oh this billionaire he’s like he’s The man they have no like identity Outside of worshiping billionaires go go Lick that boot a little bit more Greg Gutfeld and then we’ll talk about who’s Over emotional Yeah dude I I gotta say the funniest Development with the right wing is how They blame the lack of masculinity among Men today on feminists when like their Own behavior and actions are so pathetic And so weak that it’s like um I don’t Know man is it really the feminist who Destroyed masculinity or is it you who’s Like constantly on your knees fellating Like online trolls and billionaires like Elon Musk and Donald Trump like let’s

Just let’s just keep it real and finally Let’s let’s talk about getting emotional Because Greg Gutfeld on that same day Got emotional about the very same issue That they were discussing earlier with Tarlov so let’s take a look at that Yes This is part of January 1st it’s Maggie Extremist behind this because they Always attract illegal alien nudists who Live in school buses who think they’re Jesus Christ Hell Republican candidates have spent more Than 116 million on ads that mentioned Speaker Pelosi by name in this cycle If this is about the issues I want to Make it about the issues why not De-personalize it Out don’t you think this needs to change Why not pull some of these ads why not Just delete your Tweet why not delete Your brain Oh you should stop the ads just eight Days out how what a coincidence that you Would use this for that suggestion Do these people think before they say Anything Margaret when will cbsd Personalize their content maybe start With young Sheldon I don’t know it must be that time of the Month for Greg Gutfeld I mean he should Smile more He’s I mean he sounds hysterical right

It’s time for him sweetie take a nap Right you just let let the women kind of Handle this from here on out because it Seems like you might be experiencing Some hormonal imbalances Um yeah I think the pressures of the job Is just too much for Greg Gutfeld maybe He should step aside and allow a woman To take over you know I agree Um I mean uh he should have a sad face Emoji instead of that exclamation point At the end of his at the end of his Program when a woman is emotional she’s Hysterical when a man is emotional he’s Passionate that’s kind of how it goes Right and um emotion is strength people Like Greg gotfeld and right Wingers want You to numb yourselves to like a visual Reaction that you might have to an 82 Year old man getting assaulted with a Hammer uh in his home that’s wrong That’s horrible and uh like makes me Just if you have any ounce of humanity It makes you sad and I’m no fan of Pelosi but I I don’t want her husband Getting assaulted with a hammer they Want you to disconnect that part of Yourself your Humanity from your Political ideology because that’s the Only way that right-wingers can win

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