Fox Host Dismisses Racism, Receives Instant Karma

By | November 3, 2022

Fox Host Brian Kilmeade blindly announces that racism has ”simmered down” over the last few years. Constanza Eliana Chinea breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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And I kind of like where we are as a Country now and race I think we’ve Calmed down simmer down and I think Learning about these two uh would only Benefit breaking news y’all racism is Over according to Brian Kilmeade on Fox And Friends racism has calmed down and He likes where we are as far as race Relations people of color can now walk The streets in peace no more racial Profiling no more Karen’s no more racial Slurs being shouted at us for merely Existing we’re good now well don’t Believe everything conservative white Men have to say about race because as You may have guessed that’s not how Racism Works racism is structural and Systemic continuously perpetuated by Individuals and people in power it’s Less about individual ignorance as much As it is about being able to enact Prejudices and biases against people of Color who have been historically Marginalized colonized and oppressed by The greater racial majority if people of Color truly had nothing to worry about We’d be living in a very different Reality They go back to you where are you from Mexico The reality of being a Latino in this Country is that you are constantly Questioned about where you’re from being Told to go back to your country being

Threatened with ice and deportation even If you’re not an immigrant and being Assumed to be from Mexico because Apparently that’s where all Latinos are From but remember racism is over some People say Well they’re soft on crime no They’re not soft on crime they’re Pro-crime they won’t cry they won’t cry Because they want to take over what you Got they want to control what you have They want reparation because they think The people that do the crime are owed That they are not all that The reality of being Bach in this Country is knowing that the US did give Reparations to slave owners yet Demanding what the government promised You somehow makes you a whining Snowflake but remember that comment that Brian made on Fox and Friends I think We’ve calmed down simmer down and I Think learning about these two uh would Only benefit the two people he was Referencing were at Lincoln and Frederick Douglass the abolitionists who Fought for the freedom of all enslaved Black people and the president who not Only signed the papers ending slavery in The U.S but who also declared that Reparations be paid to free black Families it was the conservatives who Derailed that promise and reversed the 40 acres in a meal order to return land Back to White Confederate landowners

Ironically Brian has written an entire Book around the relationship between Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln I’m concerned I have questions Uh what and this just goes to show just How hard people really try to fight for Whitewashing history based on whatever Political agenda they subscribe to the Removal of the Emancipation statue in Boston is just one example of how most People truly don’t understand why Depictions of white folks saving them is So problematic but wait a minute isn’t This the same Brian Kilmeade who asked a Black woman on air if she makes Kool-Aid Uh do I do what make Kool-Aid uh no I I Don’t make kool-aids the same Brian who Claimed that children who don’t speak English are taking resources from American children we’re gonna have a Couple more million people here Illegally demanding their amnesty and Guess what when you place them do you go Into usually working class communities Which your schools are already strapped And now all of a sudden you have kids That don’t speak English in classes Taking time and energy away from your Kids the fact is hate crimes have been On the rise and steadily increasing the FBI stated in 2021 that hate crime Reports were the highest recorded in a 12 year period and just this week people Decided to find out just how far they

Can take free speech after Elon Musk Bought Twitter the platform seeing an Increase of 500 percent of the use of The n-word because as we have all been Saying Free Speech doesn’t actually mean Free speech it means a free pass to be Racist for people like Ryan and Conservatives all across this country Conveniently whitewashing history and Our current reality appears to be a Political strategy in itself it allows Their post-racial propaganda to lift Themselves up as the heroes of American Politics rather than the villains you Can find me on Instagram and Tick Tock At Eliana.jinea I’m Constanta Eliana for Rebel HQ

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