Florida Deputy Fatally Shot Roommate While Joking Around

By | January 18, 2023

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Oh it came to me so much man so we got Facebook live cuz yo yeah Man get off my phone man look at your Boy look at your boy oh I'm saying why Are you grabbing on them though man you Got his phone oh you can't be grabbing On him though look at me we got three Citations Back in 2018 it's North Carolina cop uh Decided to snatch at a phone of a Passenger in this car on a routine Traffic stop but we're gonna get to the Routine nature of that stop in a second But he found out first of all cuz is That Facebook live cuz first of all calm Down with the cuz uh but then it gets The snatching at the phone once you Realize that there was a bit of a thing In there where he's talking about like Officer safety he mentioned there let's Watch it again listen to what this Interaction was how quick it was watch Man look we got Facebook live cuz yo Yeah Man get off my phone man look at your Boy look at your boy oh I'm saying why Are you grabbing on them though man you Got his phone are you gonna be grabbing On him though look at me we got three Citations Some more of that interaction there Because uh this is what was said in case You guys missed some of it he said Facebook live We're not gonna have that

Because let's let's everybody on Facebook know we're out here is what the Cop said he then uh said that he would Make an exception in this case but that In the future if you want if you want to Facebook live your phone's going to be Taken from you and if you don't want to Give up your phone you'll go to jail it Sounds like a whole bunch of rules and Lists of things that he's just claiming That he can do that I'm not sure he can Do because after that this man's name is Dijon sharp he's now suing them over Again this is in 2018 this happened so No circuit court is yet ruled on whether Passengers and traffic stops can be Blocked from recording police or on Whether live streaming is different from Merely recording in the fourth circuit Is now getting this case has not ruled On the right to record at all they're Getting there uh it is not a clean case In terms of precedent and that's what Makes it complex that's what clay Calvert said he's a long Communications Professor at the University of Florida He says new technologies kind of push The boundaries of things and this is how Law evolves or devolves and lets people Assume things like what this officer did There Um obviously the reasons that uh uh Sharp wanted to record the cops is Because he's seen this story before a

Few more details sharp he's now 27. said That he preferred live stream because it Was clear to viewers that the footage Wasn't edited or out of date he says This isn't pre-recorded didn't uh this Didn't happen last year this is Happening right now I'm not just making It up live streaming on Facebook also Creates an immediate record that Prevents police from seizing a phone and Deleting photos before it's released and He noted it's just more secure for the Community or the individual Because we're caring about citizens Right or do we just disregard them we'll See more sharp said that he viewed the Argument uh that his live stream would Endanger uh with the nation officers by Drawing more people to the area as Ridiculous that whole idea that the cops Said everyone in the world knows that There are cops out in this world he said I just knew that he was fishing fishing For a reason there's uh Sheriff Wayne Ivey again all that you guys know who That guy is but he's the Sheriff Deputy In Florida and he's talking about again As you saw that tragic story of uh two Officers of his one kill the other Because they're roommates and buddies And they were just hanging out uh There's more about how this whole thing Happened let's watch that Officers discovered off-duty Deputy

Austin Walsh inside the residence where He had apparently succumbed immediately As a result of a single gunshot wound Lawson was fully Cooperative in the Investigation that revealed he and Austin had taken a break from playing an Online game with a number of their Friends and we're just kind of standing Around talking Lawson was holding a handgun which he Believed he had unloaded and at one Point in their conversation Lawson Thinking that the gun was unloaded Jokingly pointed the gun in Austin's Direction and pulled the trigger According to the investigation a single Round was fired that struck Austin Taking his life Andrew immediately called 9-1-1 to Summon help for Austin but unfortunately The single round was a fatal shot Austin and Andrew were the best of Friends and Andrew is completely Devastated over what happened Even with that there is no excuse for This tragic and totally avoidable death And as a result earlier today Andrew Lawson was taken into custody on a no Bond warrant by Agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for Manslaughter with a firearm So as you saw him say there the officer That then shot his buddy and co-worker Uh best friend I think

Um has been charged with a manslaughter Over this whole thing a trained officer Sitting with another trained officer in This guy's Police Department hanging out Playing games took a break and signed to Just play around with a gun like someone Who's not trained in a gun safety which I hear from a lot of folks it's such a Sad story these folks the family of this Guy are going to always have to go Through this story over and over and Over again tragically when it happens Around the holiday season it's going to Become a reminder of that and so in Bringing this up the tragedy of it and I Hope the family finds somewhere to find Some kind of comfort as they go on from This but this is the thing man Um We talk about gun safety and training And these guys we would assume are the Most trained let's make that assumption I'll go with that there's still this Mindset that when you get that Comfortable around firearms that you may Still play with them you still May Point Them at your buddy yeah I'm sure that's A case-by-case basis maybe people never Do that that are big on Firearms all it Takes is enough people to do it to kill Someone else because it's just fun to Play with a gun we do this a lot of Stuff everybody that drives at some Point you forget you're driving this

Multiple thousand pound vehicle and it's Barreling up and down the street so when You're going 65 miles an hour which Feels slow you get very comfortable same Thing with guns there's has to be this This process of knowing this isn't just A toy and it ends people's lives