Fetterman vs Dr. Oz Trainwreck Debate Last Night!

By | October 26, 2022

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John Fetterman and Dr. Oz had a debate in Pennsylvania last night, and the outcome of their senate race could decide which party holds the majority, and the whole nation is watching.

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There was a political debate last night In Pennsylvania between the candidates Running for Senate Republican Dr Oz and Marxist Democrat John fetterman and the Outcome of this race could very well Determine which party has the majority In the Senate after the midterms and so You would think that this would be a Massive televised event but CNN and MSNBC and of course the big brand name Broadcast networks didn’t air it live Because they didn’t want anybody to see The debate the first two words out of John fetterman’s mouth in the first 10 Seconds of the debate make it Crystal Clear why You’re running for a seat that could Decide the balance of power in Washington what qualifies you to be a U.S senator you have 60 Seconds Hi good night everybody Good night everybody now look I think It’s inappropriate to make fun of Somebody who’s handicapped unless They’re obese then they’re fair game but This is the guy who had the stroke just A few days before the primary and then His campaign and his wife covered up how Bad it was and said it was totally minor He’s totally fine and then he didn’t do Any interviews because he has cognitive Processing issues with verbal speech not Only speaking but also hearing and so Today’s credit he did do the debate but

This is one of the most saddest things And the most embarrassing debates Probably in the history of politics this Was his response when he was asked if he Would release his medical records Mr fetterman will you pledge tonight to Release those records in the interest of Transparency you had 60 seconds uh to me For transparency is about showing up I’m Here today to have a debate I have you Know spe speeches in front of 3 000 People in Montgomery County you know all Across Pennsylvania big big crowds you Know I believe if my doctor believes That I’m fit to serve and and that’s What I believe is appropriate and now With two weeks before the election you Know I have run the campaign and I’ve Been very transparent about being very Open about the fact where I use Captioning and I believe that again my Doctors the real doctors that I believe And they all believe that I’m ready to Be served so that’s a no of course but To the moderator’s credit he pressed him On it I didn’t hear you say you would Release your full medical records why Not you have 30 seconds No uh yeah again my Dr L believes that I’m fit to be serving and that’s what I Believe is where I’m standing okay Mr Fetterman thank you Mr Oz just one more Because again I don’t want to be mocking This guy and it’s not really about him

It’s about the Democrat Party and the Liberal media industrial complex being So corrupt that they protected him and Didn’t allow anybody to interview him Didn’t allow him to give any interviews And then after the one reporter from NBC Was granted a sit-down interview with Him and then she admitted his condition Then the Democrats and the Liber media Started attacking her and wanted her Disciplined but here he is being asked About his flip-flopping regarding Fracking which is a huge issue there in Pennsylvania I do want to clarify Something you’re saying tonight that you Support fracking that you’ve always Supported fracking but there is that 2018 interview that you said quote I Don’t support fracking at all so how do You square the two Oh I I I do support fracking and I don’t I don’t I support fracking and I stand and I do Support fracking okay thank you Mr Fetterman Andre Lisa this is bad this is Very embarrassing maybe not as Embarrassing as some of the Liber media Is trying to spin and cover up for him However there were moments where he was Really strong including that Bernie Sanders Camp including his very fluent And direct response on raising the Minimum wage I thought was a really Strong moment for him he okay he was

Able to finish one or two sentences and Not sound like he was impaired and those Are the only clips that CNN and MSNBC Are showing in their wrap-up coverage of The debate had some really really strong Comebacks and and his opponent Oz was First of all he also fumbled right I Fumble on television right so it’s there Is I definitely husband was nervous and Hesitant at first too Yeah yeah he was just nervous on Television and Dr Oz mumbled and Misspoke a few times too I’m not even Gonna play this clip because it’s too Long and it’s just Jake tape where I’m Pretending to be a journalist and Completely glossing over the obvious Impairments and the embarrassment that Occurred at the debate Jake tapeworm Says that he’s a native of Pennsylvania So he has a personal stake in this aside From being paid and probably twenty Thousand dollars a day like these paid Liars are to get up on air and read off Of a teleprompter so he too just showed One Clip where fetterman was able to put Together a sentence and then made some Comments about the debates and then Moved right along as if nothing unusual At all happened the most insane hot take However came from the blue check Twitter Account occupy Democrats and this is not Sarcasm this is really a liberal Twitter Account that is doing everything they

Can to promote the Marxist agenda and They gas slipped uh their readers by Saying that quote John better man is Crushing Trumper Dr Oz right now he’s Crushing him occupy Democrats is such a Waste of cyberspace that even Wikipedia Has called them a fake News website and If you know how biased Wikipedia is and How instrumental they are in the wrap-up Smears and the liberal media industrial Complex you would know that that is Quite an accomplishment so even Wikipedia says occupy Democrats it’s an American left wing media Outlet built Around a Facebook page a corresponding Website established in 2012 it publishes False information hyper partisan content And click bait although this MSNBC Pundit is definitely giving them a run For their money she said that Dr Oz just Gave a master class on how to bully People with disabilities Joe Scarborough Over at MSNBC has probably deleted this Tweet by now apparently in a few too Many glasses of wine for dinner last Night because he said that quote this is Painful to watch regardless of one’s Politics okay just one more so you don’t Think that these were just a couple Isolated instances this was literally How the majority of the debate went it Was utterly embarrassing like I said Now we we all have to make sure that Everyone that works is able to that’s

That’s the most American bargain that if You work full-time you should be able to Live in dignity as well true and I Believe they haven’t have any businesses Being being uh you can’t have businesses Being subsidized by not paying Individuals that just simply can’t to Pay their own way even Fredo at his new Home on news Nation again a fledgling Cable channel that gets literally fewer Viewers than my YouTube channel had to Admit the obvious voters I think saw Things that will definitely change the State of this race it’s not his fault uh But lieutenant governor Federman Struggled Um and again I’m not faulting him for it I don’t think his preparation was great But he clearly is dealing with health Issues that affect his ability to Process and his ability to speak aside From being mentally unfit for office and Covering that up with the help of media And the Democrat Party he is about as Far left as a communist can be he wants To let go something like one-third of The people who are in prison Incarcerated and legalized all drugs and If you live in Pennsylvania you better Get out and vote because the fate of the Senate rests upon your shoulders Something else that can rest on anyone’s Shoulders are some of my awesome shirts From my online store at markdise.com so

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