Fetterman Makes Spectacular Failure on LIVE TV That He’ll Never Recover From

By | November 5, 2022

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Daily caller writes, CNN host Don Lemon did a little bit of actual reporting when he confronted Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania over past opposition to fracking Tuesday morning.

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John fetterman makes a spectacular Failure on live TV that he will never Recover from Looks like Federman knows he is losing On key issues in his Senate race as he Does a complete 180 on one of his Previous core issues I'm Gary franchi And I want to fight the fake news with You every day but you need to be armed Tap subscribe enable notifications and Fight back with us at the next News Network John fetterman has been accepted as a Masterful Wordsmith and an excellent Campaigner by the left Those of us on the right know better but Now he's making a complete change on one Of his biggest liberal stances just to Pander to get more votes Daily Caller Writes CNN host Don Lemon did a little Bit of actual reporting when he Confronted fetterman Over past opposition of fracking Let's watch the spectacle So just a context here in 2018 when Running for lieutenant governor you said I don't support fracking at all and I Never have so to be clear lieutenant Governor do you support fracking now Yeah no the the the all of the all of The reservations that I had with Fracking were all about the Environmental concerns and Pennsylvania Passed some of the strongest environment

Environmental or regulations uh and that Is now you know means that that that you Know I've been very supportive of Fracking because uh energy Independence Is critical uh and that gets more and More important you know given in light Of the the Ukraine War uh to make sure That we can't be uh at uh hostage at a Nation like like Russia Um again it's it's all it was all about The environmental uh issues and again After the regulations passed uh it's It's a no-brainer to support fracking And I've been very a strong supporter of Fracking so listen and but my correct me If I'm wrong my research shows that Environmental Protections those Environmental Protections were put in Place in 2016. so what has changed since Since 2018 when you said that you didn't Support it Yeah no no they they they they they they They they were all part of of that and I Also want to point out that in 2017 Um I was actually very supportive of Fracking directly across the street from Where I live as well too I've never Taken any any money from the industry And I believe it's uh you know I've Always believed that it's it's a very Environmental uh concerns and it's also Very critical from uh uh of energy Independence as well What

Well federing can show up on national Television and spit lies about his past Attempts to ban fracking into State we The people know who the real candidate Is in the race Red state reports that Pennsylvania Senate campaign of democrat John Federman is reeling following his debate Performance and cannot possibly convey Just how bad it was Never fear though Rolling Stone Describes fetterman's ambitious wife is The de facto candidate and is making Media appearances to save the day she Appeared on the show called politicon on Thursday to discuss supposed ableism and Racism Pools it's the down to earth stuff that Voters are Desperately Seeking answers To watch Think this makes John that much more the People Senator and that much more Relatable Um because our family is going through The exact same thing Um as for media bias or ableism that We've seen you know just rampant I don't Know if it's lack of exposure or lack of Education I think the media certainly Needs more training you know they talk About their investments in diversity They really miss the mark right I Thought this was such an amazing Opportunity to really talk about this

Right most people use accommodations on Some level whether that's glass Whether that's how bright you keep your Camera you know your phone when you're Reading these are all accommodations you Know maybe closed caption is like a new Thing to them but I've been using closed Captioning my whole life I learned how To speak English watching Mr Rogers and Reading closed captions so you know Maybe it's something we need to Normalize we need to have more of these Conversations but I thought this was Such a great opportunity for us to learn As a country Um and I think the media really missed It smart For a candidate to flip-flop on issues When the polls are about to close is Commonplace in America if it was For genuine reasons like an honest Change of opinion it could be excused But when candidates like fetterman do it Just to get votes It's seeking America is in a fuel crisis and the Position that the bite Administration Put the people in when he banned Fracking is just ridiculous Now the people of Pennsylvania have a Clear choice coming in a few days do They want a senator who cannot even form His own opinions or do they want a true Leader who will put America first

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