EXPOSED: Tucker Carlson’s Subtle Attempt To Rewrite The History of MLK’s Assassination

By | January 18, 2023

Tucker Carlson pretended that the “deep state” was against the right wing when he had a cousin of Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife Coretta Scott King on his show. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“A cousin of Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife Coretta Scott King told Tucker Carlson Monday the civil rights icon was assassinated by the U.S. government.

On the holiday honoring the late non-violent champion of civil rights, Seneca Scott joined the Fox News host to discuss Boston’s controversial new $10 million monument, which pays tribute to the King family.”


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I would like to say that first off it's Important to acknowledge that it is Martin Luther King day and uh nothing Should detract from His radical Vision Tucker and he was Assassinated by the US government uh and You've talked about JFK's assassination Recently which was in the same period And he was assassinated right when he Was escalating from talking about racial Bigotry to class and in the war in Vietnam What okay there are rare examples of Someone on the broad left going on Tucker's show and actually making the Most of it for the best possible reasons This is an example of that so that's Seneca Scott who is the cousin of Coretta Scott King telling Tucker Carlson uh that Martin Luther King Jr Was assassinated by the U.S government Specifically because of his Emphasis on class and more importantly His socialist values and you know what's Insane about this video it appears that Tucker Carlson to some extent agrees With him now we'll show you that clip in A minute I got to give you more context Here so Seneca Scott is a politician and Community organizer he served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives for Eight years between 2008 and uh 2016. now he was at one point fined for Using campaign finances for personal use

Last year he tried and failed to run for Mayor of Oakland just wanted to give you Some background on him but Tucker Carlson brought Seneca on his show last Night specifically to discuss the Horrible new MLK look I think it doesn't Look so great but the the new MLK statue That was just unveiled in Boston Want to show you some images of it uh so I I I look Emma Am I being too harsh in noting that this Is not a great statue to honor and Represent MLK Um I don't think that you are being too Harsh I do not have an artistic eye so I Can't Speak to it but from the outside it's Not great my eyebrows are raised though Uh on that well I mean oh boy all right There I mean there we go right in the Chiron phallic yeah we yeah we see it Um but I need to talk about the the what The guest just said on that program yeah Jump in jump in Like that first of all we need a Large-scale investigation into the Assassinations of Martin Luther King yes Malcolm X we essentially know what Happened that at least the authorities Let it happen uh allegedly Um JFK there's a lot of questions uh About the the ties Um that that the Assassin had to the FBI

To the CIA uh past work that he had done That like there's a reason that these Major leaders who were either civil Rights icons or presidents like uh JFK Who essentially uh what weren't going to Go along with the most militant uh Actions that the National Security Establishment wanted when the Regard in Regards to uh communism right as they Say Yeah in Cuba and elsewhere there's a Reason that they all were assassinated At a very similar time and look I don't Know I don't know the case I don't know The facts but the the reality is that at Least especially with the JFK Assassination there are many many Questions that need to be answered Um and with Martin Luther King there's a Great podcast called the MLK files which I'd recommend to people which dives into This question as well what's annoying is That this is being said on Tucker Carlson because he wants to co-opt Leftist critique of the National Security establishment in favor of a an Alternative narrative one that is not Based in reality that essentially says That the National Security establishment Is biased against conservatives and Um that's hilarious and that's that's Why he has that person on there right It's it's like a deep it's it's to feed A deep state conspiracy theory as Opposed to one that's based in reality

Which is that The FBI and the CIA are in lockstep with The kind of thinking that Tucker Carlson The spouses on his program and are Foundationally built on targeting Leftists uh civil rights leaders Etc one Hundred percent one hundred percent I mean listen Take a look at the Straighted coups in history were there Coups of right-wing leaders or were they Were there coups of democratically Elected leftist leaders I mean we know What the answer is and so when we look At Guatemala when we look at Iran I mean Iran I wouldn't say leftists but you get The picture I mean any any time that There is a newly elected democratically Elected leader that has a a platform Focusing on let's say nationalizing Resources Um you know redistributing wealth maybe Even shutting out some U.S based Business interests oh wow weird that There was a coup in that country to Overthrow that democratically elected Leader so you'll see those instances in In history and Tucker Carlson pretending As though the Deep state is against the Right wing is hilarious to say the least Now let's uh get back to the Conversation uh that Seneca Scott had With Tucker Carlson because what I liked About it is that Seneca Scott

Specifically mentioned the class angle The socialism angle it's so important For Americans to understand That Martin Luther King was a socialist That's not something that you're going To learn about in your history classes But it is the truth and I'll have some Excerpts from some of his speeches to Prove it but before we get to that let's Hear the rest of that conversation Well you make a good point that no one Ever says out loud but he had shifted to Populist economics I have no idea who Killed Martin Luther King but it's very Obvious it was not James Earl Ray acting Alone he had two foreign passports he Was escaped from prison the whole thing Is ridiculous why is there no interest In that question Why is there no interest in that Question Emma I mean Tucker Carlson uh I Guess in his mind uh An economic populist of sorts although We know that give me a burger I know Right Well I mean I mean honestly like it Really is unfortunate that he's so good At his job Tucker Carlson he's an evil Man and he knows what he's doing he Knows that he's co-opting the ma the History of leftism in this country and Copy and pasting uh populism into it Because he knows that's more Associated Right now with Donald Trump and like

Gyro bolsonaro in the wing of that part And the wing of the conservative Movement the reality is that the United States government and the intelligence Community the FBI the CIA was aggressive Militant in stamping out communism and Anybody who might be associated with That and at the top of their list were Civil rights leaders like MLK like Malcolm X who uh they allegedly allowed For that assassination to happen like Fred Hampton who they uh assassinated Like anybody who might be associated With it Blacklist created in Congress it Is not an anti populist Uh structure the FBI and the CIA they're Anti-leftis foundationally to this day Don't forget it don't get like don't get It twisted right this is not about being Anti-trump they might they're anti-trump Now because Trump has broken the law Many many many times and has undermined A lot of just like foundational Democratic laws and Norms but outside of That instance which is a rarity which is An outlier what these National Security Establishment structures are there to do Is to stamp down subversive leftists Socialists who might be Communists who Might challenge corporate power that is Foundational to understanding The History of the United States and what Tucker Carlson is doing on this program Right now is actually rewriting history

And having someone on there who's Speaking credibly about uh that history And saying a lot of accurate things Things and then Tucker's putting his Very subtle spin on it in order to Appeal to his right-wing audience and Change change history for them I want to Read uh a few excerpts from Martin Luther King to just kind of focus on his Socialist and you know his socialist Political views and uh his you know Focus on class so I just want to note That he didn't just advocate for Organized labor he once described Himself as much more socialistic in my Economic theory than capitalistic and Advocated for a number of progressive Policies I want to quickly go to graphic Four here where uh he gave a speech in October of 1965 before the Illinois AFL-CIO he said the labor movement was The principal force that transformed Misery and despair into hope and Progress out of its bold struggles Economic and social reform gave birth to Unemployment insurance old age pensions Government relief for the destitute and Above all new wage levels that meant Not Mere survival but a tolerable life and There are many more examples to choose From he spoke about class quite often Again this is something that I feel has Been completely left out of history Books uh intentionally in our public

Education system because if you have a Labor force that is aware of how this System works and if they're aware of What labor power really means well maybe It would reverse some of the dismantling That we've seen of Labor power and Unions in this country but it is Important to know what MLK was really About and I was happy to hear Seneca Talk about that even though it was on Tucker Carlson's show