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A jury awarded Sandy Hook families ONE BILLION DOLLARS for words Alex Jones said. This doesn’t only affect Jones, it affects EVERYONE whether you like it or not. We explain why and we have an EXCLUSIVE with Alex Jones giving his first interview since the court ruling. #AlexJones #InfoWars #SandyHook

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Foreign [Music] Hey if I sound windy that’s because I’ve Been running around here we’ve been Testing making sure that everything Works uh we have look Alex Jones on the Show today and uh I would appreciate Look I know that many have many of you Have different opinions let me just give You a little bit of a run down here I was not an Alex Jones fan for a very Long time Uh I made it known I had uh criticized Him here on this show and I still have Criticisms of him But we’re at a point right now and we’ll Be talking about this today we’ll be Showing you a montage of the end zone Dance from not only the Elites in Hollywood not only the Elites in media But the Elites in government Officials uh actually championing this Silencing of of speech and that is Absolutely what it is what regardless of Where you line up Um there’s an inflection point right now In this country and the reason that We’re having Alex Jones on and we’ve had Him on is because I hate seeing people Being bullied I hate seeing a pylon even If you think he’s said some things that Are reprehensible and we’ll get into the Things that he said that he regrets and He’s apologized for Ad nauseam

I just can’t believe that we have people In this country let alone people who are Comedians or people who are supposed to Be Servants of ours Uh Champion the silencing of Someone speaking And there’s a very strong message that Is being sent right now and that’s why This episode is largely going to focus On this it’s going to going to be what They call a deep dive for the kids Uh on The systematic uh I guess you would say Expulsion of people for wrong thing And how deep it runs And the idea that you can just go and Start your own business Um and most important is you know when You have someone like Alex Jones who if You’ve watched his career And I do consider him a friend now I Will say this on a personal level he’s Been around uh from what I know of him He’s a good man a flawed men he’s talked About it here on air to me it’s Refreshing when he’s on air uh he was on Air on Ash Wednesday and said you know Maybe I drank a little too much and uh You know I have it he’ll tell you about His flaws but for a man who speaks Publicly for hours Hours on end and then uh misspeaks or Get something wrong And then apologizes

And that is punished anyway And then the government jumps in people Will I guess former press secretary but Current members of the government and Entities who are backed by the Government be it Banks Be it big Tech organizations Deciding to put you in stocks in the Town Square the message is really loud And I I hope that you’re hearing it if You make a mistake not only is there a Double standard which we’ll talk about If you have a belief that other people Find to be offensive and of course it’s A sliding scale we know that we’ve gone Further and further down the trail here Look behind you there’s a slippery slope And you apologize anyway They only get worse what do I mean they The left I mean the left Why is it left or right they’ve made it Left to right There’s there is no one on the right and No one here in this studio Who would end zone dance because of a Worthy adversary being silenced and Certainly not if they apologized and Said that they were wrong we’ve hosted Those people on the show People like Naomi wolf people like Alex Jones actually If you say something That they in power deemed to be

Unacceptable and apologize dozens of Times and correct the record You can still have your life ruined Anyway People fought for their lives for a very Long time but you know what that really Means your livelihood Make no mistake when government-backed Entities can take away your livelihood Should it be that you decide to purchase Ammo Off of PayPal Or decide to as a doctor question the Efficacy of a vaccine or even just run a Clip from the Pfizer executive herself And you get removed Or your host on air And you speak your opinion wrong as it May be and then apologize and you can be Punished removed and your livelihood Eviscerated Wars were fought For less than and I’m not of course Really clearly not advocating war just Before before the CNN folks want to run A highlight reel I am giving you Hopefully the scope the depth of the Problem that we’re dealing with here Your livelihood is something you Shouldn’t feel guilty When it’s at risk and it’s at risk for a Lot of people It’s something certainly Worth Fighting For

And it’s something that people have Fought for Look at any great look at any huge trait And I say great I mean the Great War the Great War right is what they call it Before they had World War one and two And they said well I guess we have to Separate it called we can’t really call It the Great War we’ll call it World War One and two not saying Wars are great I’m using the term here look at any Epic War battle they were fought over what Now not just religion Land Resources Access to water Why To preserve your livelihood And we now try and separate that and say Hey well businesses can do whatever they Want well they’re not businesses if They’re an arm of the government and you Know what removing your livelihood is Tantamount to trying to end your life Let’s be clear about that Okay well you know what I guess I’ll go Start my own I guess I’ll go start my Own media account oh no can’t do that We’re going to find that out of business I guess I’ll uh I I guess I’ll have to Take donations can’t do that we’re going To remove your ability to take donations I guess then it’s just back to standard Banking and why aren’t you can’t do that

You’re removed from a bank I don’t care if you agree with Alex Jones or not Doesn’t matter And by the way this is so clear it’s so Obvious that that’s a big reason that The court said you cannot argue that This is political persecution Do you understand that was This child was predicated on that he Wasn’t even allowed to argue that Because he didn’t provide additional Finances I’m not saying mistakes weren’t Made across the board but I hope that All of you understand the gravity of This situation there are some Silver Linings here right now in this country And we try to come to you as happy Warriors but make no mistake today is a Day where we need all of you All of you to be Warriors Because they can remove they can remove The livelihood of not only Alex Jones But they can remove the bank account of Kanye West Several other people by the way also on PayPal and these are organizations that Are backed with Federal Guarantees and a never-ending supply of Your tax dollars you are at a point in This country where you are paying taxes To fund the theft of food from the Mouths of your kids all under the guise Of ah First Amendment only protects the

Government Stopping you uh from uh saying something That’s all it does it prevents the Government from stopping you okay By that same token shouldn’t JP Morgan Shouldn’t JP Chase whatever their Abbreviation is these things are all These giant conglomerates If they’re backed by our tax dollars They’re guaranteed if they received Hundreds of billions of dollars and if You adjust for inflation the last few Months hundreds of trazillion dollars Uh in taxpayer dollars Are they allowed to deny you Your fundamental constitutional rights What point do we separate Private Business from government and I say this To someone who doesn’t trust big Government But one of the roles of government The only legitimate role of government I would argue the only legitimate role That falls under the purview of our Government is to protect the citizens From external threats that means Wars That means from tyrants abroad and Internal threats and how do we determine An internal threat well the good news is We have a handbook it’s the Constitution And that’s not hyperbole that’s not just Rhetoric It is meant to be our way of life And people are wiping their asses with

It so I don’t care I want you to try and Separate your opinions from the man Today I want you to try and separate Your opinions from maybe the the views That have been expressed and understand That this is something that is Permeating right now this is a very Pernicious this is it’s like the Never-ending story The nothing it will Destroy everything it touches and you Have got to put aside this is the thing That the left does so well I’m sorry I’m Going along on this cold open go with me Here hit the like button if you can Share this show comment because you know YouTube’s going to make sure that you Cannot find this anywhere go and search Stephen Crowder Alex Jones Ash Wednesday At least up until a couple days ago the Video that we did with them wouldn’t Have popped up maybe they’ve changed it Now that some eyeballs are on it Laughs This is uh It’s more important than just taxes and It’s one of the few legitimate roles of Government And we do need right now government to Actually start doing their job Their only job again that falls under Their purview and protecting you the Citizens from external threats but more Importantly having Representatives Having people who protect you from them

And you know what was supposed to be a Safeguard against that this is what’s so Brilliant about the Constitution it was Supposed to be a safeguard against that If the government should become corrupt Well there’s also supposed to be freedom Of the press Why so they can call the government To the mat they can hold them Accountable You think that’s what’s happening now Think that’s what’s happening now when They’ve rescheduled their programming to Give you another January 6th hearing Last time they canceled it by the way You can go and watch our stream on that Three and a half hours the ins and outs So we have your right to speak freely Well that’s gone then we have the Freedom of the press They’re not interested in that It comes down to you Come down comes down to what you can do Your voice and who you elect and who you Hold accountable this is the issue this Is the same issue that by the way Determines whether you can Bank Determines whether you can you can Choose to hire who you want to hire that Determines which institutions In which you can take part and Determines by the way where you can Speak Determines if you’re allowed to keep

Your kids if you choose to not put them On puberty blockers you remove the Ability for you to speak And it starts with someone else you go Well that’s not me that’s far that’s far More offensive that’s that’s Way Beyond The pill that may be But Alex Jones is Not The Only One They want to make an example of him Because they want do you feel that they Wouldn’t feel that everyone feel that Tension Everyone feel that fear That’s not something that we felt here In this country I get it Barack Obama horrible president Liar makes up words we weed up hilarious Because he’s such a artist but The tension of ooh man I might lose my Bank account I might I might be fine twenty five Hundred dollars if I purchase ammo Legally on PayPal that tension right now People going what can we say what can we Not say or lose our livelihood That’s a first That’s a first And that can’t stand And that’s why we’re doing the show we Are today let’s go hey guys Whistleblower again over the past few Weeks late night hosts have all had to Quarantine and do their shows from home This is a very Noble thing to do in a

Time of Public Health crisis such as Loan Let’s zoom in on that More just as I thought it’s the same Wall They thought we wouldn’t notice but this Smoking Gun tipped me off it will Disappear we remember that we’re not Goldfish well Trump has the memory of a Goldfish who smokes weed do they really Expect us to believe that with Multi-million dollar budgets and Hundreds of writers that they’re just This unoriginal no they haven’t been Quarantined at all they’ve been forming A secret cabal aimed to destroy late Night comedy with terrible writing and Apathetic production value and they hold All their meetings in a rented bedroom Of the Mark Twain House Thanks for watching guys I’m just gonna Plug my GoFundMe here again uh I just Signed the lease on a new apartment After getting that MCN deal but it Turned out to be a bit of a scam I lost my whole life savings Explore health Thank you [Applause] This fall prepare For two Rebels with a cause [Applause] The rebels with a cause Comedy Tour

Tickets on sale now at Ladderwithcrowder.com tour Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Uh The hell’s the difference [Laughter] We’ve had a lot of good days a lot of Big wins and I hate it when people are Just woe was me everything is dark That’s not true but this is when you see What’s happened in the last 48 hours Alone I’m pissed I really shouldn’t be In this hosting chair because I still uh You know wake up like a boiled prawn uh I was 11 pounds down for now I’m six Pounds back up with the fluid so thank You for all your wishes I appreciate it By the way today we have Alex we’ll also Be going to mug Club please do consider Joining up lottery.com it’s 99 annually 69 for students veterans active military You get the wonderful mug and you get The extra full 100 extra show and I’m doing the Percentage because it’s basically the Show times two it is yes so it’s like You’re getting 50 of a show but it’s Better to say you get 100 of a show and Then there’s another so it’s 200 percent

Which is impossible I don’t know I’m not A math Asian someone didn’t grow up Planting rice that’s true I learned that Yesterday corn and Rye yeah I’m American Damn it thank you I’m gonna give it 110 oh so you’re a Liar You’re holding back yeah you were Holding packages saying yeah that’s all I got it’s not all you got so we have a Lot to get to today uh originally we Would have been doing the January 6th uh Obviously the streaming of the oh Hearing I’m sorry is there a Thunderstorm they may cancel it yeah They may move it too no the entire media Canceled it so they could all run it Today we did three and a half hours Remember the attitude there was we said Screw it we’re doing it anyway because We prepared we’ll recirculate that go And watch that go watch that today maybe We could just stream that again on the Channel today while the hearing’s going On so people can watch it just so we can Make fun of them yeah and if you’re not A member of mug Club sorry we can’t take Your chat but please Mud Club send in Your chat your questions that you have For Alex Jones we’d like to ask some of Your questions because I know there are A lot on your uh on your mind right now We’ll give you the ins and outs but Always helps to hear from you the little

Person now And you could put uh you could put our Video up against this and see how close We were Yeah so you probably could make it work So all right by the way they’re doing The Parkland shooting they reached a Verdict that they’re gonna announce Isn’t it just guilty and Fry him I mean I thought this was a pretty closed let Me know when uh when we have the Broadcast uh Vegas Yeah yeah I mean I know the guy’s dead So but you know maybe some facts about What maybe about Sutherland Springs Fifth deadliest in American history we Look there’s a reason that media is Trying to determine the rules and Guidelines here on YouTube and that’s What nothing would make me happy it’s a Live show Monday through Thursday 10 a.m Eastern Uh you can watch here on YouTube I would Love for you to watch it on Rumble I Would love for you to watch it on mug Club and by the way you could see just So you know the numbers lower on YouTube Because they’re much higher on Rumble And they’re much higher on mug Club oh Yeah yeah can you imagine take the Number that you see on YouTube now and More than double it oh yeah because a Lot of people have migrated if you have Not yet that’s totally fine we want to

Make sure that you have the free con of Content available I know some people are In countries where maybe you’re not able To access the apps or maybe Rumble Doesn’t necessarily work as well for you But if you don’t eventually join another Platform you do lose your right to Just like if you don’t vote you can’t if you don’t support the people Who are trying to give you what it is That you want and we can’t create our Own platform but Rumble has and of Course we have mug Club right now where You get access to the entire Blaze Catalog there’s a whole bunch of Programming there uh you lose your right To So we do appreciate the support and We’ll be talking about things that would Get us banned on YouTube uh Dave and I Of course are on the rebels with a cause Tour Nashville November 12th Ryman Auditorium we added a 9 30 show so That’s also something Rebels is that What I said we’re gonna be wrong The Gerbils Without a Cause Gerbils Jules does it take to screw in a light Bulb yes We’re hamburglars well stop this one I Talked myself into a corner There’s no good way to test this joke And then Baltimore December 3rd because We couldn’t find a venue in DC sorry you

Have to go to the that is Baltimore but hey at least it’s not Haiti uh DC yeah or DC no Baltimore’s Worse than DC is it it’s DC without any Of the charms well I mean the people Sure and you can go to uh louder with Crowder.com where to buy tickets uh so We’ll be talking about Alex Jones today We’ll be talking about uh the insane Double standard of the fines that Alex Jones has had to pay uh we’ll be talking About the backing by the government for All these entities who are going after Alex Jones and of course we will be Talking about the left has a new dating App to compete with conservative uh Dating the dating app that has been Released uh thank you so much for Filling in both of you but Cheryl day Thanks you did a great job yesterday Thank you very much I appreciate it I’m Glad I’m back in my chair great you Ready you fired up I’m ready absolutely We’re talking with Alex in about 10 Minutes I know I know can we can we see If they can wait an extra 10 minutes Just because you know I gave him one Hell of an intro Sure and then uh we have uh Dave Landau He filled in Monday Tuesday thank you Sir how are you good Ahoy I’m fine all Right I’ve been blackpilled for years Let’s do this yes Might as well go out with a bang day I’m

Just saying watch me be right well That’s the thing he’s been he just said He’s been banged for years yep so we Have uh I guess not so much of a pill as It is a An injection why am I doing this [Laughter] I’m still a little sick I’m sick Physically but that makes me sick as my Grandfather my French Canadian Grandfather used to say he’s six my lab Then I never know what that meant my lad Means sick yeah he was trying to say You’re sick in the head yeah yeah so I Would say that for years as kids when I Saw some someone being crazy I’d go uh He’s six Milad I feel like oh your son’s is this why you were bullied Yes among many reasons I too was black Buildings shooter Now uh and I wasn’t doing laundry with The black pillar either we didn’t become Friends over the uh over the Celtics and The Lakers oh I guess you knew the same Pillar [Laughter] All right let’s watch and react really Quickly uh you know what let’s let’s Just do that tomorrow I think they’re Watching react we have to move into this So uh I don’t know if you know this but Um there is a uh a dating app obviously You guys might have known about this Um

In comment below what you think this Alex Jones thing means for free speech I Mean I’m sure that the chat’s just going To be lighting up in the comments on YouTube comments shares likes they help The algorithm if you don’t want to join Mug Club that’s what you can do is you Can go click and I know some of you like Ah it burns but you know what it’s tough Enough it doesn’t burn uh Monday I think Dave talked about there’s the new Conservative dating app the right stuff And if you don’t remember here’s a Refresher why do you want a date a Conservative For me at least I know that we’re going To start off with some shared values While the conservative men I’ve dated at Least know how to treat me like a woman In my personal experience conservative Guys have better manners I like that They understand their role in the Relationship as a man I just prefer my men to be masculine And what’s the biggest red flag when it Comes to dating a Democrat no Democrats A Democrat can’t be a Democrat a Democrat that’s easy a Democrat no Democrat nailed the demographics Very diverse find the right match Download the right stuff today there’s Gonna be someone I mean they have every Group there someone wheel out in a Wheelchair Republicans

Yeah they gave her an Indian girl a Tanning bed where they come back when You’re real black it’s Native American Yes I’m sorry native I think I I think we’re both wrong that Wait well This is a bad day now Italian here’s the Thing we actually wanted to get in the Dating game uh because you know the Daily wire can’t be the only one to Collect all those all those all those Dollars all those gold coins so we got Into the dating app game but there’s a Different approach uh and that’s because Look this is just Market this is just The market I don’t care that I’ll make Money off of liberals so there’s a now That we’ve created a left-wing dating App today we brought in a group of Liberal young women to get their Thoughts on what they look for in a he Him partner What do you look for in a partner He’s got to be in touch with his Feminine side they have got to be Tolerant and sensitive well he’s got to Be a cat person Why do you want to date a liberal man They’re all vaxxed in boost Well I absolutely love minorities well Liberal men all know how to look past my Burden Love’s in the air what is the biggest Red flag when it comes to dating a mega

Bro alt right gag Yeah not a Nazi he can’t be a Nazi a Nazi a Nazi a fat Nazi Jews Find out what slim pickings are still Available at this point in your life Go download The Leftovers today Available on the App Store and Google Play Brought to you by George Soros That’s wonderful day by the way I would Have I would have been worried about That being taken out of context until I Realized that we did transgender Breastfeeding Hitler on the show so Wouldn’t be the first swastika armband He was also on the grinder denier I Believe it’s chest feeding yes chest Feeding Now they have tampon dispensers in men’s Bathrooms too yeah what do we use it’s Just rolled up fast food napkins now uh Alex Jones will move we have to because I want to make sure we give him the Floor for those who don’t know if you’ve Been living under a rock the verdict is In from the second trial the jury Ordered right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay nearly 1 billion Dollars in damage it for falsely Claiming they were actors who faked the Tragedy parents who lost their young Children and then faced a decade of Torment far-right Infowars host Alex

Jones to pay nearly one billion dollars In Damages eight families and a first Responder sued the far-right conspiracy Theorist for the lies Here Comes The End Zone dollars and damages to the families Of eight victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre which he repeatedly called The Hoax he tormented these families he Accused them of faking their children’s Deaths by the grace of God sometimes Bad things happen to Alex Jones That’s a good thing now go get that Money for those parents you disgusting Pink garbage person hey what about the Money for the dentist who almost got Killed because you blamed him for Hunting Lions which by the way is the Main mode of uh of economic of economic Freedom in uh Play What where was it was It Zambia I can’t remember which yeah Africa’s a continent yeah I understand That I was narrowing down continent was it Mozambique yes Southern hemisphere somewhere there were 50-something lion eatings that you yeah In that municipality and this is the Point that I want to to get to look Alex Jones screwed up in some areas and he’s Been on the show and he’s apologized for Them okay we all make mistakes and Alex Jones has evolved quite a bit uh but he Did not call those parents by name and Torment them as you’ve heard these

People say he did not do that he did not Call out the parents by name he did not Torment them he did not demand that his Followers go and harass these people so You can disagree with some of the things That he said you can disagree with some Of the conspiracies of course and I do But you can’t support this verdict based On a lie and I will tell you this any Comic or comic host who Champions this Is no friend of mine Line in the Sand you’re a comedian oh You think socialism We’ll talk we’ll talk about uh I’m gonna Talk about Bill Burr here next week and His support for socialism you can’t Separate it name me one socialist Country that’s ever existed that allowed For freedom of speech one ever even the Nordic models which really aren’t the Norwegian socialist models which by the Way aren’t also that socialist so Alex Jones made mistakes he made some bad Ones he apologized but There are some examples and we it’s not Uh the standard for whether you live in A free country is not if there’s a law Or Vlogs this it’s whether the law is Applied equally And it’s not even close while we’re Talking about the double standard we can Point you to some lies that have taken Place just in the last month two months That have actually killed people

With a full-fruited support of the Government so let’s go to here here’s a Claim for example that was made for a Long time a claim now that could have Been wrong or it could have been a lie I don’t want to get banned from YouTube Because maybe it’ll be considered Misinformation if I say I believe it was A lie why because there are so many People involved with getting it wrong That no one even seemed to fact check it But speed of Science and what have you Yet politicians you had journalists you Even had the Pfizer CEO they made this Claim and it was it borla yeah Albert Albert borla they claimed that the Vaccine It’s Stopped transmission this is the claim Believe Your Lying Eyes your choice not To get vaccinated And to listen to these pundits that are Profiteering of misinformation Intentionally misinforming you Comes at a real societal cost we have in Hand all the vaccines we need to get Every American fully vaccinated Including the booster shot There’s no excuse No excuse for anyone being unvaccinated This continues to be opinion but there Are plenty of reasons vaccinated So we got to make more progress that was This year July 4th I haven’t gotten your

Kids vaccinated not before please get Them vaccinated Freedom look out for Their interest here It’s the best way to protect them the Only conclusion one can reasonably come To from looking what I’ve told you over The last that you have soulless eyes Please get vaccinated it will protect You against the surging Instead of the virus being able to hop From person to person to person Potentially mutating and becoming more Virulent and drug resistant along the Way or now we know that the vaccines Work well enough that the virus now we Know every vaccinated person Data that you are getting from Israel And other studies will help us Understand this better but there are a Lot of indications right now that uh are Telling us that there is A protection against transmission of the Disease okay oh really what data Hans Gruber voice yes Then of course some of you are saying Well no they just said they just said That it would reduce hospitalizations no All references available louder.com you Can go and watch the full context of Those clips they said it stopped Transmission People got vaccinated and by the way in Europe people below certain age Thresholds depending on the they don’t

Do the vaccine because they have said That there are certain categories of People certain demographics of people Where the risk doesn’t outweigh the Reward not saying because we don’t want To be banned from YouTube Feel That Tension feel that tension that Shouldn’t exist when we quote the CDC When we quote doctors on this God Forsaken platform please For the Love of All That is Holy go over to rumble and Mud Club please just please I don’t want To have to tread lightly on this so They said no it stopped transmission Yeah here’s the truth There’s no way they could have known That how to ask me how I know how do you Know Stephen we talked about this Yesterday but I was still sick and on Flu medication so it didn’t fully dawn On me Janine small Pfizer’s president of International developed markets whatever The hell that means Reveal they knowingly lied on a massive Scale and the media and the government Carried their water as it related to how Much evidence Any evidence about the vaccine and Transmissions Plus the Pfizer covet vaccine tested on Stopping the transmission of the virus Before it entered the market If not please say it clearly if yes are You willing to share the data with this

Committee and I really want a straight Answer yes or no and I’m looking forward To it thank you very much Um regarding the question around Um did we know about stop and Humanization before it’s entered the Market no these Um you know we had to really move Understand what is taking place in the Market if you saw laryngeal you need Your battery oh you need this I don’t Need this it’s all junk just like Pfizer’s now Um they wanted to keep you out of Restaurants in New York they wanted to Keep you from traveling in countries Around the world with a vaccine passport They wanted to make sure that you Couldn’t go to your job 14-day Quarantines exactly if you didn’t have The vaccine they made you the enemy yeah It’s it’s a pandemic of the unvaced yes And we’ll get into but this is just Claim in the truth or if they’re going To go after Alex Jones to the tune of a Billion dollars okay hey are we gonna Look back in time because pfizers had to Pay up many many billions of dollars in Damages we’re gonna look back and say oh Man Maybe you should have done some more Testing can I say that on YouTube And by the way this brings us to our Other points it’s not just Alex Jones

It’s you we have the vaccine issue and I Can’t even by the way cite if there Happen to be any complications for Anyone I cannot even mention theirs I Cannot even mention the study with Hundreds of thousands of people we’re Not allowed to talk about that on YouTube why because the government has a Meeting with people at YouTube meta and Twitter and says you’re not allowed to Discuss this it’s misinformation which Brings us to PayPal they just released a New policy last week saying that they Would find users 200 uh sorry twenty Five hundred dollars for expressing Misinformation then they said it was an Error now keep in mind this wasn’t we’ll Just remove you right we’ll take your Money out of the bank account that’s Linked to us already exactly Not to us I’ve long since been well from PayPal I feel you know them they only Apologize for the error after the stock Cratered saying PayPal is not finding People for misinformation and this Language was never intended to be Inserted into our policy we’re sorry for The confusion this has caused yeah this Wasn’t a rumor on Twitter This wasn’t just something that was Being posted on Facebook memes and that Happens both in the left and the right Where it’s wrong This was in their policy so they’re

Saying there was an error in that it was Inserted into the policy are they held Liable for that Also PayPal wants to dictate what you Can and cannot say what you can and Cannot do Because not only do they begin Banning The purchasing of firearms in 2020 Also ammo how It’s perfectly legal to do and when the Left says we support responsible gun Ownership what would PayPal want to take Part in that and ensure that people are Legally purchasing firearm accessories And ammunition as opposed to cash only Purchases they always say we want to Support law-abiding gun owners no no no These these entities they’re just They’re not trying to dictate what you Say they won’t let me purchase Anno and By the way they’ve shut out a lot of Competitors they want to be the only Online form of currency right in the Future and of course they have the Backing of the government in many ways If you look at the subsidies that They’ve had in the tax breaks no no no We just you can’t purchase ammo I’m a Competitive shooter doesn’t matter PayPal says no let’s go to California The state doctors can now be disciplined As well for spreading misinformation I’m Sure like PayPal is just inserted into Their law as an accident oops here’s

From The Wall Street Journal California Democrats last month enacted legislation That empowers the State Medical Board to Discipline doctors licensed in the state Who quote disseminate misinformation or Disinformation that contradicts the Quote contemporary scientific consensus What yes the Contemporary scientific Consensus that says the vaccine stops Transmission despite the fact that the Pfizer CEO just said no and the Contemporary scientific consensus that Says that pain is hanging between your Legs is a figment of your imagination I Didn’t think science was up for a vote I Didn’t think we had to come to a Consensus science isn’t determined by Consensus science is determined by what Is true it’s science Potentially be true based on testing Exactly But you can’t overly weigh consensus in Science no no oh these guys uh they say That uh the sun is uh is actually Orbiting around the Earth We’ll get into that by the way Disappearing it’s practicing medicine Remember that was the reason why it was Like oh that guy died yeah well my Doctor didn’t even he was like Scrimmaging yes yes He was skipping pregnancy medicine Exactly Player don’t worry about this it’s fine

I’m a clutch doctor I’m good uh here’s Another example another example Dr Peter McCullough he was permanent banned from Twitter he was on our show a long time Ago maybe we should have him back uh and He’s a renowned cardiologist he’s been Cited for many many years for quote by The by the way violating Community rules Um on Twitter How many doctors were removed for saying Hey the vaccine uh we don’t have Evidence of the vaccine maybe stops Transmission effectively not saying it Doesn’t for people who said we don’t Have evidence that it does that is a Statement that is irrefutable we Absolutely do not have evidence that it Doesn’t I know that McCullough has Tweeted about that ad nauseam has talked About Ad nauseam and by the way has Something to lose Has something to lose doing that When you’re always supporting the big Guys this is the big myth too that the Left says oh Republicans the corporate Overlords you guys are supporting Pfizer Versus a family practitioner You guys are supporting the White House Versus a guy with an uh with a radio Show You guys are supporting JP Morgan Chase Bank of America versus Kanye West and People who are running for local Districts

All the big companies in the world at a Certain point you just go wait a second All the worst people on Earth the Bezoses the mark zuckerbergs the Wojitskis They always want us to vote for the left Shouldn’t that raise some Flags Well we’re talking about this JP Morgan Bank Wednesday uh Uh Chase for those of you who don’t know Um they sent Kanye West letter of cease And desist a letter cease and assist I Love how they wrote dear I know I was Like oh good refer to him but dear he Doesn’t seem like it would hold up in Court If they said like Dear Mr West and you Sent it back he’s like use my name Yeah my name is not Yi anymore yeah you Can’t yeah dear Jesus How do you know you’re a band how do you Know you’re a band from uh from from Chase Bank Yeezy taught me you shall not Pass so dear ye we are sending you this Letter to confirm our recent discussion That JPMorgan Chase Bank has decided to End its relationship with Yeezy LLC and Its affiliate entities we ask that you Act promptly uh to transfer your Business to another financial Institution before November 21st 2022. Again full backing of the government hmm Well it’s fine it just put a billion Dollars in a mattress yes exactly it’s a

Large mattress go start your own bank We’ll get into this go start your own Bank go start your own uh uh Facebook go Start your own YouTube I’ll get that let me just run through This uh right after the The Alex Jones Verdict now we go from private companies To um the White House Jen sackey Remember who was objective oh yeah the now she tweeted out last night the Damage Alex Jones has done to the lives Of these families is Horrific I just imagine that’s what she Does probably she’s like moving Cupboards and Nearly a billion dollars doesn’t solve Their pain but also true that the end of Infowars would be a public service hmm Sorry you said moving cover I just Pictured when you opened the fridge She’s Zool Hahaha I am I am the key master are you the keeper yes sir walk around her Apartment opening everything with her Eyes Like on the phone but dinner is being Made over here because she’s a ghoul [Laughter] Sorry be witch but twinkles that she Just like Twitches her nose and a child Dies yeah A baby getting burned she just Winks She’s like SIDS no oh geez that’s turned

Dark that’s how she is how the press Conference has ended so importantly who Do I kill in the room there’s a lady Breastfeeding it’s just a pot of smoke Oh sorry I went oh I gotta go sorry so Here’s the thing too all of these moves Are subsidized by the government okay uh This is the problem they’re not just Private companies certainly not the Banks certainly not PayPal certainly not YouTube Facebook right there’s nowhere To go a few you can fight back like we Said Rumble would love to see that Number today just boom I don’t care I’d Love to see that number right now like Edward Edward Rooney’s attendance Computer on YouTube and Rumble Grace that’s what I would love to see Right now so in February 2022 sacky Right now she’s saying it’s a public Service to end This broadcast That’s worse than what Stalin said He just said the press in general was The enemy of the people jensaki said the Press needs to pay billions of dollars And it’s a public service to end this Man so 20 uh 2022 she pleaded with tech Companies to Actively censor dissenting views our Hope is that all major Tech platforms And all major news sources for that Matter be responsible and be vigilant to Ensure the American people have access

To accurate information on something as Significant as covid-19 that certainly Includes Spotify so this disclaimer it’s A positive step but we want every Platform to continue doing more to call Out misinformation disinformation while Also uplifting accurate information by The way the reason she has a Podium is Because there’s no legs covering yeah so Splatify is a detergent yes it’s very Upset Saki the bit cheek ghost pasaki Saki It’s there I’m pronouncing it sounds Like something I left in the bowl the Last three days She does someone you’d pick up in like That Paraguay it’s worse crawl under Your ear so okay backsplash should be Right it should be called sake [Laughter] Yeah I was saying hey please Spotify Please YouTube please remove these Points of you that we don’t like and by The way if they could get Rogan they Would if they could have nailed us they Tried they tried they tried they’ve Tried with us the only reason we survive Is because of Mud Club by the way you Notice we don’t have 20 minutes of Sponsors in every show and we’ll never Do it that’ll never happen we’re funded By viewers like you not actually Subsidized by the government or a

Foreign caliphate like some of our Competitors so the 2008 financial crisis By the way uh the banks received over 200 billion dollars in bailouts and of Course that’s a low number but JPMorgan Chase alone received 25 billion dollars The bank is insured by the government Meaning insured by you here’s my Question if the bank basically can only Operate because they can never have a Sustainable business model they can only Operate on your tax dollars they Effectively now are a wing of the Government they’re a strong armor of the Government should they be allowed to Deny you your fundamental basic human Rights Foreign [Music] Businessman hey go start your own bank Uh you can’t There are credit unions Hey go start your own uh YouTube uh you Can’t because of section 230 . let me give you to give you an example Okay And we’ve I’m incredibly grateful and I Mean that I’m humbled every day by how Many of you tune in I I cannot thank you Enough we compete with the likes of of Everyone out there as far as late news Kind of late night in the morning right This used to start out as a late night Show you guys said it’s too late so we

Moved it to the morning it’s basically a Late night show okay we compete with all Of them if someone were to say well if You don’t like all these late night Shows go create your own only all the Late night shows had two trillion Dollars from the government and those Late night shows because they were being Funded subsidized or insured by the Government you the taxpayer could also Dictate the terms The community guidelines on YouTube Facebook Twitter go create your own Platform you can’t I’m using that as an example you cannot Compete against a business that has a Never-ending supply of federal funding Hope you love Vanguard hope you love BlackRock because your socialist light Pow-wow Chow brought Elizabeth Warren Also wanted to deem them too big to fail Looking out for you anyone who says any Company is too big to fail is not Looking out for you these two big to Fail companies what that really means is The government gets to tell them what to Do and then they get to remove you so You can’t Bank you can’t speak and hey If everyone got pushed onto PayPal or Some form of standardized digital Currency you also can’t purchase Firearms or ammunition it’s not illegal The government’s not making it they’re Not infringing on your rights

You just can’t do it Because these companies say so well hold On a second well those companies Wouldn’t be in business because half the Country wouldn’t support them ah it Doesn’t matter if you want to support Them or not your tax dollars do It absolutely is a First Amendment issue It absolutely is This is not an issue of private Businesses So you can talk about Alex Jones all you Want but you want to talk about Kanye West Do you want to talk about Dr Peter McCullough do you want to talk about all Of the shows that have been removed here Online because of a few key companies Who by the way receive favorable Treatment from the government let’s just Let’s try and take the blinders off And not just see this with a lens of I Disagree with what so and so or whomever Said because the left is very good at Creating a mop Right they all fall under one umbrella And they’ll make sure that they target You and because your free thinkers on The right it’s hard the term has been Used as like hurting cats Let’s not hurt cats with this one Whether you’re libertarian all you care About is Bitcoin and weed Or you’re by God Mitch McConnell’s fan

Anyone out there Let’s let’s make sure that we are Unified in this No one needs to pass a purity test of Agreeing with everything that we agree With for us to just say hey they have The right to say it They have the right to say it they have The right to engage in Commerce Doesn’t mean that they have to be your Local senator Can we all unify under that Can we all you know this is a test today Can we all unify under the fact that This is egregious what’s happening with Alex Jones can we all do that I’ll tell you because I see a lot I see A lot of Silver Linings But if I don’t see that today I’m going to be disappointed in in all Of us we should be able to do that do we Have him I believe we have them all Right uh we now are going to go to I Believe we have them on the line and uh If you can hear me Alex you know we also Have mug Club extended so please don’t Get me removed from YouTube uh it’s time For Alex Jones [Music] Thank you Mr Jones okay I see that’s I see that Smirk what were you saying was that a Dirty joke No I said I’m really jealous of that

Shirt I’m going to rip it off make my Own copy well Come on now well then now now then I I Want you yeah there’s the coolest shirt That is the coolest shirt I’ve seen yet Absolutely uh but no but what you’re Talking about is absolutely true and I’d Love to give everybody the inside Baseball what really happened with the Case how would the president Center and Where it’s going because Alex just one Second Alex because I want to give you The floor okay uh and it’s what’s the Best place because I know you have Several sites is it infowars.com so the Best place for people to go yeah so they Want to actually hear what we’re saying And not edited Clips or Twisted Derivatives and they want to hear what The establishment is so scared of Infowars.com infowars.com forward slash Show and band dot video and if they see Us like a Roman Standard right they want To capture and pull down and get control Of I am the Democrat deep State I want to give you this I know I want to Give you the floor but I think it’s Really important to set this up and Believe me I’m going to let you run you Know you know me well enough I’m going To let you run with this but I want to Set up something uh for example when I Had Brian Callan on the show one time And he was falsely accused of of sexual

Assault I spoke with Brian I said look I’m going to lead this interview with Did you do it and he said no off there I Said Brian you’re going to say that on Air and I don’t care what your lawyers Tell you if you didn’t do it say it and So I want to leave this right now Because I think this is pivotal and We’ve done several multi-hour long shows But for some reason this gets lost and I Want you to correct me if I have this Wrong Uh so in 2017 As an example because the narrative is Sandy Hook you tormented the parents you Called them out by name and you Continually harass them from what I Understand and I have some quotes here In front of me and I want you to tell me If I’m misquoting you you admitted you Were wrong and you apologize and I think That’s key because I still want to go After you anyway so 2017 you talked About an epiphany had on Father’s Day You Said Uh forgive me on Father’s Day I want to Reach out to the parents of the slain Children at the horrible tragedy in Newtown Connecticut and give you my Sincere condolences you said that right Yes okay you also said I’d like I’d also Like to reach out to any of the parents Who lost a child at new uh Newtown to Invite them to contact me to open a

Dialogue because I think it’s really Essential we do that instead of letting The mainstream media misrepresent things And really try and drive this nation Apart you said that right Before they sued me yes before they sued You and then in 2019 and in deposition You said and I myself uh have almost Like a form of psychosis in the past Where I basically thought everything was Staged even though I’ve now learned a Lot of times things aren’t staged and I’m not saying this to embarrass you Alex I’m saying it because you were Clear and that you had a change of heart Or you believed that you were wrong or You believed you made a mistake which I Think is admirable and I think the fact That they want to brow beat you after That is what is so scary and I think That people out here would do well if You’re watching to understand that Apologies do nothing with these monsters You also said so I think as a pundit Someone giving an opinion that you know My opinions have been wrong but they Were never wrong consciously to hurt People so do I have this right in saying Multiple times you said you were wrong And you apologized in one fashion or Another and by the way both before and After being sued would that be a correct Statement for me to make Alex I said I believe Sandy Hook happened in

2016 right I said in 2015. and this is Important it’s a lot bigger than Alex Jones it’s the anatomy of the left it’s Like with George Floyd or something Taking something and then blowing it up To be the biggest thing on earth it’s Like you can take a microscope and zoom In on a grain of sand and it looks like The Himalayan mountains but it’s not Really so right here’s what really Happened yes here’s what really happened I could give you the latest information Where they’re going with it everybody And they’ve thank you sir Okay Sandy Hook happens it’s a huge Political event Obama has it in the White house that’s going on I think Maybe somebody helped the kid kill these Kids The whole story is bizarre and then About a year after it Uh all these professors and people that Sound incredible Come out and school safety experts and Say that they thought it was just Completely staged and I’d seen things Like operation Northwoods that talked About staging attacks on school kids That didn’t exist as a pretextual war With Cuba and Russia plus said yeah a Lot of stuff’s been staged maybe this is So I did four or five programs from like 2000 and I I guess 13 14 Question maybe that it was staged barely

Up on the radar it was a huge internet Issue hundreds of millions of views on YouTube other people’s videos my Listeners wanted to know my crew wanted To cover it they wanted to talk about it So what they put in evidence against me Was about 24 minutes in Texas about 25 Minutes in Connecticut in 10 years this Is the big evil stuff the guy that got Rich off Sandy hooked the guy that wears Sandy Hook underwear the guy that Praised five times a day to New Haven Connecticut I mean my mother didn’t give Birth to me Sandy hooked it I mean my Whole life is this okay right but it’s Not so Hillary and the Democrats start Running this this false news campaign During 2016 campaign That I’m Trump’s brain they look look at This flamboyant Wild guy He’s a populist he’s got a lot of people Supporting Trump let’s make him a Liability let’s take the worst stuff he Set out of context and run tens of Millions of TV ads against Trump using Alex Jones saying he’s Trump’s brain and One thing one thing just to make really Clear is just again for the YouTube Gods You understand how this is Alex Say I’m saying it didn’t happen again no No but they’ll say that you what you Were saying because you saw this and There were other people there were other Professors there were other conspiracy

Theorists some of whom turned out to not Be credible and then you didn’t have Them on your show anymore you did say Maybe this is staged and just again to Be clear you afterwards said no it was Not staged I was wrong you did correct It right Alex yes yes and but but it’s Important to understand this timeline Yeah so so for over a year and a half From 2015 into 2016 we’ve checked the Record I never talked about it one time And I told the crew this is a tar baby It’s a setup I don’t want to ever Discuss it again I think it happened we Started seeing that some of the folks That were claiming it was staged had Gone even crazier and and we’re now Dysregulating and showing that that Indeed they had put out things that were Wrong so I was not the Sandy Hook guy it Didn’t put me on the map I barely ever Covered it but Hillary blows it up makes It a cause celeb for Democrats they use It to bring back all the gun control and Now attacks on free speech and to attack Trump And so then Trump wins they go even Crazier and they start attacking me Saying he’s sending people to the kids Houses uh he’s sending people to the Parents houses he won’t stop saying it Didn’t happen and I’m like I said years Ago it happened stop it this is a media Event they’re building up obviously to

Come after the first amendment so I Issued dozens of Corrections dozens of Apologies you just mentioned one of them There and then they sue me in 2018 and Then they do all this discovery we give Them all the emails all the text Messages everything there’s no evidence We made money on Sandy Hook there’s no Evidence I premeditatedly got it wrong On purpose and so both Democrat Connected judges Uh one of them supposedly Republican but She’s like George W bush they default me Saying I Hope we lost Alex for a second Alex uh Can you hear me brother this is a This is clearly the globalist he’s told I’m guilty The the jury’s told I’m guilty I’m not Allowed in in a five-week trial in Connecticut to defend myself the judge Actually says you can’t say you’re Innocent you can’t say you’re bankrupt You can’t say you didn’t make money off Of it I say it’s all true then they Instruct the jury after five weeks of Crying parents not talking about Adam Lands or killing their children talking About me well I know that Alex but let Me ask you a couple of important Questions here because I think these are Things that people and I know you have a I believe you have a highlighter are we Going to roll the Highlight the one that

Did you have a you had something you Wanted to show us a clip but um look I Think it’s important to note first off Let me ask you questions if you could Just give me yes or no’s on this and I Want to give you the floor again sure Did you ever call the parents out by Name on air and say that they were uh Their children like call them out by Name on air Only Robbie Parker okay and afterwards And and I did not say that that he Staged it or it was fake I said people Think this clip was like 30 million Views on YouTube or more right it was a Viral clip people say this guy looks Fake and so I said yeah it does look Like acting to me but he’s you know Under stress whatever so so they’ve Built this mountain out of a mole hill Right I have one other question two Years and years years and years and Years years yes they gave an FBI agent Who I’d never seen until he sued me Didn’t know who he was He gets up there and cries about me they Gave him 90 million dollars when under Federal and state law you can’t sue Somebody you’ve never said their name For defamation or slander never said his Name never asked for a retraction until He sued me didn’t even know who he was Until I saw his name on the lawsuit he Gets 90 million well let me ask you

Another phone’s handing out you get a Car you get a card Well I do have a question that’s Important here because people will say Well the reason you weren’t allowed to Defend yourself is it was a default Judgment and they say because you didn’t Provide the evidence right that was Requested in Discovery give me very Specifics not just all you did provide And hand over a lot of evidence what did You hand over because they did have Financials they did have uh certainly in The Texas trial they did have access to Financials they did have access to Certain traffic metrics when I was Watching the trial they would say well Actually uh they didn’t hand over for Example the Alexa reportings as opposed To the Google analytics reportings what Kind of evidence when you were asked to Hand over just give me some examples of What you did hand over did you hand over Financial documents is it related to the Company Yes did you hand over documents as it Related to you know like uh different uh Traffic and and revenue streams to some Degree or another To an extreme degree the most ever given Over in a civil defamation trial many Lawyers estimate Stephen let me be 100 Clear so what are they saying you didn’t Provide is my point because this is

Something a lot of people who do who Unfortunately on the right Alex this is Important I’m just saying this because People will try and take this out people On the right will say well then you Should comply during Discovery what Pardon me what in the are they Claiming you didn’t provide so that you Were not allowed to defend yourself All right let me answer that question And I want to get into people saying oh This is just for Alex Jones In Texas They claimed that Because we did so much discovery And they would have each person that They were deposing give them more Discovery So they’d say ah out of the 200 000 Emails you gave us in Texas Um in one of the discovery matches you Gave us there was one extra email that Wasn’t in this batch little weird gotcha Games and then in Connecticut The the the judge kept saying give me The Google analytics well we hardly ever Even use Google analytics hardly ever Even looked at it yeah so we explained To the judge ma’am it’s a search box for The back end of Google and a lot of you Have to pay for we’ve never paid for it We’ve barely ever used it but we Searched for Google analytics and found One writer and and one other person in

The in the group that had looked at Google analytics and said oh look how Much traffic we’re getting a few times So we gave them what we had in our System about Google analytics uh take Alexa same thing they said give us the Election Well Stephen I want you to give me the Google and then I say and then you say Okay what do you want me to search in Google right no sir give me the Google Right give me the Alexa we know you’ve Got it so they filed this unfair Trade Practices thing that not only did I lie About Sandy Hook on purpose make money As they false Acclaim but that I was Making all this money with those lies in Unfair trade practice and then demonized Me selling my own products so that’s Really where we are and and for people Out there that say hey Uh this is just for Alex Jones so what It’s the same Republicans four years ago When I got a platform that said it would Never be president Trump or would never Be them they admit the Democrats admit They’re on PBS NBC ABC MSNBC CNN Celebrating and they’ve been doing it For years saying once we set the Precedent To let government bureaucrats like this FBI agent sue somebody when no one’s Even ever said their name just because They got heat in public over say

Election fraud Now they can sue you and get 90 million Dollars and here is the Secretary of State In Texas I’ve got the article right here In my stack saying Alex Jones Unleashed Hell this is a republican on US during The election he caused threats to our Election officials I didn’t contest the 2020 Texas election uh I didn’t even Cover that project Veritas did I should Have covered it more the point is is That I’m now The Whipping Boy or the Reason America doesn’t trust the Government or the reason the American People don’t trust the media and and now The Secretary of State of Texas is Talking about we may have to go after Alex Jones because he caused threats on Election officials they had no Statements they don’t have me saying be Violent I didn’t even probably ever even Talk about the Texas election other than Saying I I don’t think Beto uh you know Was as close as he said he was to Ted Cruz so this is the absolute Next Level Garbage and propaganda in fact overhead Shot I want to show people this Texas Secretary of State Alex Jones Unleashed Hell on our election people That’s the the hill uh here’s another One Republican Texas election Chief blasts Nuts peddling 2020 conspiracy theory

Zooms in on Alex Jones so just like They’re suing everybody the questions Election fraud or mail-in ballots They never even sued me because I wasn’t One of the main proponents of Questioning the election like some of The more prominent people were who Really got out there I did have Questions it’s my right to do it but They’re now just circling back like okay We just got this verdict so now we’re Going to say Alex Jones made people Question the elections so now if you Slip on a banana peel or do you have Your car carburetor breaks down or maybe You get cancer it’s Al Shel Jones’s Fault so Injected now but yes the point remains Well you know what I mean that’s why It’s going to break down it’s an old Cars exactly you have you have the OJ Bronco not the new one that also breaks Down hey did you have a video you wanted To show or is it us because we have Trial highlights and we have the verdict Being right but I was told that you had A clip that you wanted to play when you Came on do I have that Stephen I really Appreciate you first off having me on Having the courage to defend Free Speech Let me actually get this out and I’m Sorry if I’m annoying there’s just so Much here and a lot of other points we Haven’t gotten to yet that I hope no

You’re not annoying at all I just want To make sure that I was told that you Had a clip or a video let me describe This club for you let me describe this Clip okay there’s dozens of these in Texas and Connecticut we have a Compilation reel that’s about 30 minutes Long of them in front of the juries and At press conference is saying take Alex Jones out never let him rebuild his Platform again and once we take him out We’re going to take out all the right Wing disinformation operatives like Tucker Carlson and the list goes on and On so so this is the weaponization where They sue you in Democrat jurisdictions Where they default you claiming that you Didn’t give them evidence they tell the Jury you’re guilty and then the jury Decides how guilty after you’ve been Demonized so that’s just what happened In Connecticut so here they are Yesterday just a small clip at the press Conference Chris Manning the former Federal prosecutor up there who had this Kept controlled jury that was told I was Guilty and then he says we don’t want Money from Alex Jones because I’m in Bankruptcy if it’s in the clip we can Just watch the clip and let him let him Say how long is it too is it a minute is It two minutes just so I have an idea 39 seconds 39 seconds all right I want To run this and then no you’re not

Annoying at all this is important and We’re going to spend as much time as we Need to I know you’re busy but this this Is important stuff and I talked about it In the cold open today show I appreciate It when you’re ready just just roll I Guess you’re rolling it uh from from his Hand we’ll roll it from our end then go Ahead and roll it guys all right but we Will be at it as long as it takes and if You’re out there right now and you’re One of Alex Jones’s audience members and You’re giving him money I just want you To know that based on the jury’s verdict Today it’s not a very good bet uh and to Go back with to what Robbie Parker said All Alex Jones does is take from you Exploit you lie to you Feed your fears and your anxieties and Your mistrust and the only person that Benefits in that equation is him Well that stops that’s stopping today Thanks to the courage of these families Thank you very much thanks everybody all Right so what he just said there is we Don’t want money from Alex Jones and I Want to explain to listeners we’re going To appeal this and ask for money to get Overturned then they ask for money we Don’t want the 900 million dollars from Alex Jones damn it uh you can make that Payable to cash Absolutely so so so If I can I’m shopping with them because

There’s so many angles to this Stephen Number one I don’t have three million Dollars cash in my company and my Personal stuff I have enough to operate And you know pay the bills and legal I Got a nice house got decent cars but I Don’t worship things so that them trying To take money away from me means nothing It’ll actually make me work harder to Expose them I’d work for free exposing Them so they’re never going to silence Me without killing me or putting me in Prison right and so that which doesn’t You know kill me only makes me stronger But they specifically say over and over Again they want me taking off the air They want me bankrupt okay so we’re So we’re in chapter five chapter 11 sub Chapter five bankruptcy that isn’t Liquidation It’s where we do a plan to the federal Government we say okay you can have the Future profits towards all these Lawsuits in the future in A Five-Year Plan and there’s not much profit around Here so my crew stays hired we stay on Air it becomes a zombie organizations What they call it because now any profit But they’re not allowed to fire people Or do all that stuff the operation Continues on the list are supported and Then whatever extra is there they get Paid that’s in two years at least even If this is an overturned on appeal so

They announced it’s the end of Alex Jones it’s all over it’s all more hype More fraud more disinformation so that’s What they just did here and I have more Clips of them specifically saying we Want to take him out and I’m not trying To cut you off but some of these Questions are just because it’s hard for Me to find the truth the answers on it I Know we talked about we talked about the Cap in Texas right on I believe it’s a Is it punitive damages Um yes is there a cap in in Connecticut Or are you unless it is overturned on Appeal are you on the hook for the Hundreds of millions of dollars The short answer is they lie and say I Owe 50 million dollars in Texas it’s It’s about 5.6 there are caps it’s in The state law they can’t overturn it Right it’s different in Connecticut The the unfair Trade Practices are cut My cutmar however they call it uh that Is unlimited and that is up for the Judge to decide so she’s going to come Back next week and probably hit me with A billion more uh so all the other ones Do have caps but because there’s 15 Plaintiffs they’re all capped it I Forget the number like four million Dollars so 10 million dollars is more Money than I can get them of course 50 Million dollars is more a billion it’s All a joke at this point it’s like

Saying we’re going to cut you into 20 Million pieces well if you cut me in Five pieces I’m gonna die right so we’re Gonna we’re gonna drop 25 nuclear bombs On Alex Jones’s house and I’m like I Think one nuclear bomb would probably Kill me probably so we’re gonna shoot 20 Million bullets into you instead of five Bullets so This is all Overkill it’s just been left Having a temper tantrum they want to Scare everybody else and get a bunch of Other lawyers to file lawsuits to come After all the conservatives and all the Nationalists and all the Patriots and I Really appreciate you letting me get That out there because it’s so Frustrating to me kind of only have my Show that has a big audience but it’s Compartmentalized because of censorship It’s very hard to actually get the truth No it’s not just censorship people Understand it’s not just censorship it’s Cowardice you you you you and I have had Conversations obviously off there where Uh you know I would say I wouldn’t say College of the map but I’ve said I don’t Agree with this I don’t like that Remember I told you I remember early on The show saying I don’t like that you Sometimes stir up in fighting with Conservatives remember you saying you Know what I used to do that more and I’ve decided the left is a more

Important enemy we’ve had very strong Disagreements I felt compelled to have You on because some of the biggest Figures in our movement who by the way Agreed with all of some of your quote Unquote conspiracy theories that I Thought were incorrect they didn’t have You on it is censorship and it’s Cowardice from people on the right and By the way I’ve experienced that too I’ve experienced that for jokes that Then people on the right will take out Of context so my issue is not so much With the left being the left right it’s Like being mad that a crocodile bites You I I’m mad with people on the right Who aren’t doing it let me ask you Alex Really Point Blank I know you talk about Appeals How scared are you right now I am way more scared about the direction The country’s going in that they admit This is a formula for everybody I mean While the right wing laughs some of them And says oh it’s just Alex Jones they’re On every channel saying we’re coming After everybody now with this model and They’ve even got the Republican Secretary of State In Texas saying we want to come after Republicans that question election fraud Give me a break so you have the Rhinos The neocons the rabbit left Allied Together against the populist uprising

Of nationalist Americans who are Peacefully trying to take our country Back so I’m way more concerned about Nuclear war I’m way more concerned about Financial collapse I mean here’s a good Point Stephen Quite frankly the way inflation’s going The way it accelerates towards why am I Republican Zimbabwe In 10 years there’s such inflation a Billion dollars will be like a thousand Dollars yeah I mean at the current rate We’re at here so No I’m not scared I am uh disgusted And I really feel proud of myself Because I’ve told the truth about this I’ve said when I was wrong they have Created this whole synthetic identity For me The straw man and then they sat there And had to lie to a jury and suppress The truth and tell him I was guilty and Rigged this kangaroo court so I myself Can hold my head tall but I am in General very concerned for my children For the country in the future because of The Rabid acceleration into total and Complete corruption I uh if uh and I Know you have some of the things you Want to hit I don’t even know if we want To we can probably show the clips on YouTube but Gerald here uh I know has a Question for you you can’t see him but Uh he’s he’s championing at the bit

Gerald yeah please yeah so you said Earlier that this is going to be Overturned why do you think that it will Be overturned not that you just have Kind of this faith in that that’s going To happen but what are you guys arguing If you can reveal that to us on how it’s Going to be overturned Well that’s an excellent question I have Talked to dozens of very well-known Constitutional lawyers I can tell you Norm pattis is a very well-known Successful lawyer around the country He’s talked to current and former judges In Connecticut and in New York federal And state that say this is the most Insane craziness they’ve ever seen the Judge said in open court I said this Months ago because she’d done Rules and Lemony and told us what I Couldn’t say she said in court can’t say Her innocent can’t say you barely ever Talked about these people can’t say you Didn’t make money off of it can’t be Political but they could hold up Magazines I put out exposing Obama but Then we couldn’t respond back to it she Literally tied our hands And did this so either America’s gone And completely done or in Texas and in Connecticut if I have the money for the Appeals that’s why they want to bankrupt Us right now right because they are so Scared that if there’s any justice left

At the Texas or the Connecticut Supreme Court or the U.S Supreme Court they’ve Got to overturn this because the Deep State the the ambulance Chaser Brigade Are openly saying they’re coming after Everyone with this just like when I got Started saying that you think the people In the appeals court will will see the Gravity of it is that is that what You’re saying why you believe it’ll be Overturned I don’t know the fix is in that high but I know that when okay they’ve got their Pound of Flesh they’ve demonized me They’ve brought back up Sandy Hook They’ve made a bunch of money for their Charities they got 73 million dollars From Remington I mean these dead kids Are cash machines for these lawyers okay And now nobody knows who Adam Lanz is to Kill the kids they only know Alex Jones And so I’m sorry what’s the question Stephen I Apologize no no I think I think you Answered the question is it well I think Gerald really wants to know why do you Believe it will be overturned do you Think it’s because they wanted to make An example of you and then when it comes Down to the actual constitutional law it Won’t hold water is that why Absolutely I mean I think that well they Have to or the country’s over I mean you Have to understand when I say Kangaroo

Court when I say show trial I mean this Has never before been done a defaults When you just don’t even show up we gave Them everything exhaustive and then they Let them use the discovery that they Said we didn’t give them to the jury They could put on evidence we couldn’t Challenge the evidence and I couldn’t Testify that’s why I didn’t testify when It was time for our quote case there’s Only a hearing and damages the judge Found me guilty again since when well The judge knows best they’ve never done That before they can’t do that you know If I was caught bank robbing Uh or something and I ran off to another Country then you can have default Judgments to say take my house because I’m not there there’s video me robbing The bank I’ve left the country they can Sue they can get the house that’s a Default judgment I was there I Participated I did the depositions I had My crew members go there I spent Millions of dollars on lawyers but Because there was no case there they Were forced to default because they Decided I was the super villain and they Wanted to set this precedence so so yes All the lawyers agree that if we file a Good appeal with the hundreds of bad Things they did that it must absolutely Be either partially or totally Overturned and if it isn’t overturned no

I’m not scared Stephen because I’ve said On air the truth I have less than a Million and a half dollars in my bank Account sounds like a lot to the average Working guy and I get it with all my Bills and crew and all this that’s That’s on empty my company has less than A million dollars in it right now and That’s to buy product and pay payroll And funnel operation so I never did this To make money they they had all these Fake numbers they had all our finances They said he made 61 million dollars Last year our growth was 61 million Dollars I paid myself 200 000 last year it’s all in the bankruptcy Court they know it they know it’s true Was there a year that I paid myself 12 Million dollars absolutely the year of The divorce with my ex-wife six years Ago thank God it was the Trump error for The first time ever we had all this Extra money right when she divorces me It goes through the process and the Court made me pay her close to 10 Million dollars to quote buy her out of The company because I’ve been married to Her for 13 years so the one year God Came through the one year that I because Usually I make about a million two Million dollars a year but honest with My audience and after all the bills and Stuff and legal crap it’s gone of course Okay but I don’t do it for money

The one year I made 12 million dollars God came through magically the money Came in to then buy my ex-wife out of The company so again they think Trillion dollar judgment I want to say Something here that’s important because I see you and we all struggle with this Right where you’re saying oh because I Know that people think that sounds like A lot of money and it’s sad that you Even have to say no you don’t do this Just for the money but you absolutely Deserve to earn a living if you have Millions of people who are listening in The amount of work that you put into it I understand it this is what I do here As well conservatives are the only ones Surprisingly the people who support for Enterprise where we feel like because Our audience is largely working class You want to say look look don’t get mad At me because I I make this money Because there’s a huge difference Between one year making 12 million and a Several hundred million dollar judgment You know who makes 12 million every Single year uh Colbert Fallon no one Cares and I just hope that people on the Right don’t use that as an attack well You know what oh maybe he’ll go cry into His millions that is not the point and Just for some inside baseball for people Who don’t necessarily know want to Corroborate some of what you’re saying

Yeah you can’t prove that you didn’t Make money off of Sandy Hook just like I Can’t prove that I didn’t make money off Of that uh the guy who was fired from Vox who started the Vox apocalypse why Because this Enterprise makes the only Way that we make profit is people Signing up because they want to hear What I have to say and sometimes what I Have to say involves a specific person Of course it would be hundreds of Thousands of people if you were to go Over the if you were to look over the Course of our entire program but that Gets pulled in and they say ah you can’t Say that you didn’t make money off of Insert whatever story you covered here We’ve had that happen on the website Just to give you an example just really Quickly we’ve got someone on the website Sue because they say well this uh this Actually we don’t like this article that Went up and uh we want we want you to Prove that you haven’t made money off of It and it’s like well that that article Maybe had a few hundred thousand views Or something like that I don’t remember I’m just giving you an example I don’t Remember the specific example and they Were trying to say ah so you make money You make money off of this your whole Company is making money off no no no no No they don’t let you parse it that’s The lie because you weren’t broadcasting

And the broadcast always makes money and Even when you were covering Sandy Hook That’s why they say if you can’t prove The separation of all the streams or any Potential revenue generated while you Were discussing the Sandy Hook issue Then you can’t say that you didn’t Profit off of Sandy Hook that’s the Argument people need to understand it Because we all struggle with it as Business owners I totally agree and I couldn’t say it Better in fact when you said it better And this is the most important point I’m Going to make here and I got a few Documents show them to they’re Really important that tie this all Together This is a major project for six years Two years before they sued me and then Now the last four was literally hundreds Of Articles a week sometimes thousands Every major news channel from HBO to PBS To Fox even attacking me uh over Sandy Hook and building it up into this giant Controversy when I was not the Sandy Hook man to set the precedent with the Alex Jones precedent to shut everybody Else down now let’s talk about this Being the biggest Defamation judgment in U.S history by an Order of at least 10 magnitude if I can Have an overhead shot here damn I wish The survivors of Epstein received 965

Million exactly good point on Twitter Eliza think about that real quick why The church people don’t know the names Exactly we still we still don’t know we Still don’t know The names of the Johns here’s another Good point Purdue Pharma that knew Oxycontin would addict people and kill Them by the thousands have to pay 634.5 million on the 10 plus billion They made profit in the Oxycontin case Alex Jones killed no one ordered to pay 965 million for Sandy Hook lives and I Don’t think I don’t think anyone is Blowing somebody in an alley because of Their addiction to colloidal silver Absolutely they’re not Here’s another one the largest fine paid By a banking executive responsible 2008 Financial crisis was 67.5 million jury Says Alex Jones pays 965 million here’s Another one yes from a lawyer Viva Frye Yes except for O.J was found guilty of The actual deaths of two victims after a Trial it was a Civil Trial whereas Alex Jones was found guilty of making false Statements about people who were Murdered by someone else without a trial So O.J pays 33.5 million I pay 900 plus Million and it goes on what’s going to Happen Absolutely was found innocent by the Criminal but guilty by the Civil so when Are they going to sue MSNBC for some of

The lies that were done I want one Million dollars my feelings are hurt by Their lies and it just goes on for them Those are some really important points No I think these are important points uh And uh you know I think we actually have Some questions from uh do we have some Questions from the audience if you’re Okay taking a couple and then we’ll go To mother I want to take them can we Play that one other clip that’s about a Minute and a half long of the lawyers Saying shut him down silence him yeah do You have it do you want to play it from Your end we have it we’re gonna go ahead And roll that clip now here it is thanks Brother I ask that with your verdict Not only Away I ask that you make certain he Can’t rebuild the platform It’s what matters Of course Of this misinformation of this peddling Of lies and make sure he can’t do it Again That is punishment that is deterrence But somewhere out there right now is Another thing Getting interested in school Fixing your lunches From the work picking up and search it And the community day when that child Doesn’t come home from school and We Know It In A sadness to your body and

The question is going to be where is Apple Stills when that happens He’s in the studio [Music] Get rid of the house You stop Someone get him that infomercial spray Hair S We get all done with all the evidence We’re going to come back Because that’s what justices in this Case And there’s many other clubs of the Machine we want him off air we don’t Want money for the plaintiffs we want to Silence his future speech so even a Murderer goes and does their jail time Gets out in 20 years but no they’re Saying keep him de-platformed bankrupt Him shut him down and don’t send him Money because we don’t want money to the Plaintiffs because they don’t want me to Have money for the appeals because they Know there’s a 98 chance this crap gets Overturned Stephen well you know what Else they’re doing this is something Else they’re doing that people don’t uh Fully discuss is they want to make other People afraid to even work with or for You Makes it possible for you to hire right That’s what they tried to do they tried To do that with me to a lesser scale

It’s harder to do with a comedian Because they would try and run jokes but What they’re trying to do is also make It impossible for to you to even recoup These losses I mean we do have to Remember it’s not just Alex Jones you Have many employees there Um and uh so some of them are great some Of them are but a lot of them Are great but this is the thing they Want to make sure we all have them right I have some here like Yakuza he pisses Me off half the time but I love him uh Yeah they want to make it impossible for You to do but this is your livelihood Now I want to take uh if if we can I’d Like to and that is bonus all the time In the world really appreciate you Having me okay so we’ll take a couple of Chats here and then uh then uh I’ll I’ll Have to go to the bathroom I’ve been Drinking Gatorade I had a horrible Stomach virus be careful out there right Now it’s going through Texas like a buzz Saw uh tokenau and let’s grab a couple Of questions from the audience here that We usually only do on Mud Club but it’s A special case yeah I’m a glove viewer Jerry has a question for you Alex uh What do you feel was an appropriate Penalty for what you said Uh nothing It’s it’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent

Man be be prosecuted or persecuted they Got rid of my due process the judge Found me guilty they lied about it all They hyped up what I said they Exaggerated it I never said people in Their houses it’s a lie they’re setting A precedent to steal your rights not Just your rights to listen to what you Want to listen to and make your own Decisions they’re literally setting this Up to come after the general public an FBI agent that I never saw never covered Never said his name till he sued me he Admitted it on the stand was given 90 Million dollars because some people on The internet thought it didn’t happen I Didn’t create the story that it didn’t Happen I covered it right and so a man’s Getting 90 million dollars He won’t get it right doesn’t exist he’s Getting 90 million dollars of this made Up mad money this Monopoly money when I Never said his damn name folks that’s Tyranny that’s dangerous and also it’s Important when you’ll get a lot of People on the left saying oh the right Has a double standard because what about Nick Sandman and CNN what about Cal Rittenhouse they said his name the President of the United States had an Advertisement had an ad that went out That uh Associated Kyle Rittenhouse Specifically with white supremacy they Said Nick Sandman was mocking somebody

Uh this poor Native American Nathan Phillips as I prefer my Native Americans To be called Nathan Phillips they said Yeah he was mocking Nathan Phillips and He was he was stirring up the crowd they Did call out these people by name and These people had to hire security and These people had to go into hiding there Is a difference you did not do that and They did it repeatedly they did it all Day and all night not to mention what Preceded Kyle Rittenhouse was the media Drumming up actual hatred and uh uh and That’s right they never showed any Evidence I sent people to her ass people Or anything of course it was always what Somebody else did right whereas what Happened is Kamala Harris said they’re Not going to stop and they should not Stop when answering riots she said they Should not stop the rights the mayor of Seattle said no this is a Summer of Love We support what they’re doing and then The media said Kyle Rittenhouse is a White supremacist who killed innocent Protesters they didn’t mention the fact That it was a a pedophile with a raging Erection and a hospital bag uh hey uh Let’s uh token on grab one more question And then um we’ll uh we’ll take it to Mug club and when we go to Mud Club I’m Gonna have to go uh I’ve been drinking Gatorade all morning go uh relieve Myself Alex but Gerald will take the

Chair for like two minutes uh one last Question you’re talking about okay my Club Viewer Taylor Kohler wants to know If people only knew one true thing about You Alex among all these lies what would It be that was going to be my last Question I mean look I’m a real person I’ve got a Lot of information sometimes I’m a Little bit obnoxious because I’m trying To get through it all like here today And I really appreciate steaming and the Crew being so gracious so I can have a Place to tell the the truth and I Appreciate your courage because you do Get attacked for having me on and just This is our rights being taken this is a Hollywood production I’m not saying Sandy Hook didn’t happen I’m saying the Production of what I supposedly did and How big it became and you know this this This huge event I’m not the Sandy Hook Guy I’m the guy that wrote the number One best-selling book in the world the Great reset and the war for the world That’s why the globalists hate me is Because I’m exposing their corporate Worldwide tyranny I’m exposing groups Like PayPal that are back by the way Saying if we don’t like what you say We’re going to find you two thousand Five hundred dollars I’m opposing their Authoritarianism I’m a populist I’m a Champion of the people and folks can

Actually hear the real Alex Jones at Infowars.com infowars.com forward slash Show or band.video go see the real live Show go see the archives go see the Guests go find out what I’m actually Saying instead of little bitty Twisted Edited excerpts that the corporate media Puts out and understand the globalists See Infowars is the flag they want to Capture they’re more obsessed with it Than anything else out there right now Because when the global is tuned in they Get scared because I know what I’m Talking about when it comes to the Mechanics of the New World Order Um final question and we’re going to go To a Mud Club and take some more chats Up What’s the next step what are you doing Here next Alex It’s a game plan well that’s a really Great question Um my biggest enemies myself I am Absolutely exhausted I’m burnt out I Drink too much uh I I haven’t smoked in 14 years under the stress I took up Smoking again Um Going out and watching coming and Hanging out with Joe Rogan there’s a lot Of cigarette smoking going on uh yeah I Don’t think that’s cigarette smoke No I’ve done a little bit of the

Marijuana smoke too but I smoke a lot of It but yeah I smoked pot like once a Month or something usually I’m in a Comedy club or go see a movie uh every Time I hang out with Joey we smoke some Pot uh but sometimes I guess twice a Week but I haven’t hung out with Joe That much lately I’ve been too busy but There’s some days we’ve gone on it like Twice a week and he’s got to get stoned But a little bit of fun stuff there but Long story short That’s your game plan Alex I didn’t ask Your hobbies Anyways well I mean it’s a little bit of A name drop to all the trendy liberals I Think they’re trendy and Victor cool and Love the police state and hate Free Speech I’m the real Rebel Infowars is The Vanguard so is Stephen Crowder we Are the rebels We Are The Outlaws we are 1776. We Are The Counter Culture not Them and they can’t stand that and so That’s what all people know we are The Counter Culture Stephen Crowder is a Counterculture the listeners and viewers Of these shows that support Independent Media are the future of not just America But the world and people can find out What all the stinks about at Infowars.com so it sounds to me like What you’re saying your next step is and I’ll Alex you know I have a lot of love For you but sometimes it is tough to get

You to answer the question You need to get some rest is what you’re Saying right your game plan is some rest Recoup and come back Listen I’m more ADHD when I’m totally Exhausted so I’ve done a lot of Interviews and I was up till one o’clock In the morning and I apologize My brain’s gone right now so yes I Realized this is what’s coming next I realize they want to take me out of The game And I realize that I’m never going to Quit now because they want to silence me Because this is a battle of wills I know It’s the right thing to do but I also Understand that if I take myself out of The game by being fried or burnt out They win so I am going to in the next Few months do something I never do I’m Going to take off a week a month Starting at the end of this month November and December I may take off two Weeks in December I want my listeners to Understand why I’ve got to do it because I’ve got to rest I’ve got to stop Drinking I’ve got to stop smoking I Gotta go to church to recharge my Batteries I’ve got to take you know my My daughter camping I’ve gotta you know Go camping and shooting with my son and My other daughters and so if you’re Asking what’s happening I’m gonna Recharge my batteries get back to family

Get back to God and come back in 2023 Harder than ever you know what that Sounds like a plan because uh a lot of People you know this has been a year and A half for me since the surgery there’s Been some complications that people will Never fully know about and uh yeah you Need to uh you need to treat yourself With someone you want to take care of But you know what you just mentioned Something hey When’s Rogan going to have you uh on a Show why aren’t you why aren’t you doing His show today you know I don’t want to Be mean to Joe Um Joe told me uh was the last time I Was on the show was two years ago and it Was one of the biggest shows you ever Did with uh Who was on the show with me it was a Great comedian really funny yeah Tim Dillon and Joe’s like yeah we have you In a couple months couple months couple Months and then uh you know it’s pretty Obvious what’s going on just a little Too much heat for Joe to have me on Which is fine he had courage about the Vaccines he’s had courage about Censorship he’s been criticizing the Power structure but he’s not as hardcore As Stephen Crowder and I’ll just say it But at least the overall defends free Speech and I just I just don’t think Joe Can you know handle it we were out of

Dinner about a month ago last time I Hung out with him and uh it’s just pet Peeve not to bring it up and I just said Man it really helped me with this Upcoming court case because the whole Media is against me if I could get on There and explain things and he just Said Alex you got you know there’s too Much too much craziness going on let’s Just get through this we’ll talk about It later so I’m not really worried about It obviously I’m the big interview he’d Want he even said listen you’re like Nuclear weapons It’s a big deal to have you on but I’m Not worried about it it’s really a Question for Joe because I know I’m just I’m just asking because you know you Talk about how you’re hanging out with Them and not only if not him you know he Has a bunch of friends who could have You on you but he has a whole podcast Network you know I don’t I don’t really Have that you know you’ve been to our Studio it’s really just me I’d love to Grow it uh eventually with other people And be able to you know throw more Support behind folks but right now on The courage scale on the current scale Steven Crowders a 10 Al Jones is a 10. And Joe Rogan’s an eight and I’ll I’ll Take an eight all day over our enemies That are in a zero of course uh and so I’m nothing but thankful to Joe for all

The heat he’s taken having me on right And uh and so I totally understand it And you know what I don’t want to give Out any inside baseball here But I’m just going to leave it at this I’ll tell you all fair if you want but It’s private Um the very same people trying to Silence me I’m you know what I’m not gonna get into It on here but there’s been some real Harassment of Joe and stuff uh that’s Going on oh I know yeah I know that’s Happened with him and you know and you Know I’m on that you know I’m on that List as as well so I know we all deal With it and uh yeah it’s uh it’s that’s Why I say for people out there who are Watching if you’re listening right now By the way on YouTube please hit the Like button hit the share button leave a Comment below because you won’t find it In the algorithm and I do ask that you Join up at mug Club I do ask that you go Head over if you wanted this is an Information War people should be Flooding you with funding you’re one of The only professional people doing Top Flight comedy and Analysis I mean I mean It’s better than the production on like These late shows that have giant budgets 20 times your budget people should flood You with support and more importantly Word of mouth because I know that’s the

Real currency we all want is to override The sensors and to win the Infowars Absolutely everybody should support Stephen Crowder who’s got the 500 pound Testicles well Joe’s only got Joe’s only Got Joe’s only got 400 pounds I admire I Admire Joe’s balls okay well Stephen Yours are bigger bigger and even more Juicy well gosh you did say you’ve been Drinking too much and part of that has To do with the fact that I have the Under uh under the cabinet microwave I’ve learned my lesson all right hey Alex I made a gay joke so it goes viral Stephen it’s funny yeah and you said you Have to recharge your batteries Alex Jones is a robotic homosexual uh all Right look uh Jones talks about Stephen Crowder’s juicy balls Oh gosh yeah when do I get my 900 Million Um all right look uh if you have to take A you want to both take we’re going to Go to Mud Club here you want to both Take it you probably need a do you need A bathroom break I’ve been going for two Hours Well here here’s the thing oh Great one I have my own show in 12 Minutes so let’s take a two minute break Okay you know what we won’t take a break We’ll just go we’ll do it 30 seconds We’ll go to mug Club it’s infowars.com We’ll ask a few more questions You need a couple minutes but just

Remember everything even after this Everything’s on air and live so that’s Totally fine kids don’t do this at School don’t do this at school Infowars.com don’t visit it right don’t Visit it don’t visit and don’t do that Unless you want to look really cool okay YouTube piss off Foreign [Music]

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