Elon Twitter Takeover Meltdowns Continue! It’s Getting WILD!

By | October 29, 2022

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The media continues to freak out over Elon Musk taking over Twitter and they Don’t know which way is up this is a Reporter from CNBC who posted this Picture on Twitter of two supposed Former Twitter employees who just got Fired and had to clean out their desks And she captured it that it’s happening The entire team of data Engineers let go These are two of them adding that they Are visibly shaken Daniel tells us he Owns a Tesla and doesn’t know how he’s Gonna make the payments only these People didn’t work for Twitter they were Just a couple of pranksters trolling the Media who were gathered outside of the Twitter headquarters Michelle Obama Wouldn’t have happened on Twitter Obama 2008 wouldn’t have happened I mean I own a Tesla and I don’t know how I’m Gonna make the car payments now like I Generally respect Elon Musk obviously Some of the stuff he said lately is Concerning to me uh but Yeah now I’m really worried I’m really Worried it’s really the culture shift There’s a lot of people that were Leaders and you know things like Diversity and opening inclusion I know Those people are going Um it’s gonna be a different Twitter in A week oh it’s gonna be a different Twitter in a week all right and I can’t Wait unfortunately most people both on

The right and on the left have the wrong Idea about what this means and so Elon Took to Twitter to clarify that they Will be forming a Content moderation Council with widely diverse viewpoints Adding that no major content decisions Or account reinstatements will happen Before that Council convenes adding to Be super clear we have not yet made any Changes to Twitter’s content moderation Policies so I saw a lot of people Celebrating over the last two days Tweeting things that technically do Violate the terms of service which we All know are completely ridiculous but Many of those people unfortunately are Gonna get suspended because of those Tweets and look at this moronic response Which has over 7 000 like takes from Republicans against trumpism so why did You restore already Kanye West’s account Twitter should not be a platform to spew Racism anti-Semitism Kanye West has Never banned from Twitter his account Never went anywhere it was always up With the exception of the one or two Tweets that Twitter claimed violated Their policy so technically he was Suspended or I guess as they say Restricted and as soon as he deleted Those two tweets which it looks like he Did he was given full access to his Account again although he hasn’t tweeted Anything since as I said yesterday the

Entire establishment is going to come For Elon Musk and they’re going to pick Him apart every way that they can in Ways that he can’t even imagine and There are already advertisers colluding To boycott Twitter if Donald Trump’s Account is reinstated which Elon said he Would reinstate it Donald Trump said That he’s not going to use Twitter again And he may not because he has true Social not just his own platform but he Has investors that he’s accountable to He has Sherry duty to that and so why Would you use a competitor’s platform Other than maybe just to try to drive Traffic to True social so we’ll see what Happens but there are advertisers Already saying if his account is even Reinstated they’re gonna boycott General Motors has already suspended advertising On Twitter because they’re so concerned Even though like I said there hasn’t Been any changes in the moderation Policies at all yeah Jack Dorsey is Cowering away in his whole the former CEO the founder of Twitter he didn’t Even tweet to congratulate his fellow Tech Titan Elon Musk on the purchase no Tweets whatsoever just hiding away while The fun really won’t begin until many of The old suspended accounts start to get Reinstated and who knows how long that’s Going to be that might actually be Several weeks it’s also going to be

Extremely interesting for elon’s new Software Engineers many of which he Brought over from Tesla and SpaceX when They found find and reveal how the Algorithm actually worked although I Mean we know how it worked but I’m sure That there’s a lot that we don’t know The extent of the Shadow Banning but They were so Brazen about it here’s Vijaya Gotti the former head of the Thought police was thankfully just fired Although she walked away with I think Tens of millions of dollars as a golden Parachute but they were so Brazen about It of course they just openly admitted What it was that they were doing but I Do think enabling Twitter to be more Proactive and actually identify this Content to the extent that we can is Going to make a big difference for People so that we can take action on This content before it even gets seen oh What kind of content would that be well We already know because many years ago Now we knew that there were Shadow Banning not just the content but also The search the search for people’s names Of course I was one of those people and At first the liberal media said it was Just fake news and conspiracy theories But even Vice news admitted that they Were Shadow Banning and then Twitter Admitted as well so if you just looked Up to find accounts to follow then they

Just didn’t appear it was as if they Weren’t on Twitter at all remember this Story from mid-2016 this was before Trump won the election before the really Big clampdown happened in the war on Supposed fake news which came from fake News the war on Independent News and Ordinary people using social media to Reach massive audiences but Gizmodo Published this article in May 2016. Gizmodo’s supposed to be a tech site but They’re far left-leaning but they Actually to their credit did report on This one several Facebook whistleblowers Admitted the obvious that the trending List over there which they have since Removed Were being suppressed topics were being Suppressed conservative topics Conservative websites and also they were Manually inserting topics into the list To give the impression that certain Things were popular and the trending List is one of the most prominent Features over on Twitter if something is Trending then it becomes in the news Cycle it’s covered in the mainstream Media then and so Twitter does this all The time it’s going to be really wild to See the extent of Twitter’s manipulation And their obvious insertions of topics To create self-fulfilling prophecies to Give the impression that a topic is Actually popular to then trick people

Into tweeting about it to then make it Popular and also suppressing various Topics it’s going to be crazy and Eli’s Gonna have some extremely difficult Decisions to make here in the very near Future about which accounts are going to Get reinstated and what the standards Are for deeming an individual or a group A supposed hateful person or a hate Group as I asked in yesterday’s video is Elon going to reinstate ate the proud Voice which is really no different than A Moose Lodge or a tea party Organization except there’s been they’ve Been smeared and defamed by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL and so if Twitter goes by their supposed hate Group list then that’s going to be Completely ridiculous and then if he Restores the proud boys accounts the Liver media the Democrat Party are going To absolutely freak out speaking of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group List during the summer of 2020 when the Hate group known as black lives matter Where rioting and looting across the Entire country and burning down hundreds Of businesses causing two billion Dollars worth of damage and anti-whitism Truly became systemic and Institutionalized and normalized in the United States the Southern Poverty Law Center literally removed all of the Black supremacists and black separatists

And black hate groups from their list Now most of the people in the groups on Their sub supposed hate watch list don’t Belong there you know if you’re just a True Christian if you believe in the First Amendment if you think that there Are only two genders they’re gonna add You to that list but there are some Actual dangerous hateful groups on that List and in the name of equity they Literally removed all of the black hate Crews in pursuit of a more accurate and More just hate map the intelligence Project has committed to collapsing the Black separatist listing notice that They never even called it the black Supremacist list they would never even Admit that such an ideology exists the Liberal media and the Democrat Party say That black people can’t be racist black People would never be a racist not a Single one ever we will still monitor These groups but we will be transferring Them to hate ideologies including Anti-Semitism that better describe the Harm their rhetoric inflicts this Decision comes after many internal and X External conversations a change in the Way the map is structured will better Capture the power dynamics endemic to White supremacy black separatist groups Land on the splc’s hate map because they Propagate anti-semitic and anti-lgbtq And male supremacist views not because

They oppose a white supremacist power Structure oh so even if they hate white People they’re just opposing white Supremacy then they would never hate White people they’re just a bunch of Anti-semites a bunch of homophobes and a Bunch of misogynists the ADL of course Literally deems the phrase White lives Matter to be a white supremacist slogan Along with just simply saying that it’s Okay to be white so Elon is open to Gigantic can of worms and has his work Cut out for him and like I said I think A lot of people are getting way too Excited about what’s going to actually Happen and they think that elon’s going To turn Twitter into gab where the Only Rule is the first amendment and think That everybody’s account going to get Restored I think there’s going to be a Lot of people that are going to be very Disappointed about certain people in Certain groups that are not allowed back On the platform and in fact yesterday Eric J A lertay was trending on Twitter From so many people tweeting about him Wondering if his account was going to Get restored of course no corporate Conservatives no brand name Republicans Would dare acknowledge that he even Exists let alone defend him when he got Suspended or when his book was literally Banned from amazon.com I think three or four years ago now last

Year when Amazon banned several books About transgenderism like when Harry Became Sally and irreversible damage Even the corporate conservatives and Brand name Republicans shouted from the Rooftops about it as they should have Him I’m glad that they did but over the Last several years earlier when several Other authors had their Books banned it Was crickets I saw a lot of comments in Yesterday’s video for people saying that Elon should buy YouTube next first of All I couldn’t afford YouTube second he Sees Twitter as a direct competitor to YouTube even though they’re totally Different but you can upload video to Twitter but the whole user experience The whole layout really the whole Purpose of the platform is completely Different Twitter is about what’s Happening right now if you’re scrolling Through your feed and you happen to miss Something good luck finding it you know Whereas here on YouTube you can come to Your favorite Channel you can see what Videos have been posted over the last Several weeks several months it’s just a Totally different platform and as I’ve Been saying for years when the Republicans were in power all they were Focusing on was Facebook and Twitter Facebook and Twitter the CEO of those Two companies were brought before the Committees to testify Susan wojcicki the

CEO of YouTube never brought before any Congressional committee to testify ever It’s still almost like YouTube is this Hidden Gem everyone is focused on Twitter and Facebook Twitter and Facebook but here we are developing a Quality community of incredible content On YouTube and that’s why I’ll hang out And post replies in the comments here And why I haven’t been on Twitter for Four months I still haven’t gone and Posted to celebrate elon’s takeover I’m Glad that he did it if you’re on Twitter It can be a lot of fun can be very Chaotic but I will be on YouTube because I’m a YouTuber not a twit I’m not saying That I don’t use Twitter I’m just not Tweeting and I’m not saying that I won’t Tweet again I’m just sort of taking a Break from it because it just sucks me And it wastes all of my time so I still Use Twitter to gather content it can be An incredible platform but it is a Double-edged sword it can suck you in And waste your time and if you’re on Twitter you shouldn’t be using your real Name shouldn’t be posting your photo Unless you want to be a public figure And if you want to be a public figure You should probably think twice about That as well but that’s a whole other Different subject so thanks to all you Guys who are responding to iman’s tweets And tagging me and asking him politely

To unblock me because it is annoying When I’m scrolling through Twitter and I’m seeing people quote tweeting him and I can’t see what it is that they’re Commenting on so appreciate that and to Support my work order yourself Alpha Warning contains facts and opinions some May find offensive shared from my online Store at marktest.com or click the link In the description below or if that’s Not your style get a climate change Shirt which illustrates how the Climate’s changing my new Evolution of Media shirt and classic F Joe Biden Shirt or any of my awesome designs all Available on a t-shirt long sleeve and Hoodie and a whole bunch of different Colors as well so head on over to Markdice.com or click the link in the Description below and check them out [Music]

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