Elon Takes Out the Trash – And The Media Is Melting Down Over It!

By | November 5, 2022

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Elon Musk took out the trash yesterday Over at Twitter at least some of it Firing 50 percent of the employees as Liberal media can't help but notice just Days before the midterm elections and Those are the employees who fight Misinformation all today we learned that Twitter has caught most many of the People they have at the company fighting Misinformation and just a few minutes Ago I spoke to Jason Goldman who was on The founding he's a founding uh team Member at Twitter and a former executive And and here's what he had to say about Some of the concerns tell us how Censorship is good sir you see tools Like Twitter being used by powerful Influencers to spread disinformation and To question the Integrity of Elections And to in general uh threaten the faith That people have that democracy is Working as intended and so I think Exercising their first amendment is a Threat to democracy okay sir rightly Post 2016 Twitter started playing a much More active role the the problem is is That Elon seems to be fairly Contemptuous of that role and and a lot Of his Free Speech protestations aren't Really about protecting Free Speech it's Really more about trying to put his Thumb on the scale for a particular type Of political preference that he and some Of his cohort have and I think that's I

Think that is dangerous exercising the First amendment is dangerous MSNBC isn't Taking the news any easier tell us Self-proclaimed journalist why are you Scared sure uh so the most important Thing that Twitter employees want to Stress is that the company is a Nightmare right now yeah and it you Cannot work there good and the website Is built on sticks and it might fall Apart so how's the cards even better if It falls apart by Tuesday we're in Trouble in terms of getting election Information out there it would be great You know what if the employees delete The source code and the entire app Vanishes from the App Store and the Entire database gets deleted from the Internet everybody loses their followers That might actually be the best possible Outcome Elon said regarding Twitter's Reduction and force unfortunately there Is no choice when the company is losing Over four million dollars a day adding Everyone exited was offered three months Of severance which is fifty percent more Than legally required well that was a Mistake but nobody's perfect Twitter has Had a massive drop in Revenue he said Due to activist groups pressuring Advertisers even though nothing has Changed with content moderation and we Did everything we could to appease the Activists extremely messed up they are

Trying to destroy free speech in America Elon's having such a hard time that he Changed his Twitter back I O2 Twitter Complaint hotline operator because Everybody just keeps replying to Anything that he tweets about their Complaints and he changed his location To hell but there's not a coordinated Campaign to train Twitter of their Advertisers right oh wait what's this oh The ADL tweeted out that today we are Joining dozens of other groups to ask Advertisers to pause Twitter spending Because we're profoundly concerned about Anti-Semitism and hate on the platform The president of the NAACP the National Association for the advancement of uh Well would you say black people I can't Actually tell you what the actual name Is because the anti-whitism is so bad in America that white people aren't allowed To utter certain words out loud whether It's rap lyrics or quoting someone or Mentioning the name of a black power Organization but the president of the NAACP who had just met with Elon in a Virtual conference call as Elon was Trying to appease the activist groups Says that it is immoral dangerous and Highly destructive to our democracy for Any Advertiser to fund a platform that Fuels Free Speech election denialism oh how Dare we have questions about the

Outcomes of things and conspiracy Theories until actions are taken to make This a safe space which he says Unironically a safe space we call on Companies to pause all advertising on Twitter the NW ACP black lives matter The ADL everybody is coordinating to ban All advertising on Twitter now of course Many of the now former Twitter employees Who got fired are posting their SOB Stories on Twitter like this twit too I'm sure has pronouns in his bio I am Officially no longer the engineering Manager for the accessibility experience Team at Twitter I have words and that's A thread icon meaning that he's just Gonna go on and on and on some of them Are impossible to tell whether or not It's actually from a former Twitter Employee or somebody mocking them like This one I mean it really could go Either way this could be a parody it Could be real you just can't tell it's Insane because I knew it was coming but I'm absolutely ripped in half I'm Embarrassed for posting but it hurts Because this company was so damn special Mastodon started trending yesterday it's Sort of a Twitter clone It's actually an Open source software and it's what gab Uses and I think what truth social uses As well they just sort of take it and Change the code to use it to fit how it Is that they want it to work but

Apparently there's a whole bunch of Different Mastodon servers out there and So now people are claiming that they're Leaving Twitter and they're gonna go and Join one of the Mastodon servers well Goodbye and as I've been saying since Day one don't get your hopes up too high About Elon restoring Twitter to its Supposed Glory Days they're going to do Everything that they can to destroy the Platform to destroy him personally and Financially professionally and he may Bow down and bend over to the Establishment because like I've been Saying if he restores certain accounts I Don't mean to sound like a broken record All hell is going to break loose and They may actually ban them from the app Store they might ban it from the App Store next week after the midterms if They don't clamp down on people tweeting Misinformation about the midterms and as You can imagine tons of people keep Replying to his tweets telling him who They want to be restored from James O'Keefe from Project Veritas to Alex Jones and then there's people like Ben Shapiro who are spreading misinformation And helping Jordan Peterson pretend like He's been banned from Twitter too Tweeting to Elon saying it's time to Free Jordan Peterson than getting Amplified by Ted Cruz it is time for Elon Musk to let Jordan Peterson back on

Twitter well I got news for you Jordan Peterson hasn't been banned I don't even Think it's fair to say that he's been Suspended he was censored he is Technically locked out of his account And he can't tweet but he could tweet Again in two seconds if he just clicks The link to Twitter sent him in the Email that they send to everybody that Gets locked out of their account they Did censor him he used the wrong Pronouns he misgendered a transgender Person and so they took the Tweet down You could see it says this tweet Violated Twitter's rules and so what Normal people do is they quit they click The stupid link that tells you you're a Terrible person and shouldn't say such Things and then you're immediately Allowed to tweet again so it's not a Suspension a suspension is what happens When they lock you out of your account For seven days or for 30 days this is Not a suspension and he could tweet Again in two seconds and this is all Just an attention-grabbing publicity Stunt Twitter's taking me off the Platform I can't tweet anymore this is a Guy who announced that he's quitting Twitter because people are sending him Insults after he made an accurate Comment about Sports Illustrated putting An obese woman on the cover and he Couldn't take the replies and so instead

Of doing what a normal person does just Not reading them or just logging off for A day and then it passes everybody loses Interest after 30 minutes he announced I'm quitting Twitter because people are Sending me Mean Tweets and then of Course like everybody who makes that Announcement he came back because he's Addicted to it listen regardless of what You think of Jordan Peterson whether you Need him to remind you to make your bed Or a lot of people I think see him as a Parasocial father figure because they Didn't grow up in a good environment Totally different issues this is utterly Ridiculous and it's just a publicity Stunt and pretending to be like he's a Victim and if Twitter knew that he was Working for the daily wire then he Probably wouldn't have been locked out Of his account because I don't think There's been a single daily wire Employee ever who has been censored Locked out of their account or given a Strike on any social media platform Whatsoever I'm not even gonna get into Ben Shapiro having a private dinner at One of Mark Zuckerberg's homes you can Go and check out my previous video about Ben being caught on a hot mic if you Haven't heard Jordan Peterson also says That nobody should be allowed to use Twitter unless they're using their real Names and it's not about the company

Knowing who the users are they know who Everybody is they I mean unless somebody Takes Extreme Measures to cover up their Tracks and I'm talking about buying a Burner phone with cash and still they Know the location from when you're Tweeting there's all sorts of ways that Twitter knows exactly who you are and Where you are even if you don't use your Real name on your profile so somebody Tweets something criminal the Authorities are going to know exactly Who did it and where they were when they Did the biggest problem that I can see Is that the large online platforms allow Anonymous troll demons to Rampage Through Society with no cost to Themselves and I can identify these People quite accurately now this will Make a number of the people who are Watching and listening uncomfortable Because they'll be in the list of people Who do this sort of thing so they are Saying things that are derisive and Inflammatory and that would absolutely 100 percent get them punched if they Ever said it in public well yeah I mean Speaking facts these days we'll get you Labeled the Nazi and punched by black Lives matter mantifa and any number of Democrats sir and that has to be stopped I think the large tech companies should Be required to put in know your customer Laws they should ban Anonymous accounts

No that's actually a terrible idea Because then everyone from me makers to Independent journalists like the Columbia bugle Twitter account which is Anonymous which tweets out fantastic Things would be doxed and harassed just Like the woman who runs lives of tick Tock who did slip up and didn't register Her website using the Privacy feature so The Washington Post found out who she Was visited her house her relative's House started posting all of her private Information that's what doxing is and Now she most likely can't get a normal Job ever again listen I'm not saying That this guy is all bad but this is a Terrible take so is the time when he Said that Brett Kavanaugh should step Down if confirmed that's what this tweet Means not if the allegations are Confirmed if he was confirmed of the Supreme Court Jordan Peterson thought That it would just help heal the country If he were to just step down to appease The Democrats and despite the liver Media spreading fake news that anything Goes now on Twitter and the entire Moderation staff has been fired and People could tweet whatever they want That is not true here is Elon Highlighting the new head of the trusted Safety department Yule Roth you'll Roth Who I covered in a previous video thinks That all Trump supporters are Nazis and

A whole bunch of tweets that he has Since deleted he should have been fired On day one as well not reflecting very Well on elon's judgment Elon highlighted His tweet explaining what's really going On regarding moderation saying here are The facts about where Twitter's trust And safety and moderation capacity Stands today while we said goodbye to Incredibly talented friends and Colleagues yesterday our core moderation Capabilities remain in place so people Are still going to get their tweets About the election the midterms fact Checked people are still going to get Censored for misgendering people that Still is against the terms of service You're still gonna get banned if you Hurt people's feelings or post certain Facts about certain groups of people he Went on to say yesterday's reduction in Force affected approximately 15 percent Of our trust and safety organization as Opposed to approximately 50 percent Cuts Company-wide with our front line Moderation staff experiencing the least Impact but as soon as Elon starts Selling the blue verification check Marks which he reportedly is going to Start on Monday all hell is probably Going to break loose because that is Supposed to verify that someone is who They say they are so if they're not Verifying people's identities then that

Means that but anybody can start a Twitter account under any celebrity or Politician's name whether they're on Twitter or they're not on Twitter or Just put a underscore between their First and last name and then get a Verified account so I don't think Jennifer Aniston is on Twitter and so That means that somebody could just Start a Jennifer underscore Aniston Account and or some variation of her Name and then just get it verified with A little blue check and start portraying Themselves as her the Twitter Trainwreck Has only just begun and how it turns out In the end nobody knows but it sure is Going to be exciting to watch and there Might be some confusion about my Twitter Account when I say that I don't use Twitter what I mean is I'm not tweeting Very much I'm not engaging with people On it I'm not even reading my tweets I Do have a Twitter account I use it in The sense of watching and lurking and Gathering information but I'm not like An active user tweeting and responding To tweets and going down the rabbit Holes because that's when I find it Starts to be a tremendous time suck now If you if Elon were to finally unblock Me then I would tweet a little bit Particularly responding to some of his Tweets to try to give him my two cents About what's going on with Twitter and

Appreciate all you guys who've responded To his tweets and tagged me and asking Him politely to do so and yeah I've had Several conversations with Jack Dorsey The former CEO on Twitter we've had Numerous back and forths over the years This isn't some like big secret this was Public and I've taken screenshots and I've shown them and discussed some of Those conversations in previous videos Over the years so it's not you know some Pipe dream pie in the sky thinking that Elon would I could get his attention and You know engage with him in Twitter but I can't do that because he blocked me Several years ago and for those of you Who are not on Twitter that doesn't mean That I'm banned when I say hey ask Elon To unblock me I'm not saying unman me When someone blocks you you can't see Their tweets and you can't see uh when Other people quote tweet them or comment On what somebody else has tweeted and It's a big hassle and I know I could Start an alternative account to get Around but it's just a big mess and I Would rather just have it with my count For two reasons like I said just so I Could see what everybody what he's Saying what everybody's saying about What he's saying and so I could engage On his Twitter threads as well and to Support my work head on over to my Online

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