Elon Musk’s New Twitter BFF = Hooters

By | December 31, 2022

Elon Musk helps Hooters shut down fake news about breasts. Benjamin Carollo, Jessica Burbank, and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“The world went into a panic after an inaccurate tweet declaring Hooters was closing went viral. Even Elon Musk was sweating for a minute.

The Twitter owner responded this week to a tweet declaring Hooters is closing over a “study” claiming millennials “aren’t that into boobs.”*


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There's a lot of controversy about this Tweet from the daily lab Hooters is shutting down and rebranding After a new study shows that Millennials Aren't that into boobs this tweet uh Sparked a lot of responses of people Saying well I don't go to Hooters Because their wings are terribly Overpriced uh I don't support the Objectification of women the food Quality is just bad I don't want to go And be in the company a very weak and Sell men but then Hooters cleared things Up and they said you know what actually We are not going out of business uh Their words precisely were this is the Fakest news that is ever news and that Is from hoodie the owl who represents Hooters so it wasn't just the daily lab Who reported on this you can see complex Also reported on this many people Weighed in including Wall Street Silver Who said this was example number 475 Who's counting of something that went Terribly wrong with the millennial Generation that we don't like boots but Then our savior And Elon said can't tell if satire or Real the one time Elon said something That uh I agree with Hooters asked Elon To clear things up uh they said Elon if You could let the world know that Millennials do in fact love boobs that Would be really cool

And Elon did that by saying phew So we have some more uh on this but First I want to bring you all in what do You make of this whole Hooters Controversy Okay so I'm from the old school and I Remember when Hooters used to pretend That it wasn't about the boobs so you Guys might not even remember that but They they would Gaslight all of us be Like wow wow what do you mean it's about The wings the Hooters with the Hootie The owl why what did you think it meant Right No of course Should we see the outfits we see the Outfits okay so but finally this is like Uh WWF back in the old days finally Going ah yeah okay fine wrestling's fake We're going to WWE okay so so that I Just want to get that out of the way get It out of my system okay now I don't Have a problem with Hooters uh I've been To Hooters I've enjoyed Hooters and I Like wigs okay uh so now having said That uh wait I thought the right wing Was up in arms over sexually explicit Stuff and and exposing kids to it I mean I'm sure the kids are not allowed At Hooters right oh they are Oh my God I'm sure the right wing is Just Apoplectic it's so weird that Elon Musk The right winger seems to be supporting

The sexually explicit material that kids Are exposed to every day Huh but it looks like maybe they were Just saying that stuff To target lgbtq folks and never meant a Word of it Yeah yeah and like okay like this is so Funny where if Millennials didn't like Boobs so much why would I take hormones Every day to grow them myself okay Explain this okay Um it's so hilarious it's so hilarious But like look okay as you know the Communist Millennium I do have to chip In and say like yeah there's issues with Hooters with misogyny among the Management and there's issue with Misogyny among the people that go there Right uh which is why I think like all The Kudos employees should unionize Right and establish like strict Guidelines and rules for allowing them To kick out patrons whenever they cross The line or go too far harass them etc Etc and so that I guess is like the Issue with Hooters isn't necessarily the Idea of going to a restaurant where the Whole purpose is to have people that are A little bit more risque in their Clothing uh the issue is the imbalance Of power between the workers and the Management and the way that customer Service workers across the border Treated in the United States of America

Uh but the good news is that is that Millennials do actually still love boobs Yes it's true it's true and Hooters you Know they send this on Twitter I think It's real that they're not closing down They said to the Associated Press you Know there's no you know validity to the Reports of rebranding the spokesperson Uh said the Hooters brand which includes Pub food and waitresses with limited Clothing is here to stay uh so it's real Elon getting involved I think is Interesting because of what Jank said About the right including elon's Position on sex let's watch this clip of Elon Massive amount of thinking like truly is Stupendous amount of thinking has gone Into sex And without purpose without brokerage Without procreation Which which is actually quite a silly Action in the absence of procreation So elon's not a big sex guy but Hooters is staying open because boobs Are are good they're not serving breast Milk at Hooters this has nothing to do With procreation Elon is someone uh who Will say things for the sake of his Political ideology when he's doing these Interviews because he's supporting this Idea that we need to repopulate the Earth we when he says that he means you Know white Western Nations uh he's

Someone who is fed a lot into the great Replacement Theory rhetoric but then He's gonna say something on Twitter to Get his Fanboys to like him like boobs Are good despite saying things like sex Is only an act that should be used for Procreation the hypocrisy there is on Full display so we have to show that Clue Jake yeah I mean when he says it's Only for procreation that's just another Way of saying I don't like people in the Lgbtq community right uh that's the only Time that that he has reached conclusion Is for procreation in his entire life Come on if that's true I feel super sad For him that's like the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life okay but all Right yeah I have added us but I don't Believe you I mean he's a giant liar Like almost everybody in the right wing Is Liars uh we're so worried about the Children oh boobs give me more boobs and Hooters come on who are you kidding all You rednecks out there were you offended By the use of the word redneck okay you Know you love going to Hooters you know You bring your kids to Hooters you know You don't mind any of it you're just Love the idea of hating someone that Isn't you just keep it real now having Said that let's get to a more Controversial part of the conversation Because the right wing being giant Hypocrites are most obvious thing in the

World Um I uh so I have no problem with going To But you guys are more left-wing than I Am so Ben would you not go to a Hooters Based on the things that you were Mentioning like the misogyny Etc and I Mean an imbalance of power I mean I personally wouldn't just Because like it's not really like my Kind of like environment I guess Um but like but I'm the type of person That I would never really go to a strip Club either so that's not that's that's Just not my style I'm very Um like I'm a Midwestern gal okay with Midwestern sensibilities okay Um uh so that's kind of where I'm at but Like it's kind of like what I was saying Earlier like if Hooters was a co-op or If like they were unionized and they had Like strong protections and rules in Place that were they were put there you Know by the workers Um yeah there wouldn't be an issue with It the problem is is that you know the People that go to Hooters right that a Significant percentage of them uh end up Being the same type of people that Scream at uh you know like customer Service representatives and those people Also end up sexually harassing a lot of The the wait staff Um at places like Hooters and so that's

The problem the problem in our society Is misogyny right Um it's not that people are serving food In a scantily clad you know sort of like Outfit uh the issue really is just the Misogyny of it all Yeah but Ben look let's be fair then Because you're not really interested in What Hooters are serving uh or uh strip Clubs in general but Um like Chippendales you wouldn't go to Chippendales is that also a problem or No no it's the environment right like I Mean I'm a lesbian right like I'm All about the ladies it's just uh it's Just it's just like the type of Environment it's just the type of Environment but like I'm not like I'm Not a big person with like crowds and Stuff like that or like you know um as For other people it's not it's not for Me right to steal you know a quote from Ben mankowitz Okay you're right and I forgot there's Your lesson that's true uh so I'm just Trying to find someone to go come on Yeah you're right jack that's all good But no I'm not getting it Jessica how About you Okay so well I'm not a fan of like how The objectification of women has been Commodified I don't know how to say this without Sounding like a complete Savage so as a

Queer woman I won't go to a place like Hooters because the idea that I would Have to pay to be in the presence of Attractive women it doesn't sit right With me like I feel like I could get Attractive women if I wanted to be Around them for you know less than fifty Dollar wings like I don't have to pay a Premium for that which I don't know if That makes me like a worse brand of Alpha than even Andrew Tate but uh yeah I just think that that's why Yeah yeah I'm always thinking of Jessica Burbank and Andrew Tate in the same Sentence Oh my God yeah and and Yeah by the way I do also genuinely like the wings I know but I do I do thanks for watching The Young Turks I really appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to Interact with us more there's live chat Emojis badges you've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those are super fun but You also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right After they air so all that all you gotta Do is click that join button right Underneath the video thank you