Elon Musk’s Ego Comes Back To Bite Him

By | November 7, 2022

Elon Musk’s tenure as CEO and owner of Twitter is off to a super rough start. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Yeah one weekend he's left half of the Company go Um thousands of Twitter employees Overnight learned that they were fired They learned it uh for to their personal Email accounts because their work email Accounts had already been turned off in The two weeks he's owned Twitter Elon Musk Antics and his executive calls have Been embarrassing for the social media Platform most notably the unceremonies Layoff of half of Twitter's Workforce Has come back to bite the billionaire And as you may imagine he's not been Responding in the most of mature ways Welcome to tyt's overruled I'm your host Adrian Lawrence Elon musk's decision to Eliminate some 3 700 jobs at Twitter has Come back to bite him in Big Time first It was the way in which he handled those Layoffs it was very disturbing and by All measures sending out an email on Thursday saying the offices are now Locked and you'll get an email in the Morning by 9 A.M Pacific if you still Have a job who does that apparently no One from The New York Times Sandra suker A professional of management at Harvard University who has studied layoffs for More than a decade said Twitter's Cuts Were among the most poorly handled that She had seen while the scale was not Unprecedented it was unusual to see Layoffs done so quickly without a

Detailed explanation provided to workers About who was being laid off and why she Said this is a master class and how not To do it Miss super said if you are Going to rank order ways to upset people Telling them you're going to do it in Advance without rationale that is a Particularly inhumane way to treat them Said another way musk approach these Layoffs like an immature billionaire Playboy who never expected to have to Make good on a 44 billion dollar offer To buy a social media company that Hadn't generated any profit in the last Eight of 10 years immature is indeed the Word it's quite clear that musk can't Handle being in a leadership position as He cannot take criticism exhibit a on Friday a missile layoffs Elon tweets This Twitter has had a massive drop in Revenue due to activist groups Pressuring advertisers even though Nothing has changed with content Moderation and we did everything we Could to appease the activists extremely Messed up they're trying to destroy free Speech in America Brand marketer Lou pascalis well he Responded with his Clarity pretty much Shooting down everything Elon said Elon Great chat yesterday as you heard Overwhelmingly from senior advertisers On the call the issue concerning us all Is content moderation and its impact on

Brand safety suitability you say you're Committed to moderation but you just Laid off 75 percent of the moderation Team advertisers are not being Manipulated by activist groups they are Being compelled by established Principles around the types of companies They can do business with these Principles include an assessment of the Platform's commitment to Brand safety And suitability that includes the Trustworthiness of the leadership team And the behavior of the CEO you claimed Yesterday that you are deeply committed To content moderation yet today you've Eliminated the vast majority of people Who did that work for Twitter how do we Reconcile these this is truth and Shucks It's just Clarity in a question yet musk Responded by blocking Lou pascalis very Mature must may have thrived at other Businesses but he is in over his head Here crafting a successful social media Platform is very different than creating A car part or rocket Thruster it must Fails to realize that Twitter is about People in a human connection The Human Experience he's already disrespected That by discarding Twitter's Workforce And also being foolish in the process Check out this from tech journalist Casey Newton who contributes to the New York Times multiple sources and Twitter Blind chats now saying that the company

Has begun to reach out to some people it Laid off yesterday asking them to come Back whoops yeah huge whoops and who Does that you disrespectfully come into My workplace and tell me to kick rocks Only to ask me to come back I wouldn't Even answer that phone call and what Advertiser really wants to do business With someone who can't even conduct Themselves in a professional way and Make some maybe intelligent layoffs as Far as I'm concerned musk is digging his Own grave and it's only a matter of time Before this platform implodes but those Are just my thoughts you let me know Yours in the comments below hit that Like and follow button and thanks for Watching

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