Elon Musk Is The BIGGEST Cry Baby Ever

By | January 26, 2023

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I mean I think frankly if you want to Have a really high velocity of features I think the the we'll just need to do a Total rewrite of the whole thing Um You know um wait seriously a total Rewrite that's your that's your Prediction for velocity Yeah Well what was it a total rewrite do you Mean starting with the skeleton or a Bunch of Engineers sit down with a Whiteboard and say what is Twitter Uh Revolutional reform I mean I just mean Like literally like this this like you Could either try to uh amend the the Crazy stack that exists or uh rewrite it Um when you when you say when you say Crazy stack what do you mean like break It down Have you seen have you seen Georges like Diagram Uh what that didn't seem to be going all That well Elon Musk was in a Twitter Space discussion talking about the best Ways to make Twitter better he's been on Those types of conversations but uh it Continues to show that he maybe he Doesn't know what he's talking about now Full disclosure I'm Gerald Jackson I'm sitting here Talking about this on a show I don't do Coding I don't know anything about

Creating Twitter and how you can Actually make a really high velocities What he was talking about specifically By doing a total rewrite To get that really high velocity again I Don't know what that means but Apparently Ian Brown who's a Netflix Engineer jumped in to ask him these Questions and uh many of elon's answers Were um well And then Ian just kept digging and Things got much worse let's keep Watching this no no no I mean like what Do you mean no no seriously come on Buddy come on Who Who Are You What do you mean who am I I don't know You gave me the mic I got nothing I I'm Doing the mic and let's let's keep it Let's keep it civil in my space I mean Yeah like what no no man you're in Charge of the servers and the Programming whatever like that In my space please take take it take it Take me from top to bottom what is the Stack look like right now what's so Crazy about it what's so abnormal about This stack versus every other Large-scale system on the planet buddy Come on give it to me all right so first Off amazing wow you're a jackass okay Okay okay okay all right no no no I got I got no credibility here by the I got No idea first off first off

You know like you removed him from from Speakers If you pay uh close attention there you See the Ian Brown was removed from Speakers there uh once Elon called him a Jackass because he just kept pressing And asking for specifics to this answer Uh tell me uh exactly how this would Work Elon chuckling Adam you saw a Couple of laughing emojis come over from Particularly Pablo there in the middle At one point of this discussion uh and One thing you don't want to do Apparently new rule of Twitter is don't Make fun of or press the CEO for any Details and definitely don't disrespect Him because that's the biggest problem Uh you can come across uh I want to Recap just that back end about what was Said and how it ended with Ian being Kicked off uh really fast here musk After hemming and hawing this was uh From The Daily Beast Justin uh baragona Says after him and hawing for a few Seconds eventually said that you either Needed to amend the crazy stack that Exists or rewrite it then Ian jumped in And uh asked uh uh uh Elon there what he Explicitly meant and whether he could Break it down seems like a general Request if you're going to ask folks to Do something a certain way he says I Mean man you're in charge of the service And the programming and whatever

What is the stack Elon take me from top To bottom what does the stack look like Right now what's so crazy about it what Is so abnormal about this stack versus Every other large scale system on the Planet buddy come on Oh Move Listen Whatever [Music] It almost seemed like he milked a little Bit further there as he went through That whole thing but apparently the People are just in the top Raptors and The folks that you fight are the ones That are booing you Elon I'm not sure He's trying to save him a little bit There or maybe even insult folks that Went to your show you know those idiots For some reason they're here paid money And booing Um you brought out the guy that they Don't like uh here's one person that was Actually in the audience who gave a few More details of how this whole thing Looked and how bad it was for Elon Uh James you he says was that the Dave Chappelle Show in San Francisco tonight And who comes out with Elon Musk a good 80 of the stadium booze 18 000 people And he Withers like absolutely turns Into a corn cob I'm not sure what that Looks like but I like the term uh what

Should I say he says Dave tries to Salvage the situation but to no avail as We saw he continued on this Tweeter he Says I can't believe he came in and did That no value at all and here's the World's richest man Dave introduced him It totally came off entitled Dave got Him so many chances to speak but he just Put his hands in his pockets Uh he went on to talk about how he Wishes he had actually done something Said something anything act like you're On Twitter since you're so snarky there Apparently he has a lot of time to write Out his tweets but he doesn't have much Time to respond when people boo him I Would think you'd have been prepared for That but apparently not here's the jokes That he does like to tell let's jump Down to this last uh tweet graphic here Because Elon Musk is better on Twitter Apparently than he is in person he says This uh my pronouns are prosecute fauci Which of course you get your good uh Affirmations for Marjorie Taylor green That's when you know you're really on The right track