Elon Musk Is Ruining Twitter For His Own Entertainment

By | December 7, 2022

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Now we've already seen that Zero Tolerance policy take effect for example Comedian Kathy Griffin changed her Screen name in her picture to Elon Musk And after that her account was promptly Suspended musk later tweeting that if It's not marked as parody the Punishments will come down including Account suspension and a loss of Verification Twitter is free Freedom of Choice freedom of speech Freedom to parity freedom to have fun in Fact I heard comedy is back on Twitter Unless it's about Elon Musk uh he's Already using his new content moderation Policies which I thought were nothing to Stop people from being or acting like Him here's his tweet going forward any Twitter handle any Twitter handles Engaging in impersonation without Clearly specifying parity will be Permanently suspended because Twitter is Free There's only three public figures that Have been the victim of this new policy Celebrities such as Kathy Griffin Sarah Silverman and Mad Men star Rich summer Quickly had their accounts removed for Changing their usernames and photos to Match musks you know this whole thing uh I don't know if you've ever been on Twitter before uh Jessica but uh Apparently since Elon Musk has acquired

The company he just discovered you know There's people that impersonate others On here no no what is this there's People that impersonate him That's where the problem lies uh there's More because YouTube podcasts are Ethan Klein h3h3productions He was also banned for this because Again he changed his picture on there And put name Elon Musk but you can still Three that still see that the app Mentioned there is still h3h3 Productions if you've been on Twitter For longer than five seconds you Understand what this is either way it Goes this is what he tweeted out he says Even though Jeffrey Epstein committed Horrible crimes I do still miss him on Nights like this for his warmth and Camaraderie rest in peace old friend Posing as Elon Musk which I'm sure Everyone laughed at but instead he got Banned over it and that's where that Tweet came in now there's other parts About this because again as you heard Musk's thought process is it has to be Put up there as parody or else No One's Gonna know right let's take a look at What uh um the account was looking like Beforehand the h3h3 Productions Um he said actually didn't have parity Account written up there in the header With that Red childlike writing

And also a parody Count in the bio it Doesn't matter you hurt Elon musk's Feelings To see Elon Musk Halloween costume that He wore Heidi klum's New York a Halloween party it's called The Devil's Champion with a baffle mat and an upside Down cross on it here it is for anybody Who who doesn't know what Elon Musk is All about you're seeing here the satanic Anti-christ cross the baffle map which The satanic Church of Satan Revere this Guy literally is evil as hell and you're Seeing it right here man this guy cannot Be trusted if you follow this guy you Need to re-evaluate Oh Elon the messed up do you see that Satanic Halloween costume he's wearing It's amazing it's ridiculous it's Outrageous can you believe it Elon Musk's minions and millions of followers Who believe uh who are called themselves The latest they believe that they're Christians Are trying to feel exactly what to make Of this satanic evil outfit he dressed Up on his costume he went to Heidi Klum's uh annual Halloween bash which All the important people go to and he Posted this this is when the crab hit The fan he likes to post about and say Going places with my mom that was a joke Halloween with my mom as he stands like A badass that's a normal little like

Scary outfit right until people zoomed In here's another picture What is that on his chest people did uh Point this out details this costume is Noted by The Daily Mail is listed online As the devil's Champion leather armor Set it retails for 7 500 actually it's Impressive it's that cheap Um you know these these folks pay lots Of money for their Halloween costumes Musk's chest plate as I just pointed out There which features a goat's head and An inverted cross quickly caught the Attention of conspiracy theorists Numerous social media users who seem to Believe that musk's recent acquisition Of Twitter is part of a global battle Against evil accused the billionaire of Sending the wrong signal or maybe he Didn't maybe it's the right signal we're Gonna find out because this is what a Few people said they were they couldn't Figure out what to make of this Florida Anon I wonder who he follows Says come on Elon Musk we're fighting Satanists and you choose to wear this Pause Florida Anan how are you fighting Satanists what are you doing in your Daily life to fight satanists are you Out in the streets with your sword Because that's what these uh preachers These TV preachers tell you to put your Arm around on your sword and go fight

Satanists in the streets how are you Gonna do that what do they drive they Only drive F-150s anyway more because People were disillusioned by this Another person said uh by the way his Name is musketeer for life I think I Know who he supports Ram's Head Baphomet And inverted cross not okay Elon seek Forgiveness and repent my man hey if he Seeks forgiveness and repents is he Still your man because he's Satan is What I'm seeing it's black and it's White bro you're gonna accept this Satan Is back what if he's putting a veil on He's just fooling you you know he's Putting on multiple faces like Satan Himself uh anyway he posted that closer Picture too here's another one so tell Me that's not something the Antichrist Would wear he is now the Antichrist and This is so delicious it wasn't just These random folks though on Twitter you Guys can maybe dismiss this yeah you Picked up a few randos on Twitter and Point out their discussed musk's attire Also caught the attention of the Far-right blog the Gateway pundit maybe You've heard of that it's quite Influential which ironically struggled To comprehend how a supposed Free Speech Advocate could wear a costume it deemed Offensive that they deemed defensive Musk's take on Free Speech should be Celebrated but as of right now it's

Quite fair to question why the world's Richest man was also a major U.S defense Contractor SpaceX and is the owner of Neurolink a company attempting to hook Up the human brain to computers is Wearing the bat for men coupled with Inverted crosses as if it's a badge of Honor that's what the Gateway pundit is Pointing out He's connected in all these different Ways how could he potentially be Satan Is he or is he not what are you guys Going to do about it you're fighting Satanist every day that means every day You should be coming after Elon Musk I Get a feeling they're not going to come After him