Elon Does The Unthinkable To Official White House Twitter Account! 😂

By | November 3, 2022

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I bet nobody had this on their 2022 Bingo card because nobody could have Imagined that such a thing would ever Happen but Twitter has placed a fact Check on one of the official tweets from The White House after they posted fake News claiming that seniors are getting The biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden's leadership and then There's this nice little context warning Down there which has never been on a White House Twitter account under the Biden administration of course they were Doing that on Trump's tweets before they Ultimately banned him but the bird watch System is sort of a crowd-sourced fact Check that they implemented under Jack Darcy hopefully Elon Elon will remove That but you can see here oh readers Added context that they thought people Should know really it's false twist it Should have been labeled false and Misleading not just missing context Because as the bird watch notification Points out seniors will receive a large Social security benefit increase due to The annual cost of living adjustment Which is based on the inflation rate President Nixon in 1972 signed into law Automatic benefit adjustments tied to The Consumer Price Index so it had Nothing to do with President Biden or His supposed leadership it's just a lie

So the White House deleted the Tweet out Of utter humiliation which I believe is A violation of the federal records act So when we take back the house and the Senate next week we're gonna have to Have some investigations into what Happened here but it is true Twitter did Add a fact check to the Biden White House tweet where they lied about Biden Increasing the Social Security payments For senior citizens but don't get too Excited just yet because that's kind of Where the good news ends Twitter has Also reactivated their election Integrity policy and our censoring Tweets and labeling tweets with tags That they're false or misleading like This one from radio host Jesse Kelly Which not only got a tag but it's Misleading but they also shut off the Comments and the retweets and hide the Like count and delete all of the Previous comments before it got tagged In order to further suppress it but Here's where things start to get really Sad Elon tweeted that he's talking with Civil society leaders about how Twitter Will continue to combat hate and Harassment and enforce its election Integrity policies and then tagged a Whole bunch of different people in here The first person that he tagged that He's Consulting with about how to Moderate Twitter is Jonathan Greenblatt

The president of the ADL who says that Talking about open borders being a Problem is a secret code word that You're a Nazi and the last point I would Say Caravan Open borders These are literally white supremacist Phrases that have worked their way Through the system and somehow landed in The talking points coming out of the West Wing The West Wing he made the Statement when President Trump was in The white house obviously so just Warning about open borders is a white Supremacist code word he's also leading A pressure campaign trying to get Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News and I'm sure Banned from Twitter as well even going On little Brian stelter's show trying to Gain some support for his campaign and I Probably don't need to point out again That the ADL literally has white lives Matter listed on their website as a Secret white supremacist phrase as well Elon also tagged this woman who he's Consulting with Jessica Gonzalez who is The co-ceo of Free Press well what is Free Press sounds good right we're a Nonpartisan organization fighting for Your rights to connect and communicate Oh that's great so I'm they fighting to Bring Alex Jones back on the platform oh Wait what's this they lobbied to have

Him banned from social media this was Back in 2018 hateful conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is back on Facebook just a Few months after the site kicked him off I think actually what they're talking About is there was still like one of his Hosts still had a Facebook page that Weren't banned and they were uploading Clips of their show Urge Facebook to ban him permanently and Then they linked to a pressure campaign You couldn't make this up if you tried It sounds like a parody I know but it's Not an organization called The Free Press fighting for your right to Communicate with others online Participated in the campaign to ban Alex Jones another person that Elon tagged in The tweet that he's Consulting with is The president of the NAACP the National Association for the advancement of well I guess I can't give you the full name The real name of the actual organization Because so the black fragility America Is so bad that white people can't use Certain words I'll be accused of using a Slur you probably know what the NAACP Stands for right only black people are Allowed to actually say the name of the Organization but the president over There is Derek Johnson and he defines White supremacy as being Governor Greg Abbott in Texas because he Signed a bill into law uh trying to make

Sure that people are who they say they Are when they go and vote and Democrats Say that that's racist and that that's Suppressing the vote and so that's Another person that's going to decide I Mean maybe we should just ban Governor Greg Abbott then right NAACP also Elon Has recently tweeted support for the Head of the Integrity Department which Is the department that's slapping these False and misleading labels on people's Tweets about the election Joel Roth who Thinks that all Trump supporters are Nazis Should have been one of the individuals That got fired on day one but instead Elon is voicing support for him There's supposed to be another round of Layoffs coming here very very soon so Hopefully he'll be next on the list but Like I said Elon has recently defended Him and he deleted all of these tweets Back in the Trump Administration when he Said that the Trump Administration are Nazis in the white house he insulted the Entire Midwest saying that everybody who Lives there is racist because they voted For the Tangerine for orange man bad And also called kellyanne Conway Joseph Goebbels who was Adolf Hitler's Chief Propagandist that's who's gonna decide Whether or not your tweets about the Midterms are considered to be true or Not and we have to talk about elon's new

Policy of charging people eight dollars A month to get a verified account that Coveted little blue check mark next to People's names which at first is going To make him a ton of money but I'll tell You why I think in the long run this is Actually going to hurt the platform the Blue check of course it is a status Symbol people would pay thousands of Dollars in order to get one of their you Know think that they're going to be a Social media influencer if they're Delusional enough to think that someday They will be one because it is a status Symbol even though it's supposed to just Verify that the account Belongs To Who It says it belongs to because when these Social media platforms first started Popping up people started registering Accounts and celebrities names and Posting and tweeting as them and they Were getting hundreds of thousands of Followers even if it wasn't even them And so in order to verify that it is Through the account says it is they Started you know issuing the blue checks Which you have to again submit a whole Bunch of documentation to actually prove That you are that person so Elon knows How desperate everybody is for those Coveted blue check to seem like they're A real social media influencer so Starting I think Monday he's going to Start charging people eight dollars a

Month ninety six dollars a year in order To get one or keep theirs and of course All of the blue check liberal Journalists are complaining about it Lying saying that they're not going to Pay a dime for theirs they will they Would pay thousands of dollars a year in Order to keep theirs just like the Wannabe Instagram models would pay to Have their accounts verified here's Jennifer Rubin the fake conservative Over at the Washington Post operation Mockingbird asset let me put it this way I will leave Twitter rather than pay Musk a single dime for anything no no You won't here's Dan Rather I've lived Most my life without a blue check mark Pretty sure I could go back to that and Be just fine but I'll let you in on a Little secret that us blue check Verified Twitter accounts have and well I think that Elon doing this is actually Going to backfire and it's going to Cause the overall user experience of Twitter to rapidly decline because if You're a verified user you can filter Your notifications or your mentions to Show only other verified accounts so This isn't just about having a little Blue check next to your name as the Status symbol like I said it's also a Way for public figures or people with Large followings to filter out accounts So that you can sort of keep an eye on

Other people in your industry because if Any of us really with a large following Checked our mentions it would be Impossible to read all the tweets or Even a fraction of them if that's all That we did did 24 7 or to get the Notifications to see who followed us It's kind of neat to see who follows you Right and so we can filter those out to See only other verified users so here's Mine you can see that there's Ron Coleman that's carpet.com's lawyer Richard Grinnell I'm gonna thread with Him he was in the Trump Administration And you could see here it filters out Probably 99 of the content And it is a neat thing they're Dan Bongino just followed me so this is how Giving you the inside baseball of how The Toyota blue checks work I don't Think anybody really talks much about This but this is how all of the Journalists and celebrities on Twitter See that another celebrity or journalist Has tweeted about them or tagged them in A tweet or replied to one of their Tweets and then they go and then they Can engage in the conversation so if Elon which is is what he's going to do Is just going to let everybody into this Little exclusive club that we're all in Then nobody on Twitter that's verified Is going to be able to keep up with the Notifications to see who else in our

Industry the other prominent celebrities And journalists uh are engaged in Conversations and that's why all of These blue check journalists love Twitter so much because it's sort of Like a little paw online party for all Of them and now maybe it's a good thing Actually now elon's gonna let everybody Into the club and it's gonna be ruined So I mean maybe this will be great Actually but I'm telling you this is why People like their verification badge Because it does bring you into an Exclusive Club on Twitter so then I can See oh The Hodgetwins like to cut Something that somebody posted or that I Was tagged in or I haven't used Twitter Like I said in months so I had to scroll Down quite a bit there's Kevin Sorbo the Actor you know liking something that uh A thread that I was in or that I posted So it's kind of oh okay there's a Hodge Twins give me a shout out with one of my Old videos so it is a very neat feature And this is how all of us you know Social media personalities kind of you Know keep in touch and keep a part of The conversation online so uh Elon Inadvertently is gonna ruin that which You know I mean it's gonna suck on one Level but like I said maybe it's for the Best and I can't emphasize this enough One of the most difficult decisions that Elon is gonna have to make fairly soon

Within the next you know two months at The latest by early next year is which Accounts is he going to allow to be Restored and who is he going to allow Back on the platform and who is he not Going to allow now I've used the proud Boys as an example in the past of course They've been smeared by the media as Alright white supremacist group and the January 6th commission even though at The time of the mostly peaceful protest At the Capitol that day they were headed Up by a person of color Enrique tario And you know anybody from any race any Religion could join the group so he's Gonna have to decide literally is there Proud boys official account going to be Allowed to be restored and the proud Boys leadership and the proud boys Members but that's just one example the ADL of course is watching and now Consulting with him and here's five Things the ADLs watching following Elon Musk buying Twitter and their naming Specific people that they demand never Be allowed back on the platform David Duke Alex Jones Steve Bannon oh Andrew Tate he's a misogynist I don't know much About Andrew Tate but I know he's just Been de-platform for virtually anything But how dare a sexist feel out of me on Twitter David Duke who was the head of The KKK like 50 years ago was banned From Twitter in the summer of 2020 just

After the uprisings of black lives Matter began and had been on Twitter for 11 years and was banned because the tech Platform started catering to Black lives Matter and vowed to ban supposed hateful People and people associated with white Supremacy groups it's obvious that the Democrats and the liberal media are Going to lose their mind Elon reinstates Donald Trump's account or Alex Jones Account or Steve bannon's account but It's going to be a whole new ball game And I don't think that he will if he Reinstates someone like David Duke's Account and even if Elon is able to Supplement Twitter's revenue and move Away from an Advertiser model to a Subscription service through selling the Blue checks rolling out a bunch of other Paid features He still is going to have to bow down to The establishment regarding censoring Certain topics certain words certain People certain groups or the app stores Are going to ban Twitter just like they Did to gab just like they did to parlor And for the people who say that Twitter Doesn't matter and then it's a garbage Platform to some extent you're right it Is a garbage platform it's double-edged Sword it has some benefits but it Unfortunately does matter because Twitter drives the news cycle and it has A lot to do with the trending list

Whatever Trends becomes a mainstream News story and so people are trying to Get things to Trend so that it makes it Into the news even if Twitter stops Manipulating the trending list which Hopefully they will under elon's watch And stops adding topics and suppressing Topics it still is going to be this Information War battleground of people Trying to get things to Trend so that They become newsworthy so even if you're Not using Twitter unfortunately it still Is a central p peace in the culture War If you enjoyed watching my videos click One of the thumbnails on the screen to Check out some of my classic man on the Street episodes that you may have missed Or my petitions for crazy things or some Of my other videos and stay tuned Because I will see you soon

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