Drunk Tyson Chicken CFO REFUSES TO Leave Stanger’s Bed

By | January 4, 2023

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Fayetteville Police Department You're not in your house [Applause] John Need you to wake up and talk to me Before I drag out drag you out here butt Naked John Fayetteville Police Department You have two options either one is you Set up And put your clothes on or two you go to Jail just like you are right now All right Put your hands behind me back No hands behind your back yo yo yo yo yo Yo yo Yo yo yo yo yo that's the CFO of Tyson Chicken that Empire uh he was arrested On November 6th as multiple cops Surrounded this bed he was very Comfortably resting in he was arrested For public intoxication and trespassing Because that's not his bed and that is Not his home uh no shots were fired by The way I think you guys could have uh Assumed that but a group of college Students showed up around 2 A.M and Found this idiot in their bed or in This Woman's bed and um they call the cops Let's watch what the cops continue to do As they uh gently arrested him and slid Him out of the bed You're under arrest relax

Put your hands behind your back Eric relax Relax ow chill What do you need me to do cuffs okay Oh go around my other side Stop John we need you to come with us there's No stop resisting what are you doing Stop resisting you're harming me I can't Believe in shot shots and shots shots Shots none of that happened I'm glad it Didn't because they shouldn't murder People on site here's a picture of this CFO John Tyson very surprised to find Himself in front of a camera like that Uh is he gonna get fired who knows let's Go to some details CFO John Tyson Apologize though to investors on Monday After he was arrested on November 6th on Charges of public intoxication in those And that trespassing CEO Donnie King Said that the company's independent Board of directors is overseeing a Review of the matter who knows what's Going to come of that who knows he says This I'm embarrassed and I want to let You know that I take full responsibility For my actions that's what Tyson said on The company's quarterly conference call And quite to be honest my dad's the Governor yeah I don't care yeah no I Know Um I just like to clarify

Um Just won't let you go my dad's the Governor and uh as you heard the Responding obviously I don't care Whenever you get reset like that you go Oh yeah I know well why'd you say it bro That bro there is 20 year old John he's The son of Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt Not a very powerful man in the state at All he's just the governor of the whole Thing he was found drunk underage in a Truck and uh with a couple of friends Also underage uh and they had a huge big Ass box of guns I'm not sure what they were doing with That the cop was trying to figure it out But she did notice one thing about him Let's watch more Hey you're not taking any illegal Substances or anything like that no Ma'am you haven't no no You said these are your Firearms yes are You even belong to your dad uh yeah some Moment The seven millimeter the seven Millimeter yeah All right just stand right here for a Second I'm gonna run some more guns Oh yeah you heard me dragging it over Here what do you want to do I'm gonna Call his dad [Applause] Did you drive here Um no my buddy drove

Where's he at Uh she's over there Ashlyn you can come Get in the truck so you're not leaving You're not driving away from here Correct no she's driving okay I'm gonna be honest with you governor's Son or not you hear pupils are extremely Dying So it may be marijuana that's fine no I've been drinking you've been drinking Oh no I've been drinking uh and sniffing We're gonna find out soon governor's son Or not your eyes are super dilated again Why that has to be the prefer uh the the Preface for this whole thing is that Usually because of who you are we can Overlook these things she's starting to Read uh what it is that he's trying uh To let her know now hold on for a second As we go through this entire interact Because it's going to get much much Worse uh as we go through this whole Thing put yourself in that position You're underage you're 20 years old You've been drunk a drinking you Admitted and potentially on some drugs Is what this officer uh suspects all This is happening and you say my dad Just say it's me my dad's Don Jackson You know what he does They'd be like I don't care get in the Back of the car here's some handcuffs And a couple of uh billy clubs in your Back that's what I would get they don't

Care who your dad is if you say you know My dad is except he can because he's Been doing that probably for his entire Life either way it goes the cops are Starting to pick up on this and uh and She then talks to that governor on the Phone For some reason instead of doing uh Their job of arresting this guy uh let's Go ahead and watch more Hi this is Lieutenant with the Sheriff's Office Um so my concern is that there is a gun Case that was dragged out of your son's Truck and your son is intoxicated Um is there any way you guys can come Pick up these firearms He said that one of them belonged to his Dad I just I know he's got a DD I just want To make sure that they're I'm not seeing Them with underage intoxicated Individuals Okay all right um we are We are at the Guthrie haunts together Okay