Dr. Oz Begging Hollywood: PLEASE Let Me Back On TV

By | December 2, 2022

Dr. Oz is having a very hard time trying to get his TV show back on the air. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Dr. Mehmet Oz left his syndicated TV show to pursue a deeply embarrassing run for Senate in Pennsylvania—where he does not live—and spent nearly $27 million of his own money, before losing the state by a bigger margin than Donald Trump did in 2020. The whole thing was a spectacular self-own. Now this man is reportedly desperate to get back on TV, and the industry is not particularly interested in his comeback.

“No one in the mainstream will touch him,” a source told RadarOnline. “You can’t alienate half of your audience with a political stance and expect to bring in an audience on your return to television.”


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A bird in the hand is better than two in The bush a hard lesson for Dr Oz after He lost his Senate bid and now is Desperately Seeking to get back on Television he wants his TV show back Oops and uh everyone is telling him No we're not interested bye-bye As Trump Once said now Radar Online reports that Oz is groveling to everyone he knows in Order to revive his daytime talk show Where he sells snake oil to people Um I added that part in order to revive His daytime talk show about health but The effort has been Dead on Arrival much Like his political career his former Producers reportedly won't talk to him And radar characterized him as too toxic For TV now look if He wanted to show back and the producers And the show runner all those people Were like no because you're Republican And we just don't like Republicans I Would disagree with this like I don't Think that's okay but what came out About Dr Oz during his campaigning I Think um made all the difference in the World making fun of someone who was Recovering from a stroke John Federman Uh the news story about the murder of 300 dogs that his company carried out I Mean there it was just one thing after Another so let me give you the details One anonymous source told Jezebel Um

Or told radar online and Jezebel Reported on it no one in the mainstream Will touch him you can't alienate half Of your audience with a political stance And expect to bring in an audience on Your return to television another source Said he can't even get a word with his Former producers Dr Oz is a social Creature who likes to hear himself talk And it's beginning to Dawn on him that He's just not wanted in Hollywood Circles anymore by the way Jake and I Once had a conversation with him I think It was when we were at a conference or Something in Portugal right yep that's Right and yeah he definitely loves to Hear himself talk that's a hundred Percent true yeah some people when they Sit down they're not listening to you at All they just want to pontificate right So he's like okay let me tell you what's Wrong and then you tell me how you can Help and I'm like I don't remember agreeing to that okay So anyways Um uh look he the most delicious part of The story is not even the uh the fact That he can't get his career back is That he loves that Hollywood stuff he Loves being like going in those cocktail Parties Etc and now that he's uh persona Non grata and he can't get the crudite That he used to get at those parties yep Oh that's got a sting oh uh so

Look guys think about it it makes tons a Ton of sense right so uh one of his most Controversial things was the crazy Answer he gave about abortion uh during The run and Um most of the daytime audience is Female And pro-choice so now you're going to Send this guy who said oh borsche I'm Going to judge you okay and what we Shouldn't have that right the government Should have the right to control your Bodies hey I'm back every women okay and Would you like to see me do a show and The answer seems to be a resulting no we Would not like to see that yeah uh by The way here's the fact that people Don't often talk about in this article Didn't but a lot of uh the television Audiences also African-American much More heavily African-American than the General uh population uh and African-Americans didn't like what Dr House had to say in that race either so My God I mean you can't have damaged Your demographic more than he did with This run yep to me there's another Interesting part of the story which is That basically Trump and Oz have been Testing that old adage there is no such Thing as bad publicity right Apparently there is yeah can I give you Examples specific examples with Dr Oz Because I want to make sure I mentioned

The thing with the dogs but there's more So it was also a damaging reporting that His medical research killed more than 300 dogs him Taking at a Hiser in front of Hitler's car And his stupid comments about abortion Yeah what Why would you do a fundraising event Where you do a speech in front of Hitler's car so to be fair to Dr Oz we Got no love for Dr Oz as you could tell In this story and a thousand other Stories uh he's not a Kanye right he was Doing an event and I think it was like a Museum or something like that and so it Wasn't like Kanye like at the same time When there's a camera and and you're Doing a speech in front of Hitler's car Move move you can't do that that's so Dumb right so okay none of that plays Well okay so look the thing about uh Folks who are this wealthy and this Famous for these this many years they Don't know when to stop and just go away And enjoy their wealth and never like be In public again first of all that's true Yeah but but also they get high on their Own Supply and so they they become Convinced that they're invincible and so I'm guarantee you that he is actually Genuinely shocked that he can't get his Show back He probably thought what I got publicity

Out of my job is publicity I get Publicity no matter what oh I get some Garbage medicine that doesn't work I get More publicity hey I got bigger TV Contracts after I sold that crap right I Got dragged in front of Congress I got Humiliated I got even bigger uh ratings And I got even bigger uh contracts right And so he's probably like what I can't Say terrible things about everybody Forever I mean and that it has a Consequence I bet you he's shell-shocked By it but you know Dr Oz is different From all of the other right-wing Grifters in America in that he does have A skill and his skill prior to you know The television career and the political Run and everything was a surgeon so he Could go back to having a real job oh Yeah yeah he could open up a private Practice but that would require actually Working and working hard right yeah but To again we're the fairest show in America Dr Oz is a great heart surgeon Uh not like the clowns uh on the right Wing that pretend to be good at things That aren't you could go back and do Good in the world you can go back to Being a heart surgeon save people's Lives that's a noble pressure profession And by the way also pays a ton of money Right and so but I would be surprised if He did that and if he does I'd be Surprised if it wasn't a publicity stunt

But hey whatever I'll take it right go Back to doing something decent in your Life when you were a good person and yes That actually did exist back in the day Uh and yes I'm biased because he Actually did heart surgery on my uncle Okay and first man in America right like I mean that would like bias people so Significantly that like they'd feel Uncomfortable criticizing the surgeon Who saved their uncle right but yeah Like yeah he was terrific in saving my Uncle but that doesn't give him the Right to be a prick to everyone one else Yeah so well and our job is to be honest With you here and so uh last part of That is I'll admit also honestly Anna That there were parts of this story that I didn't know so I didn't know he was Still on the air until he started to run He was still doing his TV show I know James he was in his 13th season still Selling that garbage daytime television Is not for people like us like we're not When when would we watch daytime Television oh we don't have time I know But I know I'm just surprised that he Kept going which goes to show you that Quackery does work right because look The when I started turning on Dr Oz is When he started selling fake medicine Like to really hurt people turmeric Turmeric I remember Visiting my parents and being gifted the

Biggest jar of turmeric you could ever Imagine because it was going to solve All my ailments of course of course my Dad too and it was on fire in the Turkish Community turmeric yeah okay all Turmeric does is stain things okay That's it that's all it does or I know It's also used in food obviously but Like be careful with that turmeric yeah And be careful with TB doctors and uh And apparently he spent 27 million Dollars of his own money on the campaign And then lost uh a republican seat by Even more than Trump lost Pennsylvania Ouch you're gonna need a doctor for that Thanks for watching The Young Turks I Really appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video Thank you