Dr. Jordan B. Peterson On Marriage | Official Trailer

By | October 27, 2022

Watch the first episode of ”Dr. Jordan B. Peterson On Marriage” available now on DailyWire+:

Holistic 3-part series prepares you to better understand, appreciate, and strengthen your relationship with your spouse, and achieve the ultimate goal: the perfect date that repeats endlessly.

Ep 1 Title: The Promise | Available now
Ep 2 Title: Negotiation | Available on 11.3.22
Ep 3 Title: Sacrifice and Reward | Available on 11.10.22

In Part 1, Jordan uses his expertise as a psychologist and counselor— and his thirty-three-year marriage, as the basis to definitively answer the question “Why get married?”

In Part 2, Jordan points to the keys to a successful marriage. It’s not just about listening and communication but the way in which we do so matters.

In Part 3, Jordan explains that what you’re sacrificing by getting married are the things that should have already fallen by the wayside with the advent of maturity, and that the gains far outweigh the so-called loss of freedoms.

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Who needs marriage you’re above all that Are you it’s just a piece of paper That’s your argument I’m going to tell you the truth You might say well I want to be free to Pursue what I want to pursue satisfying Your Lust you’re satisfying your blood You’re satisfying your Envy what makes You think that those aren’t gods that Are ruling you it’s not just a metaphor That marriage is the Bedrock of society It’s actually the Bedrock of society I was a therapist for a long time and I Talked to a lot of people about their Marriages I’ve been married 33 years as Of two days ago and it’s gone pretty Damn well you see what it would be like To care for someone you see what it Would be like to have someone care for You and value you [Music]

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