Doug Mastriano’s Attendance At Capitol Riot Is A Bonus For Conservatives

By | December 2, 2022

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Doug mastriano was at the Insurrection And he was photographed breaching one of The restricted areas Is that okay which area because I saw a Video where Capital officers was taking Away barriers and unlocking doors I mean I they opened the gate so it Shouldn't be disqualifying for an Elected official Participated in January 6th he didn't Strike anybody he didn't hurt anybody And the only one that died was a Protester there not a capital police Unarmed female veteran that's the only One that died that's the only one who Died a police officer did die no no That's not that's not on site by that That's because he shouldn't have been a Police officer You hear that last party shouldn't have Been a police officer because he was Having issues with being attacked by a Mob of angry people that said they want To kill him and in fact tried to uh That's uh msnbc's Elise Jordan she was Talking to Pittsburgh Trump voters about Of course January 6. some of them were Actually there but they talked about Antifa and BLM showing up we know the Talking points because they had been fed Them Because the minions of Maga supporters Do these things there was more though Because one of them said that they were

Actually there and they talked about BLM And antifa I wonder which part of the Group this particular person was in it Doesn't matter here's some nonsensical Answers So what do you make though overall of January 6. I mean it was watching that Footage it was pretty disturbing I mean There were people throwing excrement at The walls and it was our you know it's The capital almost a lot like antifa's Actually Except on a much smaller scale it looked The same as the black lives matter right That's what I saw the similarities One Burns Kenosha but so it's okay just Just because just because one side that You disagree with um Anybody anybody who caused property Destruction that needs to be dealt with Yeah and you're there making your voice Heard at the people's house no less yeah That's again it's a fundamental Constitutional right of an American Citizen and people should not be being Held political prisoner uh because of it For misdemeanors that's East Germany That's Easter tactics yeah that's what's Scary It was an actual fiery but mostly Peaceful protest Fiery but mostly peaceful imagine if you Could uh say that about again they bring Up the summer rides of 2020 was it fiery

And mostly peaceful But that's not what they would uh Characterize it to be but since they Were there and since folks that looked Like them were there it was peaceful Oh No in fact the violence was actually Carried out by antifa and BLM it's the Same talking point over and over and Over again we're going to get to how They feel the violence should have been Quelled in a second Sharon but I feel Like there's plenty there already and I Feel like you're ready to go how do you Respond to in complaints within the Jewish Community regarding comments that You made about your Rivals Jewish school And the previous associations you had With gab social network yeah so Well I would like to make a comment on That real quick [Applause] So much love is real in fact I'm going To say we probably loved Israel more Than a lot of Jews do I have to say that I'm going to interrupt you there ready Uh I I I think maybe the best way to Answer a question asking about your uh Anti-Semitism your connection to to a Very rabid anti-semitic uh social media Entity is not to say that You love the Jews more than Jewish folks Love the Jews maybe don't start there But anyway that's the wife of Doug Mastrian who's uh running for governor

Out there uh in Pennsylvania But also she's just getting started Maybe she has more of this answer it Doesn't sound as white supremacy We'll try let's let her let's let her Keep talking The reason why I say that is because I've given and Doug we've given for I Would say at least 10 years to outreach To Israel and Jerusalem we have I have Visited Um Israel we say for five years we're Just an average family we're not wealthy Wealthy people we say for five years to Make a trip because that it was that Important for us to educate our son on Um loving other cultures and Understanding uh different backgrounds Weird how that works I didn't get much Better since she said we spent our money We saved it up and went to Israel and we Hung out in Israel can you believe it It's amazing therefore it's impossible It's weird I hung out in Beverly Hills Before I I don't suddenly have a Beverly Hills house no money like that I'm just Trying to figure out how this whole Thing works as long as you go there then You're just relieved of all of things Like this this is what they're asking About my surround has come under Fire in The past month for comments he made Concerning the Jewish Day School that Shapiro his opponent in this race uh

Went to and sent his children to saying That Shapiro grew up in a privileged Neighborhood attended one of the most Privileged schools in the nation as a Young man not College as a kid sending His four kids to the same privilege Exclusive Elite School Thirty to forty Thousand dollars per pupil so we talk About them having disdained for people Like us that's his reason for bringing Up that school and it's also Words that got uh a few feathers ruffled Around those circles saying it's a Private school sure but You're focusing on the fact that it was A Jewish school so people are concerned With so finally Doug did get to the mic Uh uh Reby had all of her things to say But Doug is going to set the record Straight Doug answered the question next You know the allegations from the left You know you know white supremacist Anti-semitic you know homophobe I wanted A Democrats put together a list and they Click out you know the allegations of These eight different folks some folks That even though exist I'm like are you Serious so I tend not to you know it Says in proverb of some of your holy Book here if King Solomon said answer Not a fool in his folly And so I tend not to answer you know Stupid questions but but since you are From Israel I I I'm not calling you a

Fool just my opponent though is trying To hide behind something that doesn't Exist So uh Josh Shapiro calls me anti-semitic For simply pointing out that he can Afford school choice and that's not Anti-semitic and so he's hiding behind a False allegation of a retired army Colonel vetted by the United States Army For six promotions only three percent of My class you know made it to Colonel