Donald Trump Admits He’s SCREWED With This Investigation

By | November 7, 2022

Donald Trump admits he’s screwed as Merrick Garland considers beefing up the investigation into Trump’s hand in January 6th. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Your favorite President excuse me to all Those young people your favorite President got screwed That's what happened With reports of Donald Trump set to Announce his 2024 presidential run the Department of Justice is mulling over Whether to appoint a special counsel to Oversee the ongoing Federal Investigations before the former Presidents anticipated presidential run Heats up let's talk about what that Could mean and why we should brace for a Burst of doj activity after the midterms Welcome into tyt's overruled I'm your Legal analyst Adrian Lawrence in the Wake of reports that Donald Trump will Be announcing his run for 2024 on around November 14th attorney general Merrick Garland is reportedly considering Whether to beef up the two Federal Investigations of the former president Beefing things up would include adding a Special counsel and also some Experienced prosecutors to jump into Action after the midterms but before Trump's presidential campaign gains Traction now if you recall Trump is Under federal investigation for his Efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election and also his Unauthorized possession of sensitive Government documents as to the latter The progress on the sensitive documents

Investigation has been stifled per the New York Times the investigation while Proceeding quickly by Justice Department Standards has been slowed by Mr Trump's Efforts in court to restrict the Government's access to the files removed From his home and by the Department's Self-imposed 30-day pause and issuing Subpoenas ahead of this year's midterm Elections Notwithstanding these limitations per CNN the justice department has been Steadily at work on both cases In the weeks leading up to the election The justice department has observed the Traditional quiet period of not making Any overt moves that may have political Consequences but behind the scenes Investigators have remained busy using Aggressive grand jury subpoenas and Secret Court battles to compel testimony From Witnesses in both the investigation Into Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his alleged Mishandling of National Security Documents kept at his Palm Beach home Now Federal investigators are planning For a burst of post-election activity in Trump-related investigations that Includes a prospect of indictments of Trump's Associates moves that could be Made more complicated if Trump declares A run for the presidency Let's talk about the impact of a special

Prosecutor special prosecutors well They're helpful because they can focus Solely on one case or one subject with Broad discretion over the investigation But also with a greater sense of Autonomy they're able to dive into the Matter and to distance themselves from Anything that could create a conflict of Interest or give the appearance of Impropriety and then they're going to End up acting somewhat as an independent Body making recommendations to the Attorney general while AG Garland Doesn't necessarily have to accept the Recommendations of the special counsel He would eventually have to inform Congress of his decision and reasoning Why now this adds a level of Transparency to the process and at this Point having autonomy and transparency Are essential Trump and his minions have Worked so hard to craft a narrative that The Department of Justice can't be Trusted they're really pushing this as Some kind of political move whether it's Doj's investigation or the FBI's Activities it's not a Witch Hunt but a Lot of people need to be disabused of That thought now while doj cannot Guarantee that these Maga people can Even be reached in terms of Reason Garland can at least do his best to Ensure that the record books show that He did everything in his power to uphold

The Integrity of the justice system in Its process But those are just my thoughts you let Me know your thoughts in the comments Below hit that like and follow button And thanks for watching

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