Dominique Wilkins – The Human Highlight Film | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 4, 2022

NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins talks about how Atlanta became his home through his career with the Hawks, how the league changed since he competed, and why he now considers healthcare his calling as the Board Chairman of KultureCity, an organization that provides sensory inclusivity to people with special needs. #DailyShow #Comedy

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The man the myths of Legends Welcome to The Daily Show thank you glad To be here man it is it is such an honor To have you on the show although you Know I told my brother I said you know We're having Dominique Wilkins on the Show and he's like this is amazing he's A legend you know he loves basketball And then I said to him yeah you know his Nickname is the human highlight film and He said he should change this to the Human like Tick Tock or human YouTube Because no one watches film anymore the Kids the kids don't know what that is But they still know your dunks though How does it feel to do something so well That regardless of the generation people Still recognize you as one of the greats One of the greatest to ever do it you Know And you know I always believed I always Believed when you play you play for the People and because the people who make Who who you are and I've been that way Ever since I was in high school and that You know I played as hard as I could and I only knew how to play at one speed and That was all out and uh it was a way That we looked at each other the way we Competed back in those days I mean you Had no nights off so uh you had to bring Your A game every single night the game Has completely changed because players Now have an outsized influence you know

As opposed to what your generation had I Mean you you see the news even just Recently you know the the the Brooklyn Nets saying okay you know Steve Nash It's time for you to go and people Saying wow are we really living in the Era where players have more power than The team slash the coach and you know And not even commenting on that story it Seems like sports has has changed the NBA has changed in terms of where the Power lies do you think it's good for The game but I think it's good things And bad things okay you know I really Admire these guys I've kind of you know Having their own destiny creating their Own destiny to do something something Great for themselves and they do have a Lot more power than we had because we Didn't we didn't go to different teams We played in one organization you know Most our career and I gotta say I was Proud to play in Atlanta for most of my Career Because I I could have went to other I Could have went to other teams and Played but I wanted to win here it Didn't happen but you know when I look Back on it I don't have any regrets so You know I love the fact that they had Their own power now Um now his things back in all day I love The more uh just from a competition Standpoint when you know you got to play

Against Magic Johnson one night Jordan One night Dr J one night this is every Single night so it was tough every night Out and so I had to make sure that I was Focused had to make sure our team was Focused to compete on the level that you Know the organization expected and so For me Atlanta really made me who are The people here in Atlanta you guys made Me who I am Um I feel like I feel like they're I feel Like they're Native Son here you know And I've never left and even though I Played in other teams and went away for A short time I never really left Atlanta And Atlanta is my home even though I'm Not from here I love that I love that You you've made it your home and you've Created so much in that new home I'd Love to talk about you know what you do Outside of basketball even though it Ties into sport as a whole and and in Particular talking about culture City You know as you said part of an Organization that really is is tasked With more inclusivity finding people who Have venues or areas of their world and Their lives that don't cater to them you Know it feels like this becomes the Second competition for you to engage in What is your end goal what do you hope Society as a whole will get to well you Know Health Care is kind of my calling

Now and you know I didn't realize how Much that meant to me until my daughter Was affected by a special needs and Culture city has been that organization Stand on the wall for so many people we Have over 1200 venues around the world That we've trained people how to deal With people dealing with special needs And most of the people the majority of People are have hidden disabilities so It's a lot of hidden disability Disabilities visible with disabilities PTSD autism all these different things That we deal with every day but we we Take those problems head on and we help People change their lives and it's all About finding healthy options everybody

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