Does Oprah Lead a Normal Life? – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show Throwback

By | December 29, 2022

Throwback to when Oprah stayed after her interview for Between the Scenes, or as she calls it, “the behind-the-scenes thing you do.” #TDSThrowback #DailyShow #Comedy

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Oprah has to leave Um yeah so she was going anyway don't be Greedy but but but but I mean this is Like just a moment where we get to hang Out I know you you're dying so we'll do This two questions I'll take one from The side of the audience or one from That that's something you've always Wanted to ask don't ask what a favorite Color is think for a moment I'll ask her One question first just to get us so you Can think for a little bit just one from This I want from outside this is your Best machines thing you do between the Scenes just hang out and do okay this is Like it's funny I didn't know you talked To your audience yes yes this is me I Just hang out with the real people Isn't That cool I love it are you kidding me Um I wanted to know one thing you are Oprah Winfrey you have been very wealthy For a long time you've worked hard to Get there I often wonder how much Normalcy this still is in your life like How many normal random things happen to You like does you when was the last time Your phone ran out of battery while you Were speaking does that ever happen to You No okay Like like Nev like so for instance has There ever been a moment where you're in The bathroom and then the toilet roll is Done no oh no

What is the most no you know why because At my house in my house I don't know if This happens at your house but at my House when the toilet roll is checked Regularly and when it's been checked Like after you go to the bathroom yes Somebody will come in and it's folded Into a little triangle like you live in A hotel Every time okay okay we'll take one from We'll take one from each side I will Tell you though something's very normal That you wouldn't think okay I travel With my own uh I travel with my own Bread and I bring my own avocados are You serious yes I do so I have an Avocado Orchard so I think the story got Not normal Oprah no you just said I'm Going to tell you something normal then You should have Are you kidding me that is not a normal Story okay all right I've made my own Avocados because they're too expensive Okay okay another thing very normal very Normal I do not the one thing I will not Do is is send my underwear out to be Washed or cleaned wow okay no that's Okay you know why my grandmother would Love that because it's like five dollars For a pair of panties That's the reason that's the reason oh My grandmother's my grandmother would Say like so for instance you know when You put the washing in the basket and

Everything and so everyone in the Family Itself I would do washing then my cousin Would do everyone would do it and then Sometimes I would throw the underwear And then my grandmother would come and Then she'd be like Teva you want people To know your secrets Do you want people watch this yourself No one must know your secrets all right Let's get we gotta get over out of here So we're gonna get two questions yes Right at the top Yes I'm actually thinking about it I'm actually thinking about where And and the reason why I called it the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa because even then I was thinking this will just be one This will be like the satellite school And then I will I will do others but It's taken me a while to get it right it Took me about 10 years to actually get It right so thank you for that question I'm actually thinking about it where to Do it yes ma'am I just wanted to find out for me because I've been mental health trained Mental Health First Aid trained and in my Culture the I see people with mental Health issues because of trauma and Property but they won't admit it yeah Thing how do I get them to realize that What they've experienced is actually Trauma we're going to normalize it so

Harry and I are going to normalize it to The point that people will be like hey I Got mental illness and uh that's that's What you want for it to call it out to The point where it's no longer such a Stigmatized big deal it's no longer a Taboo that people say they recognize Themselves immediately I will tell you This that when I uh when my girls some Of my girls first came here I was Talking to one on the phone who all the Girls had said this girl is is depressed She hasn't come out of her dorm blah Blah blah and we on the phone Googled All the symptoms for depression and this Girl who's now by the way doing very Well but said to me I said so you're Every single symptom of depression you Need to get help and she said I can't be Depressed I'm African and Africans don't Get depressed that's that's a true thing We have a lot of that yeah I can't be Depressed I'm African so I want to erase That and the way to do it is by talking About it more so watch the series all Right so Um that's it that's it but but I like I Have one final question before you go I one of the greatest pressures in my Opinion of being Oprah yeah is that Everywhere you go people are waiting for You to tell them to look under their Seats yes I was waiting for

Include something Okay look under your seats everybody Gets up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] No more everybody [Applause] [Music]