Disturbing Jeff Bezos Lawsuit Exposes Dark Secret

By | November 10, 2022

Jeff Bezos has finally responded to a lawsuit levied against him by a former housekeeper, alleging constant abuse and disgusting working conditions. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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All of my best decisions in business and In life have been made with heart Intuition guts uh you know not Not uh an analysis a disturbing loss allegations and his racially Asinine response well we know all we Need to know about this union busting Tycoon welcome into tyt's overruled I'm Your legal analyst Adrian Lawrence one Of Jeff Bezos former housekeepers filed A shocking lawsuit last Tuesday the Woman Mercedes Wida was at one point the Supervisor of Bezos housekeeping staff So we can assume that she probably had a Good look at how things operated and According to Wida her and her team were Forced to work extended shifts for as Long as 14 hours without break or access To bathroom The conditions were allegedly far from Safe or sanitary for the woman who was Forced to work without being seen Check this out for NBC news for about 18 Months in order to use a bathroom Plaintiff and other housekeepers were Forced to climb out the laundry room Window to the outside the lawsuit claims Then run along the path to the Mechanical room through the mechanical Room and downstairs to a bathroom this This toilet was used by both men and Women for example ground staff use it Too Way to further alleges that her team

Would often develop a urinary tract Infections because they couldn't have Access to the bathroom she alleges that Not all housekeepers however had this Experience the suit alleges that Bezos House and assistant house managers were Treating her and the other Hispanic Housekeepers who were hired differently From Caucasian employees they mocked and Ridiculed Wida but did not treat the Only white housekeeper in such a manner According to the action So how did Bezos and his team respond to These allegations Well in addition to what calling it a Money grab Bezos has since responded to The lawsuit as you might expect a Cartoonishly evil billionaire to respond By claiming it's impossible for him to Be racist toward Hispanic people because His girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is Mexican-American the evidence will show That Miss Widow was terminated for Performance reasons Harry coral and Attorney for Bezos said in a statement On Thursday given their background given Their backgrounds a suggestion that Mr Bezos Miss Sanchez or Northwestern LLC Discriminated against Miss Wida based on Her race or national origin is absurd That was per Jezebel and I have two Points on this matter first as it Concerns the working conditions what the Housekeeper describes in her lawsuit

Well it seems to be very similar to Amazon working conditions there have Been numerous accountings of Amazon Workers not being able to access Bathrooms or take breaks and Amazon Acknowledged this back in 2021 so given That Miss weda's account seems to be Very similar I would not be surprised if Bessos is running his home similar to How he runs his factories And second on the issue of race let's be Real here we live in a society that Reinforces hierarchies in terms of race Color nationality and so on and it does So implicitly and sometimes explicitly And thus we end up reinforcing those Hierarchies through implicit bias and Sometimes through explicit bias given That Bezos and his girlfriend may have Indeed treated the Latina housekeepers Worse than they treated the white Housekeeper just because Bezos decides To date or have sex with another Latina Doesn't mean he's immune from Reinforcing these same hierarchies and Just because his girlfriend may be Latina does not exempt her either all Said Bezos I have a Latina girlfriend is Just as good as another billionaire as I Have a black friend he can go somewhere With that mess yeah but hopefully what He does do is do the decent thing Settles this lawsuit and improves the Working conditions for everyone who

Supports his household and hopefully his Factories but those are just my thoughts You let me know yours in the comments Below hit that like and follow button And thanks for watching

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