DISGUSTING: Save Abortion To Save The Economy

By | November 4, 2022

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Daily caller writes, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has a closing pitch for voters ahead of next week’s midterms: save abortion to save the economy. According to Daily Caller, the embattled governor believes Democrats shouldn’t choose between abortion and the economy on the campaign trail. The two issues are inextricably linked, according to her.

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Disgusting save abortion to save the Economy a major Democrat Governor is now Claiming that in order to win the Election she must focus on abortion to Save the economy thanks for watching Next News Network I'm Ivory Hecker Filling in from my YouTube That's Ivory Hecker on YouTube stay on top of the Latest news hit subscribe below then Tell your friends you saw it at Next News the entire midterm battle it seems Has been focused on the ability to have Abortions in liberal states well Republicans have been focusing on Protecting life at all stages from crime And pre-birth termination Daily Caller writes that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has a closing pitch for Voters ahead of next week's midterms Save abortion to save the economy According to Daily Caller the embattled Governor believes that Democrats Shouldn't choose between abortion and The economy on the campaign Trail the Two issues are inextricably linked According to her according to Whitmer Michigan could attract attack workers From neighboring states sorry attract Workers from neighboring states that Limit abortion access if it protects Abortion access if the tide turns the Other way she protects predicts a mass Exodus of workers from Michigan watch When scotus reverse row Michigan was one

Of the few states that would have made The biggest dramatic swing we have a 1931 law on the books that makes it a Felony no exceptions for rape or incest Criminalizes doctors and nurses and so We would have overnight gone from being A pro-choice state to one of having the Most extreme laws on the books and That's why I filed my lawsuit and right Now the only you know it's hanging by a Threat but the only reason Michigan is Still a pro-choice State at this moment Is because of my lawsuit we the people Will be able to vote on this at the Ballot November 8th and I'm hoping we Codify Roe into the law it does not do What my opponent says it does it simply Says Michigan women can still make their Own choices about their Reproductive Rights Whitmer is not the only governor Candidate who believes that in order to Save the economy they need to push Abortion the New York Post writes as Surveys suggest more Americans are Concerned about Rising inflation than Repealing Roe versus Wade Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams shocked political observers by Saying Wednesday that abortion is quote An economic issue watch You just asked you you're running for Governor of Georgia uh I would assume Maybe incorrectly but while abortion is

An issue it nowhere reaches the level of Interest of Voters in terms of the cost Of gas food bread milk things like that What can a governor what could you do as Governor to alleviate the concerns of Georgia voters about those livability Daily hourly issues that they're Confronted with but let's be clear Having children is why you're worried About your price for gas it's why you're Concerned about how much food cost for Women this is not a reductive issue you Can't divorce being forced to carry an Unwanted pregnancy from the economic Realities of having a child and so these Are it's important for us to have both And conversations we don't have the Luxury of reducing it or separating them Out but we also have to talk about what A governor can do a governor can address Housing prices a governor can address The cost of Education a governor can put Money into the pockets of everyday Hard-working Georgians instead of giving Tax cuts to the wealthy that's what I Talk about on the trail and that's What's resonating but let's not pretend That women half the population Especially those of childbearing age They understand that having a child is Absolutely an economic issue it is only Politicians who see it as simply another Cultural conversation it is a real Biological and economic imperative

Conversation that women need to have Miss Abrams this is Eddie glotta I want First of all congratulations Stacy Abrams logic astounding and Gretchen Whitburn really seems nuts as Well she actually believes that in order To save the economy we need to focus on Abortion this is just another example of The democratic party's complete and Utter disregard for human life they Would rather allow innocent babies to be Killed than stand up for what's right Instead of focusing on issues that Actually matter like the economy or Education they would rather to Pander to Their base and talk about abortion Non-stop it's sickening thankfully we Have leaders like President Trump and Ron DeSantis who are focused on Protecting life at all stages they Understand that every baby deserves a Chance at life regardless of Circumstances that's what makes them True leaders they need more people like Them in office if we want to see real Change in this country otherwise we'll Just keep sliding down this dark path That the Democrats have set on us but Let me know what you think let's Continue this conversation in the Comments below and be sure to check out My independent journalism on my YouTube Search Ivory hacker on YouTube for Next News Network I'm Ivory Hecker

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