Diamond of “Diamond And Silk” Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

By | January 11, 2023

Diamond of Diamond and Silk has passed away. Jayar Jackson and Mayor Mondale Robinson break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Diamond of the pro-Trump entertainers Diamond and Silk has died, the former president as well as the duo’s verified Twitter account announced Monday night. She was 51.

Both women, sisters whose names are Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, respectively, were born in 1971, with Diamond making her debut on Thanksgiving Day, according to their 2020 book, “Uprising.”


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That your best bet is to vote for her Walker okay so get what you done heard That is distractions right that's when President Trump was running remember all Of the distractions I remember all he Grabbed he said he gonna grab him by This everyone was like well I'm so happy He grabbing Somebody by the beat Oh Political uh Duo pundit tree do over There diamond and silk in rare form as You see but uh sad news today as one Particular member of uh this group has Passed away let's look at some details There Lynette Diamond Hardaway who was Uh the woman on the left there in that Video is a member of diamond and silk Duo game national attention for their Start supportive former president Trump She died at the age of 51 the news has Been reported the two women made a Splash during Trump's 2016 campaign President supporting him with commentary On the YouTube channel the duo said that They switched parties after being Lifelong Democrats just to support Trump Following his 2015 presidential campaign Announcement they were all over it as a Matter of fact Trump was all over it Because I think this is the first thing He's in truth out many people were Saying this is when they found out the News I'm not sure if this was the first Uh point but this has been shared widely

This is what he pointed out really bad News for Republicans he says and frankly All Americans our beautiful Diamond of Diamond and silk has just passed away at Our home in the state she loved so much North Carolina she was with her uh she Silk was with her all the way and at her Passing It was no better team anywhere or at any Time Diamond's death was totally Unexpected probably her big and Precious Heart just plain gave out take note of That he also says rest in peace uh and Everyone said there's many poor uh Outpouring of support online about this And asking for um Privacy for the family as They Mourn and Go forward uh so as you guys saw in that Truth there from Donald Trump he said That it was probably her big and Precious Heart Um I assume maybe people didn't talk to Him about what it was because I'm not Sure if it was a you know a heart issue That's not what he's saying He's saying a big and Precious Heart Figuratively as we say in our general Conversation Mark Lamont Hill had Something else to say and this is where Things really took a left turn He's the diamond of the right wing Trump Loving Duo dominance silk has died in Late November she was hospitalized to do To covet 19. The Duel was fired by Foxes

A couple years ago for spreading Misinformation about kova 19 and Vaccines you can't script this stuff so If he said so someone else pushed back And said he's a horrible human being He's so mean how dare you take joy in This Woman's death and he responded I Find no pleasure in Diamond's death she Was a human being and she was loved I Wish comfort for those who are grieving Her passing but still as a public figure Her life and passing will be analyzed The potential ironies connected to her Death are noteworthy and frankly sad A little bit more about that because you Guys remember as he did mention they did Work for Fox News Fox News separated Themselves from them as they were Talking about kova 19 and some of the Same misinformation from folks that are I assume are still on Fox news but they Separated themselves from there was a Bit of a battle I think even the duo was Like look they're you know they've come To undercut us it was a bit of bad blood Because of that separation But still more Um uh as they lost that uh this is what They then did say about it after it all Happened let's watch In a matter of two weeks over a thousand People supposedly died from Corona from The Corona virus On March the 24th Tuesday this past week

My president said that he would love To come America to be back up and Running I knew this was gonna happen He said this this was gonna happen go Ahead at the time he said it You had the media calling president Trump out he wanted open by Easter he Wrote this open by Easter me and you Were talking I said now watch the Numbers of death go up right watch Everything increase because they wanted To make it want to make it look bad That's right in front of our eyes the Media is reporting that now the USA Forced the place we're number one now With the number uh of cases So apparently back in the fall there Were posts this is what folks are saying There were posts about praying for uh Diamond as she was sick but not really Uh pointing out how and I think that's Where then it led to people talking About the covet diagnosis uh which I Personally directly can't uh confirm or Deny but that's what's being discussed Uh what's your thoughts here Mondale [Music] Um Listen first of all I I think you know Uh there's some truth to what Marco Might say like as a as a as a as a Public figure your life is analyzed and In this in this case Think about the number of people that

Were losing family members to covet when They made these outlandish statements uh Pretending that the media was the reason That the numbers were going up and not That people were still having super Spreading events about people I mean uh Their beloved Donald Trump and others And I think I think playing with this Issue even in this time when you don't Name something what it is you run the Risk of suffering from it and in this Case unfortunately it costs uh allegedly Diamond her life according to Mark Lamont I think it's tragic Um that people are dying from covet um Because they choose some policy based on An idiot who didn't even do it that Idiot I'm talking about is Donald Trump He got vaccinated himself and convinced People that you can drink Clorox other Things use household chemicals to cure Yourself when he knew himself that was Not true it is tragic um that we lost a Soul but our policies were bad and this Decision not to be vaccinated seems like It could have been bad if this is the Reason she passed um as this part of the Discussion came it immediately reminded Me of Herman Cain well also during the Trump's whole rallies and campaigns and All those types of things he also openly Flaunted there was the picture that was Taken I wish we had it actually almost Forgot to put that in there at one of

Those rallies explicitly pointing out That he's there and he's unmasked and This is how it's going to be he uh then Not too long after that got sick I got Really sick and ended up passing away in The hospital as well and they didn't Want to talk about that aspect either And if you bring it up then you're Politicizing it remember that but in Donald Trump's statement today first Thing he said was it's a sad day for Republicans and I'm okay with them Saying that they were political pundits They're known for their politics and the Way they talk about them if they didn't Talk about politics and uh and carry the Water for Donald Trump maybe we wouldn't Have known them that's what they were Known for So for bringing up what they're known For which Donald Trump did is he Politicizing it or is it this particular Case because back when Herman Cain Passed away Kelly mcenany who was the Press secretary for Donald Trump didn't Want to answer questions about it for That same reason even though he's a Political figure who had run for President and was helping out another Political figure that was running for President but let's let Kelly mcenany if You guys forgot this how they don't want To talk about it if it's one of these Situations watch that

Um Herman Cain passed away yesterday and Obviously he had tested positive for Covid-19 days after attending the President's rally in Tulsa officials There have connected the rally to his Spike in cases is there any concern that Herman Cain may have contracted Coronavirus at the president's rally and Is the Task Force doing any follow-up to Track other potential cases from that Event well Carmen Cain is the absolute Embodiment of the American dream I don't Think there's any way to trace this to One specific contact that caused the Infection we'll never know so that and I Will not politicize Herman Cain's pass Saying Apparently it's politicizing his passing If we talk about uh ways that someone Maybe died but then also how maybe Others can prevent that type of outcome But politics is actually the number one Thing that any last thoughts on this uh Monday I I think it's hilarious that I Mean you know you would politicize Someone who has life is we know them Because of that we don't know because of 9.99 every people I mean very few people Know because it's 9.99 Pizza we knew him Because it's 9.99 playing when he ran For president and I think in this Context it's not political to ask a Question about how this may protected And we know for a fact it's just just as

You just said he was bragging about not Having a mask and it was the way it was Going to be uh at a super Spirit event We were just talking about that and then He passed away um right after that I Think I think the here's what's here's What's uh uh what's ironic to me uh what We consider politics in this country is Is more it's more challenging than not And and I say that because we have People like uh we have elected officials Who denied the elections in which they Were on the ballot but not for Themselves just for the presidential Election because their candidate laws so That means think about this politically They want us to believe that someone Tricked the ballot to say Vote for This Republican but not the one at the top of The ticket so um that's that's the state Of our politics when we're talking about Someone's deaf to put it in that context You see how silly um we can we can feed American uh political people anything And they'll run with it and it's okay For the masses who support Trump because I think they said they're now they're Upset with Trump the Maga movement Because they are okay with all of this Because Trump trump has created what America has always wanted to be anyway White and white out loud even if you're Wrong okay and by the way the folks who Come at folks like Mark my hill or

Anyone else who said hey this is Probably what happened it is you're Dancing on her grave and how dare you do This plus size and have fun with it Before these folks died I mean it's Still angers me how Herman Cain died and I've had folks that agree with me on Everything else like yo who cares bro I care the whole point about this whole Thing is to save folks lives so many Times uh folks that on many times the Conservative side of politics like to Commit folks and tell them uh you know I Wish you die this happens that threat in The third and the fourth and that's just The American way but beforehand what You're mad at these folks about why These threats come is because there's Folks who are looking to try and save The planet save our environment save Your lives when something like a virus Is spreading at the pace that it was You're angry at people because they want You to live But they're basing it off of this Division and they call you divisive for It Jackson you just preaching at Walt Culture that's that woke coach I want You to stay woke absolutely stay walking Alive by being vaccinated Straightforward and I want you to have a Better job I want you to have normal Wages I want you better buy a house all Those things you hate folks for think

About it and think of who you're working For when you say those types of things