DeSantis Crony Found DEAD Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

By | December 14, 2022

Here’s a look at influential republican donor Kent Stermon, who was also very close to Gov. Ron DeSantis…Jayar Jackson and Wonsy Lambre break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Politically well-connected mega-donor and businessman Kent Stermon was under investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in the weeks before his suicide over allegations of sexual misconduct, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters issued a statement on Friday afternoon confirming the investigation, but did not say what the nature of the investigation was.”

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I enjoy working with LBA most because I Feel like they're excellent listeners I Think in today's environment that's a Lost skill they make an extra effort to Learn our business and learn the nuances Of our business and learn the gray areas Of our business we want to work with Them to give our end users our financial Statements the most accurate picture of Our company and with them being so good At listening and so good at Understanding our business that makes That goal much easier to achieve There was Kent Sturman he was a very Close Ally to Rhonda said it's also a Pretty big donor to many Republicans uh In this area down in Florida down in Jacksonville area I say was Because Kent uh committed suicide it was Just late last week uh there's an Investigation from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Ongoing uh when he did commit that uh Suicide uh alone in a car in a parking Lot I believe uh but this whole story Has led to some startling details being Now known more uh about his businesses His interactions his donations and the People that he helped prop up and just How important he was this is a bit of a Glimpse Into the donor system and also our Political uh our political uh faces of Many of our parties so let's watch this

Let's look at this Jacksonville T.K Waters did not specify what the Investigation was about but law Enforcement sources toward the Times Union and news partner First Coast News That investigators were scrutinizing Alleged sexual misconduct so they're Investigating sturman's death marked a Confounding moment with within Florida Politics because of his close kinship With a myriad of political figures Including DeSantis whose political Operations have received more than sixty Thousand dollars of his and his family's Funds so when DeSantis was iced out of His congressional district in 2016 after Redistricting he moved into a condo Owned co-owned by Sturman in order to Run again again that's according to a 2018 political story and the governor Then later named Sturman to his Transition team You got my back I stay here while I run Again and now once I win I'm gonna name You to my transition team okay part of The transition team you know how it Works maybe you're good at this whole Thing you run businesses so these Donations and connections gave him Another kind of unrestricted access that Uh ask yourself if you would get this Access if you gave 25 bucks to your Favorite uh um uh police chief because That's where this is going his

Connections weren't limited to the Governor's mansion though an Investigation by wjxt found that Sturman A prolific donor to former Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams had had access Card to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office headquarters for the last five Years despite not working there no Sturman was not a cop but he had Unlimited access to Police Headquarters After hundreds of swipes since 2017 it Stopped being used on November 15th just After Sheriff T.K Waters was sworn in as Sheriff so the last Sheriff apparently Liked this guy weird because there's a Picture of those two Uh Sheriff Williams there who's handing Him an award for uh what was it for a Citizen of the Year award given to Sturman because he helps out those types Of folks he was also paid handsomely in Political appointments in 2019 to Santa's appointed Sherman to the state's 17 board uh 17-member Board of Governors Which is an influential body that Oversees its State University system Again another position because he gets Money flowing to these folks uh here's Another point about this because the Mayor of Jacksonville we've got Ron DeSantis we've got the former police Chief uh or Sheriff's Office Chief and Now The mayor of the city who sturman's

Friend wasn't very happy about one Particular person pointing out some of These things that have come forward the Disclosure was first made this whole Thing about His connections and things with the Police department that was first made by Attorney John Phillips who's Representing former JSO Deputy on Twitter he noted that a rumor that his Badge access was set to change it Prompted a reply from of all people Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry and he Said this You aren't worth a reply as you are a Media horror with no Compass that's what He wrote in that tweet that he later Deleted but you mentioned my friend Kent And I'm compelled to reply pound said Chump tough guy a little bit more though Both men hosted a fundraiser last year Uh for failed Georgia U.S Senate Candidate Herschel Walker of course and Curry had tapped Thurman to serve on a Pandemic advisory committee that was Tasked with finding ideas to jumpstart The city's economy I want you guys to Look at all these connections this guy Had He's under investigation maybe that's Separate maybe they don't know what he Was up to Um but he's in with the sheriff's office He's in Miranda santis he's in with the

Mayor of Jacksonville uh and as soon as And he's also in all kinds of police Headquarters doing what as he swiped his Car and I believe one article said once A week on average You think you can find your way in the Police headquarters for giving a couple Dollars wise Thing Um the way influence is peddled within Our system right and you know let's be Clear the State of Florida is pretty Um Elite when it comes to political Corruption like they're they're at the Top of the class they're they're Harvard University graduates of um political Corruption that that being said it's Like just look at what this guy was able To do like join a 17-member Board of Governors that essentially comes up with The policies for Florida's state-ran Universities that's that's no small feat That's not a small job right and you Know I don't want to be elitist and say You know we should only have Pointy-headed eggheaded you know uh Phds and and professors on those boards Or former I'm not saying that I think There should be some level of citizenry Um represented on those boards but what Is this guy's qualifications like this Has he always been enthusiastic about This is it just that you know he gave

Ron DeSantis about him and his family They said about 220 000 in political Contributions right that now he gets to Wield all of this influence over a University system like that's what I Think folks should be coming away with This it's like who are these folks That get to come up with the policies That we live under and what is the Reason why they chose to get into that Career field is it to benefit these Students in these universities they'll Say so of course but if you look back And someone's given 120 000 to one Particular candidate where's money that Much of that money generated from how Has he been benefited from giving those Political donations to people who then Can craft policy and legislation that Can help his business that's generally The way these things happen so it's a uh You scratch my back after I scratch your Scenario Can you afford to get involved if you Can't f you