democrats make desperate midterm ads

By | October 27, 2022

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I’ll get it okay honey ma’am this is the Miscarriage police The surveillance camera in your uterus Informed us one of your last 12 State Mandated pregnancies didn’t come to turn We’re taking you in we the jury find the Defendant guilty of having a miscarriage I sentence you to uterus jail no no not Uterus gel at least the skies don’t Scots to worry about this stuff’s Happening to us you don’t understand I have a uterus it could have been me You could have a uterus think twice Before letting Republicans ban them this Message was sponsored by democrats for Me to [ __ ] Republicans would ban abortion in all Circumstances Including rape if a fetus rapes someone Do you think he should get away with it Paid for by the foundation for holding Fetuses accountable What What’s going on we created an Experimental life form to conquer your World it’s half alien half Hitler I Would never let it use my body to lay we Teleported it inside of your uterus no Uh I’ll get an abortion good luck the Republicans won the midterms [Laughter] They think advertising that they Overreact to everything is gonna get Them elected oh cupboard when his

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