“Defunder” Ilhan Omar’s Hypocrisy Revealed After One Look At Her Receipts

By | November 3, 2022

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According to the Daily Caller, Illhan Omar has been a strong advocate for defunding the police for years, Omar spoke about defunding the police during a June 2020 appearance on CNN, saying the system could not be reformed, and needed to be dismantled.

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Defunder ilhan Omar’s hypocrisy is Revealed after one look at her receipts Talk about hypocrisy here we have Representative ilhan Omar she’s always Crying about police needing to be Abolished yet she was recently busted Doing the exact opposite wait till you Hear this thanks for watching Next News Network I’m Ivory Hecker filling in from My YouTube That’s Ivory Hecker on YouTube keep up with the latest news tap Subscribe below and enable your Notifications alright democrats for Years have been calling to defund the Police to abolish the police and are Constantly attacking law enforcement for Every perceived slight yet those of us On the right con Constantly catch them slipping up in Their fake narratives according to the Daily Caller ilhan Omar has been a Strong advocate for defunding the police For years Omar spoke about defunding the Police during a June 2020 appearance on CNN saying at the system could not be Reformed and needed to be dismantled Let’s watch And so you can’t really reform a Department that that is rotten to to the Root what you can do is rebuild and so This is our opportunity you know as a City to come together have the Conversation of what Public Safety looks Like who enforces the most dangerous

Crimes that take place in our community And just like San Francisco did right Now they’re they’re going they’re moving Towards a process where there is a Separation of the kind of crimes that Solicit the help of you know officers And and the kind of crimes that we Should have someone else response to uh Representative Omar was busted yet again For spending thousands of dollars on Private security for her campaign According to Federal elections Commission records reviewed by The Daily Caller Omar’s campaign spent more than 27 thousand dollars on Security Services Between August and September of 2022 According to the FEC report that much Money in just two months wow the Company’s uh providing the security Services go by the names of relative Intel LLC and Lloyd Security Services According to its website relative Intel LSC has over 25 years of experiencing Experience embedding in the private Security industry around the world while Lloyd security Inc specializes in Residential and Commercial Security Ilhan Omar is not the only Squad member To be repeatedly busted for her Hypocrisy when it comes to defunding the Police Washington examiner reports a new Report alleges that Quad Squad member Representative Corey Bush spent over uh Just over just under 500 000 on private

Security over the last two years despite Public calls to defund the police According to Federal elections Commission records obtained by Fox News Bush’s campaign paid over a hundred Thousand dollars for Security Services During the third quarter of 2022 alone a Little over 71 thousand dollars went to Private Security in the remaining thirty Thousand dollars went to other Security Services overall she has spent 490 thousand dollars despite opposing The movement to defund the police Bush Said it is better to think of it as real Reallocating funds to a broader Public Safety department calls to defund the Police unfurled after the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd who Died two years ago after police officer Knelt on his neck ilhan Omar is a Disgrace in her office as a Representative for Minnesota and a liar To the American people not only is she Pushing to defund the police but she’s Also has the audacity to spend thousands Of dollars on private security for Herself this blatant hypocrisy shows That ilhan doesn’t truly care about Making real change she only wants to Appear as an activist while keeping Herself protected at the expense of Taxpayers and law enforcement officers Who keep our community safe ilhan’s Actions prove that she hates America and

Would rather play divisive political Games instead of working towards Solutions that benefit all Americans It’s time for ilhan to stop her Hypocritical charade and be held Accountable for her deceitful Behavior It’s just interesting that a lot of Private security guys are actually Off-duty cops she’s trash talking the Cops but paying them to protect her What’s going on let me know your Thoughts let’s continue this Conversation in the comments below and Be sure to check out my independent news Coverage on my YouTube search Ivory Hecker on YouTube for Next News Network I’m Ivory Hecker Thank you for watching that report yes Keto the keto diet has been a Hot Topic In the weight loss Community for years Now myself and thousands of others have Personally experienced weight loss and The health benefits of the keto diet but There is a little secret we aren’t Really on the keto diet we use an Amazing new powder it’s called keto Powder keto with Gary is a powdered form Of the most ketogenic MCT oil called C8 It helps give you the many benefits of Elevated ketones without having to Completely follow the rigid guidelines Of the keto diet within weeks of taking It it controlled my appetite I had more Energy and I even saw an improvement in

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