Dean of Students Caught On Camera by Project Veritas in their Most Stunning Investigation Yet

By | December 8, 2022

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Project Veritas just posted an Investigation that they conducted into a School in Chicago that is the most Shocking and disturbing investigation That they've done I'm going to play the Clip in just a moment but just a quick Heads up it's NSFW not safe for work not Appropriate for kids it's not Necessarily the visuals it's just a guy Talking on hidden camera but it's what He is saying so just turn the volume way Down or watch this video later this is Joseph Bruno the dean of students at Francis W Parker school a private school In Chicago Illinois and this kind of Thing is undoubtedly happening at Hundreds of schools across the country But here it is you can hear from the Dean's mouth what it is that these LGBT ABCDEFG people are doing behind closed Doors with the students the team for Four years during Pride we do a pride Week every year That I had Um I had like our lgbtq plus Health Center Come in they were passing around butt Plugs and dildos to my students talking About queer sex using blue versus using Spit who is this this is uh the lgbtq Plus Health Center came in to talk to my High school students they're just like Passing our dildos butt plugs the kids Are just playing with them they're

Looking at us in the school in a Classroom wow yeah well I'm sitting There and we had a drag queen come in Pass out cookies and brownies and do Photos And everybody's cool with that like the Clouds and the dildos nobody complaints I mean if the parents found out what They you know Queer centers this is the drag queen That came in what's her name uh Alexis Bevels Alexis bevels and just hung out In my classroom and was there girl hung Out in my office you have so much Freedom and so much Wiggle room so much Money I mean losing stuff I don't know Hey what it's like we I wouldn't even Like run it by them like why would I run It by them they'd be like oh my God That's wonderful like with the kids that With the classroom 14a team they're like How do you how does this book work how Do I do like how does this work Um So yeah that's a really like completely Part of my job after they posted that Video yesterday the principal of the School released a statement saying that At Parker the school they care deeply About the health well-being and Development of the students oh so They're going to call the police on the

Dean of students or subjecting the Students to such adult material and um Certain objects that they're not even Allowed to buy and once they're 18 or Even enter into a store that sells such Things our programs are designed to help Cultivate not only physical and Emotional well-being but also strong Sense of belonging this is Central to Our mission that's why we're heartbroken To learn that one of our colleagues Words have been severely misrepresented For malicious purposes project Veritas Is a far-right activist group that Produces deceptively edited videos of Secret recordings in an effort to Discredit mainstream media organizations Progressive groups and educational Institutions it goes on and on defending The dean and his activities with the Young students and then says that the Principal is sickened by the actions of Project Veritas all they wanted was the Right to get married they used to say But now they're well you just heard what They're doing here's Barack Obama back In 2008 when he was first running for President when Democrats still had a Soul Uh defined marriage Please I believe that marriage is the Union between a man and a woman now for Me as a Christian For me oh is there going to be a butt

Here good For me as a Christian is also a sacred Union oh uh you know God's in in the mix Now Satan is in the mix of course back Then he was lying and it wasn't until After he was re-elected in 2012 that he Revealed his real stance on the issue And his senior advisor David Axelrod Later admitted that he told him to lie About it because he was concerned that He would lose votes even from the black Community it might not get reelected if He revealed that he actually supported Such a thing today the Republican party Is more pro-gay than the Democrat Party Was 10 years ago less than 10 years ago Really with the GOP chairwoman Ronald McDaniel who is Mitt Romney's niece by The way saying that the GOP is proud to Have doubled our LGBT Support over the Lgbtq support over the last four years What a brilliant strategy catering to One and a half maybe two percent of the Population and then at the same time Driving away 10 of your voter base or Just sick and tired of hearing about These people and have lost faith in your Party Genie yes and in just a few short Years the Republican party has gone from Strictly opposing gay marriage gay Adoption to brand name Republicans from Glenn Beck The Blaze to Prager you and Megan Kelly and Christopher Ruffo the Big expert on critical race Theory all

Congratulating Dave Rubin and his Husband for buying eggs from a fertility Clinic and then renting a surrogate's Womb or wombs and then having them Artificially inseminated and then Raising these poor children as their own Not only depriving them of having a Mother in their life but even knowing Who their mother is because of the Privacy policies evolved in buying the Eggs from the clinic and now there are Drag queens on children's cartoons like Nickelodeon singing to the kids about How great it is to be transgender gay And non-binary and all the 57 other Different supposed genders and Disney Having drag queens specials for the Children hello and welcome to the Disney Disney plus this is me Pride Celebration Spectacular I'm Nina West and I'm here To guide you through a Magical Musical And meaningful celebration of the lgbtq Plus Community this is worse than Sodom And Gomorrah this is worse than ancient Rome this is straight out of the pits of Hell our leadership over there has been So Welcoming to like my like not at all Secret gay agenda and so like I I feel Like all that like momentum that I felt Like that Sense of I don't have to be afraid to Like let's have these two characters Kiss let's in the background like I was

Just wherever I could just basically Adding queerness to like if you see Anything queer in the show I'm proud Family but like I just was like no one Would stop me and no one was trying to Stop me they're coming after the Children from every angle and the new Live-action Cinderella the Fairy Godmother is now of course a drag queen Billy Porter is a guy who's always Wearing a dress at the Hollywood award Shows and so he plays the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella the marxists are Even coming after Santa a holiday Children's book tells the story of Santa Claus with a fresh new twist we have the Author the illustrator here with us live To talk about their new book Santa's Husband no Santa is a white heterosexual Male also known as a normal man and Speaking of Santa Trump Clause is back In my online store with a nice Sweatshirt t-shirt long sleeve or a Hoodie which you should already today to Be sure you can get it in time for Christmas or get any of my awesome Designs select the let's go Brandon Shirt an Ultra Mag shirt F Joe Biden Shirt or any of my awesome designs all Available in a t-shirt long sleeve and a Hoodie and a whole bunch of different Colors as well so head on over to or click the link in the Description below and check them out