Dave Rubin: Monarchies Are Good For Society

By | January 12, 2023

Dave Rubin babbled on about how he really respects monarchies. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“DAVE RUBIN (HOST): Now, Prince Harry – I’ve talked a little bit about the royal family before. I always say, it’s not one of my main things I love talking about the royal family. I think there’s something interesting about the crown. Actually been watching the show on Netflix, The Crown. The idea of a monarchy, that something remains over generations, over hundreds and thousands of years so that there is a continuation of something, I think is a deeply stabilizing force in societies. Doesn’t mean that everything they do is good. But there is some value in that as opposed to what we have here, which is every four years we just, sort of, pick a new team and then all our norms change, right? We had four years of Trump, four years of Biden – it’s like, this massive flip. That was after four years of Obama. There’s something to be said about a little consistency. “


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The idea of a monarchy that something Remains over Generations over hundreds Of and thousands of years so that there Is a continuation of something I think Is a is a deeply stabilizing force in Society Dave Rubin is a dumb man and uh here he Is advocating for a monarchy which is You know the antithesis of a democracy So why don't we watch the full bizarre Clip before we get too judgmental Although I still think he's a dumbass Let's watch Now Prince Harry I've talked a little Bit About the royal family before I always Say like it's not it's not like one of My main things that I love talking about The royal family I think there's Something interesting about the crown Actually been watching the the show on Netflix the crown the idea of a monarchy That something remains over Generations Over hundreds of thousands of years uh So that there is a continuation of Something I think is a is a deeply Stabilizing force in societies doesn't Mean that everything they do is good but There is some value in that as opposed To what we have here which is every four Years we just sort of pick a new team And then all our Norms change right we Had four years of trump four years abide And it's like this massive flip that was

After four years of Obama there's there There's something to be said about a Little consistency Just You know consistency can actually be a Really bad thing Like in the case of monarchies but let's Put that aside for a second we do have Something that's incredibly consistent In this country Regardless of whether we have Democrats Or Republicans in charge and that is Corporate rule Through legalized bribery And it's been disastrous for the American people Specifically 99 of American people top One percent doing real well I mean Dave Rubin knows a thing or two about that Doesn't he yeah but he doesn't care About the rest of the country He does care about the money he's making He cares about his relationship with Peter Thiel who is on this his latest Bend is Oh maybe monarchy is great maybe maybe We should be pushing for monarchy Because he's been rubbing elbows with This uh yarvin guy which we'll get to in Just a moment before we do though uh let Peter yarvin's his name before we do No not Peter what was it I don't care Curtis yarvin sorry I wanted to get his Name right uh rich guy yarvin yeah he's

An academic but anyway John what are Your thoughts Fair maybe monarchies are Great I mean I mean they're pretty cool In that Netflix show and like if they're Good then maybe maybe there's something I watched a Dark Crystal and that was Like an oligarchy but like they'd been There for like thousands of trying so That's a deeply stabilizing force on the Planet and on the gelflings who they Rule I mean we want consistency don't we Yeah I look I don't I don't even know to What extent there he is trying to Express an actual political opinion Maybe look he needs to fill a lot of Time and I don't believe that he's Genuinely interested in politics and so Sometimes I think he just babbles he Mentioned a show he liked and so he Started talking about it I am assuming That he is probably on his Show often Saying nice things about the monarchy Because he at least understands that the Republican party is moving further and Further away from supporting democracy I Think that he can at least absorb that My favorite point about that which you Glossed over is that he said we had four Years of Biden after four years of trump After four years of Obama He was doing this under Obama he thinks Obama was a one-term president He's a political analyst and he doesn't Know who was president before Obama

Which was Obama by the way yeah listen This is what you guys hopefully already Understand but if you don't it's okay We'll we'll help you understand Dave Rubin is an empty shell of a man There there's no brain activity Happening but he has become a very Useful tool for people like Peter Thiel Yes now Peter Thiel whose homies with Dave Rubin has found a new Friend a bromance if you will with this Guy named Curtis yarvin Jake euger has debated him so has Ben Burgess I think you should watch both Debates because When I would typically be a little bit Like where I would be typically a little Concerned about the direction the right Wing is going In this case I'm not concerned because They're Golden Boy sounds like an Uneducated Valley Girl And what I what I mean is take a look at This video here he is debating Jake There's a lot of ways to do an Accountable monarchy but you know the Simplest one is to basically reduce your Sort of commitments to overwatching Politicians as to say let's recognize The reality Here We As Americans care About exactly one election which is the Presidential election what we're going To trust is that whoever wins the Election is Whoever has the confidence

Of the people to be the CEO of Washington and by the way if you read The Constitution you know the Constitution is actually totally more Than tolerant of this form of government It's a democracy in which democracy puts Forward a monarch rather than putting Forward policies and most people think Of it for four years of voting on Policies I understand I understand but In those four years then if he is truly A monarch and he's unaccountable again He could execute anyone he likes he Could end the elections he could do Anything he sure could you have to be Lucky in picking that first Monarch to Some extent you do you gotta get lucky Get it right okay I'm being serious so Really you think you think your best Plan is let's hope we pick the right Dictator and get lucky absolutely Dear God Please let him be incredibly influential On the right and and also be their Public face and uh advocate for this Ideology I guess He kind he makes Dave proof and look Kind of intelligent because Dave Rubin Will generally avoid talking on topics That he knows instinctively he doesn't Know much about no I disagree with you On that I mean in this case I agree that Curtis yarvin The like the originator of the idea that

We should move toward a monarchy by the Way I have to address something you said In the very beginning of that clip did He literally say like no the Constitution's totally down with Monarchy like I don't it's a long Document what the American Revolution Was about I don't think everyone should Be expected to have read the Constitution to opine on it and how it Should be overturned Anyway uh but I do agree with you that Somehow just based on the clips we Showed you Dave Rubin seems a little more Intelligent than courtesy Arvin and that Is Well Dave Rubin at least talked Positively about monarchy but kept his Commentary focused on the crown and not On yeah I mean he might kill you and Your family but like let's try it let's Try it let's just be like Super Lucky in who we choose to be our Dictator yeah what's really common when You give people absolute power is that They just willingly give it up that Happens all the time pretty much Everywhere works out everywhere Look they know that democracy is not Looking like it's going to produce a lot Of wins for their ideology in the future And they're just trying to figure out Some way to justify a move away from it

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