Daily Wire Backstage: What is a Woman? PREMIERE

By | June 2, 2022

Is having a penis all that it really takes to be a modern woman? When scientists a hundred years from now dig up these modern women’s bones and determine they were in fact male based on DNA, will they be canceled and cast from society for their clearly bigoted findings? Are we ever going to be able to answer life’s most difficult question: What is a woman?

Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing to find out!

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[Music] So [Music] Hello and welcome to the daily wire Backstage and the world premiere of what Is a woman the greatest investment that Ben shapiro and i have ever made this is An unbelievable documentary the greatest Piece of content the daily wire has ever Released it pains me to have to give so Much praise and attention to our very Own matt walsh but you are in for an Enormous treat tonight and it is just The beginning of what promises to be What i promise you will be the greatest Month of premium content in the history Of the daily wire it all starts tonight With the premiere of what is a woman Coming up in just one hour’s time we’re Also going to this month be premiering Terror on the prairie uncanceling gina Carano making good on our promise that We made last february when disney Unceremonially uh kicked her to the curb For absolutely nothing this is before it Became very popular and in vogue for Disney stars to make selfie videos Telling the fans that they shouldn’t be Toxic toward people on the basis of skin Color and beliefs in it In the release of the greatest lie ever Told george floyd and the rise of blm From candace owens and backstage live at The ryman auditorium that’s right us

Gents are going to take to the stage of The most historic venue perhaps in the Country Once again uh on june 29th to bring you A great live show and some of the Biggest announcements that we’ve ever Made in the history of the country of The company June is going to be lit as the kids do The kids say i think some of them They’re aging they’re aging yeah it’s Good the kids ain’t as young as they Used to be I’m glad you’re here I have to tell you that when you think About all the content that the daily Wire is going to release in the month of June I’m proud i find that june the month of June fills me with the most pride Perhaps that i have ever been Filled with and so you can imagine how Happy i am and you’re gay you’re getting Gay i’m filled with frivolity yeah I’m both gay and proud in the month of June And i know you are too and i’m glad to See that our country is celebrating My sense of happiness joy and pride by Doing things like waving beautiful Rainbow flags over the vatican by Putting rainbow flags on the sides of Like abram’s tanks Going into battle the military saying

That what we bel what we are as Individuals is actually the source of Our strength ignoring the fact that They’ve been cutting the hair off of Teenage kids to make them all into Mindless automatons for you know Basically the entire history Of the nation it’s pride month that’s What i’m trying to tell you and it’s Good to be here with you gents In whom i’m also Proud it is very exciting i mean i will Say that that Obviously the timing of matt’s Documentary the release of it is not a Coincidence [Laughter] So i’ve seen it jeremy’s in it have you Seen it i’ve seen it i’ve seen it oh Yeah okay it is it’s a masterpiece You’re gonna you’re you are going to Love it and you’re gonna love it because Not only is it really entertaining and Really really funny like uproariously Funny it also happens to be extremely Hard-hitting and the points that the Documentary makes it’s these are points That all of your mindless friends who Seem to just pair it whatever comes out Of them as the mainstream media they Need to hear these points it’s an Important it’s a really important piece Of work matt you did a phenomenal job With this piece we’re going to talk

About like what it was like to make this Thing this is a year-long process well Before before though let me just tell People right now is the time to go sign Up at dailywire.com or go to what is a Woman.com become a daily wire member Right now because In 60 minutes you’re going to want to Watch the film and the only place you Can see it is at the daily wire as a Paid subscriber so again head to Whatisonwoman.com or dailywire.com get Your subscription right now by the way Not only will that allow you to see the Film but it allows us to make the films We absolutely cannot engage in this kind Of content historically the daily wire We make market monetize our content in a Single day that’s that’s great for us From a business perspective it allows us To be very efficient in the use of our Capital and grow the company we’re Taking big risks now we’re making Expensive content content that i mean Matt you’ve been working on this for a Year Traveled around the globe in order to do It The only way that happens is because of Our dailywire.com members and we need You to be one of those members if you Aren’t already so that we continue on This journey When you see this film

You will thank us for begging you for Your money because it is it is so Powerful So funny and now matt tell us about the Making of what is a woman i was kind of Enjoying listening to you guys I talk about being proud i’m actually Proud that because originally we’re Going to release the documentary in may And i think this is the first film in History that the release has been Delayed for trolling purposes I feel great about that Um and the film itself that’s that i Think The the thing that i that i’m proud of In the film is that it actually Yeah there’s it’s it’s funny there’s Some trolling elements of it we go to The women’s march and have a great time Trolling them there and that’s pretty Much all that’s about but uh but it’s Actually it’s a it’s a film it’s Actually a really good film credited a Lot to our of course our great director Justin folk um and Going around you know on this kind of Journey I think uh The theory Is that Going into it is that uh Gender ideology basically collapses Under the weight of

A question which is what is a woman And what i discovered and i i kind of Knew that going in i figured out what Was what would happen What i what we discovered though is that Actually gender ideology collapses under The weight of any question at all Um Yeah going into these some of these Interviews with you know some some Leading experts and Medical Authorities and professors and Everything else uh there were kind of i Had some questions ahead of time that i Was going to ask them and there are Certain questions i had pinpointed where I thought okay once i ask this it might Get a little bit tense it’s a little bit Of a difficult question But what we found is that is that once You ask one real question Any kind of real question That’s actually a question where you’re You’re expressing something kind of Skepticism in their worldview the moment You do that uh everything just falls to Pieces like one interesting thing you’ll See in the film is that A question like What’s the difference between Sex and gender Now in reality there is no difference Because gender is a meaningless word you

Know it’s like really talking about Personality and temperament but they’re The ones who invented this distinction And yet when you ask them well can you Explain the distinction they they can’t Do it everything starts to fall apart Just based on that yeah they’re their Own concept and they can’t even tell you Did you find yourself during the Interviews because i went in i had very High expectations It exceeded my expectations and i’m Laughing i mean that first third of the Movie i am bowled over laughing and then I find myself in the middle of the movie When you start really digging into some Of these questions with these people I wanted to throw my computer across the Room because of the The really evil things that they’re Describing doing to kids did you find Yourself having to kind of reign it in a Little bit when you’re talking to these People Yeah there are A couple interviews in particular which I think will be obvious once you’re Watching the film who who those Interviews might be but uh a couple in Particular where i really had to kind of Hold myself back i guess your instincts You want to start yelling and because You’re hearing things and you want to Sort of yell at them about it but um

That as fun as that would be to do Uh that doesn’t accomplish what we Wanted to do in the film i mean you Could start yelling and then i’m making One point Right um i think that what we wanted to Do was just uh just simply keep asking Questions just let them let gender Ideology basically hang itself Under the weight of the question it is Amazing the difference the way the The people who are Living a life based in reality speak in The movie like guys like jordan peterson Is that carl truman is that this yeah And the the lady psychiatrist i didn’t Catch her name uh you know the way they Just speak about facts and history and And ideas and put them all together Whereas everybody else is always Fighting back they’re always on the Defensive it’s always you can’t say this Because you’re not a woman or you can’t Say this because you’re something else You’re not identified this way or how Dare you ask the question why are you Actually asking the question and then The one that got the one thing that made Me furious is the misuse of therapeutic Language so they say why do you care so Much And what what i thought you did i mean i Think the film is terrific matt you Actually i don’t even like you so i

Think I’m telling you but but what you did Really well is you you had answers you Know because they come at you with Things that you might that might throw You off like you know why do you care so Much which is just just an insidious Stupid sleep there’s one other thing you Did yes you you were prepared you asked Questions the other thing that you Brought to this is being a stone cold Sociopath [Laughter] I know what will happen Your ability to walk into these Incredibly tense incredibly hostile Incredibly absurd environments And absorb it with a straight face yes That’s amazing Honestly it’s what makes the film it’s What made it possible for you to get What you got and i can say with absolute Certainty That none of the rest of us here could Have done anything like it It is It is because you all have human emotion That’s the first time anyone’s accusing Me oh well that’s unusual it shows yeah I don’t know what level we’re going Through three sizes I think There’s also a little bit of a pride i Think i had to overcome some uh some

Some pride in some at some points Especially when we made our trip to Africa And I’m asking them questions and sort of Presenting gender ideology to them and They Assume that i’m an advocate of these Ideas and they think that i’m completely Insane And so i kind of wanted to pull them Aside and say by the way i don’t really Believe this stuff but you know you Figured you don’t you don’t get kind of The The authentic reaction if you if you set It up what you really get i think from The film is a sense that This entire ideology is rooted in a in a Hatred of the fundamental institutions Of the society like the the basic Fundamental facts of life yes yes but Like Truth The difference between men and women Marriage like the the roles that Actually make life worth living and this Is the thing that that i don’t know if You saw president biden’s statement About lgbtqi plus we have to just we Have to keep a running tab on on this on This acronym because it’s now growing Beyond actually english letters we’ve Gone to sanskrit ampersands and tildas

And all sorts of fun stuff and um and The flag is getting uglier and uglier I’ve noticed like it started off as like A nice rainbow and now you have this Business yeah because gay guys are Fabulous and have a great sense of Fashion but once you add everybody else Into this mix well the gay guys are Being pushed out actually well that’s a Cool point i was gonna make so the one Of the things that’s so bizarre about The idea that there is an lgbtqi Plus movement is the fact that the basic Premise behind the lg movement is it Just complete Odds with the premise behind the Transgender movement the premise of the Lg movement is biological born this way Our behavior is unchanging it cannot Change and therefore you should be Tolerant of this sort of behavior in us The premise of transgenderism is there’s No such thing as biological reality Everything is free floating also if You’re a gay man you’re attracted to Other men right there’s no way Centralism to men and women that Underlies lesbian and gay but is a Complete opposite of of the transgender Movement which is why you now have the Bizarre spectacle of transgender women Who are raping women and claiming that They are women in the process using Their very female penises to do so and

The bbc going along with it by changing The pronouns and its stories to reflect This sort of stuff and and in so so joe Biden put out a statement on lgbtqi plus Minus divided by sign month and in this Statement He had what i thought was really telling Well uh telling line and you hear it a Lot and it was we see you for who you Are And that is such the opposite of the Truth because in order for me to see you As you are there has to be some sort of Objectifiable metric of what you are There has to be something verifiable and Objective If you’re walking down the street and You have an internal feeling there’s no Way for me to see you quote unquote as You are what this means is that you must Have your feelings about the world Validated by everyone no matter how Destructive they are no matter how Destructive to yourself they are no Matter what they are it all has to be Validated and no society can function Under those conditions because for me to Then see you as your means i have to now Take on faith things that are blatantly Untrue and direct odds with reality and That’s really what i think the the Documentary shows more than anything Else is that these people are saying Things that are blatant direct odds with

Reality and they are torturing children In order to introduce purpose the other Thing that you notice And you see this in documentary a lot But this is just the lgbt you know left This is what they do they all these kind Of sleight of hand Tricks and you brought up this question Of well why do you care so much well so Head on second you’re spending all this Time telling us that we’re supposed to Care yeah we’re literally throwing Parades in the streets like hey Everybody you should care about my Sexuality and then the moment that we Actually care and say okay let’s talk About they say why do you care so much So it’s a sleight of hand where they They kind of reel you in and then they Change well the object they they do this With all sorts of culture they say if You get involved with their culture they Say it’s cultural appropriation if you Ignore their culture they say it’s Erasure but there’s this there’s this Very visual element too about the movie That strikes me that really only you Could do because to your point ben in a Way it seems like the l and the and the G are opposed to the t right but in in Another sense there is a a commonality Here between the l and the g and the b And the t and all of them and and Feminism and every other ism which is

All of these movements basically say Men and women are basically the same So uh m m plus m Equals m plus w equals w plus w and the M could be the w and the w can be the m And a woman needs a man like a fish Needs a bicycle and so that’s the claim That runs through all of them and then There you are on screen This giant looking lumberjack guy with a Big bushy beard and you’re talking to These little girls and you say so uh What what do you think a woman is can You tell am i a woman you know and you Just think uh no you’re not whatever a Woman is you are not yet And it was it was shocking too you know When you’re talking to the experts you Know you’re talking to frauds and scams Scammers but when you’re talking to People on the street you would think at Least one of these girls would just say To you i am i don’t know And that’s the part and that’s and how Pervasive it is that’s the one thing and He’s kind of man in the street Everywhere we went we went out onto the Street and talked to people and we had So many conversations so much of it Obviously can’t make it into the film But the one thing that struck me a Couple things first of all this is Utterly pervasive it didn’t matter i Tried to predict ahead of time based on

How somebody looked how old they were You know would we get a normal saint Answer and it was impossible to predict I mean you talk to someone who’s in Their 80s someone who’s 18 it doesn’t Make a difference this is just infected Everyone but Um the people on the street what you Pick up on is They don’t want to give you a straight Answer but they’re they’re afraid like They’re scared a lot of times people Would tell us they would you know we Would we would tell people we would try To stop them and say we’re doing this Documentary would you talk to us and They say yes and we even tell it’s about Gender but the moment they see where the Questions are going they say oh i can’t Talk about this and they just when they Walk away because they’re afraid whereas With the so-called experts what you get Is anger you know they’re they’re They’re angry That you’re That you would deign to ask them any Questions at all because they think the Relationship’s supposed to be They tell you and then you just said i’m Supposed to sit there especially me of All people as just kind of this like I don’t even i don’t even go to college So i’m just i’m supposed to just sit There and say okay

Well the anger of the experts is the Source of the fear Of the everyday america that’s right Yeah and imagine too you’ve dedicated Your life From let’s say the end of high school Through college through graduate school Through your phd you’ve tried to get Tenure you have dedicated your life to a Nonsense delusion that you an uneducated Podcast host deflate with one question That i would be furious too because i Wasted my life but it is amazing how Quickly they throw you out i mean how Quickly the minute they see that they’re Not in One one of the people says to you nobody Disagrees with this except the dinosaurs Which is that’s the ugliest thing they Can say to you that you might be old you Might be unhappy but that person Actually says No one disagrees no one does and only Only when matt pushes back says no one Well the dinosaurs the dynasty the Initial statement is No one because you’re not a person if You disagree right and also remember Remember the the world that these people Live in i mean they And and that person knew that what was That that’s obviously not true but these People also live in a world where in Their world anyway nobody does

Discipline it demonstrates how by Creating a false consensus you can Convince an enormous number of people They must go along with the false Consensus and one of the things that’s Happening here this is a famous social Experiment where if you go to a busy City and you stand on a street corner You look up into the sky and just stand There for a few minutes then sooner Rather than later there’ll be 20 30 40 People who are standing there looking Into the sky because they’re assuming There’s a reason that you’re looking Into the sky and so if you base the Emperor’s new clothes is real if you if You generate a feeling that all the Experts all the wisest people among us Have said that this thing is true then You can get everybody to agree that this Thing is true particularly when it Becomes a sign not only of stupidity but Also of malice and evil for you to Disagree there’s also there’s a there’s An opportunity there’s one thing i hope People take from the film is that this Creates an opportunity for Those of us who are Yeah i don’t even say on the right just If you’re a sane decent person Because because they live all the Experts and everything the people that Are uh promoting this agenda they live In this sort of bubble

Um they’ve gotten they’re they’re weak i Mean they haven’t been they haven’t been Tested these ideas have not been tested And they’re not prepared to be tested so It doesn’t take much all we have to do Is have a little bit of a backbone and Ask some basic questions we could we can Win this is a gender ideology this is a Battle we can actually win i i i don’t Say that about very many things because I’m the i’m the pessimist but um we can Actually win this i think and i think i Think it’s the bottom uh Stick of the jenga tower because this is This is the place where you can say no You’re not telling the truth and you Know what you’re not telling the truth About race either you’re not telling the Truth about all these things that They’re you know This is why you know when you pitch i Hate to be an ad man i hate to be a Pitch man but when you pitch Subscriptions you know We’ve been doing this now for a long Time this is a this is a big moment for Us i think where we are moving into this Kind of content and we just can’t do it We’re not doing this on our own and I get so many letters conservatives as You know are naturally pessimistic That’s part of being a conservative and I guess so many others oh it’s over you Know forget it it’s done and i think

Well that makes it easy for you not to Do anything that’s right but you know i Mean people can actually help they can Actually be part of this and they they Think we don’t we don’t appreciate it They think we don’t know you know but we Know we know we’re we’re walking on Their water basically if they don’t if They don’t fill the tub we can’t go Anywhere matt we’re going to let you Step off set for a moment to go do Another interview and then Matt will be joining us again in the Meantime we’re going to have the Director of the film Justin fulk join us to talk a little bit About the making of the movie but i want To follow up on something on your point Drew which is When conservatives who are naturally Pessimistic Start to lament that there’s nothing That can be done i actually think that You know we’re in addition to being sort Of preservers of tradition and Institutions we’re also supposed to Carry the the light of Biblical Religion forward and from the first Pages of the bible god calls man to Optimism he says be fruitful and Multiply which is fundamentally about Creating and looking to a future looking To the unknown the the things that are

Very frightening ahead of us and Nevertheless Planting seeds in hope in hopes of a Harvest so to throw up your hands and Give up and give up is a fundamentally Anti-christian thing to do it’s a Fundamentally anti-american thing to do Supporting the daily wire becoming a Member of the daily wire isn’t the only Thing that one can do but one must do Something yeah you know to if you’re if You’re throwing up your hands in Surrender you are literally no good to Any of us if you’re doing anything you Have my gratitude if the thing that You’re doing is becoming a member at Daily wire we’re going to be good Stewards of that opportunity that Capitalizes our business it’s not a Donation we’re going to produce content And serve that content back to you but It but it is an investment You’re you’re planting seeds in in Trusting us that we’re going to bring About a harvest i think tonight we’re Going to make good on that promise in a Major way i think all through the month Of june we’re going to make good on that Promise in a major way there are other Ways to capitalize businesses you don’t Want us to capitalize this business that Way that’s the key that’s the key Because you you can get money especially For a company this size

There are really easy ways to get money That come with all sorts of strings and There’s an ideological component esg Environmental social and governance Policies that rip out the diversity and Inclusive policy yeah whoever gives you The money that’s who you’re indebted to And we want to be indebted to our Audience that’s exactly right and i Think one of the things that what matt’s Documentary is going to show you tonight And it really is again i can’t praise it Highly enough but i’m not going to have To sell it to you in about right 38 Minutes you’ll see yourself uh the the The if you subscribe which you should The what matt’s documentary really shows More than anything else is that The left wing ideology is a balloon and It’s filled with hot air and it feels Really really big i mean it’s looming There on the horizon and it’s just Enormous and it’s every corporation and You you log on to to watch espn or cnbc And you’re seeing Pride progress flags dedicated to the Notion that gender doesn’t gender Insects are completely separate but also The same and they don’t exist and they Do exist and yeah and it feels like You’re being beaten over the head with This matt is one guy with a beard a Camera and some funding from us and he Went to the the bastions of this

Ideology and with one question He completely collapsed it because the Thing about that balloon is it’s full of Hot air all it takes is all it takes is A man some tenacity a beard a million Dollars from the god king And the directing talent of one before Before we bring justin i have to say Personal note justin folk Did the first series of videos i ever Did the claven on the culture videos for Pj tv and i’m so happy to see he has Redeemed himself I had to do all of this to get here Thank you so much uh no guys thanks guys Thanks for having me and man what a Privilege you know to make a movie uh With you guys it really has been a Privilege uh i also want to thank you For ruining my hollywood career yeah You’re welcome whatever whatever we can Do for you i had some real ambitions of Uh directing glee part four So uh that’s kind of out the window now But uh no it’s been a privilege and and Working with matt has been awesome uh I’ve gotten to know matt and matt’s a Guy that like Has such an interesting personality is So funny but you have to kind of unders You kind of have to you have to watch Him and um and he never shuts up that Guy Yak yak yak all day

But when matt laughs he goes he Basically you know you know he thinks Something’s funny because he shows about Like an eighth of an inch of teeth He just does that but No this was great and what was your Biggest takeaway in the making of the Film Well um what moment sticks out to you The most I think i think i had a lot of takeaways I think the biggest takeaway i had that Came while we were making the film was How important this was Um You know when we started out and i kind Of matt told me the idea of the film I was kind of like i don’t know you know This is an engine this is an issue that People don’t want to touch they don’t Think it affects them they think that They can kind of live their lives with Their kids and do their thing and and This thing won’t Affect them in any sort of way and And i just felt like okay how do we do This you know how do you do a movie on This issue the gender ideology thing and When matt told me Sort of the method and you guys been Talking about the method the sort of Socratic method that he was going to go About doing this which was just simply Ask questions and then watch this thing

Unravel I was like wow that could work but it Really wasn’t until we got into it when We started to ask these questions and we Really began to find out How pervasive this is all throughout Society how it’s coming everywhere And how parents are having their rights Stripped away how kids are having their Lives and their bodies ruined um that’s When it really dawned on me like wow We’re really doing something important Here which is kind of the type Important decision for me too because It’s like am i willing to throw myself Out there as a director on this topic And do this and and the importance Helped that our dailywire.com members Are able to ask questions uh and this Question just came in for you without Giving anything away what do you think Is the most important interview in the Film The most important interview Um I think the most important interview is Probably we we have a transgender person A hero in our film scott nugent uh scott Is a person that transitioned from Female to male and tells the story of Course scott has endured some tremendous Uh physical difficulties and health Problems as a result of the transition But but more importantly scott speaks so

Well about why we need to prevent this From happening to kids specifically and I think because It’s such a human story it’s such a real Story It’s somebody who’s lived it i think That’s why that’s probably one of our Most important interviews that we did Yeah the most interesting the most Interesting interviews in the movie to Me actually are the people on the street And it’s it’s not that they have Anything to offer they don’t and that is What makes it so interesting they don’t Even offer the party line answer yeah They’re all everyone just about that you Speak to is terrified and speechless the Ambiguity is part of the weapon that the Left uses i mean ben you just you just Hit on this the idea that you know Sex doesn’t matter except that it does Gender isn’t real except for what it is You know all these All of the contradictions that are Inherent in transhumanism fundamentally Gender is a social construct therefore Here are 58 genders that no one in your Social order has ever heard of or Conceived i mean none of it makes any Sense and and that’s the feature not the Bug that’s right because then it really Comes down to the deconstructionist Point of view which is that everything Is power yeah the post-modernist point

Of view this sort of michel foucault Jacques derek point of view is that all Rhetoric all logic all this stuff these Are just systems of power that are Finding a way to express themselves yeah And they accuse you know capitalism Being a system of power or they accuse Free speech being a system of power but The reality is the reason they say this Stuff is because for them everything is A system of power because in the end They are petty tyrants and the idea is That if we confuse you so much that you Don’t understand what’s going on then if You and if you wrong step we destroy you Then the only safe path is to just Repeat everything i say it’s just say After me and if you don’t repeat it in Exactly the words that i am using then You must repent and if you don’t repent Then we’ll destroy you and if what i’m Saying tomorrow is different than what I’m saying today again that’s a feature Not a bug because you’re demonstrating Your fealty to the ideology by what You’re willing to give up if the idea in Any sort of ideological system is that Your loyalty to the system can be proved By how much skin you have in the game Which is fairly true right if you’re a Christian then you have to involve Yourself in certain practices go to Church every sunday you have to borrow Yourself from certain behaviors if

You’re an orthodox you have a ton of Stuff that you can’t do there’s just Certain things that you have to do and Not to when it comes to leftist ideology The skin in the game is simply you have To give up all Rootedness in logic and reason when it Comes to gender ideology and you have to Just pretend along with us and you have To mirror exactly what we say so if i if I tell you right now that biology is a Is a social construct but also that Children are born transgender if i tell You those two things simultaneously the Male and female are categories that Don’t exist but a male can become a Female by Doing surgeries to his body to make him Appear more like a biological female two Things which are in complete Contradiction with one another if you if You say those things then you say them You hold them in your head that is not Only demonstration that you are virtuous It is demonstration that you are willing To give up your own Mental health your own your own sense of Intellectual honesty To give up everything i mean in order to Be one of us and it’s all one of us kind Of stuff there was this really scary Aspect to that will thomas interview Will goes by leah the swimmer on the U-pen team and

I felt conservatives were reacting to it In a spike the football way like ha ha We got him you know he’s admitting that Transgenderism is false because he he Couldn’t answer the question he just Said well you know i don’t really care I’m happy now and i don’t care what the Other girls think i’m happy now to me That’s not a spike the football moment What’s so scary about that is he says Damn logic damn truth all that matters Is my will all that matters is my desire I mean frankly it not to be hyperbolic It’s sort of like the marquis de sade What why does your pain matter any more Than mine that’s absolutely true it’s Also orwell that’s one of the scariest Lines in all of literature is two and Two is not five two and two is not four It’s what the party says it is and That’s exactly what you’re talking about That’s right The leah thomas interview is astonishing By the way if you haven’t actually seen It the number of Unbelievably narcissistic things that Are said in that interview and and again Self-contradictory things one of the Things that lia thomas says and a voice Significantly deeper than my own Which is no great accomplishment except That leah thomas is supposed to be a Woman uh is that leah thomas at one Point is asked about the non-competitive

Nature of a biological man who is Enormous racing against far smaller and Biological women who went through female Puberty and he says well you know i took Estrogen and estrogen has made me slower And it has made me feel weaker and it’s Like yes that’s the point Isn’t it that’s the point so you had Like a year of some estrogen shots how About you try all of puberty yeah of a Bodily produced estrogen like uh how About that But it’s so awful because a woman is an Actual Kind of person and These women who are women go out and Become excellent in a sport in women’s Sports and he strips it away from them Who was it who wrote this what someone With a straight face actually said this Week that women’s sports were created to Protect men From having to lose to women Of having to lose to women who who was It ben i’m trying to remember who it was Is it comes i think for the new york Times maybe they believe it yeah the National park That’s the scary thing they do believe They do believe that justin here’s Another question from a person that Hasn’t watched one game in their life Here’s another question from a daily Wire.com member did any of the hostile

Interviewees recognize matt when he sat Down It’s a good question no actually uh they Not that i know of um But we did have cameras rolling as soon As we got in the room uh usually for These interviews just in case they did And And uh and and knocked over our cameras And stormed out but uh During the interview itself uh uh you Know it goes back to matt’s just ability To to carry on a conversation and just By the way don’t play poker yeah no Don’t do it like yeah it’s a no tug on Superman’s cape yeah Don’t play poker with them that’s what i Learned uh making this movie but They could not read him and so uh and That’s what We you know it’s a 90-minute film but a Lot of these conversations were about an Hour long right yeah and these people Were just and i had a good crew that That wouldn’t crack and they’re just Professionals and so they couldn’t read Anybody and they’re looking around you Can see in the interviews themselves They’re kind of looking around like What’s going on here yeah is this for Real is it what you know and matt would Just kind of keep the conversation going And And um

And so no nobody recognized him he’s Hard to recognize without the steering Wheel Will we get to see any of that extra Footage anything that wasn’t that didn’t Make the cut absolutely absolutely we Have so much great moments that didn’t Make the cut and uh looking forward to Get that stuff out there we africa was Incredible that was Some of the best stuff i feel like we’ve Glossed over the fact that you flew to Africa yeah in fact here’s a question From one of our members how does one Coordinate talking to a real african Tribe That’s a good question yeah no that’s a Good question uh no uh we went through The normal channels we reached out to Some what are the normal channels There’s a if you if you google Www uh uh talk to africans about Transgender.com It’s all right there um but no we we Just said hey we’re making a movie we Have some questions we want to go and Dig deep and and reach one of the tribes In africa there’s some film fixers that Helped us out they had producers on the Ground and it all came together Miraculously they all kind of just came Together and next thing you know we’re Out there and spent the whole day with This tribe um one little note i’d like

To say about the tribe and and this is Something that did make the the that Didn’t make the final cut that you could Probably see in the extra footage Is uh matt actually asked the tribe Um just about if anybody in the tribe Deals with depression or mental illness Or anything like that and And they just they just said no it’s Like an emphatic like yeah no no that’ll Deal with that here no you don’t we’re Happy we have nobody they have other Real concerns like lions coming into Eating everything But on the mental illness and the Depression thing it was like no Everybody has their they have an Identity and their identity is wrapped Up in their community and their role Within the community and what they do For the community that’s what their Identity is And it was it was pretty striking when You asked that question there’s an Article in the wall street journal this Morning uh saying that that democratic Uh wealthy societies have the most Mental illness because you become Severed from the roles that you so often Talk about that bring us into relation With one another and define you you know This is this is what happens when you’re Defined and the early die i i like to Read i think walsh likes to read these

Too the uh Biographies and autobiographies of Explorers in africa and one thing that Comes across all the time is they’re Walking into a system that works they’re Walking into a system where the women Know exactly what they do and they talk About well they don’t have power but They do have power they have enormous Power because they know exactly what Their role is and it’s essential to Their community they may not have uh Political power but they have the power Of creation and the power of homemaking And food making and all these things and And all of that vanishes when you become Part of a mechanistic society that’s Based wholly on the individual i have to Say you know very shortly after i Started working at the daily wire i Remember talking to my son spencer no Relation and saying you know i’ve been An individualist all my life and now That i hear it coming out of my mouth i Realize it’s not enough you have to be In relationship it has to be about who We are together and that’s what they’ve Basically thrown a grenade into that Entirety that’s exactly right i mean the Complete destruction of societal Institutions you have to understand that I think that that that is the goal Because this is a way of people feeling About themselves and one of the people

You interview in the film is carl truman As i’ve said before carl truman’s book The and time of the moderator itself is A deeply important book and And the the point that he makes in Essence as i’ve said before is that the Way that people used to identify was in Relation to their role in society you Were born into a biological body You you were born into a system Pre-existed you the world didn’t begin Turning the moment that you arrived now We have this conundrum and sort of Liberal democracy why am i bound by the Constitution i was it was born after the Constitution i didn’t consent to being Part of the social social compact and The answer is because you didn’t consent To me more either i mean this you you Are born into systems those systems help Define you and that’s not a bad thing That’s a very good thing that that helps Provide channels and boundaries it helps Take the evolved wisdom of society over Thousands of years and make that Accessible to you in the way that people Around you live and what is expected of You in terms of your duties and we used To understand that and now the way that We define ourselves is our authentic Sense of self-fulfillment and once you Believe that what you are is your Authentic sense of self-fulfillment you Are automatically oriented toward

Destroying all the institutions around You because all those institutions are Impositioned on the real you the real You is somebody who exists in the Absence of any of these societal Influences in the absence of any of These important institutions you can Just destroy the more the more Institutions you wreck the more Authentic this is like calvinism and Armenianism to me though that it’s i Hate false binaries that ideology Creates you know it’s free will no it’s Predestination no you have a cantaloupe Sized brain and you can’t actually Conceive of two sides of the same coin So you you pick it’s like it’s like one Guy’s a night owl and one guy’s a Morning person and they’re arguing over Which is the better time They’re both time like they are both a Real expression of time and this is true With rugged individualism versus uh you Know sort of corporate humanitarianism America’s sense of rugged individualism Is good it takes place In a society right community which is Structured around social order Liberty and disordered liberty not just Liberty And this is the other thing about this This uh therapeutic language that they Pull on matt where they say you know why Do you care the thing about therapy

What’s interesting is is you’re Non-judgmental about a person but you’re Not judging non-judgmental about the Situation if somebody talks to you and I’ve been in this situation because i’ve Been on hot lines and things like that When they call you up and they say i’m Cutting myself you don’t say oh that’s Great Right unless you’re in new york city by The way did you use those heroin ads No new york city crowd put out heroin Ads they put out oh yes They said be don’t be ashamed that You’re using heroin be proud that you’re Doing it safely yeah so yeah Yeah so no but what you do say is you Don’t condemn the person for doing it You sort of explore why they’re doing it You’re non-judgmental in that sense but You’re not non-judgmental about the fact That what they’re doing is better as I’ve said on this program before a Healthy society Has a has Liberals right healthy society has a Healthy left it doesn’t have an Ascendant left that on on the side of Arguing for trad community Communal living Lies wisdom and great great evil on the Side of uh liberalism and and Individualism lies great truth and great Beauty and great evil that

The nature of being humans is that none Of our none of our ideas taken to their Fullest most extreme version are good Because we’re not fundamentally good Right there’s this One of the things that religion does is It moderates us away from ideology now When you’re an early convert there’s the Reason that paul says not to put early Converts in charge by the way in the new Testament because early converts become Incredibly ideological incredibly Zealous incredibly dogmatic they become Very dug in on their ideas part of That’s out of enthusiasm and part of It’s out of fear they just grab Something they don’t want anybody They’re not afraid of doing this the Wrong thing you don’t know enough to Know whatever loopholes are but the Reality i think of religious life the Reality if you read religious thinkers Of all stripes across history real real Intellects is that everyone sort of Understands that God can only relate to fallen man Because those are the only men with whom He gets to relate right so there There is a There is a beauty in the sort of Humility that it takes to say i have These ideas i see wisdom and beauty in These ideas and these ideas are not all I’m not capable of understanding all of

Them and in terms of the relationship And and the idea that man has identity In relationship i mean one this is why Modern people don’t get socrates there Are lots of reasons not to get socrates But you know the fact that he aced to Death rather than being exiled because His identity would mean nothing if he Were outside the city but then even Furthermore God himself right god in judaism god Himself has a relationship with the People of israel and in christianity god Has a relationship with himself because He is three persons that i mean that That is where identity lies right it’s Not just some adam floating out i Actually believe i believe you know i Listen to you guys sometimes that the Protestants argue with the catholics and I sometimes think this is how god is Teaching us that institutionalism the The togetherness of it all and the Independence of it all are somehow going To have to be reconciled in ways that Our cantaloupe-sized brain does not Understand at the stake that’s where It’s going to be recognized You had me you had me right Here’s a question it’s obviously not Working The worst thing that happened at west Philly is that we agreed to disagree It almost comes back to us failure

Literally always comes out have we gone Through a single episode of backstage in What five years six years seven years Without bringing it back to the piece of Festival we either either get as we Either get back to that or we get back To what’s my favorite That’s right Question from a dailywire.com member Would this film work as a good Educational tool for church audiences Context i’m a newly ordained priest Trying to convince my bishop of this Cultural title wave hurtling toward the Church depends who your bishop is If you’ll be allowed to do it you know There’s a bishop in san francisco who Just got a lot of publicity because he Fulfilled his duty as a bishop and told Nancy pelosi that she’s in the state of Gravity whitney goldberg says that’s not His job Well we’ll be i mean you know literally His job but you know would be saint Whoopi knows archbishop whoopi knows but You know he this guy had the courage to Actually do his job and fulfill the Faith uh his name is cor de leone it Literally means heart of a lion you know So this is a guy who’s willing to stand Up if you have a bishop who has courage Which is a virtue and the prerequisite Of all the other virtues I think this movie would be an

Incredible Timely important Intellectually serious very funny Resource And if your bishop doesn’t like it maybe Don’t tell them about the viewing party Yeah i mean what i would say is for you Know age restrictions uh if your kid is Old enough to understand that these Issues exist so probably 14 15 and up Then it’s then it’s totally worth the Watch like all content that we make at The daily wire this is not Content for Uh Sort of superficial religious Sensibilities yeah right this this isn’t Like If you get that hard issues if you get The vapors then this is not for you Uh if you get the vapors though i don’t Think any single page of the bible is For you That’s what anything this is a very You’re trying to vapers you’re also Going to lose this battle i’m just going To say it’s straight out if it because Because what the left is counting on is For you to get the vapors i don’t even Want to talk about this i don’t want to See it i don’t hear about it and Therefore you just sit aside while you Watch them march right through the Institution so if you want to fight it

This is the only way to fight it and Every piece of content that we’re making At the daily wire we’re trying to Contribute something to the actual Conversation not the theoretical Hypothetical conversation That that very uh buttoned up buttoned Up people are having in there you put it Very well jeremy you say we make content That conservatives want to see not Content that they want to want to see Did you say that not a good line that’s Pretty good just one point in terms of The religious nature here and and it’s Something that i discovered in making This thing was uh you know With judeo-christian values were taught That were made in the image of god That’s that’s that’s what our society is Pretty much built on and this ideology Attacks that yep this is no oh yeah no You’re not in the Image in fact you might be a mistake And in fact you can correct that mistake In fact you can play god and correct That mistake and so it really it really Goes against the sort of this real real Down deep notion of we are made in the Image of god And uh and that’s why i think it’s so Destructive well it’s funny it’s funny Bill maher the big atheist said almost Exactly that he said what happened were All the babies putting the wrong bodies

Was there a mistake at the factory is This is this the version of captain Crunch oops it’s all berries you know i Mean this is what bill maher saying i Was thinking where do you think the Factory is built because because what They’re ultimately rejecting is the First pages of the bible right right There they’re rejecting the fundamental Reality of that that god made man In his image with purpose by design Uh Male and female he made them yeah again And the reason they’re denying this is They’re they’re not denying it because They don’t think it’s true they’re not Because they think it’s true that’s Correct For the same reason that i was just Talking sometimes i speak ill of the Zealots Of the dogmatic christian zealots but It’s the same reason Because it is their fear that makes them Unable to actually engage with the idea That may challenge the thing to which They’re holding on to their their fear Of being wrong means that you can’t Speak at all That’s the that is the that is a Base Human reaction because if they’re wrong See if if we’re wrong we can change our Minds but if they’re wrong their virtue

Is gone that’s right it’s also that it’s Also an attack on their identity yeah Right so the the the you hear this Language all the time what you’re saying Is an attack on me it’s a violent attack You’re erasing me you’re you’re well If what you are saying is that who you Are is not anything objective not Verifiable not in coordinates with Society Not in in there there’s literally Nothing to you except what you feel at This very moment then of course anything I say that disagrees with you is an Attack on you because you’ve literally Defined you as whatever you feel in this Moment so if i say something that makes You feel bad about yourself or makes you Feel that what you’re saying is Incorrect that is in fact an attack on Your identity which is why this is not Your identity it is a lie your identity Is not whatever you happen to think at This specific moment it is how you Orient yourself to the world and how you Deal with the fact that you live in a Biological body with the fact that there Is a society around you that has rules And that those rules exist because they Have been passed down from time and Memorial to help with the helpful Transition of the species toward Tomorrow and toward the creation of Children the most perverse thing that

I’ve seen the left do with this stuff is Pretend that it’s on behalf of kids it Is not on behalf of kids it is an attack On children it is an attempt to pervert Children in order to validate your own Sense of self-worth that is why it is so Important to have drag queens story hour For seven-year-olds it’s why it’s so Important to teach radical gender Ideology to first graders because it’s Not about oh there may be a transgender Five-year-old there’s no such thing as a Transgender five-year-old there may be Such a thing as a child with gender Dysphoria which may or may not alleviate Naturally over time there’s no such Thing as a boy who thinks he is a girl And and knows this in the deep Bare bones because that doesn’t exist There’s no such thing as transgenderism In that we’re saying that as an Ontological category right boys are not Secretly girls on the inside right and So they but they they When they say this is about the mental Health of children when you take a wide Vast swath of kids and you confuse them About gender at an age when they are the Most impressionable which is why we are Supposed to take care of innocent Children the reason that you are doing This is not to take care of the kids You’re deliberately confusing hundreds Of millions of children deliberately

You’re doing it to make yourself feel Better about yourself and you and you See it in these tick-tock videos of These first grade teachers or other you Know how good it makes me feel when i Talk about my gender identity with third Graders you know good it makes me feel When i announce my sexual orientation to A bunch of small children who gives off Flying hell makes you feel when you talk To a small kid about sex but this points Out why we feel We love this country we feel is Basically benign because for all its Sins which are human sins that are Always going to be there it basically Lets us find our way and form Relationships whereas for them it’s Always an imposition on that personal You know joy that they’re going to have Because they’re never actually going to Have it so it must be somebody’s fault Justin uh thank you so much for making This movie thanks for working with us on We’re going to get matt back out here But we’ll see you at the after party you Talked about how great it was to work With him i’ve never heard you say that About me i don’t know Have a good night For the rest of you now’s a good Opportunity there are 12 minutes before We bring what is a woman to its Worldwide premiere head over to what is

A woman.com and become a daily wire Member right now you have 12 minutes Left to catch the film in its debut you Will not be sorry and it will give us The power to continue making this Terrific kind of content going forward Some people have asked us you know if The film is so powerful if it’s so Important Why are we locking it up behind a Paywall and the answer is because A non-profit could not make this movie Right i can prove it there are a billion Dollars of conservative nonprofits out There and none of them have made this Movie the this is the the kind of Content That only comes into existence through a Profit mechanism it comes into existence Because of our dailywire.com members and Therefore We have to monetize it to our Dailywire.com members how how therefore Can it ever expand its influence well First of all We’re talking about it very publicly Not behind a paywall there will be clips Of it that are very public not behind to Pay well we give away 95 of our content Our business model is terrible our Business model is because we’re we’re we Have a profit motive and a missional Motive here’s 95 of everything for free We hope people will pay for the five

Percent that’s behind but i’ll go Further than that if this were behind a Paywall At netflix People wouldn’t be asking us that Question right because they would Understand that the number of people Behind the paywall at netflix is Sufficient that that would satisfy their Need for the for the film for the Content to have cultural penetration Well you only get there if you add the Subscribers so in a way people are Asking they’re saying you don’t have Enough subscribers we think this content Is so valuable that everyone should be Able to see it but we shouldn’t have to Pay for it that’s the first Contradiction the second contradiction Is We think that You don’t have enough subscribers For it to make sense for you to put the Show behind your paywall therefore we Will not add more subscribers to you by The time It only works if it works and the only Way that it works is if you join us Dailywire.comwhatisawoman.com become a Member now 10 minutes to go until the World premiere the other reason Uh yeah it’s a really simple concept Really it’s support the content that you Want and don’t support the content that

You don’t want which which i mean by the Way there’s this whole there’s this Whole controversy now over the new star Wars Tv show and the actress is complaining About the fact that uh and the uh and Ewan mcgregor’s come out and called his The own his own fan base racist and Everything and uh this is the game that Disney plays that star they always the Way they they put these characters out There who they know are unlikable and The audience isn’t going to like so they Could trap the audience into complaining About it so they can call them racists And virtues right and then but then the Problem is that is that conservatives Keep supporting that content even though We’re tired of that game and then There’s content Elsewhere that’s uh that’s the kind of Content you want but then you say well i Shouldn’t have to pay for that i Shouldn’t have to support it that’s just That’s just not how it works if you want The content and support there’s a lot of Stuff that we do the daily wire i think Almost everything we do that that can Only happen here i mean this film i’m Well aware of the fact that there’s i Could not have gone anywhere else to do This film for one thing because i’ve Cause i’m under contract but also But also because no nowhere else could

This film exist well um that’s that’s Because basically i mean not to pat Ourselves on the back here but that’s Because of the producers and what i was Going to say here is not just you know Because jeremy are wonderful though they Clearly are but really the major Producer of the film is the subscribers When we talk about the subscribers the Subscribers are effectively executive Producers on the film because it is Their money that is going into the film You guys have opted to give us your Money so that we can make stuff like This and we think of you guys as the People who are collaborating in the Creation of content that is going to Change hearts and that’s going to change Minds and again our goal is to get not Hundreds of thousands of people behind Our paywall but millions of people Behind our paywall so that every day you Have millions of people who are Ingesting content that is healthy for Them and that is good for them and it Helps change the discourse and that Makes you into a weapon for truth and For values that actually matter because It’s it’s not just for you know movies Like this aren’t just for people who Don’t know better they’re for people who Know but don’t have the words to speak And and and and i think that’s what Compete with us which changes it changes

Their landscape changes you’re also not Subscribing for what is a woman you’re Getting what is a woman tonight you’re Subscribing for the next what is a woman And you’re subscribing for the next one And you know this movie would not have Existed without all the support from our Members already The next one the slave for 2022 is Insane it only happens with your support So if you like it get excited for the Next one matt i have a question for you From one of our existing dailywire.com Members i’m sure a lot of people will Accuse you of editing to make these Individuals look weak and pathetic in The film what is your response Uh i i don’t think the kind of editing Exists i mean we would have to use so Many special effects To create this uh no there was i assure You there was there was no editing Necessary whatsoever um and you can see That if you actually watch the film That’s the kind of criticism that could Only exist From people who haven’t seen it and the Left already is already accusing us of That and the film doesn’t even exist for Them to see yet yeah um but if you watch It you can see very clearly that uh that This is this is just question Answer usually a non-answer but that’s That’s all it is that was one of my

Favorite things i think about you know The film is is the fact that you’re Asking all these people these questions And they they so clearly have no answers And you know the the simple fact that They then then a few months later you Saw these reports in the media where They’re like matt walsh when he asked us For interviews they’re all these yeah The daily beast said a whole piece of This matt walsh is going around and Asking people who are transgender Advocates for interviews and then he’s Filming these interviews and it’s an act Of cruel sabotage for him to ask these Questions and and they treat it like This like it’s a big revelation he’s Pranking them wait i thought you were a Transgender advocate who is literally Paid to answer questions about this i Thought that was your job giving you a Chance to answer basic questions also There’s a there’s a moment in the film To watch out for Where uh one of the interview subjects Actually says Uh oh i asked him a question and he says Oh i saw that in your questions Because Many of the questions we asked we we Actually sent them ahead of them because They asked for them yeah and uh and it’s Like okay here’s here here are the basic Questions we’re gonna ask sure go ahead

Got nothing to hide but Even those questions they they collapsed And answered they knew they were going To be asking them so that that is how It’s not it’s not borat you’re not Trolling them in that sense you’re very Open about what you’re doing and you ask Them very serious questions and they Can’t ask them he’s very you know the Only the only borat element of this is You didn’t just say i am a conservative And i’m a religious person because if You had said that stuff then they would Have given you the interview in the First place but that’s the the the Questions themselves are not a prank Questions are just questions at the risk Of sounding like a liberal asks a Dailywire.com member how was your mental Health impacted during the making of the Film Uh it was uh it was it was not great for Some of these interviews i have to say i Mean there’s there’s a couple of times When uh When we left and it was just kind of in Particular one of the people we talked To is a sex change surgeon put quotes Around sex change because obviously you Can’t really do that but and leaving That is just very it’s very sort of Draining because you’re talking to What is just evil i mean you’re you’re Confronting something that is really

Pure evil what they’re doing to people Also shouldn’t it be gender change Surgery if if they will actually grant That sex well it is a biological Phenomenon yeah now it’s actually uh the Term of art is gender affirmative Surgery which of course makes no sense The idea that you need surgery to affirm Something that are that you already are There’s an internal feeling right Exactly makes no sense so i want to Divert for one second and just say Because it is the beginning of pride Month uh Just how much i hate the term pride Month and how i i actually do think it’s Relevant to the topic of what is a woman Obviously this idea that you would take Pride pride In in things like your sexuality yeah or Uh your Preferential gender or whatever it is You know like I think as a general rule one should not Take pride in anything other than at Most Accomplishments this is why like Racial pride is such a anathema what is There to be proud about if you if you Were actually born some way You didn’t do it you didn’t do it yeah What is there and the key phrase there Is at most because i read this old book You know

Pride goes before destruction Before a fall and i believe it it’s the Queen of all vices is what uh thomas Aquinas said and andrew clavin said it’s The vice of all queens uh there there is A distinct version of pride though like Civic pride National That’s right yeah that’s a completely Different idea but part of what you have Here is people Sort of boasting in things that they Also claim Are innate And to me that that seems like the one Thing the only thing that i think is a Little bit off about this is we do take Pride when our children go off and have Children you know but that because Because you take pride out of a sense of Accomplishment In a way part of what you’re proud about When your child goes off and is married Your child goes off and has children You’re you’re proud that you raised them To be the sort of people and created People who create people you know of Course that that is a compliment and i Mean you’re not so proud of if your Child is hunter biden and he desires a Child with uh Somebody on you know but but i think This idea i mean almost all things that Involve the word pride are are shameful

People who feel ashamed you don’t have a You don’t have a pride parade if you’re If you’re not ashamed i mean There is also something a little strange Which is that there are three main Things that june is called uh national Dairy month it’s been that since 1930s I’m celebrating that for yeah naturally And you know all americans eat dairy uh The month of the sacred heart of jesus 23 of americans are catholic and pride Month At the highest number according to Gallup 7.1 percent of americans are lgbt How can we pick the lowest one why don’t We celebrate national dairy month or Whatever we’re coming up to two minutes Now before the world premiere of your Film uh what is the one thing you want The audience to take with them into this Experience As they sit down to watch this movie Uh well i tell you that the thing that i Want To answer a different question what did They take out of it like after they Watch it um because i i’ve been thinking About this because one of the things That we’re hearing from people is well Are you preaching to the choir Especially if it’s behind the paywall And all that and we’ve already kind of Responded to that but uh this idea that The pri the choir doesn’t need to be

Preached to yeah I kind of reject i mean the choir is in The church too right we ignore them and I actually think that that’s one of the Most important things that we can do is Sort of equip uh people who are Nominally at least on our side with some Basic Tools to go out and engage with these Things and also just kind of like Presenting okay here’s here’s here’s the Issue informing i mean there’s a lot That we can do even for people on our Side and i hope that that’s one thing Equipping of the saints is an actual Calling and i you know someone said this Earlier ben it may have been you that Most people have not actually had to Come face to face yet with the reality Of the trans movement it’s something They’re aware of it they know somebody Who knows somebody who’s dealing with it Especially if you don’t live in the Coastal cities uh i think that this film For a lot of people this will be their First time to see the real evil uh That’s being foisted on our society we We talk about the kids that’s obviously The most egregious place that it’s being Voiced in but not the only uh place that These ideas are being voiced and they Are They are meant to destroy society they Are meant to destroy uh social cohesion

They’re meant to destroy the world as we Know it because they believe that a Better world lies on the other side of Tearing down the world that we all love And defend so thank you for making the Movie i can’t wait for the audience to See it what is a woman.com if you’re not A member yet hurry on over there For those of you who are already Dailywire.com members or have become so Uh while watching this we thank you if You’re listening to this in podcast form Or watching it on youtube not live but In the future Good news the movie is already there for You head over to what is a woman.com and Become a member to see it and for those Of you who are joining us live sit back Relax and enjoy what is a woman Oh You know who i am And i have no doubt that god will Forgive you But i hate god [Music] How are we gonna make it out here I know it’s been hard This is our dream heady build a home on Land call our own Just got to have a little grit [Music] I’m heading to town grabbing supplies Look at your mom god won’t you Might have fun morning to you ma’am and

To you Is your husband at home Get behind the stove with your sister They came looking for your paw that’s Why they’re out there taking their time Just take where you want to go But what we want is You your father’s walking into a trap It’s our turn to protect him She is a sensible woman this is Michaelis sharing cut out for this Deep down You’re a tough woman’s territory Those killers outside having to feel God’s wrath [Music] Kill them all Marking five take one This was the second time he exhibited That behavior 11 months earlier mark I never been So Hurt inside My eyes [Music] And even if i’m speaking to you right Now It’s starting to come back [Music] This is an autonomous zone 23 out of 24 hours in the sun no tv no Magazines no books no nothing so anytime A customer brings a counterfeit bill You see we have plenty of them

We tell them hey this is counterfeit if The customer insists then we call the Police How did you feel Watching the trial i thought it was a Sham All right so i just want to start it With just you stating your name for the Record as well as your professional Background i have been a police officer In the state of minnesota for almost Four decades forensic criminologist And certified medical investigator and Police practices expert It’s a good moment here it’s like we Lived together almost uh i guess It was about four and a half years Almost five years so you guys in in many Ways were some of the people that were The closest to him And i don’t remember seeing your faces On the news or anybody talking to you so I guess let’s just start with that you Guys knew him best so Who was george floyd She’s right we haven’t told our side of The story maybe it’s time for us to Tell our story you know You

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