Daily Wire Backstage: The Red Wave

By | October 27, 2022

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Will our famous art ever be safe from soup-throwing climate activists? What do the guys think of Jordan Peterson’s advice on marriage? Does anyone know what’s growing out the back of John Fetterman’s neck?

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[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Laughter] Welcome to the Daily wire backstage Joining me tonight Ben Shapiro Andrew Klavin Matt Walsh Michael Knowles and I Your low your lowly god king lowercase G Lowercase k Jeremy boring we’re very Happy you’re here and want to tell you That right after this show as per usual We will be doing member block and that’s A time that we go behind the paywall and Just interact with daily wire plus Subscribers there who make it possible For us to do what we’re going to do Tonight what we do here at the daily Wire every day they’re a big part of the Team a big part of the mission we’re Very grateful for them so head over to Dailywireplus.com click that subscribe Button if you want to join us at the end Of the show for a member Block in the Meantime we’re going to talk about a lot Of great stuff a lot of good stuff some Might say great and good stuff uh only One of us would actually say that that’s Andrew klavan because he likes to name Things in such fashion I want to talk a Little bit though about the election Obviously this is what is on everyone’s Mind we’re only two weeks out from what I think I

I know you guys may not think this it’s Probably there’s an original Contribution it may be the most Consequential election of our lifetime I Tried to trademark that today anyway a Very important midterm election if ever There was one and Because we’re going to be covering uh Live here at dailywireplus.com on Election night as as we are want to do We’ll get together we’ll have Candace Here with us we’ll have also the daily Wire uh news crew with us John Bickley And uh and team from the morning wire And election wire will be joining us I Asked them if they would stop by tonight Maybe give us a chance to ask them a few Questions about what’s happening during The election what what their predictions Are what it’s looking like and so I want To welcome them to the show uh here we Have Cabot Phillips and John Bickley It’s John Bickley and team Small team yeah hey yeah we’re excited About election night and the polling is Fascinating the debates this week Were kind of incredible I we saw Something last night we’ve never seen Before with this fetterman debate It was stunning it was alarming in many Ways but uh what we what we’re seeing Here is there’s a wave Wet Red Wave Coming a red wave coming might be a Tsunami certainly in the house the

Question is the Senate and we’ve been Tracking this in terms of the polling We’ve got some original polls some Exclusive polls with Trafalgar group That have been very fascinating very Light enlightening but we’ve also looked At some other polling the Harvard poll That came out a couple of weeks ago I Think defines this election it Summarizes it for people what is this Election about it is an election about The Miss priority prioritization of the Democratic party with what the voters Prioritize if you look at this Harvard Poll it asked voters hey what do you Prioritize what are most important to You The the top three inflation jobs Immigration Then it asked what do the parties Prioritize what do you think the parties Prioritize and you have a perfect Alignment of the Republican party with Those priorities Immigration inflation jobs The Democrats there’s not a single issue Within the top within the top four of The priority prioritized issues January 6 is number one for Democrats January 6. Maybe maybe dead last in the poll Abortion that was number five still not In double digits for people in terms of Priority and climate change those were The top three for Democrats

The Democrats looking back on this this Election cycle are going to say we Misprioritized and it’s not even about Hey did people like your answers do you Even care about the issues that voters Care about is the question here we saw That last night and one of we were just Talking before the shows and one of the Debates the question of crime came up And the Democrat just blew off even the Importance of the question Mike you had Lee zeldin this Republican who Shockingly is leading okay at least According to some polls in New York and I know I mean I’ve worked Republican Campaigns in New York there are a lot of Republicans and conservatives in New York and they they almost never really You know make it over the Finish Line Especially at Statewide races selden’s Doing very well right now over hokel and He kept hammering crime and and zeldon Has been almost the victim of some Pretty serious crimes recently and Hokel’s response of course was Lee why Do you keep bringing this up why is this So important to you why do you care About putting people in jail and I just Think if you you’re a New Yorker I don’t Care how blue you are you’ve got to Listen to that people in front of subway Trains in New York City I mean KREM is a Massive issue in New York and hokel blew It off like it was nothing you saw this

By the way across the board there’s Another debate that people aren’t paying Attention to which was the Tudor Dixon Gretchen Whitmer debate over in Michigan And Whitmer was getting hammered over And over and over again by Tudor Dixon On her handling of covid and this to me Has always been the elephant in the room You know the people are still really Ticked and they should be ticked about How they were handled by their local Government during covet and and the Economy and inflation and jobs and Immigration a lot of this actually is Still proxy for the coveted policies That locked everybody in their house and The rage that people feel yeah and all The money that they printed to try to Cover it up yeah exactly translation as A result of that exactly and so you know When when Whitmer had no answers for That tutor Dixon is now running within Spitting distance of of Whitmer a month Ago shooter Dixon was running 10 points Behind 12 points behind now that that’s Looking like a two three four point race And you have Titan and you have chank Yuger out in Washington Los Angeles our Old stomping grounds saying that he’s Going to vote for the former Republican For governor for mayor I’m sorry for Mayor bass who was theoretically going To be the VP pick for Joe Biden she’s One of the finalists for that that’s an

Incredible hit on the Press too now the Little Gallup polls seven percent of People trust the Press they invited After that shooting outside of zeldon’s House they invited him outside to talk The Press said would you come outside And talk to us so he came outside and Talked the first question was why are You politicizing this incident Invited me out here you know and the Press just looks so clownish trying to Cover for these guys trying to cover for Fetterman who was falling apart it it’s A real blow to them and I think like Nobody’s paying attention to John Durham Because he keeps losing these stupid Little cases he’s bringing but he’s Destroyed the press in in court and just Shown how dishonest they have been and At this moment they look there’s there’s A real worry though especially watching The Federman debate obviously I I Actually didn’t make jokes about it on My show today because the guy has Brains It’s almost impossible it’s very Irresponsible make jokes on my show I Went in wanting to make jokes I did make jokes These Palace monsters at the end of the I went in thinking I was gonna make Jokes and I watched two clips of him and Then I watched three clips of him and Then I watched four clips of him and Suddenly it turned from this is Comic

Into this is actually quite tragic but He’s also but my defense of making jokes Is that he has put himself he’s put Himself in this position because of his Thirst for power and as I also brought Up that you know it’s it he he is Responsible for that but it’s also a Democrat Party putting him there at Least in his wife exactly his wife I Think Jill Biden and uh fetterman’s wife Are just failing in their responsibility This is a unique aspect of the American Democrat Party that they genuinely and Not just of recent vintage but for most Of my life they’ve taken the position That if you run someone and they are Actually incapable of serving it is Perfectly acceptable just to give the Job to their spouse right I genuinely Don’t understand you know the guy who Won I guess an Oscar and Emmy for that Don’t look up the one about David zero Yes he actually sent out a tweet saying You know being a senator is not hard but You know we we he can say yay or nay Just as well as any of the other Senators and he said he actually said it Has nothing to do with character it has To do with just what they vote for I Thought so voting for Donald Trump is is Fine right so on one hand on one hand We’re told that if we give the election To Republicans it’s the end of democracy Right and the end of civilization but on

The other hand at least jobs don’t even Matter so give it to a brain I will say Though in his defense foreign policy is Made by the bureaucracy most domestic Policy is made by the bureaucracy Frankly I don’t know even a man with Brain damage might be able to be a Senator a lot of these guys are making The case frankly for direct democracy I Mean if the basic idea is that we don’t Even bother electing people to exercise Independent judgment it’s just a Straight up vote then why don’t we just I’ll mine poll everybody and we can Decide what to do as a country I want to Ask that I do want to ask the election Wire guys you know looking at the polls Right now I’ve seen some ballpark Figures on the chances that Republicans Take the Senate you can see Nate silver For example say that he thinks it’s like A 50 50 toss-up but it seems like the Momentum is moving pretty strongly in The direction of the Republicans can you Go like a quick rundown on on the Closest Senate races and what those look Like right now yeah so Republicans are Coming in right now knowing they’re Going to get at least 48 that’s assuming You throw in North Carolina and Ohio Which got very close over the summer They were clarified as taller classifies Toss-ups Republicans have pulled ahead There so they’re coming in at 48

Essentially of the last five toss-up States Nevada Arizona which Wisconsin Pennsylvania Georgia Republicans need to Win three of those five states if They’re going to get to 51 and as you Guys have talked about as crime in the Economy are increasingly on the minds of Voters you see them coming up the most In the debate as we’ve seen Dobbs and That ruling really fade over the summer More and more people are prioritizing Crime in the economy that’s what’s Driving this Republican you know Optimism that we’ve seen lately and now You’re starting to see the polls reflect Then all five of those States now Republicans are either tied in the lead Or within one or two points but Cabot is It too late and one of the tricks that The Democrats have pulled right over the Last couple of election Cycles is is Pushing off things like debates where The voters get to actually hear from Candidates until well after voting Actually begins when we’ve essentially Destroyed even the concept of an Election day have too many people voted For the tightening polls to play vote in Pennsylvania since September 500 000 People at least in Pennsylvania have Already voted the good news is though With that debate if you look at some of The early voting totals Republicans are Well well ahead where they were in 2020

Even in Georgia well ahead where they Were in 2021 so there’s been a huge Uptick in the number of people voting Early a lot of that’s because of after Covid a lot of people voted for the First time remote they said oh I kind of Like this let’s keep doing that but you Got to think a lot of that has to do With people being fired up to vote and Republicans in Georgia for example They’re making up a much higher portion Of the early vote than they were in 2021 So it might be too late um you know Remains to be seen But Republicans Shouldn’t be too discouraged if they see A lot of these early voting numbers Coming in well Stacy Abrams be able to Hang on Interesting point brought up by Robert Cahali from Trafalgar he said he thinks A lot of Republicans are voting early Because of suspicions about how votes Are cast and counted yeah I’m more Worried about I already voted to come in The 2 A.M after they shut down that Could backfire that entire strategy Could backfire Democrats in this Election cycle I think a lot of Republicans are also thinking like I’m Thinking well I don’t know what election Day is going to bring am I going to be Busy or whatever I went vote voted two Days ago because she’s like I want to Make sure that I’m not busy I mean I’m

Going to be here right we’re going to be Covering this stuff so I actually went And voted with my wife we got our votes In as fast as we possibly could one of The things that’s really fascinating is The the kind of clarification this is Pretty typical well as you get closer to The election the mind really begins to Clarify about two three weeks out from The election you start to see the polls Really start to tighten this happens Nearly every election cycle exactly and In this one you’ve really seen that Happen in a major way and all of the Trends are moving in One Direction This Is why people are talking about a wave a Wave only Moves In One Direction so if You look at these races there are a Bunch of races that seem like they were Out Of Reach and they’re no longer Out Of Reach and some of these races which Frankly Republicans should probably lose Given the candidate quality and here I’m Mentioning Herschel Walker whose large Segments of whose voter base might be His children are Herschel Walker could Easily be dragged across the finish line By not only the fact that Rafael Warnock Is not but also by the fact that Brian Kemp is dramatically out running Herschel Walker and Stacy Abrams Remember Stacy Abrams was supposed to be The president of the universe according To Star Trek and and Stacey Abrams

Getting crushed by Brian Camp Brian Kemp Is upsourcing six and ten points you Want to see the red movement in this Country Florida is an amazing example Miranda Santos won his seat in 2018 the Gubernatorial seat he won that by 30 000 Votes over a meth addict who was caught With a gay prostitute in his hotel about Six months later and now is under Indictment by the doj he won that race By thirty thousand votes he’s currently Up in the polls of 11 points in the Average okay it’s not in one poll it’s In the average there’s a poll that had Him up 14 today I mean so so Rhonda Sense is running away with that Marco Rubio is supposed to run into Competitive race with Al demings he’s up Six points in that particular race when You look across the board a lot of these Races in the summer he had like a Somewhere between a four and a six-point Lead over over Walker that is now a dead Heat you look at Oz and fetterman Fetterman six months ago had like a 10 Point lead on Oz and now the polls are Showing Oz either dead even or ahead Blake Master is an amazing example of This right Blake Masters running six Points behind markelli suddenly Blake Masters is running absolutely within Margin of error in Arizona and Carrie Lake who Democrats made an enormous Mistake because they backed Carrie Lake

Thinking that if they backed an election Denier then suddenly she was going to Lose the main election the problem is That she’s amazing on TV she’s really She’s horrifically charismatic she could Easily drag like Masters over the finish Line and then they’re the unsung heroes Right Adam laxalt people are now taking A seat for granted that’s in Nevada by The way Nevada’s going to go Republican It’s gonna have a republican Governor It’s gonna have a republican Senator Ron Johnson he was expected to lose that Seat he’s going to win that seat walking Away in in Wisconsin so now they’re Talking maybe don balduck is competitive Against against Nagi Hassan in New Hampshire that race was supposed to be Over so when you see all the trends Moving in One Direction it means you’re Going to start to see some weird people Winning and so what I’d be interested in Actually from both the election wire Guys and you guys do you have any Sleeper picks and my sleeper pick is Zeldin over hocal I think that I think Zeldon really I think Zelda’s gonna win That race I I think the reason I think That zeldon’s gonna win that race is Because you look at New Hampshire at New Jersey yeah in the last election cycle Right where Phil Murphy won his last Race by 13 points and suddenly she had a Rally like nobody even knows how to

Pronounce his name he comes within a Whisker of almost beating Phil Murphy in That race who in New York is enthused to Go vote for Kathy hokel who I mean Nobody even knows who she is no one ever Has voted for it that’s exactly right She just keeps speaking she’s run out of Spots where she can inherit them because Somebody can’t keep their pants up like There’s literally no one until now it Was like she she was in Congress and now She needs to elevate so whoever is above Her has to she has to gain that seat Because the guy can’t keep his pants After he gets involved in a corruption Scandal same thing with the governorship Well now there’s no place to fail upward To so you know I I think zeldin is going To outperform in that race nothing at All to offer the voters and this is I Think the problem for Democrats in General is that they only have ideology To run on they run entirely on ideology But most Americans are not ideological It’s it’s people always talk about What’s the kitchen table issue but Really it’s what are the things people Think about when they first wake up in The morning and you see there in that Poll there it’s like people think about You know how they’re going to feed their Kids they think about am I safe or is my Family safe uh whereas for Democrats you Know it is abortion it’s January 6th and

This is the big argument that they’re Selling in the New York Times is what’s Wrong with you people you should be Voting on principal instead of filters Yahoo was the greatest he said he said You know people worry about inflation is How Hitler came to power You don’t want to be poor Hitler coming in off the top rope in That particular tweet I mean my goodness You didn’t see that one I came into your Office looking for a job and he said Yeah I’m going to bankrupt your company And destroy all your people but I Believe in abortion [Laughter] Yeah and it’s also New York I think New York 17 there is a very good chance that Sean Patrick Maloney loses to Mike Lawler I agree I that happens to be be My old District it’s redistricting Change the numbers I I was on the race Where Maloney won for the first time He’s a very good candidate that’s why he Was a Clinton guy that’s why he became The head of D Triple C I think he’s weak There right now I think Lawler’s run a Good campaign the Republicans are Obviously doing very well in New York Right now if Maloney loses I believe he Would be the first head of the D Triple C which is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to lose his seat While he is running the organ is it

Possible it’s absolutely possible and It’s interesting also when you look at The D Triple C Michael as you bring up One of the the best uh you know kind of Full Circle moments that we’ve seen this Cycle came from then they sent an Internal memo to all of their house Candidates around the country right and They said in 2020 defund the police Absolutely killed us we have to run away From that find a former Sheriff find a Current police officer get someone in Law enforcement to cut an ad for you Saying that you support law enforcement That’s an internal memo they sent for as Far as other sleeper races go though I’m Looking out at Oregon they have not had A republican governor in 40 years that’s The longest drought of any state in the Entire country two things right now seem To show that Republicans going to win First off the current Democrat outgoing Governor Kate Brown is the least popular Governor in the entire country in Polling her Protege is the Democrat Nominee Tina kotek she’s hugely Unpopular in the state right now but She’s the nominee also there are three Major candidates on the ballot Betsy Johnson is running as an independent She’s a lifelong Democrat with a very Popular huge name recognition in the State she’s pulling 10 to 20 percent of The vote away from the Democrats and

Then you’ve got the Republican Christine Drazen she’s in the low 40s high 30s but That’s enough to win this race because There are three serious candidates Oregon could have a republican Governor One other interesting note there Phil Knight the founder of Nike famously Hates Kate Brown the current governor he Has donated now three million dollars to The Republican Christine Drazen because He wants the Democrats out of power in Oregon where he has the Nike Headquarters and then there’s Michigan Michigan was not in play it is now in Play Tudor Dixon within three I think Ben maybe mentioned this Gretchen Whitmer was above was ahead by 17 18 points just two months ago that Race is within three in a lot of polls That’s one difference You’ve been talking to voters on the Street right tell us what they’re Thinking This has been really enlightening and Again we talk about you know the polls We we listen to other pundits the people On the street is all that matters They consistently again it’s the pattern Is amazing what are your priorities That’s what we ask them what do you care About most what do you think is going Wrong in this country and it’s crime And it’s the economy the economy of the Economy the economy inflation all the

Different iterations of the economy Answer you can imagine Almost none of them responded with Abortion that’s the number one issue and You’ve looked into those numbers Democrats are sinking in uh tens of Millions into the uh abortion messaging Almost none of them have responded that Way it is the economy it is crime it is Immigration we consistently hear that we Actually have a little reel for you guys If you want to listen to some people From the street that we talked to from All over the country let’s let’s Tee It Up Well I think fentanyl’s number one for Me obviously it’s the economy and then Crime so I live in Philadelphia crimes Very important so I’ll rank crime number One women’s issues number two inflation Number three no doubt the border the Electrical cars they’re pissing me off And also inflation as well I mean I’m Not made out of money I don’t think Anybody is securing the border so drugs And anything else that’s coming across That’s not legal doesn’t come across There’s not enough batteries technology To cover that many electrical cars you Can’t do away with gas cars you can Everything is through the roof the Economy the border and getting the Bidens locked up Not to mention the Biden’s getting

Locked up but those are people again Those are people from all over the Country that’s not just people from Nashville as people from all over the Place you hear a really consistent Themes there Johnny Cabot thank you guys For the work you’re doing over at Election wire and we look forward to Seeing you here with us again on Election night we do too thanks Oh I’m doing this yeah Fellas This reminds me of expressvpn There was someone out there who kept a Log of every single thing you did every Minute of the day I think that would be Pretty creepy but what if I told you That’s exactly what happens every time You go online your internet provider is Allowed to store logs of every website You’ve ever visited and you can legally Sell this data to anyone that’s why I Always use expressvpn Express we begin reroutes your internet Connection through their secure servers So your internet provider can’t see or Log what you do online many of you might Be wondering well if I’m routing all my Data through a VPN then doesn’t that Mean that the VPN can see what I’m doing And log my data instead Very clever you’re right to think that Many vpns claim to have a no logs policy But they’ve been caught logging customer

Activity anyway expressvpn was the first Major VPN provider to engineer all of Their VPN servers to run in Ram this Makes it impossible for their VPN Servers to store any data including logs Of any expressvpn customer you don’t Have to take my word for it or Expressvpn’s word for it expressvpn is So confident in their no logs claim they Even had one of the biggest Assurance Firms audit their technology it’s no Wonder that The Verge named expressvpn The number one VPN in the world stop Letting people keep logs of what you do Online visit expressvpn.com backstage Right now and find out how you can get Three months free that’s exp Rssvpn.com backstage expressvpn.com Backstage to learn more Matt that was Wow yeah so enthusiastic like butter I Did tell them that I don’t think I Should be doing any of the ads but they Forced me to do it so I’m going to give You the opportunity to redeem yourself Since we obviously just lost an ad Sponsor And that’s by talking about the Unbelievable event that you hosted here In Nashville last week to end child Mutilation I think everybody out there Knows that you’ve been the leader in the This battle over the last several months Uh the work that you’ve done in exposing Vanderbilt Hospital here locally uh the

Work that you’ve done and trying to Organize legal opposition to that uh in The state legislature and governor’s Office I think that it’s really heroic Work but this this event is something Unique we’ve never as a company been a Part of anything quite like it and you Know I happen to be out of the state at The time I wasn’t able to be there I Just I really wanted to hear from you What what was the experience like of Assembling you know three maybe three Thousand people uh And and speaking to them about what I Think is one of the most important Issues of our time yeah I haven’t been a Part of anything like that either I Don’t think anyone has because there’s You know there have been uh sort of Disjointed efforts across the country by People that organize rallies but there Hasn’t been anything quite to this size Or scale and uh so go going into it I I Know I was certainly nervous Um Because it’s it’s a gamble there’s a Risk that uh if you’re you know if You’re kind of if you’re planting your Flag and saying and calling your shot And saying we’re gonna have a big rally And we’re gonna speak out and then only 300 people show up then it it tells you Know it sends exactly the opposite Message what you want to send and we are

Working at a disadvantage as Conservatives because uh first of all we Don’t have any of the institutions on Our side the media is not going to Advertise for us but then also Um conservatives in general just aren’t As Eager to get involved in activism they Don’t know how to do it yeah quite as Much it’s not it’s just not they don’t Have the the the systems in place and And they don’t want to risk their their Reputations and their jobs I mean their Exactly and they have jobs to begin with So so there’s there’s you know all of Those things you’re worried about and so That was my concern going in I thought We would get a good turnout I was hoping For a thousand and uh show up there on The day of and we had uh police estimate Well if you listen to the media we had Hundreds that showed up but uh the Police estimate that we had about 3 000 That showed up so it was exceeded my Expectations and it was just uh the Crowd out there was They were They were very passionate it was a we Hear about diversity from the left it Was very diverse crowd of uh you know It’s hard to Peg well it was it was was It a younger crowd an older crowd I Think it was just a wide variety of People most of them were local just

People in Nashville or in Tennessee that Came out And uh and of course the the left showed Up too and and it was It was kind of Interesting because I’ve been to other Rallies before I’ve done I’ve been to Plenty of them and in my experience at Rallies and marches and that sort of Thing there is a there’s a section that They say well if you’re a counter Protester you go here and then if you’re A part of the actual event this is where You go but at this event they for Whatever reason they were allowed to Just you know it’s on government Property so first amendment so they were Allowed to come into the crowd and and You know the counter protesters that Came right up to the front they had bull Horns and sirens and everything wow Um but it didn’t Matter it didn’t it didn’t derail any of The speeches and I think in the end it Actually helped us because I mean they Were outnumbered 20 to 1 but but also it It just showed this incredible contrast Between These kind of normal everyday Americans Who are concerned about protecting Children versus these crazies with these Vulgar disgusting signs screaming into You know uh screaming incoherently into A megaphone I think it was a really Helpful I saw the video clip of

The counter protester with the bullhorn Literally screaming in a woman’s face Like yeah it’s I don’t think it’s an Exaggeration to say I could have done Damage to This Woman’s hearing like what Are you trying to prove at that point Right and she and and the woman you know She just stood there she wasn’t rattled By it that was the theme of the other Thing I was worried about when I showed Up and I was happy about the crowd but The other thing I’m worried about is That you know a lot of our speakers Chloe Cole’s a d transitioner she’s 18 Years old Um not a professional public speaker Right and so my concern is well going up In front of this crowd with people Screaming in your face Um are you going to be able to to handle That but she did all of our speakers Did A phenomenal job you also didn’t only Have conservatives and Republicans as I Saw I was also overseas but I saw the Pictures and video you had a Democratic Presidential candidate who showed up Did we I think you did yeah Well former Democrat but at the time she Ran now she’s she’s independent but she Uh yeah Tulsa gabbard came and speak of A great speech uh of course Senator Marshall Blackburn our we had our our State legislators and that the other Thing we want to accomplish of course

With the rally was uh we want to send a Message to the to the country that this Is a movement and that people care about This but the other practical concern is To send a message to our state lawmakers That you have to follow through on Getting this law passed because the People in the state care about this yeah And uh and the message I talked to the Lawmakers after the fact and before and They were just blown away by the crowd They hadn’t seen anything like it before Uh so I think it achieved exactly what We well I haven’t spoken to you about This but I I spoke to a lobbyist here in The state who said that not only are They highly confident that the state Will take legal action and that Tennessee will be a leader in the nation Of stopping this because of the work That you’ve done but that in the wake of Your coverage and in the wake of this Rally they’ve also heard that Alabama is Taking steps to go ahead and get ahead Of it and Outlaw this this horrible Practice of of you know castration Amulation of children in the name of Radical trans ideology too so I mean I Think it’s it’s unbelievable work that You’re doing and I I want to point out that when you see The daily wire doing these things when You see a suing the Biden Administration To stop the vaccine mandate when you see

Us you know putting out this Unbelievable content like Candace’s Greatest lie ever sold George Floyd and The rise of BLM or what is a woman when You see us being able to put these Events like like your in-child Mutilation event on it really is in in No small part because of our members at Daily wire plus who In in a very rural way have made an Investment in the daily wires ability to To do the things that we do that I think It’s fair to say oh no one in in my Lifetime in the conservative movement Has had an operation again two hours Which is a a for-profit uh growing Thriving organization uh that is also Highly highly effective and in some ways That’s like saying you know there’s Always that New York Times headline That’s like a uh Crime decreases despite increasing gun Ownership or whatever like crime Falls Despite increasing gun ownership right It is because the daily wire is a For-profit company that we are so Effective the reason we’re doing more Than any organization in the Conservative movement is done in the Last 40 years is because we’re driven by Business principles because we’re Because our live our economic lives Depend on us continuing to be successful Continuing to deliver for our audience

And and in particular the part of our Audience that subscribes or the part of Our audience that becomes members and That means giving them unbelievable Content but it also means giving them uh Unbelievable accomplishments missionally I think that that is part of the actual Value proposition for the people who Become members at Daily wire plus They’re saying yeah we want new content From Jordan Peterson yeah we want member Block yeah we love what is a woman it’s An awesome documentary yeah we also love That you fight we also love that not Only do you fight but you win we also Love that you guys uh instead of being In that sort of non-profit cycle of lose repeat lose fundraise repeat You seem to be more in the cycle of when Tell us about us about it ask us to Trade value for value and then go win Again and so I think this is just it’s Amazing I think it’s it’s also important To juxtapose what you were doing and and You know what we as a company have been Doing with what the White House is doing Because I think people there’s a whole Group of people out there many people on The right who do not understand the Nature of the battle and this has been a Historic problem with the Republican Party it’s been a historic problem with Conservatives that conservatives shy Away from what they think are the

Hottest battles they think that it’s too Scary if we if we invest in these Battles it’s going to make us look mean Or it’s going to make us look cruel and The natural outcome of that is that the Left keeps pushing and pushing and Pushing and transgressing and Transgressing until there’s nothing left To transgress and well one of the things That happened this week at the White House is what I think is the most Morally perverse thing I have ever seen At the White House which is a hell of a Statement because I’ve seen a lot of Moral I mean I wasn’t there for Bill Clinton and Monica but but this this was In many ways worse honestly like people During JFK was yeah yeah Dave Clinton Around there’s there’s some pretty bad Stuff but but I but in terms of the Ideological immorality of what we saw at The White House this week I’m not sure It’s ever been surpassed so there’s a Person for those who missed it named Dylan Mulvaney Dylan Mulvaney was a Former Broadway star was in Book of Mormon and Dylan Mulvaney started a tick Tock series after becoming lonely during Covid and starting an Instagram or a Tick tock rather in March of this year Started a a process of transition Declared that he in fact was a she and Started doing a series called day blank Of girlhood and so it was day one of

Girl day two of girlhood and these Videos are absurd I mean they’re absurd They’re stereotypical they are somebody Called it Woman face it is Woman face it Is it is mockery of women in the name of Women the day one is this this man Dressed up in a woman’s outfit and Speaking in a in a high-pitched voice Talking about I cried three times today And this is what makes me a woman on day One of being a woman I’ve only been a Woman for one day and I cried three Times and then we have this person doing Cutting videos about how he walks around In in in very short shorts that Demonstrate his manhood and how people Are staring at him because of this but He’s going to normalize that on behalf Of the trans Community okay so this Person did has a series of AD contracts With a bunch of different makeup Companies ranging from sarave to Mac to Ulta and this person did an interview With another non-gender binary person Gender non-binary person uh for Ulta They went viral because villanovania and This says I I’m I know now that I can be A mother spoiler alert you can you’re a Dude ain’t no way ain’t gonna work the White House invited Dylan Mulvaney to The White House to interview the President of the United States the President of the United States who will Not grants an interview to reporters

Like to actual people who do this for a Living because the president of the United States can no longer speak words Out of his face hole but this person did Invite Dylan Mulvaney so Dylan Mulvaney Is sitting there and asks the president Of the United States this is a man Dressed as a woman pretending to be a Woman asks him about exactly the issues The man is talking about ask the President what do you say about all These states that are attempting to ban What they call gender affirming health Care which is one of the great Euphemisms of all time gender affirming Healthcare for those who have not Watched Matt’s documentary the short Version is socially transition to kids Sterilize a kid mutilate a kid that’s That’s gender denying yeah sex denying Healthcare it’s sex to nine Healthcare And the president of the United States Says it is immoral not just illegal Immoral to deny any kid this sort of Care immoral he said this from the Position of the White House to a man Dressed as a woman and this was seen as The height of Bravery by the media is The president of the United States Standing up for the principle that boys Can be girls girls can be boys and that We should mutilate children and and Mandate that states allow the mutilation Of children to that effect and when we

Say that Matt is standing up to Something that’s very powerful he is Standing up to something that’s very Powerful there are people been pooing These sorts of issues for you ah what Drag queen story are who cares ah you Know when it comes to translating the Kids who cares ah you know what a bunch Of bad school books at the libraries who Cares the answer is everybody cares Everybody should care and Matt is Proving that everybody should care you Know I have to say I made a discovery First of all Matt good on you you know This is God’s work it really is that I Think gender is a fascinating and Complex topic butchering children is Demonic and I think you know if nobody Stops it it just goes on but I actually Sat down so that you guys don’t have to And read the book gender trouble by Judith Butler which is really the book That started this all it is the Underlying philosophy and is famously Written in this very very uh Obscurantist prose who you can’t Understand what she’s saying and so I Actually went through it what fascinated Me about it is that her premise and mass Premise are exactly the same she starts Out by saying that the problem with Feminism is they keep talking about we But there is no we because there’s no Such thing as women that’s essentially

What she’s saying so I thought gee Here’s the woman who started this and She agrees with you you know they are Eliminating the category of female from The human population because it’s she Says she she makes the argument Basically that only men exist in our Horrible chauvinistic mind and I I don’t Want to go into it too deeply because It’s so stupid and so empty and so based On nothing no factual material but You caught them you caught them that is Exactly what they’re saying they’re Saying ladies you do not exist your your Lives don’t exist the experience of Being in a female body uh and and having Children be a possibility of having Periods of having all the things that Women have in their lives that most of Us here respect deeply and think is one Of the great parts of of uh human nature But this is such no it has no reality This is such an important point because A lot of people think that transgender Issue the ones who poo poo it like Ben Is saying they say oh this cropped up in The last five years nothing but it’s It’s the same premise that you had in Feminism which is men and women are Basically the same it it flows naturally Into the gay marriage movement which is Men and women are exactly the same flows Naturally into the transgender Moon Which is men and women are exactly the

Same so when you’re fighting against That you’re not fighting against some Weird fad on a college campus five Minutes ago you’re fighting against an Issue that has been building for at Least 60 years maybe longer further I Mean listen to Carl Truman who also Appears in our film but this goes back To normal yeah it goes right it goes Back centuries yeah it goes back to the Like the whole idea that that what Matters most is Percy Shelley I told Carl to stop picking on Words With Though he makes all he mixes all the Romantics together but conservative Romantics were great I think the the to Your point about about what Joe Biden is Doing I actually appreciate it because He I it’s like we’re a team now we’re Working together Because he is he is showing that the Fact that this guy first of all you got This this guy who decides he’s going to Become a woman and uh and a few months Later he’s got corporate sponsorship He’s invited to the White House to speak On behalf of women this is the you know I’ve never believed in the idea of male Privilege but now I have to amend that Because there is male privilege as long As it’s a male who pretends to be a Woman has the most privilege of all in The future all the best women will be Missed exactly and so he ends up he ends

Up in the white house and we’re doing This rally it’s kind of the same hope Sort of having the same effect which is To show people that this is happening And that it really does matter because This is the this is the the number one Hurdle we’ve had to get over in the Fight against this gender ideology Madness and is is that for for a lot of Conservatives they don’t even understand And not even just conservative just Normal people they don’t they don’t Realize that this is happening how Pervasive it is uh that’s the probably The the most common Feedback or reaction I get to what is a Woman I hear from people including People that you think are clued in like Politicians would tell me oh I saw that I had I had no idea that all that stuff Was happening and uh and when you’ve got Joe Biden speaking about mutilating kids From the White House I think it shows That this is going on it’s happening and We have to the other thing is you you Have to show up physically okay yeah so I talked about how how on the left They’re much better at uh at activism And but that’s a crutch that we have to We can’t we can’t rely on anymore uh Because it does matter to actually show Up it’s one thing to tweet about it talk About it as we do in conservative media But you have to the the image of of

Actual human beings out there holding Signs against it well the whole the Whole issue hinges on the physical body It’s no surprise and they’re they’re Right about that actually you do have to Physically show up I didn’t believe in Uh gender transitioning previously I did Not believe that a man could become a Woman but when you say that this Dylan Fella cried three times in one day I know Well if that joke and hang out with These gentleman makes you want to die Well then perhaps you should think about It we all hope we’ll never need life Insurance but mortgage payments Child Care other expenses don’t just disappear Once you plot life insurance through Your workplace may not offer enough Protection for your family’s needs it Won’t follow you if you leave your job Since life insurance typically gets more Expensive as you age now would be the Time to buy because literally tomorrow You’re going to be older than you are Today policy genius gives you a smarter Way to find and buy the right coverage For you and your family policy genius Was built to modernize the life Insurance industry their technology Makes it easy to compare life insurance Quotes from top companies in just a few Clicks to find your lowest price with Policy genius you can find life

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Everyone has bought into but they didn’t Realize the consequence of that ideology We’re going to be and that ideology is Essentially this is Truman’s point that Identity is to be found in the sexual Pleasure Instinct and anything that Inhibits it needs to be destroyed and Because we as a society have bought into That so much that what we are is just The sexual Instinct what we are is our Feeling inside and literally all of our Modern literature is written on this Basis all of our movies are made on this Basis and my favorite examples of the Center of Disney movies where it used to Be that when it was Pinocchio was about How do you learn to do your duty so you Can become a real boy and now every Movie is how do you find your inner Bliss so that you can truly be free how Do you Buck society’s conventions in Order to truly be yourself because we’ve All bought into that model we never saw This coming and so when people actually Take that to its logical extreme which Is you ought to celebrate however I feel And if I feel like something that is Absolutely counterfactual you should Still celebrate it and it’s a denial of What makes me me then people are shocked By it they it’s it’s like the lights Suddenly go on and what makes it even Harder is that in order to root that out You can’t just root out this particular

Issue you have to root out the entire Ideology you have to you have to Actually start to see identity in a way That we have not seen identity in the West for solidly a hundred years you Have to go back to fundamental Principles about what makes human beings Human beings what makes human beings Fulfilled and that’s something that many People in the west are just incapable of Facing up to because again when you Spend all day every day thinking about How do I feel and what will make me feel Better which is what we are trained to Do from the time that we are small kids I mean it’s Brave New World we are Trained to do this stuff from the time That we are tiny kids this is what C.S Lewis called the the great movement of Internalization because once you lose Contact with the idea that there is a Spirit in whose image you’re made There’s nothing but it’s what’s inside You and so it becomes arrows becomes the Most powerful uh I mean this is Freud’s Point right I mean this is it this is no He’s part of it he’s a big partner Exactly and so you know there’s Something that I’ve started to do and I Want to do it more and that that is Re-term what I think the left is now They’ve been calling themselves Progressive fall falsely for generations And what they really are is

Transgressive that all they are is Transgressive all they want to do is Tear down all of the standards all of The institutions they want to transgress The transgression is the point Everything has to be torn down and it Has to be torn down so that you can be Liberated on the inside and the Destruction is not it’s not the bug it’s The feature what’s another simpler word For transgression Well sin would be you know I have to Type bend that I I they’re the Transgressives they hate to give you This great compliment on the air that’s That’s so good and it’s so much better Than we used to say they’re not the Progressive left they’re the regressive They’re not regressive but it’s like by The way when you use regressive you’re Granting the progressive point because There’s a backup but transgressive That’s it because you’re saying there is An objective moral reality here and These guys just transgress it every step Of the one that’s the goal the goal is They have to they must destroy and you See it by the way in literally Everything I mean I know later on we’re Going to talk about what happened at This art installation but I mean that That the the destruction is the point The destruction is the and they have to And by the way they have to train the

Kids right it’s important to train the Kids in transgressive mentality because You can’t take a normal human being and Tell the normal human being who hasn’t Been brought up in that transgressive Mentality that it’s good to destroy all The things that person relies upon you Have to take kids who are tabula Raza And don’t understand any of the Institutions and you have to tell them That their greatest happiness is to be Found in joining the mob and turn things Down it’s not like you wonder why They’re doing drag queen Story Hour why Are they targeting the kids why can’t They just do it for adults because they Can’t do it for adults the whole point Is they’re building an entire generation Of people who are going to engage in This when we talk about grooming it’s Not grooming for sex it’s grooming for Ideology the ideas you’re going to Ideologically groom kids so they are Part of a group of people who celebrate You and by the way they openly say this Remember there’s a video that came out Not all that long ago a couple years ago Actually I think it was the San Francisco gay men’s chorus you remember This one yes yes they put out a video They said we’re gonna we are going to Make your kids we are going to make your Kids gay right and they do a whole song Talking about how we are we’re coming

For your kids yes we’re coming for your Kids and then they took it down because It was too close to home and people Noticed what they were doing they said The quiet part out loud and they said Yes we’re going to make our kids fair And we’re going to make our kids Tolerant and we’re going to Build a Better World on the bodies of your kids And that’s that’s what’s going on here We are When you talk about how we’re Conditioned to accept a lot of the Premises here I think also conservatives Have a condition to accept this trump Card of uh well if it makes me happy and If if someone says well it makes me Happy then then the conditioning is the Well then okay if it makes you happy it Makes you happy this is one thing Filming what is a woman and going around To cities all across the country and Talking about people about these issues That’s one of the most common responses That we heard is just that uh well you Know this is what I believe but if it Makes somebody happy then they should be Able to do what makes them happy and you Know I had a moment at um Uh are what is a woman screening our Most recent one which was a Wisconsin-Madison where I was talking to A young man who’s transitioning to you Know try to become a woman and he said

That uh well I take this medicine and it Makes me it makes me happy Um and that’s supposed to be the the Trump card that we’re supposed to back Away from of course I tried to explain That you know that’s not actually Happiness it’s not happening it’s not The goal of life it’s not the goal of Life but it’s also not the goal of Medicine medicine the point of medicine Is not to make you happy in the moment It’s your overall Wellness your overall Well-being it is it’s it’s to treat What is actually wrong with you and There’s nothing wrong with with with Your male Essence that’s who you are but What the lectures also done is they’ve Played a wonderful trick here which is They said in the 60s the personal is the Political right this is one of the big Slogans how you act personally is an Action against the man right if you Decide to Buck the patriarchy by Engaging in premarital sex or extraneous Sacks or Alternative forms of sexual Arrangement this is Bucking the Patriarchy right the personal is Political and then you say okay well if The person is political then I don’t Like your politics and I don’t like that And I think that that’s wrong and they Say well how dare you attack me Personally yeah why would you do that Why you’re attacking my happiness and

The answer is I don’t care about what You do personally nearly as much as I Care about what society says about what You do personally right you change the Rules of society and that’s what makes The difference right this was always the Argument about gay marriage the argument About gay marriage was always you know What do you care if two men get married How does it affect your marriage how Does it affect your life and the answer Is that marriage doesn’t affect my life How Society decides what is a Relationship that is worth upholding and Cherishing and what a society decides is Not worth that does change marriage is a Fundamental political institution That’s right and and when it comes to The rules of the road who makes the Rules of the road matters an awful lot And and conservatives have run away from This I think in the name of sort of a Value neutral libertarianism right the The easy the when the left wasn’t quite So crazy you could make the argument That a neutral space was going to be Enough right okay you do you and I’ll do Me and we’ll all get together at the end Of the day and we’ll have a beer and It’ll be totally fine when the left Started to take over all of the neutral Spaces and bar everybody else and then Demand that you lose your job for saying That men are men and women are women and

Started to demand that we be able to Take your kids away from you I mean the Craziest the craziest piece of Legislation that won’t be crazy in five Years I guarantee it because I’ve been Saying for at least five years that it Was going to be a thing is this piece of Proposed legislation in Virginia by the Virginia Democrat who suggests that CPS Should be able to come and remove your Child from you if your child goes to School and expresses gender confusion And then comes home and you say no Billy You’re a boy that CPS are doing that in Canada right 100 and by the way this Will be this will be common practice in The United States within the next five Years in California in New York in New Jersey I’m The thing about this is though you know This so much of this has to do with the Press because it’s hard it’s hard for me To even pick on Republicans who are After all politicians this is what they Do that’s their profession their Politicians their basic goal is to be Loved and re-elected they’re surrounded By this press and if you’re in DC you Are literally surrounded by this press That is telling them that they are bad People if they disagree and so if they Say well the economy is not working if They say well this is more practical You’ve got to put criminals in jail they

Can get away with that but if you say You know what you can’t change from a Man to a woman the press as one sits on Their heads and say you are an evil and They break but this is where the crowd Matters so the perfect example of what Matt’s doing right now you’re you’re Basically what you’re doing is on a new Issue what you’re basically doing is What the pro-life movements in the Aftermath and bro right because in the Aftermath of growth you actually look at The constituency of the party there’s Pretty broad spectrum overlap in terms Of abortion there are a lot of Pro-abortion Republicans there a lot of Pro pro-life Republicans there were some Pro-life Democrats at the time right and Pretty quickly the political incentives Started to change and they started to Realign and suddenly you could not be a Pro-choice Republican this was not Something that was considered widely Acceptable and for the Democrats it was The opposite you could not be a pro-life Democrat you can’t you can’t name a Police Democrat today in the Democratic Party and what you’re doing out there is Performing the political function of of What you should be doing which is Politics is not about electing the right People politics is about making the Wrong people do the right things and That starts with changing the incentive

Structure and that starts with the Public pressure campaign do you think Any of these politicians five seconds Ago cared about school boards I think Any of these politicians five seconds Who cared about the Andy you think any Of these politicians five seconds ago Cared about the transiting of the Children they didn’t even know about it Right it’s because people wake up and That’s the job of what Matt’s doing and We’re proud to sponsor a lot of that Work here at Daily wire but but you know Mapping out on the front lines and all Of us talking about this stuff daily Raising the awareness of people who then Go to their politicians and say you best Do something about this or we will turn Your ass out of office That’s what’s going to change and then It is it is about the family too because What is the basic thing that people will Show up for they will show up for their Kids and and mothers especially I think Will show up for their kids and that’s Why they want more and people are Parents are terrified Of of what’s happening to kids Especially parents that send their kids There there’s there’s no way to Overstate this this is this is I mean Parents are I talk about people wake up In the morning worried about uh for a Lot of parents I think millions of

Parents this is this is probably number One even before the Academy I agree with You they might say you know in in a poll Or something that people name the Economy it is something people care About well because because they think About their kids as a political topic so When you go to someone and say what’s The most important political issue they Right they don’t associate the feelings That they have about there but I will Tell you I moved it was a massive factor In me personally moved my family out of California yeah I said I said to my wife In 10 years it will not be possible to Raise my kids religious and traditional In the state it is not going to be Possible plus you’d be a Target you Personally oh a hundred percent I mean But even if I weren’t I just don’t think That the left is going to make it Livable I don’t think the transgressives Will allow tradition to exist again the Entire basis of transgressive philosophy Is that tradition is bad and must be Torn down this is another area where you Know the the the right has sort of lost Its way and that is we lost the even Though the language to defend tradition The language defend tradition used to be Really simple you see it by the way like I was just in Israel one of the things That you see from people who have not Spent a lot of time with sort of the

West and here I’m talking about Sephardic Jews were places like Morocco Right the Israel is broken down into Ashkenazik and spartac you have the you Have the people from Eastern Europe who Tend to be a little bit more High income Than you have the people who are from The Arab areas so the people from the Arab areas are fairly new immigrants Like in the last 50 60 years they they Moved to the state of Israel because the State of Israel is only 73 years old and So a lot of them if you even ask them This stuff they would look at you Cross-eyed in the same way that the Kenyan tribes men were looking at you When you asked them about this stuff Like what in the world they’re giving And if you ask them can you justify to Me why what you’re saying is true they Would look at you and they would laugh Right they wouldn’t try to give you some Sort of secular humanist explanation for Why what they’re saying is true they Would look at you and they would laugh And by the way that is the proper Response of a human being to absurdity Is to laugh at the argument but we have Lost the capacity in this country to Laugh at the argument specifically Because we have said that it is no Longer good enough to just say listen my Tradition says and it’s it’s worked for Several thousand years that what you’re

Saying is stupid right you’re not Allowed to say that anymore and so what You end up with is this bizarre Situation or huge swaths of the West Have no language to even discuss these Issues so Jonathan height gives a really Good example of this in the Righteous Mind Right he says go to a college Campus today and ask college students Is there anything immoral about a man Going down to the grocery store buying For this his example my mind going down To the grocery store buying a frozen Chicken bringing it home and copulating With the frozen chicken And if you ask most college students They will say no it’s a victimless crime There’s nothing immoral about a man Copulating with frozen chicken if you Ask most people of every other culture On planet Earth they’ll say of course There’s something wrong with it there’s Something wrong with him what in the Actual world but we’ve lost the language In the west to be able to just say that And we’ve lost The Bravery in the west But this is the thing this is the thing That they’re doing it’s an actually an Act of idolatry as Barfield would point Out what they they think is by changing The map they can change the territory There are structures of language that we Use language is a rude tool it’s not It’s not an exact tool language is a

Rude tool which with which we try to Describe what our experience of symbols To describe oh we can destroy the Language and therefore we’ve destroyed The reality which of course is is Exactly the definition of idolatry the Fact is there’s certain words that are Primary words man and woman are two of Them good evil God is one of them There’s there’s nothing to compare it to You know Republicans conservatives tend To find well a woman is this a woman is That we all know what a woman is it’s Beyond language every every single you Know my my little grandson knows who Mommy is and who daddy is and that Mommy’s a girl and that they don’t have To be taught that they know it they Absolutely know it there’s no way to Basically argue this you just have to Say you’re an idiot and laughter is Exactly the right you know there’s a Great concept I mean that’s such a great Point on even I remember when I was a Little kid and I asked my dad I said you Know Dad I was probably three years old Dad I remember it clearly the difference Between a boy and a girl right the boy The boys have short hair the girls have Long hair right he said oh there’s a Little more to it than that but it Didn’t matter my definition is just as Good as any other you know exactly and And that there’s this great concept that

Leon Cass the great bioethicist at Uchicago makes which is he describes the Wisdom of repugnance to use John Heights Example of going home with the chicken Or or many other examples there are Certain there was just one that cropped Up in the press the other day and they Said why would it be wrong for two Siblings let’s say the two siblings are The same sex twins to have an incestuous Relationship because their twin there’s No risk of procreation no worry about Babies or anything else yeah why so why What’s wrong with that and For most people spur the moment they Probably wouldn’t give you the rational Explanation for why that’s wrong not Saying it can’t be done but they Wouldn’t give it to you but we have Something which is a wisdom of Repugnance and that carries a hell of a Lot more weight than some cockamami Answer from a man in a dress talking to The president on air but it’s Interesting if you read Jonathan hate Because there is this movement this Evolutionary biology where they say oh All this evolved and created the fact That when you smell something disgusting Uh you know you you suddenly think it May be immoral they think well this just Evolved it would be the only the moral Sense in that case would be the only Sense that we’ve evolved that refers to

Nothing you know our eyes refer to Things that you can see all right yeah You know the moral sense refers to Morality an actual thing that is Actually there and Jonathan hate is Interesting because he makes the Argument basically that it’s all evolved But something in him stops which is not True of uh Paul Bloom I think his name Is yeah it’s not true of him he calls This he calls Evolution the origin of Good and Evil right in his book which is Nonsense but Jonathan stops and says you Know there may be something to this There may be something to this Repugnance and I think that’s the only Logical sensible way to behave yep That’s absolutely true and you know some Something I I always consider very moral Is you know for my beautiful wife to Come back and spend the night in my bed In our marital bed now I’m not inviting You to my marital bed but I’m inviting You to a similar bed when you check out Helix sleep okay please don’t knock on My door but you can have your very own That’s right baby you can have a great Night’s sleep with Helix you gotta go Check it out they have got I’ve had Helix for I think two years now they’ve Got several different mattress models to Choose from soft medium firm mattresses Mattress is great for cooling you down If you sleep hot mattress is great for

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You know two of our uh compatriots Aren’t with us tonight Candace is off Baptizing her her child in the UK I Think you were with her briefly in fact I would you know you know why I got Picked for Godfather tell me why it’s Not you’re not a Godfather I’m The Godfather actually you know what so some People think you know you’re Sicilian That’s why that’s obvious it’s not the Catholic thing has nothing to do with it It’s so that I can grant favors on the Day of my goddaughter’s wedding yeah That’s fantastic and of course Jordan Peterson not with us although He was with young Spencer Clavin in Athens uh two weeks ago and he was with The two of us in Israel the week before That and and uh that an unbelievable Experience he jet sets more than any Human he he is a force of Nature and Right after this show tonight we will be Releasing our our new special with Jordan the first episode of our new Special on marriage I’m really excited about our project With Jordan you know we we announced in June that he was joining daily wire plus Uh but we didn’t have a lot to show for It we had that first special which is a Tremendous piece of work Dragons Monsters and men and we had his podcast In members block uh okay that’s great he Was doing the podcast pre-existed us so

You know we’re very happy to have it but It’s not like something that daily wire Brought to the table Between now and the end of this year Which is only two months since We’re going to be releasing so much Incredible Premium exclusive Jordan Peterson Content that has never been seen before Or can’t be seen anywhere else people Aren’t going to believe the the body of Work that we’re putting in uh that we’re Going to be putting into the world Starting tonight with the first episode Of marriage We haven’t Incredible special uh coming out with Jordan on vision and an incredible Special that he shot in Athens on Depression and anxiety and how to face Those uh those demons we have Well I can’t even talk about all of it Because it’s not my place some of it is His to announce but I think it’s fair to Say that by you know eight weeks from Today there will be I don’t know 20 hours or 30 hours of Premium exclusive Peterson content that We’ve been working on since June we’re Really excited to bring to bear I’m thrilled about this one because on The night that we announced that Jordan Was joining us at the Ryman we had an Unbelievable conversation about marriage

I think it’s something that our audience Really responded to we’ve gotten so much Great feedback about it So we asked Jordan just to expand on the Issue and he did so in this three-part Special on marriage you can get it Tonight right after the show if you’re a Member of daily wire plus again uh you Know our members are what make it Possible for us to make really premium Content like uh this marriage special uh And so they’ll be able to watch this Tonight you can head over to Dailywireplus.com click that subscribe Button and I brought here for sort of a World premiere I hate that Jordan isn’t With us for it but we’re going to get to See the first minute of the special That’s ever been released right now What grows you up responsibility Sacrifice a vision of the future and so People grow up when they get married and Probably get better to get married when You’re young because then you grow up if You’re still an adolescent by the time You’re 40 you’re a creep You’re the sort of person that you don’t Even want to be around So you don’t want to be the oldest Person at the Frat party that is not Pretty it’s there’s something rotten About that and I I mean in that in that Contemptible sense it’s It’s something that’s overstayed its

Welcome man and you know people are Willing to forgive your immaturity when You’re 22 or 23 or 28 maybe or even 30 But man if you’re still playing that Game when you’re 40. You are not a happy person and you’re Going to be motivated to go out there And make everyone miserable and so grow The hell up But what does he really think I don’t Know don’t beat around the book it’s Such an important topic you know people Get married on average like 10 years Later now than they did it’s destroying Country that’s right and all Western Civilization it really is I mean people Aren’t having babies he’s exactly right People aren’t people aren’t getting Married at an age where they actually Are able to grow up with one another Because your wife shapes you and you Shape her and that makes you both better People you know when I married my wife I Was I just turned 24 and she was 20. and We’ve spent our lives growing up Together right I mean now I’m 38 and and She’s you know 35 and and that’s that’s A long time to spend half her life you Know basically we’ve spent together and And that means that you grow and you Change and you have experiences and then You bring kids into the world and that Radically changes you even more than Just the marriage that and when when

Jordan says that if you’re 40 and single You’re blowing it he is cutting directly Against the grain of all current Conventional wisdom which is the best Thing that you can do is delay marriage And delay marriage until you make Associate at the law firm working 2 200 Hours uh Grow up and then get married and in the Past they said get married and grow up So that you can grow up my dad used to Make a point about this he used to say People would ask him about when to get Married and he said well or how to find The right person what he always said is You have to make the decision to get Married before you find the right person Because if you didn’t make the decision That you wanted to get married then the Right person could come along and you Could just pull him out of the water you Actually have to make the cut like we Live in a society where we sort of Decide the opposite I’ll fall in love With the person and then we’ll have sex And then maybe like four years down the Road we’ll get married we’ve completely Reverse the polarity and the Order of Events look at this it comes from the 90s versus the sitcoms from the 60s Right in the 60s it was you fall in love You get married you have sex now it’s You have sex and then it’s really hard For you to say if you fell in love with

A person right that’s like the big move In a sitcom now is did you fall in love And then you never get married I mean Marriage is so passive marriage is the Series finale you know there’s a there’s Another aspect of this which is that as We delay the onset of adulthood The left also wants to reduce the age of Things like voting you know I I don’t Think 18 year olds today should be able To vote is the honest truth and you Could say well you’re saying that people Should be able to serve in the military And they shouldn’t be able to vote well I’ll let those ones vote because they’re Doing something that grows you up called Joining the military right but no the The whole point of having a voting age Is that we don’t want children voting Children aren’t mature they don’t have Stakes they don’t understand the stakes That they do have so we don’t want to You know Matt Matt got in a little bit Of trouble for some comments that he Made back when he was a shock jock about What age people should have sex and I don’t want to I don’t want to rehash All the terrain except to say that it is At what age they should get married it Is thank you it is absolutely the case That for the vast majority of human History people who were of the age of Sexual maturity were considered Candidates for marriage we all agree now

That that cannot possibly be the Standard Because you’re still a kid for so long The reason it’s it’s creepy for people To get married super young now because We know because it cuts against Everything that we think about the Maturing process and the age at which People should be mature uh and in some Ways that’s a byproduct of our success Right we’ve been very successful as a Species we we can protect people younger We don’t have to shove you out in the Field to work uh to work in the sun when You’re nine years old we don’t have to Put those responsible life expectancies In 35 life expectancy isn’t 35 and so I Don’t want to make it sound as though Every aspect of that of that progress That we’ve had is bad But The the fact that we say that one should Not grow up or that they or that Marriage isn’t an instrumental part of The process of growing up I do think It’s really it used to be that we said Okay we’ll delay adulthood right so Adulthood isn’t when you’re 14. my my Wife’s grandmother got married to 14 in Morocco right almost all of our Great-grandparents probably the Virgin Mary was probably 15. I mean like they But we don’t do that anymore and but Real adulthood sets in when you’re 18.

Right and now real adult attention after Death that’s it like the the idea in our Society is not to push back the line a Little bit so that you actually have a Little bit more brain development and Can make better decisions about your Values the idea is obliterate the line So it doesn’t exist well the problem With that goes both ways one is that You’re obliterating adulthood so that You have fully grown adults who are Acting like children the other is There’s no distinction between adults And children then you can start treating Children like adults right and this is This is what you’re currently seeing With the Trans movement the next thing That’s going to happen again I think we Are living in that Meme you know that The slippery slope meme I did a whole Podcast on this the last week the Slippery slope I mean the chosen Slippery slope and shows it’s not going To happen it’s not going to happen it’s Not going to happen and then the bottom There’s an arrow says you are here yeah Right and that’s exactly what it is Right I mean they keep saying it’s not Going to happen it’s just a it’s never Going to happen we’re never going to do That well you guys are currently making The argument that a five-year-old is Capable of choosing his gender so I’m Gonna need you to explain how it’s okay

For a five-year-old to choose his his Gender for the rest of his life But that child is not capable of sexual Choice someone somebody like by the way I don’t think a child is capable of Either so I’m consistent so I’m asking You why don’t you be consistent explain To me what you’re saying is that we’re Chopping off their dicks at the age of 16. yeah but they’re not able what You’re saying is that we’re on the verge Of the moment when the left tries to say That children can engage in sex with Adults essentially yes I mean and what They’re going to do is that’s happening Also that very movement 100 and what It’ll start with it’ll start with what They’ve already started to do which is Sort of these Romeo and Juliet laws Right it’ll start with it’s okay for a 15 year old to have sex with a 13 year Old what’s really the problem then it’ll Be what was he’s 16 so bad and I was Like what is it 18 so bad I mean I mean Just just want to disagree with you About grooming I think they are grooming Children for sexuality that that is Their that is their definition of Identity well but is it that you’re Disagreeing or you’re just you’re Discussing the two sides of the very Same thing which is you’re describing The physical enactment of it you’re Describing the metaphysical version of

It but but the whole point is they’re Kind of the same you know I mean they’re Kind of intertwined by the way by the Way what you talked about about growing Up uh in a marriage is doubly important Because you’re growing up with a woman Yes you know I mean I I I married my Wife like most people marry their wife Because she was hot she was beautiful She was fun she was smart she was all Those things that really attracted but It wasn’t until about 10 years after we Had been together when I started to Think like oh you know like for the First 10 years I was thinking well of Course she has no capacity for a reason You know she’s I don’t know it’s in a Word she said but then I kept noticing That she was right A lot of the time When she and I couldn’t understand it I Started to think oh she’s actually Seeing the world from a different point Of view and that is like putting on Those red and blue glasses that suddenly Turned the world into three dimensions You suddenly become one flesh one person And you see things in a new and and Deeper and richer way and that to me Transforms everything because you know I’m never gonna stop being a guy she’s Never going to stop being a girl she’s The girliest girl I know I’m a very Guy-like guy but but now I live in a in A Unity uh of of male female that

Actually transforms everything thing Into reality into a reality you don’t See before and the other the other Advantage of getting you know it’s kind Of like the is is marriage the Cornerstone of adulthood or the Capstone And the advantage to it being the Cornerstone of young adulthood is that As you said you’re you’re you’re Building a life together in existence Together as opposed to let’s get married When we’re 35 or 40 and now I have I Have all of my own stuff yes everything Is minor my own life my own money this Is all mine and now you are coming into This thing that I have built without you And by the way all these all your own Experiences and all the crap from your Business right which you see really Break up marriages people come in with All these terrible experiences they’ve Already had with members of the opposite Sex and then they get married and They’re already heavily shaped and That’s why we hear so much about well You know at the root of a lot of Divorces is money and I guess that’s the Case but for someone like myself I got Married young I I can’t even imagine why That would be the case we don’t have any Money issues in my marriage because all The money I I make the money but it’s It’s our money bank account like it was Right enjoy bank account literally got

Married and I’m also aware because I Have as I’ve been growing and building My career and all that I’ve had my my Wife with me and none of this would have Happened without her so it’s very clear To me one of the things for I think all Of us so I think none of us were either Rich or famous some of us are still not Rich or famous but but for those of us Who are both wealthy and famous for I Think all of us were married to our Spouses long before we had any of those Things yeah and that is a wonderful Thing it’s a wonderful thing married a Writer you know I mean but the fact that Your spouse can still look at you and This is this is what you’re saying you Know if if the marriage happens late This can’t happen the fact that my wife Can still look at me is the person who You know was 23 and just out of law School and she can say I see through all This crap right like none of this makes A bit of difference to me right the Person who you are is not the person who The rest of the world sees it’s the Person who I’ve known since long before You were that to the rest of the world That’s an amazing thing it also gives You the ability to have somebody who Calls you on your which is like An actual real thing once you get you Know to a certain level of power people Just are really really afraid to call

You on your and having a group Of people whether it’s friends or Particularly your wife who’s able to do That is vital because if you don’t have That you spin off the rails incredibly Fast yeah it actually didn’t occur to me Until you said that that I think every Single one of us got married relatively Broke yeah at least you’re right I think Every single one of us did totally Totally and it did I I have noticed too The the harshest critic and kind of best Shaper of my show Is sweet little Elisa where I’ll have Something that I’m going to do on the Show or in a speech or something where I Think it’s absolute dynamite and sure You know Mac that it just it just Doesn’t work I’m sorry I think no but it Actually now you’re right you’re right It’s always right that’s kind of what We’re talking about with with fetterman Is is that I think a good wife Is is your number one fan she’s she’s Really very she really believes in you And believes in your your dreams and Your aspirations because you’re her Number one fan also right exactly but But she also you know I think as men we Need a woman to let us know we’re biting Off more than we can chew when we when We’ve hatched because as men we’re gonna Hatch all kinds of crazy schemes and Plans I know that I do anyway and and

You you need a woman there to because She could see that blind spot and she’s Going to tell you well that’s that’s not Gonna work whereas I think for men on The other hand uh this is my gender Stereotypical way of looking at it is That you know I rely on my wife to let Me know when I’ve got some idea some Plan it’s just like utterly Self-destructive it’s going to destroy The whole family Um that lessons is the key right the Last part of the sense that it’s going To destroy the whole family because my Wife tends to think in terms of the Effect on the family right as a man my My main thing is like how what is my Effect on the world I mean I literally Do that for a living what is my effect On the world was my effect on society What’s my effect on the people who Listen to the show and so I’ll try to Over commit okay I want to get all these Things done right I mean there’s so much To do before you die right you got to Get out there you got travel you got to Change people you got to do this and my Wife will say yes but what about the Kids you know like do you want to be Away for that night do you want to be do You want to be able to put the kids in Bed Matt I want you to think On the other side so that’s what we rely On on women for I think on the other

Hand as men you know we women Will tend to get involved and you know They might get involved in personal Feuds and take things very personally And and have a tendency to overreact in Those sorts of situations and that’s Where men can be the voice of reason and Say well I don’t think they really meant It like that I don’t think that’s Exactly what now it doesn’t mean that Women are going to listen all the time But I I do think that’s the kind of We’re both we could both be the voice of Reason and calm for each other in these Different situations and see each Other’s blind spots we actually have an Explicit we’ll deal with my wife which Is neither of us is allowed to be we can We’re not allowed to be grumpy at the Same time we have to take turns actually We’ll balance it out I’ll literally like It’s my turn to be grumpy I get to be Grumpy right now and she’s like okay all Right and then when it’s time for her to Be grumpy then I’ll say okay you know What you’re right it’s your turn to be Grumpy and you do need that balance and Again the differences between men and Women are not only beautiful they are Vital and pretending that those Differences are of no consequence Whatsoever and that other Alternative Forms of family structure are therefore Equivalent in any way at all they’re

They’re different they’re they’re Different I mean there’s no other way to Put but this is why I mean to both of These points this is why the the Personal is the political is so powerful One it obviously came from the feminists Because women tend to be more personally Focused and traditionally women took Care of the private part of life and men Were more public-facing and were more More interested in the political side And so it’s no surprise that the Feminists would then seek to meld those Two but then it’s it’s obviously the Case that the personal is the political You know the country is just made up of People and of our personal lives and so We think of marriage as being private Well if if marriage becomes completely Distorted that’s obviously going to have Political effects and you’ve seen that Play out now for 60 years it’s also Amazing to me that the left has managed To take what is for most of us the Central consolation of tragic life yes And make it as they say problematical I Mean I was just re you know I was Looking you know how you have those Things that come up pop up on your thing You might want to look at this and it’s Just it’s just click bait and I fell for It and I was reading some BuzzFeed thing About you know Tweets in marriage or Tweets about marriage and it was all

This kind of low you know uh bathroom Humors all about oh you know now we’re So intimate we’re in the bathroom Together and all this stuff I thought I Don’t do that I I live with a lady man I Don’t treat her I don’t treat her like My sister you know I treat her like my Wife you know I went to the bathroom With your sister what’s up I said you went to the bathroom with Your sister I didn’t have a sister I probably would Have spied on her but no I mean you know This is this is actually the joy of Every day of every day that you are Living with a woman which is one of the Fun happy things of life it’s a Celebratory thing to your point too Because this came up in my uh the in our Members block Uh I’ve got a an email from uh from a Guy I don’t think he’s a leftist at all In fact I know he’s not and and but he Was of this uh you know certain certain Frame of mind that well we’re just going To give up on you know men should just Give up on Marriage it’s a losing game It doesn’t it doesn’t work it’s it’s the System’s rigged against us Go Your Own Way family courts are rigged against us And all that and and then he reveals at The end that you know he apparently he Was married and it didn’t work out and You know you don’t have sex anymore when

You get married all this kind of stuff And so he had a negative experience with He’s projecting it on to everybody else Saying this is how it’s going to be for Everybody younger men hear this and they Take it to heart Um when of course our message has to be Well that was his experience doesn’t Have to be everyone’s but also it’s Important to have the message that you What you’re articulating there are there Are risks in marriage and some of that Is just the nature of the Beast it’s Human nature some of it is built into Our system I mean I think the family Courts are rigged against against men it Is a risk but it’s it’s a it’s a risk Worth taking because of what you get out You know I have a solution to this this Is the Knowles prenup because I’ve I Know people’s marriages who have broken Down and the main reason they break down Is because they two people go in with a Completely different understanding of Marriage and so naturally it’s going to Break down so sometimes people write in I don’t want to get a prenup because I Have this you know sacred traditional View of marriage but I don’t know these Days the courts are rigged against men And we got our own stuff and blah blah Blah whatever so the Knowles prenup is This when you both have the same idea of Marriage and you’re both committed to it

You sign a prenup saying okay Whoever breaks up the marriage whoever Wants out of the marriage forfeits Everything for if it’s the money Forfeits the house forfeits the kids Forfeits everything maybe you have a few Exceptions and some kind of crazy but Domestic abuse or whatever you know but You know you have these little carve ads But you say okay that’s my I think that Would be a way to use the legal system That’s rigged against marriage to help Save marriage was always a contract Right right I mean like it’s literally In Judaism what got me married is called The katuba it’s literally a contract it Is frame it is in my house okay the Katuba is written in Aramaic and it Specifies things like my duties to her And her duties to me and these things Include like providing for the family a Sex life like these like the the basic Things of marriage but we’ve been we’ve Become so individualized that even the Things that everybody understood are Part of marriage are no longer Considered part of marriage right like Dennis Prager got himself in all sorts Of hot water I remember a few years ago For suggesting that in a marriage a Woman has a responsibility to have sex With her husband oh my God they did this To my sister-in-law Caitlin right how Dare you say it no no there is never an

Obligation to have sex well I mean okay Then there’s not an obligation for the Marriage to continue I mean like that’s That’s obviously conjugal Duties are Part of of marriage they always have Been in fact one of the chief draws of Marriage was the conjugal duties from The very beginning and the Bible Actually explicitly says not to withhold Yourselves from one I mean again like This this notion that you only have sex When you are in just the greatest Possible mood then no one would ever Have sex pretty much ever except for Dudes right I mean like that’s that’s Just the way that it would work but it’s But it’s it’s an absurdity that’s been Pressed forward by the radical Individualism that we’ve been talking About so far along the way there’s Something else when it comes to marriage Also and that of course is is the the Fact that you said that it’s one of the Great consolations in the face of tragic Life well the greatest consolation in The face of tragic life is marriage Because it produces children which is The challenge to death right the way That you overcome death as human beings Is you have future generations and this Is clearly laid out in Genesis this is Perfectly obvious okay when you look at The the story of Janice it’s so Beautiful right when you look at the

Very beginning of the book of Genesis And talked about a man shall leave his Family and he shall cleave to his wife And they’ll become one flesh at the very Beginning he talks about Adam and Eve Eve doesn’t have a name at the beginning She’s just woman for the first several Chapters of the Bible she’s just woman Right he’s Adam his name doesn’t change He’s Adam which just means man and she’s And she’s Isha right she’s a woman the Only time that she gets her name is when She has a kid when she has a kid he Renames her and he why because she’s the Mother of all living right Eve’s mother That’s when she loses his sense of her Up until that point she’s just my other Half right she’s just my complimentary Half she’s not an actual individual Who’s worth respecting as a different Person then she has kids and suddenly I See her as as something else this is one Of the most amazing things about this Book by Judith Butler this gender Trouble is I don’t think there’s a Single mention of motherhood in the Entire book and I kept thinking I kept Thinking you know this is this idea that There’s no such thing as a Telos there’s No such thing as a purpose to anything It’s all this kind of random thing that Just unfolds but if sex has any purpose And of course it does why would we have It it’s to create also like if you wrote

A book about Superman you don’t mention That he can fly it’s ever like it never Happened that’s exactly right and I Think like well that that is kind of a Defining factor of why we’re here Together and what happens The meaning of that Dylan Mulvaney did An entire video for Ulta talking about How he can be a mother no no you effing Can no you cannot I want to talk about This point that you made though that we All were broke when we got married Because that actually is I think there are so many lies put Forward in the culture about marriage And most of the lies Target men but not All of the lies there are a bunch of Terrible lies on social media that Target women and women perpetuate them And I hate them all this like it’s wine 30 kind of that you see Everywhere in in woman culture I hate it Because it essentially says that being Being a wife and a mother is something That you need to basically drown out That is just miserable and misery and Terrible it’s awful but but a lot of the Cultural lies are aimed at men Uh you will have less sex when you get Married people are married never have Sex the only people who have sex are Married what are you talking about it is True that you will have sex with fewer Hopefully oh yeah hopefully once you’re

Married unless you oh by the way JFK Today that ain’t even true given the Rise of pornography to go back to our Conversation from last time that Probably ain’t true but but it is Certainly the case that on average Married people have far far far more sex But Because they have a partner to whom they Have obligations You’ll have less money you get so much Richer once you’re married and have Obligation the thing about men Is that men only only want as much as They need basically when they’re single That’s that’s the that’s actually the Truth that’s right it’s true it’s why You walk into a man’s apartment and it’s Like a box with a TV on it and a toaster Yeah that’s right totally it’s when you Have responsibilities that you begin to Earn yes I was dead broke when I got Married and I’ve I’ve been married since 2009 and I am not dead broke but if you If you look at the it is a hockey stick Graph if you look at here’s here’s Jeremy’s life before he gets married oh My gosh he figured it out now part of How I figured it out is that Ben helped Me understand as I’ve discussed before That my values about money needed to Actually be practiced and and and my Friend Frank Brunner also helped me with That problem

But marriage is the fundamental thing That changed responsibility is the fun And then you get a kid and you’re like Oh I really I’ve really gotta yeah and It’s and by the way it’s not because You’re like well crap now I’ve got to Take care of this kid crap now I have to Give up what I want I had I had so many Dreams in life They picked me my dreams picked me up Out of my small town they moved me West To a place that I’d never been they Dropped me in a city that didn’t want me They they motivated me to grind it out To work so hard I couldn’t figure out How to make money but I worked so hard I Was so devoted to pursuing those things All my dreams came true once I had Responsibilities it’s not as though I Had to give up all my dreams and then go Grind it out at the salt mine I could Provide for my kids it’s the exact Opposite yep I gotta tell you I was just Talking to a young man a very good Looking young man with a lot of money Thank you It was a different another very good Looking no and and he was telling me how You date today and he has 10 apps on his Phone and he says if I don’t have sex With a girl by the second date you know It’s it’s not and he was but he was Complaining about the fact that he Couldn’t find a wife and I said to him

You know there is a point in my married Life when I saw that the default for sex Had become yes instead of no which it Was when I was young the default was no You convinced a woman to and that that Change now women have to work to say no I said there was a point where I kind of Envied young men for growing up in this Sex positive world where they could just Have it anytime they essentially wanted I said but when I listen to you I Actually don’t envy you law because this Has reduced you to an animal and he was He said you’re right you know he said I Can’t I can’t fall in love because I Think oh you know there might be Somebody else who will sleep with me Down the road and I just thought this is Like an actual tragic situation it’s the Situation that we watch movies and you Watch pornography and this is what They’re offering you and everybody Thinks they want it but to actually live It is very very depressing yeah I think One of the one of the the purest Joys Available to men that you can’t Understand until you actually have kids Is that the joy of of providing yes There’s a certain joy in being able to Provide for your family and you know I’m Gonna have six kids now and uh the fact That I can actually provide for For seven human beings is uh it’s just An is an enormous profound joy that I

Think you’re welcome Are you not going to eat or is your wife Not here where’s the seven but I also Think you know Jordan brought up to Start the conversation was that you’re Not really like a man until you until You have kids and have a family and I Think that’s part of that is because uh Being an adult is is learning how to Serve learning how to find joy and Service that’s part of adulthood yes Which which means that you know you can There are other paths not not everybody Is called to uh to be a parent or there Are other forms of fatherhood anyway Like in the religious life for example Yeah but that is just another form of Fatherhood for a man and it also is Centered around service oh that if You’re if you’re not if you’re not Living a life of service then you’re not Right and you know there was a Psychologist whose name I forget so I’m Just going to take his point and claim It as my own yeah which was he he Defined addiction as the uh constant Narrowing of things that give you Pleasure and and Recovery is the Expansion of things that give you Pleasure and this is so true because you Know when we’re just living for our own Base appetites and we reduce ourselves To animals it’s always just some kind of Form of idolatry and addiction so it

Could be drugs or booze or sex or porn Or whatever but ultimately if you’ve Ever fallen into any of these Temptations you have experienced that The things that it just that becomes the Thing that gives you pleasure and it Crowds out everything else and so Necessarily when you get married when You have children hopefully when you I Don’t know you know go to church or Something and you serve others in your Community when there are many other Things as well it but especially with a Family It just so inevitably expands your Capacity for joy and the categories of Things that give you Joy it just breaks Those idolatries and addiction the thing About service though to me is everything Because there there are ambitious There’s a bad way of doing everything And a good way of doing everything and Ambition is one of those things and if What your Ambitions vicious about is to Serve your family and also to serve to Find out what you can do that is Actually worthwhile to somebody else you You have a very pure ambition that Actually doesn’t depend on money though Hopefully it will bring money in and it Just makes you so much happier so much It’s so much richer Widow there’s Something to be said here about you know When you talk about serving your family

One of the things that you see very Often these days is the idea that I’m Going to serve humanity and men always Have this kind of appetite to serve Humanity and it’s an immature appetite Because you can’t serve all of humanity Right and politicians are right no Politicians are constantly talking in These terms right I care about all the Children Nancy Pelosi does this message I’m doing This all for the children chomping away On her on her Chompers and you know and All the rest of this and and the reality Is that the best politicians are people Who I think and be stereotypical now They do have families because they know What it’s like to take care of a family And then they say the values that I have In my family are values that I think Might be promulgated for other families So they can have a happy life like that Like the life that I have and and when You don’t have that when there’s nothing To go home to when you’ve never lived in The context of that and seen all the Competing interests and when you’ve Never really had that locally I think It’s very difficult to not become a Utopian World creator right because Family life presses in on you right it Sets rules for you yeah those are the You can’t break those rules you think You’re in control because you ain’t in

Control of your kids your kids are in Control of you right you’re in control To a certain extent but in the end You’re not I mean like the the fact is That there’s just going to be realities That you run up against because that’s The way life is it gives you a certain Level of humility going into the Political world and maybe you try to Achieve the really what family to me is About you try to achieve the really key Things the most important things right It’s liberty within the important things As a parent you’re only going to get a Few chances to inculcate the really Important things in your kids that Really really matter so you build entire Structures entire worlds around them to Include 8 these really important things But the rest of the time you’re not in Control well the same thing is true in Politics but when you never have that Experience then the tendency is to say Well I care about all of humanity Equally all of humanity can be molded in My utopian Vision I can change all the Rules for everybody I can control every Aspect of their life and sex all the Things it’s fascinating how many of the Leaders of Europe over the past 15 years Have been childless yes so many of them And I think it it also you know there is This idea that at some point you start To think well this is going to happen in

30 years I’m not going to be here I Don’t care but if you have kids you Start to care you know you have Grandkids you really you really and you Do it does really worry you when you see So many of these crazy activists with All the crazy hair that protested your Rally man they don’t have kids yeah Almost without exception they don’t have Kids and they’re really really Interested in your kids yeah and that’s A horrible combination because they have No frame of context their view is Totally wrong and and and but they have That desire to shape the Next Generation They just want to shape your next Generation yeah yeah on that dour note We’re going to head on over to the Member block again if you’re not a daily Wire.com uh a dailywireplus.com Subscriber you’re missing out you want To head over to dailywireplus.com click That subscribe button so you can join us For the rest of this conversation we’ll Be taking questions from our members Couple things I want to talk about real Quick before we head over one of them is Election night November 8th it’s coming Up we’re going to be here Hopefully it’s going to be a great night Either way I intend to do heavy drinking We’ll have the entire election wire and Morning wire teams here with us and We’re going to bring be bringing you

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