Cringey TikToker Tries Indian Food For The First Time

By | January 12, 2023

This cringy TikToker is trying Indian food for the first time. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Trying Indian food for the first time Butter chicken So creamy and it's like I'm being Punched in the face with flavor with the Naan Horn Am I old John Not objectively no I think of you as Young at heart I Don't understand some young people Including that one it was look I I heard The first few seconds of that video Earlier today and I was worried it was Going to be like that thing in the New York Times where the food critic was Like Indian food is bad I thought it was Gonna be like that it's not that bad It's just random and weird that bothers Me much less than some Some racist like taking like a bite of SOG paneer and being like I don't like This Cuisine well I think that makes you Racist though if you don't I mean I Think that if you generalize an entire Basically subcontinence Cuisine which is Hugely diverse based on one dish you had At One Restaurant as unlike any of it it Makes you I think very ignorant racist Yes I don't know about races it makes You ignorant because like obviously There's a bunch of other things you can Try from that Cuisine that you might Actually like it doesn't I mean if it

Was I don't like Indian people so I think All of their food is gross that is Racism I think that's the subtext Okay I don't know for sure that was I Guess look when your genre is to just Try a bite of food and react to it I Guess you have to work hard to stand out Yeah my wife shows me videos of this guy Who tries La food and his car and he Gives you a little bit of actual Information about the restaurant stuff I Still find it to be a little bit like Low value content but you just you have To stand out and so why not do a random Wacky dance look at John with the low Value Contest no I'm just saying it's Like the videos are seven seconds long I get no I get it I totally get it I'm Trying to think of a particular Cuisine That I don't like but I can't think of Anything I don't like any food Pizza obviously I love pizza Um I like Indian food I like sushi Italian No I love everything I can't think of Anything I don't like oh sure yeah That's what I'm saying I like everything The whole Cuisine you don't like well I Mean I didn't like I don't like spinach And people got mad at me for not liking Spinach It's great and it's healthy spinach is Okay when it's raw and in a salad

Spinach is not great when you saute it Or steam it it's disgusting you're more Wrong about this than you are about the Gas stove you'd cook the spinach on It's garlic saute it like it's amazing You put it in pasta dishes I'd rather Just eat the garlic well I probably Would too but anyway I didn't love when I when I was in Norway for an extended period of time I Didn't love some parts of their Cuisine There was I had one of the best meals of My life there how dare I know I'm saying Very specifically the the European Approach to breakfast is a little bit Messed up and I only say this because Wait a minute you're so wrong John You've never been more wrong in your Life you don't even know what I mean Okay every time I go to Europe three Years in a row I went to the Munich Security conference yeah and they put me Up in different hotels every single time Every single time there's like a Continental breakfast situation in the Hotel Yeah that might be fine because that's Not authentic that's just duplicating American breakfast but when I go to a Norwegian breakfast and most of its fish That's not what I'm looking for at eight O'clock in the morning I don't want to Fish before 5 p.m tuna noon yeah I look I I totally

Understand where you're coming from it's Smoked fish right whatever yeah man Europeans love the smoke fish I don't Mind it it's healthy I don't mind it and I like our breakfasts are ridiculous Every one of our breakfast is cake like That's American breakfast is 20 Different types of cake wet cake try Cake cake you get with your hand cakey But it's all it is and I get that but I'll take that over fish Yeah I think any sane person would say It but like no the thing that I love About European breakfasts and look this Is just based on my experience at hotels And not just in Germany in other places When I've traveled in Europe It's just like their eggs taste Different everything tastes different I Don't everything tastes better I think We make the best scrambled eggs and That's the form that eggs should be in That is oh my God you have the worst is To be scrambled with you and wrapped in A tortilla as a breakfast burrito There's no better life for an egg the Yogurt John wore darola yeah I'm gonna Message and see if she likes breakfast Burritos I think she's on my side no Breakfast burritos are a delight they're The best food but if you're that would Be my last meal but if you're just Eating eggs No listen you're I don't I don't know

Which restaurant has this I think it Might be Denny's like grand slam right Like the American breakfast of like eggs Bacon hash browns no no and then they Ask you how do you like your eggs what Do you say scrambled What do you want over easy I want that Yolk to just All over the place I don't want my Breakfast to look like I've already Eaten and thrown it back up You know what you do with the yolk you Take uh toast yes dip it right in there That's fine I can eat any kind of egg Basically but scrambled is the best Have you ever had a runny yoke yes I've Ever I make Blue Apron you do runny Yolks on stuff from Blue Apron do you Love that yeah they do love ready Accidentally cook the eggs a little bit Too long sometimes you're the worst Sorry Arlene No but they do are they're sometimes Runny it's just not as good as scramble That's all okay so let's get back to our Regularly scheduled program give you a Little more information so the woman That you saw on the video in the very Beginning is the hungry foodie she Um made Indian food look uncool in her Honestly her like the way she speaks is Like what bothered me but she also had a Cringy moment where she referred to the Taste of the food so I think we have one

More video Let's watch that vegetable Samosa Not sure what's in the middle but it's a Little spicy lamb biryani Really good very foreign taste but I Love it and the Lamb's more tender and Flavorful than beef life-changing Experience 10 out of 10. Oh my God I was before you played that video I was Gonna be like you know what I was Probably too harsh on her I don't want To judge her content based on one clip In the same way that I wouldn't want her Judging Indian food based on one bite of Food And she did give it a 10 out of 10. but It tastes very foreign It's literally the cuisine of a Different continent what do you want Don't don't say it tastes foreign [Music] It's different than the palette I grew Up on but I enjoy it because of that Difference how about that John Every sentence she spoke sounded like a Question so I think you're asking a Little too much oh that's the regional Dialect no we need to stop it I don't Know Because maybe that's If your kids are on Tick Tock watching What like seemingly innocent content

Just be careful It could be worse they could be watching Entertain videos thanks for watching the Young truth so really appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to Interact with us more there's live chat Emojis badges you've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those are super fun but You also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right After they air so all that all you gotta Do is click that join button right Underneath the video thank you