Crazy Lib ROASTED After Trying To STRIP Elon Musk of The One Thing That Makes Him An American

By | November 5, 2022

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Daily wire reports, Far-Left radio host Dean Obeidallah, who appears regularly on MSNBC, announced this week that he was trying to take action to “strip” new Twitter CEO Elon Musk of his U.S. citizenship.

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They're at it again this time Liberals Are trying to take Elon musk's Citizenship away I'm Gary franchi and Every day we work to write the ship of State with real reporting join us tap Subscribe and together let's grow the Next news Army I can't believe it just when you think The Liberals have gone too far they do Something even more outrageous this time They're trying to take Elon musk's Citizenship away because of some bogus Accusation well we're not going to let Them get away with this one we need to Stand up and fight to keep Elon Musk a Citizen of this great country Daily wire reports that the far left Radio host Dino badaya who appears Regularly on MSNBC announced this week That he was trying to take action to Strip new Twitter CEO Elon Musk of his Citizenship he tweeted as a lawyer I'm Going to do research to see if Elon Musk In any way light on his application for U.S citizenship I'll be making a foia Request for his immigration application If he lied anywhere on the application Will move to strip him from U.S Citizenship stay tuned Well as you can imagine the internet had Some great responses for this liberal Lunatic going after musk yeshir Ali Tweeted some of you have truly lost the Plot also you can't gain access to

Someone else's immigration records Without the written consent Another tweeted people breathless about Fascism on the reg openly promoting Stripping musk of U.S citizenship Because he disagrees with them amazing And she continued another tweet I did Everything by the books when I moved Here and now watched the U.S immigration System turn into a joke open borders Toying with ideas of illegals of voting Free money abortions IDs all okay on Your tax money but Elon Musk disagreeing With a lib he must be sent back much Tolerant very wow These attacks come after Elon Musk Flagged one of Biden's tweets daily wire Reports with just over a week to go Until the midterm elections Biden has Made a handful of campaign stops for Democrat candidates around the country And has used social media as a means to Either attack Republicans as Ultra Mega Extremists or to Trump at his own Accomplishments in order to Rally his Own party to Victory well Twitter Flagged Biden's Friday tweet for Crossing a line after he attempted to do Just that he tweeted let me give you the Facts in 2020 2020 55 corporations made 40 billion and they paid zero in federal Taxes my inflation reduction act puts an End to this Well Twitter fact Checkers had to flag

The Tweet as needing more context the Flag which appeared immediately below The president's tweet on the platform Included context added by readers Because they thought people might want To know That's right the same people Who want to take away your guns And your right to free speech are now Coming for one of the most successful Businessmen in America this is just Another example of the fascist tactics At the left is willing to use in order To silence their opponents they can't Win on the merits of their own ideas so Instead they're resorting to these kinds Of dirty tricks fortunately with Twitter Moving towards Free Speech we have a Chance to combat The Lunatic left's Narrative but thankfully we also have Trump and DeSantis who've been working Title seed to create jobs into our Economy and they're not going to let a Bunch of psycho leftists destroy Everything that we have built we need to Make sure that we stand with our America First leaders and vote for the Candidates who support conservative Causes in November 8th We need a red wave so we can keep America great let's continue the Conversation in the comments below for The next News Network I'm Gary franchi Let's continue that conversation about

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