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By | November 9, 2022

When most people think of governors, they think of old white men in mansions. Roy Wood Jr. investigates the history of Black governors, including P.B.S. Pinchback, Douglas Wilder, Deval Patrick, and David Paterson. #DailyShow #Comedy

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Foreign [Music] Well hello Welcome to CP time the only show it's For the culture Today we'll be discussing the history of Black governors And I know when you think of Governors You think of old white men and big Mansions with the top hat and that weird Monocle Just wear some glasses Governor you can Afford the frames But in fact America has a history of Unknown but meaningful black Governors Like PBS pitchback America's first black Governor and the only politician in U.S History brought to you by viewers like You Pitch back was born in Georgia to a Black slave mother and a white Plantation owner who emancipated his Baby mama Which would have made for one hell of a Mori episode During his life pitchback who could pass As a white man of Latin descent leaned Into his blackness Something that is known today as Drinking Pinchback got involved in politics and Rose to the third highest office in the State of Louisiana which is pro-temp of The Senate

Not as some people believe the football Coach of LSU Then in 1872 after the lieutenant Governor died and the governor was Impeached pinchback became governor Because sometimes the best way for black People to take power Is to just wait for somebody else to die Come along Pinch back with unfortunately only hold The office for 35 days but during that Brief stint he enacted 10 laws proven It's not about how long you last fellas It's about how efficient you are when You in there and don't let anybody tell You otherwise Which brings us to our sponsor Gas station sexual enhancement pills I Don't know how they work I don't know What's in them but I do know they make My chest hurt After PBS pinchback's governorship America would not see another black Person serve in that role for over 100 Years That man would be Douglas Wilder Wilder Grew up in the segregated South of the 1930s During his time at Virginia's Union University he experienced so much racism Working at a diner he considered Poisoning white people salads Which may sound harsh but if you order a Salad at a diner you deserve to be

Poisoned After graduating Wilder was drafted into The army and served in the Korean War If you go on to win the bronze star for His heroism during the Battle of pork Chop Hill Now pork chop Hill That's what you want to order at a diner A whole big pile of pork chops Sauteed and butter and garlic and it's Just the gravy Delicious Wilder returned to Virginia and got into Politics after serving in the Virginia Senate in 1989 he became the first black Person ever elected governor of Virginia And he owed it all to his campaign Slogan don't make me poison your salads Moving on Our next Black Governor is Deval Patrick Was raised by a single mother on Chicago's South Side after his father a Jazz musician left his family Because everybody knows that jazz is all About the kids you don't raise After graduating from Harvard Law School Duvall spent the early 80s working as a Lawyer for the NAACP During that time he sued then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and impressed him So much during the case Clinton later Hired him Which I get You ever get your ass beat by somebody

Playing pickup basketball so bad you'd Be like yo you got to be on my team And then he hates playing with you Because you got a busted knee and a bad Heart and you won't stop slapping People's asses because that's what we Did back in the day was nothing sexual About that call Call me back Carl let's ball Anyway After serving in President Clinton's Justice department Duvall spent some time working in the Private sector before returning to Politics and in 2006 Duvall became the First black governor of Massachusetts Succeeding the whitest governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney It was like going from watching Frasier To the BET Awards It's jarring Moving on to our final Governor David Patterson who was not only New York's First black governor but also the first Blind governor in American history He was like a political Stevie Wonder If you're one of those people who Actually believed that Stevie Wonder is Blind I know you can see Stevie I was at The concert in 78 you're turning ran From me I want my money In 2008 then lieutenant governor Patterson took over the governorship From Elliot Spitzer after Spitzer was

Disgraced from having numerous affairs With high-end escorts but once Patterson Took office he proved that black Governors could also be plagued with Scandals A previous affair with a co-worker came To light He was accused of giving Jay-Z a Sweetheart investment deal he was fined For unlawfully accepting Yankees World Series tickets all in all he was having A pretty good time as governor But that's all the black Governors we Have time to discuss today There are no more black governors That was all the black governors Damn Black people who produced less Governors Than Predator movies It tells me two things one America must Do better and two I need to watch Predator again that was A damn good movie this has been CP time And remember we're from the culture Gas station sex pill kicking Jimmy bring me my defibrillator [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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