Copy Machines Nyc

Copy Machines Nyc

Copy machines play a crucial role in the office since they provide a quick way of producing multiple prints of a document. The machine is also capable of putting words and images on both sides of the paper, for those who want a double-printed document.

At Legend Business Group, Inc., we have premium copiers for rental, leasing, and buying.  Our products will help meet your technology needs in the office, whether you want to use them on a short or long-term basis. For more than twenty-five years, we have been a trusted supplier of high-quality copiers. Hence, you can rely on the performance of our copy machines in NYC.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Copy Machine?

  • Speed. Typically, the ideal copier should have an average speed of between 20 to 40 pages per minute (ppm). Anything below 20 ppm is considered too sluggish for office use. Moreover, some large businesses have ultrafast copy machines that can deliver up to 50 ppm.

With such high speeds, employees won’t have to lineup waiting for their chance to print documents, since the machine can produce multiple printouts within a short period. A high-speed copier is also more durable, affordable to run, and provides reduced cost-per-page due to its efficient printing.   

  • Print volume. It’s important to check the print volume that your copier can handle. These types of equipment have varying printing capacities depending on different business needs. For instance, if your business normally produces 20,000 sheets of paper per month, then it’s best to get a machine that can handle such workload. A lower capacity copier would only be overwhelmed and break down.
  • The type of images produced. Check whether the copier only produces black and white images, or has an option for colored printouts, depending on your needs.

Can A Copy Machine Be Connected to Other Office Equipment?

Modern copy machines do not just print papers. Some digital copiers allow you to scan documents instantly into an email attachment on your computer. Similarly, others can be connected to a USB or SD card for purposes of printing detailed items like booklets.

Some copy machines have internet connectivity functions. They can be connected to a remote device such as a smartphone and be used to print papers directly from it.

On a more basic level, copiers are commonly connected to scanners and fax machines which help to improve and streamline communication.

Legend Business Group, Inc. provides a wide range of copy machines to the residents of NYC and New Jersey. We also help to install and connect our equipment with other devices in your office for better workflow management.

Total Cost of Ownership

Depending on your needs, you should consider the cost of owning a copier. The total cost goes beyond just buying the machine. You also need to factor in supplies and repair costs. In addition, you should find out how fast it can be repaired. Today, some copiers allow remote troubleshooting if they develop software issues.

Ultimately, a copier can help you manage imaging and printing costs. So, before committing, consider the total cost of ownership.

Quality Copiers

Are you looking for a reliable copier? Legend Business Group, Inc. is your trusted supplier of quality copy machines in NYC and New Jersey. For any queries, question, or to place your order, call us on +1 718 967-6900.

Copy Machines Nyc

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Copy Machines Nyc

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