Cop Wants Gun Owners To Shoot Looters Until They Look Like “Grated Cheese”

By | December 10, 2022

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You know and people have a right to be Safe in their homes they have a right For their property to be safe even when Part of their home may be torn away and These looters that's unacceptable Absolutely unacceptable I would highly Suggest that if a looter breaks into Your home comes into your home or you're There to steal stuff that you take your Gun and you shoot him you shoot him so That he looks like grated cheese because You know what that's one looter that Won't break into anyone else's home and Take advantage of them when they're the Most vulnerable and the most weak This Chef Grady Judd talking about Looters coming to people's homes after Hurricane Ian make them look like grated Cheese keep that in mind shoot them on Site if you think they're looters shoot Them who cares when you give people a Broad Authority like this you have no Idea in what under what circumstances Their mindset is in especially after Disaster and also who they think are Looters which has also of course been Influenced by Society too but I just Want to make a a small Point here Because I get Petty with these things Um if you shoot someone up they probably Look like grated cheese that's more If You shred them their girls would look Like swiss cheese if you shoot them get It right first Grady anyways uh there's

The another ironic part about this whole Thing though as you see he's talking About if you see someone approach your Door get to shooting them because it's Your door it's your domain See if you recognize this guy uh saying This Sheriff Grady Judd tells us this was Quite the close call for the victim After the Father and Son fired seven Shots into her car she drove to this Circle K and called 9-1-1 now what I'm About to tell you you just absolutely Cannot believe Sheriff Judd says it all Started with a package delivered to the Wrong door on Saturday morning when a Neighbor realized that package of Medication was for 73 year old Gino Colin Costa he drops it off at the Correct address Sheriff Judd says Colin Cost and his 15 year old son received Alerts from The Ring camera of an Unknown person at the door So what do they do They think they're being broken into Are you kidding me The dude Is being a good neighbor and he simply Goes there and Returns the package to The appropriate address The dude is the same dude that said Shoot people on site when they approach Your house because they they're looters And they're running through your stuff

Either it goes up more about the story Because we did just do this a little While ago in case you guys uh remember That Um those the father and son in that Situation then came out started shooting At someone else that they thought was an Intruder looter whatever the hell it is Watch more All right I've got it I can call it Eastbound 62nd uh just passing 18. [Applause] These high rates Maddie's still black now passing 12th Street uh I know well Bravo see if we Can get some of these oh and he's going To lose it right here he crashed he's Crashing uh 62nd and it's gonna be just Shy of 10th Street on the south side of The road Eagle no one's got out of the car should Be three of them let's get FB rolling Pretty bad crash [Music] Looks like a normal maybe police chase Chase that ended badly but there's Layers to this that make it even worse Uh that crash had three teenagers in it 15 16 years old all three of them Uh before that car flipped and landed Badly Um Pinellas County Sheriff officers Happened to be in this area just Patrolling an unrelated theft of a car

Maybe something else in a building and They noticed an aerial shot of these Three teenagers walking up in the middle Of the night and they said let's see What they're doing and they found this Let's watch how this whole thing started Flight deputies witnessed three Juveniles later identified as Mario Bonilla keandra clang and Malachi Daniels steal an unlocked Maserati Patrol deputies intercepted and Attempted to stop the vehicle however it Accelerated to over 100 miles per hour [Music] [Applause] [Music] Probably surprised to see those cops on The net quickly when they thought no one Was there uh and also as they mentioned He said he's blacked out so the Headlights were not on at all uh really Quick let's show the aftermath because The NBC News reported how that car Crashed and then also again as they said One of those teenagers happened to not Make it after that crash but um the Aftermath is and look at this car was Crazy let's watch this The Sheriff's Office says the teens kept Walking until arriving at 28th Street Where a 2016 Maserati was parked outside A home Sheriff Gutierrez says a 15 year Old teen was seen walking up to the Vehicle to check if it was open

And he used a shirt to open the door Handle of the car the team discovered The Maserati was unlocked with the keys Inside that's when the sheriff says the Team decided to take it for a drive Along with a 15 year old and 16 year old Passenger the teen driver pulled out of The driveway with no lights on and took Off onto 62nd Avenue North the car Starts fishtailing over the road he had No control over the car at that point The car runs up over the curb runs Across the sign of the business behind Me the car flips the teens were all Pinellas County Schools students Sheriff Terry says they snuck out of their home But it wasn't their first time nearly a Month ago they got in trouble by the Kenneth City Police Department for Walking in a residential area at four in The morning wearing all black clothes With their faces covered Sad story uh the they said the 15 year Old sit in the front uh pastors he died For the driver who I think was 16 is Getting charged with murder because it Was middle of a a crime being conducted