Cop Fights Constitution, Immediately Wishes He Didn’t

By | December 7, 2022

Let go unchecked for too long cops start thinking that they can even bully the constitution. Unfortunately for them, this auditor knew his right more than they pretended to and ended up making a fool of them. Rebel HQ’s own Ben Gleib stands up to & calls out these anti-Semitic celebrities.

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I'm asking you a question who are you Why are you taking pictures of the Department Sir The moment Omero made physical contact with Mr O'Connell the interaction became an Illegal investigatory detention you've Got to love it when the police just Straight up don't know what they're Doing and you gotta love it because they Have guns and handcuffs and so you don't Have a choice even if you very much Don't love it you gotta love it don't You you do we just covered that it's Pretty amazing how the police seen Clearly in this video don't even know The law don't even know what they are or Are not allowed to do the first Amendment guarantees all citizens the Right to take photos of almost anything Which is viewable from a public setting No touch okay Okay Supervisor's on his way okay I'm asking You questions here guys I'm being Arrested right now Police Department Don't turn my phone off okay you are not In control here I am actually you work For me I don't work for you 46 I love That the guy knows the statutes better Than the cop this is illegal to tame it Under

1613-33503 and the cop's like whoa they Number these things I thought you could Just cuff somebody and bring them Downtown no we're already downtown and There's numbers wow did I miss a email Or something need a supervisor who's Your job buddy It's illegal detainment can you please Call supervisor out here this is an Illegal detainment under 16-3103 Hang out here you don't have permission To search me I don't consent any certain Procedures Okay I went for a supervisor to come up Here okay that's okay What's your name badge number Romero 702 Okay Did you stop my video game over there I'm not messing with your phone okay can You uh tell us officer to take his hands Off me and to uncuff me Supervisor gets here and you can talk to Him from there okay I'm done talking to You guys okay Here's a fun review for you police Officers watching and again thank you to The good ones who do know what your jobs Are and for keeping us safe but for Those of you that are unaware of the law And the restrictions within them you Can't just detain someone because you Want to you can't detain someone because They're taking pictures of you or of any Public building you can't detain

Somebody because they look at you funny You cannot detain somebody because they Got a scowl on your face that reminds You of your third grade history teacher That was always very mean to you you Might want to arrest that person Your Instinct everything in your bones are Going to say arrest that person but Don't do it why because you're not Allowed to because why because according To the law cause why because you're not The sheriff in the wild west cause why Because there's just certain limitations To your power you're there to keep People safe not to be a bully and put People into your control just because They don't want to answer your questions When there's no due cause for you to be Asking those questions there's no legal Right for those questions to need to be Answered and so therefore it might annoy You and you might have the big that gun And the big bad cuffs and the taser and The pepper spray that doesn't mean you Get to use them whenever you feel like It okay just taking picture of the Department taking pictures of all our Stuff here so I don't know what he's Doing try to talk to him he's not Talking to me he starts walking away Yeah Reasonable suspicious you've got to have Reasonable Suspicion of a crime somebody I am not going to speak to you you can

Speak to my supervisor when he gets here You have me and cuss right now okay yeah You're being detained at the moment yeah What you're gonna ask me any questions You asked me what I was doing what I was Doing what I was doing I chose not to Answer which I have a right to do do I Not [Music] No nothing Um I like to follow complaining crisis Officer there's motivational rights you Can actually go into the department okay This is illegal detention eventually Costs the city of Pueblo forty one Thousand dollars after Mr O'Connell sued The Pueblo Police Department for Violating his constitutionally protected Rights is that cool with you or I mean I Know it's not but can you do it because This officer by illegally detaining this Man cost the department 41 000 when they Were sued by him for illegal detention And here's the crazy news this is one of The better stories this is one of the More positive examples of somebody not Breaking the law and being messed with By the police this person at least Wasn't beaten up randomly or is life Taken from him he was detained for a Brief while ended up with forty one Thousand dollars that's the best this is Gonna work out for you officers that Want to go on a power trip when you

Don't have the legal authority to do so And I know hearing me say these things Is going to make you want to arrest me Me and detain me for speaking truth to Power so go ahead arrest me if you have To I'll take 41 Grand I'm Ben gleib for Rebel HQ check out my new stadium comedy Special the Mad King or my first comedy Special neurotic gangster both on YouTube and we'll see you again here Very soon okay you have a right to to Remain watching these videos