Conservative Host Spills the Tea on Marjorie Taylor Greene

By | December 23, 2022

A conservative host is spreading a ton of questionable dirt about Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, and Kevin McCarthy. Cenk Uygur and Rayyvana discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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That March Taylor green recently got Divorced I know that marjor Taylor green Has reported to have dated many people Interested that's that's her prerogative As long as she's not sleeping and she Was running around on her husband so it Means that they could have been in a Public place they could have been every Anywhere where people could have seen Them well there's reports that they were Spoilers Jeroms Marjorie Taylor green a swinger Uh these leftist men have they know Oh wait I'm getting worded those are not Left-wing hosts those are right-wing Hosts and they have turned on the Margarine Wow man things are getting I was about to say things are getting Crazy in the Republican world I'm like They've been crazy for a long long time But now we're at full-scale Civil War so Why are they saying these things and by The way I got a lot more with that video Came from wait till you hear what they Say about Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy Etc the guy who's speaking there is Edward Saul he's a right-wing host he Originally started talking about Madison Cawthorne and how uh they had Republican Leadership had eliminated him uh because Of some uh past sexual uh in like Deleonces and things that he was not Supposed to do apparently and you're

Seeing those pictures that were leaked Of Madison as we speak and uh did they Leaked this against them yes was it Republican leaders yes uh was a sexual In nature to bury his Republican uh Career yes was it because he spoke out Against Democrats no they love that was It because he told lie after lie and was Vicious no they loved that it was Because he had turned on Republican Leaders and said that they were having Coke doing cocaine and having orgies Etc So that part is true that part is true And it's amazing but true but then they Got into well Marjorie Taylor green is Supporting Kevin McCarthy now and the Hard right wing is not supporting Kevin McCarthy so obviously that must mean That Marjorie Taylor green is a swinger Okay I'm not so sure that that's obvious But let's listen to more of their Brilliant ideas All these elected officials have Something hiding in the background like Jim Jordan I've always had questions if There's any connection to Sandusky all Right and that's that's one of those Things you don't explore right because They're on our team but are they really On our team that's where we're going Today Love it can't get enough of it okay so Right Wingers you liked it when your

Rando right-wing host made up vicious Lies about Democrats now they're making Up vicious lies about Republicans okay Enjoy now The fact is Jim Jordan actually does Have a terrible past he was a wrestling Coach at Ohio State and uh students went To him time and time again and said can You please get the doctor of the team to Stop molesting us and sexually Assaulting us and Jim Jordan did nothing But that was at Ohio State Sandusky was At Penn State [Music] Okay now that like they've turned their Wrath and their lies against their own Who cares Ohio State or Penn State we Never cared when we were making it up About Democrats okay I have a whole Nother batch of Awesome videos this time Of my Kevin McCarthy's sex life in his Second but first Raymond what are you Making this yeah I mean first of all I Love to see Republicans eat their own so More of this please moving forward but I Mean it's just funny because these Things are not like news per se like It's not new information like Marjorie Taylor Green's alleged Affairs have been Pretty public information for a while Um and apparently it's not just Conservatives who are turning on her but The um tantric sex guru who she had an Affair with while she was married also

Turned on her when asked for comments on A story about it uh said that he wants Nothing to do with that awful woman Um which is great love to see that too Um but like Jim Jordan I mean people Have been calling him Jim uh gym Jordan For a long time not for no reason but Now it's only when I don't know there's Some sort of infighting that these Conservatives suddenly care about the Fact that Jim Jordan you know Systemically covered up sexual abusive Students you know they only care now About how Marjorie Taylor green doesn't Actually necessarily represent the Conservative Christian family values That they have you know purported that She did Um but you know if they want to keep Fighting each other if they want to drag Up more dirt on each other or you know Even just blatantly tell lies about one Another that's fine I'll grab my popcorn I'll sit down I'll watch it all happen Well you're about to watch more of what Happened in a second uh but but the Funny thing about right-wing media is They just can't help themselves right so Marjorie Taylor green cheated on us on Her husband repeatedly that's a Well-known fact the tantric sex guru we All know this stuff so they if they Wanted to smear her sexually they could Just go to that stuff and their

Right-wing audience would eat it up you Don't need anything beyond that but They're like Yeah yeah but she's also a swinger yeah Yeah that's it Why bother why bother making that up That I've never seen that anywhere look At me defending Marjorie Taylor green You know why one I don't care about her Sex life and two this has nothing to do With politics and three we don't lie Even if there are opponents we don't lie And then uh and then on uh Jim Jordan Why do you have to make up the Sandusky Thing when he actually did cover up Sexual crimes and sexual assault against Students at Ohio State it's crazy all Right but we got more crazy let's watch In regard to the speakership uh Kevin McCarthy needs 218 votes to become the Next speaker of the house he doesn't Have it right now there is there is a Coalition of about 20 Republican Legislators who are going to block this And there's not a big enough majority For the Republicans to overcome this so There has to be some negotiation I hate That though because what does that mean That some of our guys get chairmanships And then Kevin McCarthy gets to stay in Kevin McCarthy literally is the reason Why we have the j6 commission right he Literally let the election be stolen and Again this man other than sleeping with

Every female that's been elected into The house Kevin McCarthy has Single-handedly overseen the Diminishment the reversals on family Values on sanctity on morality inside of This country Oh good because we hadn't smeared enough Republicans so not only has Kevin McCarthy slept with every female Republican legislator in the house but They've slept with him so there goes Like another giant chunk of Republicans Under that bus uh and what is all this About and by the way Kevin McCarthy's a Terrible guy but he was not responsible For the January 6 commission that's nuts He did not single-handedly allow the Cheating of Joe Biden to win the league Why would he do that why would he do That it makes no sense So uh but the bottom line here is they Think McCarthy is not crazy right-wing Enough so they're not doing what they've Been taught by the rest of right-wing Media which is oh okay then let's attack Our political opponents in the most Vicious way and with no regard for the Truth and today our opponents are Kevin McCarthy all women Republican Politicians uh and amazingly Marjorie Taylor green let alone Jim Jordan so We're not going to rip them to shreds With the same kind of Lies we've been Using against Democrats

I think that's called Just Desserts No [Music] Creating covet Um he's been linked to killing JFK he's Been you know he was linked to the uh Lincoln assassination so you know I Think we really need to be doing the Research and coming up with our own Conclusions Raymond I like the way You're being an independent thinker you Know another reason and by the way for The purposes of the YouTube and Facebook And fact Checkers we're kidding we're Kidding he didn't actually assassinate Lincoln