Congressman Scalise: Every single Republican voted to reform the process – every Dem voted against

By | January 6, 2021

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You bet and so president trump has Called this out And president trump has stood up to it So many of us have stood up to it And in fact over a hundred of my Colleagues madam speaker asked the Supreme court To address this problem just a few weeks Ago And unfortunately the court chose to Punt They didn’t answer one way or the other They didn’t want to get in the middle of This discussion We don’t have that luxury today We have to discuss this we have to fix This In fact on our first full day of this Congress Many of us brought legislation onto the House floor To start fixing the problems with our Elections to restore Integrity to the election process which Has been lost by so many Millions of americans and we had a vote Every single republican voted to reform The process Every single democrat voted against it They don’t want to fix this problem But the constitution is our guide And it’s time we start following the Constitution it’s time we get back To what our founding father said is the

Process for selecting Electors that’s the legislatures in Public view Not behind closed doors not smoke filled Rooms Not bullying somebody that might give You a better ruling let’s get back to Rule Of law and follow the constitution madam Speaker And i yield back the balance of my time Germany’s time has expired For what purpose does the gentlewoman [Music] What

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