Christian Walker EXPOSES Herschel’s Sad Campaign

By | December 10, 2022

Christian Walker isn’t holding anything back after his father’s costly senate seat loss. Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson and Sharon Reed discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“This is not the first time Christian Walker has been critical of his father. In October, he posted on Twitter accusing his father of abusive behavior and telling him to not “act like you are some moral family man” after allegations came out that Herschel Walker had paid for his girlfriend’s abortion in 2009.”


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Yeah all right uh Jerry got the next one As we know Herschel Walker lost his uh Bid for the Senate uh to Rafael Warnock Or this week but there's some more Details that are not coming about about Some of the things that happened in the Makeup of this entire campaign and it Probably won't surprise you considering What we saw publicly these things were Happening behind the scenes there was a Tweet uh from an anonymous member of Herschel Walker's campaign to Herschel Walker's son uh that uh exposed this Entire thing and I think this sums up His campaign really uh succinctly let's Look at this msmc report about this this Text from his campaign to the sun said Would you be open to talking to Herschel Walker about some of the messaging stuff I think he listens to This T of us this Anonymous person said Christian then responded said what do You mean on messaging uh the person on The campaign says stop being a on TV quotes that's what he wants him to Tell Herschel to stop being a more hunt On TV read your place Absolutely worst person Walker trying to Trying to tie the end loose ends on his Campaign he continued he said read your Playbook before opening your mouth you Know the usual with a crying laughing Emoji and also totally okay if not we're Just desperate absolutely desperate that

Text went out in late June Christian Walker publicly came out against his Father in October is that what the uh we Have is there let's listen to what Christian Walker said when he finally Said I'm done with this I'm done with These hand layers and I'm done with Trying to protect this guy watch what he Said yeah I'm just right before we play The clip afterwards I'm going to show You look this is how politics works There's the thing they tell you publicly And there's the things that they say Privately right so they uh and and when Christian got those texts he was still On the team So they're like hey your dad's an idiot Can you help us with them okay and so We'll show you some of that as well in a Second right but uh Christian at the Time knew his dad's an idiot and you'll See it here as he attacks his dad when He finally makes a turn right but we Covered Christian a lot of libs are just Finding out about more like Main Street Democrats just finding out about Christian Walker they're like oh this Kid's Fantastic look at how honestly He's being about his head no no no the Entire time he was covering for his dad When he knew he was outrageous in fact Let's let you let actually go to Christian as chair was trying to do and Show you how much he knew how terrible

His dad was at the time that he was Helping him watch I stayed silent as the atrocities Committed against my mom were downplayed I stayed silent when it came out that my Father Herschel Walker out all these Random kids across the country none of Whom he raised And you know my favorite issue to talk About is Father absence surprise because It affected me that's why I talk about It all the time because it affected me Family values people he has four kids Four different women wasn't in the house Raising one of them he was out having Sex with other women do you care about Family values I have a silent lie after lie after lie The abortion card drops yesterday it's Literally his handwriting in the car They say they have receipts whatever he Gets on Twitter he lies about it okay I'm done done everything has been a lie And so for the right to say I'm being Suspicious for saying hey I'm done with The lies when you all have been calling Me saying is this true about your Dad Gosh we're not gonna win Georgia this Canada that's been you you have no idea What I've been through in my life you Have no idea what me and my mom have Survived we could have ended this on day One we have it I haven't told any Stories I'm just saying don't lie

He's just saying don't lie there's more Details about this disastrous of a Campaign but I'm curious your thoughts First sharing on this whole thing Because again he talked about how he had Been abused he and his mom been abused Pushed around uh threatened all this had Happened and he grew up and then when This campaign started they're texting Him like can you help us out talk to Your dumb dad bro I can see why he bust He he finally lost it but it should have Happened sooner On the one part there's the the fun part Where I say to myself listen this is a Kid that knows about messaging okay boy That he stayed on message for that one Okay we we got it we we got the true Essence of your debt but the other part That makes me sad is That was his truth before he joined the Campaign and was helping out this is a Kid who desperately wanted that father Desperately wanted to be wanted by that Dead and needed by that Dad so it's just The whole thing is so gross Um clearly The sun's being honest here and has to I Think be respected for coming out and Telling the truth finally about Herschel Walker I mean we know listen so much has Come out we know but part of it like I Said there there's a candidate who's on Message right there yeah so look

Um I got mixed films about Christian Walker Uh because and that's part of the point Of the story is and now it's not about Christian it's about political people so In June when they're sending those texts Herschel Walker staffers are Acknowledging to Herschel Walker's son Hey we all know your dad's an idiot Right and so he sometimes he listens to You and you could stop him from being a from time to time right uh and He knows that and at the time Christian Walker is like Yay Herschel Walker he's A great candidate he's this he's that so He's also guilty because of that uh he Only broke when he found out the 28th Time that apparently he'd been betrayed By Herschel Walker and and took it Personally and maybe he thought at that Point he's going to lose anyway and I'm Not going to get power that way I might Get more attention if I turn on him I Don't know but he's desperate for Attention Christian Walker okay but much More important than Christian Walker is The staffers They're working for Herschel Walker full Well knowing that their candidate is so Dumb that they don't want him saying Anything in public okay and look they Got scripts and they're like stick to The script Where do the scripts come from

Who sends it who writes the scripts for All of these candidates remember when You see other candidates being robotic They have the same handlers as Herschel Walker they're just of mediocre Intelligence enough to read the script As opposed to going off the script like Usher Walker does so my point in in all Of this is Everybody on the inside knows they know That these politicians are fake they're Not very bright they're not very Accomplished they're just Toadies They're just figures put up That are going to do whatever they Campaign contributors want them to do The donors right So the Republicans are always looking to See who's running the country oh is it a Jewish guys that this is the pedophiles No guys it's the guys who give bribes to Politicians it's not that complicated And they're of all different backgrounds And all different races and religions But that that and and with Herschel they Went a little too far but if you notice Republican presidents kept getting Dumber and dumber and dumber right so we Started with Reagan and people were like Oh he's kind of an actor seems like an Empty shell now sometimes he doesn't Seem like he knows what he's talking About by the time you get to George W Bush Reagan looks like a genius right

And George W bush is like Ann Richards Had a great line about him he's born on Third base and thought he had a triple And he says so many absurd things we had A whole soundboard full of dumbass clips From George W bush right and then you Get the Trump and you're like oh my God I can't believe it gets Dumber right and There was Sarah Palin and there was Dan Quayle so why what's the connective Tissue the donors want blank slates they Want guys who don't think for themselves So they can say here's the goddamn Script now go ahead and read it we give You money you do as you're told and Everyone knows except you guys and That's why I always come back to the Media because the media knows too but They never tell you I mean and as part Of why the campaign Finance is something Needs to be changed because look these Are the people who control these Narratives it's why you look Lauren Ingram when she was upset they're Talking about we need shakeups at the RNC they talk about the money people all The time they're complaining a few People complaining that Donald Trump Hoarded all the money they're worried About where the money is going who Distributes it because those folks who Are given that money are calling these Shots here's some details of that Disaster of a campaign the more proof as

To what Jake was talking about is they All knew and in fact it doesn't always Work out in their favorite imagine if This guy got elected look at this walker Did not set up a traditional campaign Structure that's according to people who Worked for him They said the decisions normally left to Professional staff for media buys to the Campaign's Daily messaging to vendors Who Sold campaign swag online to picking Event locations this is everything we're Instead controlled and often Micromanaged by Walker and his wife Julie Blanchard neither had any Experience in politics not pause for a Second I don't that's Necessity body that runs the campaign Has to be these long-term political Campaign professionals because I think That's pretty annoying as well because They'll do the same standard thing every Time it's cut and paste do it again Maybe shift it for that particular Person and those particular issues in That particular state or County or Whatever it is you're running for I get That but this is herself Walker and his Wife more about that though before Walker announced his candidacy on August 25th of last year he engaged three top Political Consultants with Georgia Roots Austin Chambers Paul Beneke and Nick Ayres who had served as former vice

President Mike Pence's Chief of Staff They promptly hired a law firm to Conduct opposition research on Walker It's a standard practice for campaigns To do self-research in order to know Everything that could come out about a Candidate good job and in just two weeks The Firm assembled a 500 page dossier Wow filled with possible business Scandals controversial quotes from Walker and allegations of domestic Violence and bizarre behavior according To four sources who had seen the Apple Book there's more Walker and Blanchard The dynamic duo were undeterred and Believed that his brand as a Georgia Football star and his Charisma would Overpower any negative stories in the News media or attack ads from Democrats As according to those who had spoken With the two before he decided to Announce his campaign a month after and Lastly here staff said Walker repeatedly Told them that Cindy Grossman Christian's mother would help the Campaign by cutting an ad or giving Media interviews to counteract Democratic attack ads however though Grossman remained silent leaving some Staff with the feeling that the Candidate misled them about the Closeness of his relationship with his Ex-wife again they did all this stuff And then after finding out they knew

There was the domestic violence pass They knew that he was lying about Ridiculous Parts about his life but they Went he's a football player though That's why his logo was a damn football They thought that was just roll over and It'd be just fine and if it all all else Fails just lean on my kid and my ex-wife They'll clean up for me That was literally the plan and wow and It and it fell apart there but I mean Look at these political handlers and and The donors that they serve they're Looking for just the right IQ from a Republican candidate okay you can't be Too high at all because then they won't Listen right but now they realize shoot It turns out we can go too low okay I Don't know if they learned it yeah so I Guess we got to hit it right around 60 70 IQ whatever it is right where they Can function you remember Sarah Palin Used to write notes in our hand and it Would say things like freedom Okay so that's apparently the sweet spot For republicans I tell you you know you said that they Just keep progressively you know lower And lower and lower the IQ here in Georgia we we're kicking ourselves you Got even with all that he almost won But it wouldn't spend money they only he Almost won this thing okay so maybe you Know it didn't work out and Warnock outs

Met him Herschel Walker was almost a U.S Senator Yeah let that marinate what would have Happened then how much handling and and Back door emails would they be giving Like herschel's got to stop saying this On the scented floor Yeah but find them in the hallway but Yeah That's true but but Sharon makes a Devastating point I mean Herschel Walker Almost won Donald Trump did win once uh And nearly won a second time 43 000 Votes in three swing States George Bush Won twice kind of Reagan won twice So if they're so dumb how smart are Democrats Keep it real thanks for watching The Young Turks really appreciate it another Way to show support is through YouTube Memberships you'll get to interact with Us more there's live chat emojis badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get Playback of our exclusive member only Shows and specials right after they air So all that all you gotta do is click That join button right underneath the Video thank you