China and Australia compete for Pacific supremacy

By | September 24, 2022

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A power struggle is developing in the Pacific. Australian and Chinese diplomats are touring the region, trying to strengthen ties and win new allies.

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[Music] Thank you [Music] On March 20th 2022 the Pacific Islands Were hit with a diplomatic bombshell Following secret negotiations the Solomon Islands scientists security pact With China having long viewed the Pacific as its backyard the deal caused This quiet in Canberra the coalition Government staked its election campaign On its National Security credentials These claims were now in tatters and Media reports drummed up the prospect of A Chinese Naval Base on Australia’s Doorstep only five months earlier the Solomons had requested canberra’s help In quelling anti-government riots now Beijing would be granted similar Privileges the developments signaled a New Pacific Power struggle so on 21st May upon being sworn in Australia’s new Prime minister boarded a plane on his Itinerary was a series of diplomatic Visits strengthen Regional ties Simultaneously China’s top Diplomat Embarked on his own tour visiting eight Pacific States in 10 days so why are China and Australia at odds and what’s Behind their diplomatic scramble in the Pacific [Music] Today’s video is sponsored by nordvpn in Times of conflict Geo restrictions make

Some domains of cyberspace inaccessible What happens is that governments Activate National barriers to minimize Their Public’s exposure to foreign Influences Tick Tock telegram Facebook YouTube and even Wikipedia are banned or Closed in some countries Now All is fair In Love and War but that makes my job All the more difficult because Regardless of the nature of the conflict I still have to get my hands on data and Intel from the opposite side to keep my Content as objective as possible this is Where nordvpn comes into play using the App I can digitally relocate to another Country and bypass such National Firewalls it’s an essential tool in my Arsenal what’s more no one including ISP Operators can see what I’m up to but Data banks I’m accessing or what papers I’m reading so nordvpn strengthens my Access to cyberspace while at the same Time ensuring a private web experience These two principles privacy and Security are now more important than Ever use the link in the description to Get an exclusive nordvpn deal it’s Risk-free with nord’s 30-day money-back Guarantee [Music] Three Trends characterize Australian Foreign policy first it will Ally with The world’s Chief Naval power to protect Its Maritime interests second it will

Stay on the winning side of the global Geopolitical struggle third it will use The safety of isolation to engage in Calculated and deliberate diplomacy Since 1942 these principles have ensured Australian U.S alignment but the Relationship is asymmetrical Canberra needs Washington more than Washington needs it as such Australian Policemakers promote their country’s Strategic weight by offering the United States a staging ground for asia-pacific Policy making this relationship is bound Together by the interoperability of Capabilities and forces the five ice Intelligence Alliance ansys quad orcas Are but different layers within this Larger security Umbrella Australia’s unique location and Geography yields many more advantages For instance the pine Gap facility in The outback is crucial to American Intelligence gathering by interception Of signals the base detects missiles Controls drones intercepts Transmissions Across Eurasia and talks to spy Satellites in geosynchronous orbit Meanwhile the naval station and Northwest Cape beams data to U.S Submarines this allows American boats to Tail Chinese nuclear submarines and sink Them instantly should a War break out The new orcas pact signed in 2021 will Expand interoperability further

Providing Australia with nuclear Submarines cyber capabilities and Hypersonic missiles Washington does Assumes responsibility for Australia’s Defense but the price Canberra must pay In return is to support coordinate Itself to American Grand strategy [Music] He makes Australia’s Junior partner Status easier to swallow but while Leaders sing the tune of shared Western Values the alliances underlying base Note is called realism this is why Australia takes a confrontational stance Towards China Some argue that canberra’s policy Undermines Australia’s economic interest Since China is its largest trading Partner but this too misunderstands how Canberra perceives its economic Interests firstly much of Australia’s China-bound trade consists of minerals Which account for two-thirds of export Income this demand is generated by China’s construction industry especially Iron ore a crucial component in steel on An annual base Australia produces 900 Million tons of iron ore more than Double that of second-placed Brazil and Since there are no significant Alternative suppliers Australian mining Companies are convinced that Chinese Demand will persist in the face of Geopolitical tensions

Secondly canberra’s perception of its Economic interests is shaped by lobbying Given China’s economic weight one would Assume businesses would push for good Relations with Beijing but as of 2019 15 Of the top 20 companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange where Majority American owned including four Of the five mining companies the holders Of equity determine corporate policy and Priorities thus in practice lobbying Fuses together Australian and American Economic interests Canberra’s role within Washington’s Security umbrella has led its neighbors To label it America’s deputy sheriff or Lap dog yet this is only half the Equation and while the American Alliance Helps ensure Australia’s survival Survival is not at all it is interested In Since the 19th century Australia’s Maritime alliances have granted a free Hand in the Pacific from the cotton Crops of Fiji to the phosphate mines of Nauru to the gold and copper pits of New Guinea the Pacific region is a Profitable destination for Australian Businesses and since Canberra relies on Its companies to obtain tax revenue it Is Duty bound to ensure a stable Investment climate sometimes this means Direct military and policing Interventions no doubt these missions

Often have a genuine humanitarian Purpose but once the guns fall silent The first order of business is business For example following each teamwork Declaration of Independence in 1999 Australia dispatched forces to quell Pro-indonesian militia violence the Intervention saved countless lives but Once the dust settled Australia used its Leverage to Strongarm each Timor out of Its share of the greater sunrise oil Field likewise ethnic violence moved Canberra to intervene in the Solomon Islands in 2003 in a mission that would Last 14 years Canberra took over law Enforcement finance and other government Functions when the intervention ended a Bilateral security treaty was signed Allowing Australian Personnel to enter The Solomon Islands upon haniara’s Request and use Force to protect Australian assets Ergo for Australia China’s inroads into the Pacific are an Encroachment on its Turf and like Australia Beijing has both strategic and Economic interests at Play [Music] Strategically China wants to puncture Washington’s containment ring along the First island chain economically Beijing Is looking for profitable Investments And the means to secure them for this China has sought access to airfields and Ports and kiribas Van nuetu and French

Polynesia it has also forged police and Military links in Fiji Papua New Guinea And Tonga but any Chinese move is met by An Australian counter move and this Jostle for power manifests in unusual Ways one example came in August 2017 When the Solomon Islands tried to Contract Huawei to build an undersea Internet cable to Sydney Australia’s spy Agency vetoed the deal the fear was that Beijing could use cable infrastructure To spy on internet traffic Accordingly Canberra stepped in to build The cable itself and in 2020 It joined Forces with Tokyo and Washington to Build a similar cable to Palau likewise In 2019 when Papua New Guinea sought Beijing’s help refinancing its debts Canberra responded with a loan package Worth 302 million dollars though the Terms of the deal were kept secret that Same year Canberra unveiled a response Plan to China’s belt and Road initiative The Pacific step-up program pledged to Promote sovereignty stability security And prosperity in the region this Included 1 billion dollars in Aid a 1.4 Billion dollar infrastructure financing Facility for the Pacific and a labor Mobility scheme allowing Pacific and Timory’s Nationals to work in Australia Beyond this Canberra created a Pacific Security College to train police and Military personnel

Finally Australia gave its Telecom Company Telstra 1.3 billion dollars per Purchase Digicel Pacific a mobile phone Carrier active in six Regional markets Meanwhile beijing’s digital Silk Road Set up Pacific ground stations for its Baido satellite navigation system like Its American equivalent GPS baido can be Used as a guidance system for missiles And weapon Delivery Systems Policing infrastructure and Telecommunications have thus become key Battlegrounds in the Pacific Power Struggle Still it would be wrong to assume the Pacific Islands as passive players on a Geopolitical chessboard far from it Balancing China against Australia grants The Pacific Nations significant leverage In ensuring favorable outcomes for Example climate change has long been a Thorny issue in the region not least Because Australia’s coalition government Took a dismissive stance on the issue Kittibus is the Pacific Nation with the Lowest GDP per capita and is greatly Affected by rising sea levels as such in 2022 the country signed 10 deals with China and withdrew from the Australian-dominated Pacific Islands Forum thereafter canberra’s new labor Government signed an emissions reduction Bill into Power hoping that such Measures would prevent other Pacific

Nations from switching camps East Timor Meanwhile is seeking for a better deal For its greater sunrise oil field the Current plan is for a gas pipeline to Run to Darwin in North Australia daily However wants it to run to Timor since The processing facilities will stimulate Investments in infrastructure and jobs Negotiations are ongoing and each Timor’s new president has cautioned to Seek Chinese support if Dilly does not Get its way Even so beijing’s influence in the Region is limited to bilateral ties and Its attempts to promote a region-wide Economic Security pact have thus far Stalled Foreign Islands Remains the main thorn in Australia’s side in November 2021 Haniera’s decision to switch diplomatic Recognition from Taiwan to China Provoked riots in the capital the reason Was that the Solomon Island of maleta Was dependent on Taiwanese Aid which Would now be cut off though Australia Sent forces to quell the violence it did Little to protect Chinese Investments And property as such anara’s Chinatown District was largely destroyed fearing Such actions would deter investors they See no Solomon’s Security deal signed in March 2022 allows Beijing to dispatch Its own security Personnel to secure its

Interests the agreement protects Chinese Mining logging and Commercial activities It also grants the Chinese Navy access To refueling facilities This Was Then Followed by an announcement that Huawei Would build 161 new mobile Towers on Solomon territory and on August 29 Anueru further upped the ante by denying Maritime access to a U.S Coast Guard Ship this was followed by a blanket ban On foreign Naval vessels for the long Neglected Solomon Islanders the goal is To extract concessions from Australia And the west and though haniera insists Australia is its security partner of Choice it has also said it will look for Chinese help to fill any gaps Ultimately protecting Australia’s Security and economic interests is a job Too big for the deputy sheriff and there Are signs Washington is stepping into The breach The U.S is expanding its defense Facilities on Guam tinian and Wake Island and is deepening ties to Papua New Guinea and Micronesia Joe Biden has Also invited the Pacific leaders to a Meeting at the end of September a Measure that shows the increased Importance of the region to Washington’s Anti-china containment strategy for the Moment The Balancing Act is paying off For some of the Pacific Nations but the Potential dangers of this strategy May

Yet reveal themselves as time Wars on The Avenues for conflict between Chinese And Western interests will only multiply Thus each step must be attended with Caution and each Act of Charity must be Viewed with utmost suspicion Manipulation is the name of the game and Anything that is manipulatable is rarely Yours to keep I’ve been your host shirvon from Caspian Report special thanks to enter Merle for Researching this topic and if you want To help out leave a like comment and Subscribe thank you for watching and so [Music]

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