Chicago Cop Gets FELONY Charges For Excessive Force (Video)

By | November 5, 2022

A Chicago, IL police officer has been charged with a felony after ‘accidentally’ tasing an innocent man. Body camera footage from the incident, which occurred in August 2021, shows the officer’s failure to deescalate the situation during the interaction, as well as the unnecessary use of his taser. David Shuster breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Warning In Chicago that innocent man in front of His home was complying he suffered a Broken nose and lost Consciousness now a Year later police officer Marco Simonetti has been charged with felony Aggravated battery and felony official Misconduct in August 2021 officer Simonetti responded to a call in Chicago's Northwest side about a Suspicious person pulling on Gates Simonetti began to question this 26 year Old neighbor After the man emptied his pockets Officer Simonetti grabbed the man's Wrist why why are you resting The neighbor tried to run away and Officer Simonetti pulled out a taser as The man had his hands up Give me one more car over here Warning The taser struck the man on the forehead And the arm on the ground he started Convulsing prosecutors say he lost Consciousness broke his nose and Required stitches While the body camera video captured Officer Simonetti radioing that he had To use the taser in a later police Report Simonetti said he unintentionally Deployed the taser Simonetti works as a Field training officer and has been with The Chicago Police for 28 years criminal Charges are not simonetti's only problem

Chicago Police leadership say they are In the process of taking away his job The first step is known as relief of Powers we're in process of leaf of Powers because he was arrested and that The investigation will obviously be Ongoing and conclude with at some point Some recommendation for ultimately Disciplining the officer Simonetti was Released on five thousand dollars bail Meanwhile the injured man has filed a Federal civil rights lawsuit again Simonetti and against the Chicago Police The lag time for the police action Against officer Simonetti seems Bewildering the incident itself was Brief from the moment officer Simonetti Arrived on the scene until he tased the Man knocking the guy unconscious and Sending him into convulsions that entire Interaction was less than 60 seconds and Yet it took over a year for police and Prosecutors to complete an investigation And conclude there was probable cause That Simonetti broke the law the police Clearly knew this incident had happened And that there was body camera video yet This took a year I suppose we should be Grateful that charges have been brought Still if the situation had been reversed And it was a cop who quickly got knocked Unconscious and Senator convulsions with The perpetrators stay free for so long And when that attacker was finally

Charged would there have been just a Five thousand dollar bail The courts have long established that Police officers cannot use Force Including a taser unless there's an Imminent safety threat to the officer or Others in this case while the man had Tried to run to his own home he had his Hands up and was compliant when officer Simonetti yelled and warned him about Being tased and then Simonetti tased him Anyway Legal experts believe Simonetti will Probably get convicted and the experts Say the civil lawsuit against the Minetti for violating civil rights is a Slam dunk and now one wonders how many Other excessive force incidents officer Simonetti was involved in through the Years before Chicago Police got body Cameras This is an embarrassment and let's be Clear police who engage in unlawful Violence put other police officers in Danger I'm David Schuster thanks for joining us

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