Centrist Blogger Joins Transphobic ‘Just Asking Questions About Trans Health’ Train

By | December 11, 2022

Matt Yglesias becomes the latest “Centrist” to ask the same “just asking questions” question about trans healthcare.

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Uh Matt Iglesias who I haven't paid much Attention to you know he was a big Crypto pusher Apparently uh he left Vox he was he Thought uh the effective altruism stuff From uh bankman freed was uh you know Actually had more to it than it actually Was which was just a fig leaf or mostly When I see his name Being wrong about something But it's instructive uh of like Those you have your full-on Full-throated transphobes right and They're on the right and then you have Your sort of like liberal libertarian Contrario boy bro guys who come in and Backfill some of this like here's a On-ramp off-ramp well it was really more Of like an on-ramp onto that I'm not a Bigot but the left is going too far with This that kind of roll put up this uh Tweet of his Now it's unclear who he's addressing This to Right really nobody Because I don't know that anybody would make This argument About any medical procedure ever He writes trying to claim that there is Zero risk of overly aggressive treatment In the gender dysphoria space is not Just going to be tenable Read about any other area of the

American Health Care system and this is He's citing a Washington examiner piece Supercredible well let's just assume That the piece is credible okay you know But First off we should tell you that the Piece is Well we'll get to that in a second Trying to claim there's zero risk Who does this Who claims there's zero risk of Aggressment treatment in aggressive Treatment in the gender dysphoria space No one and I'll tell you why No one does this Because anybody with half a brain knows That in every single space Of selective surgery elective surgery I Should say There is Um There is risk yeah there's a whole show Called botched uh on television which is Just about elective plastic surgery has Gone wrong but but it's not just elected Elective surgery doesn't just mean Doesn't mean just plastic surgery Elective surgery can also mean You have a 75 chance of losing your Eyesight if we uh perform surgery on it You have an 80 chance that you will not That you will not lose it What do you do you choose is there Regret

Well I mean Google it One out of seven people who get elective Surgery regret their surgery To the extent that they have done uh Research on on Um gender uh Dysphoria treatment elective surgery Let's say That number is closer to like under one Percent But broadly speaking there is absolutely No Just as a a specific rule there is no Single thing that you can go into a Hospital for That has zero percent risk nothing Nothing There is no and this exists for every Single procedure that you could have That would keep you in the hospital for More than two hours There is risk And find me the sub Stacker Who is doing the Deep dives into the Risks of Colorectal surgery knee Replacements Knee replacement surgery I mean on and On and on you will not find it look at This I just pulled this up like uh Elective and non-elective colectomy This is one of those differences in Decisional regret among patients Undergoing elective and non-elective Colectomy how do you even know what that

Is Did this come from a sub Stacker No it didn't come from me I just would Say I don't know it was just some type Of uh um uh study I mean Um it goes on and on you can find this All over the place so why would you why Would you pretend that somebody's Arguing there's zero risk Of overly aggressive never mind just a Treatment but of overly aggressive look Nobody's arguing that and then scroll Down here Scroll down to his next uh tweet Coverage of this topic Badly needs to be normalized and Contextualized within with our Information about how Healthcare Works In general sure okay now Now He's saying coverage of this topic and It's sort of like unclear but basically We're saying coverage of the fact that There is greater than zero risk needs to Be normalized in other words he Shouldn't be attacked Shouldn't be attacked for raising this But here's the bottom line is that like Every time you choose to write Or to report on a story Or to pen to paper Word processing updating You are making an editorial decision About how important it is

And you are prioritizing its importance Over other stories And for you to justify Saying that it's important for everybody To know there is not zero risk Associated with aggressive treatment for Gender dysphoria Makes it seem like there is Extra risk associated or that this There's a broad campaign to deny that Any risk exists yeah I mean the thing Matty glaciers and all these guys They're they're interested only in the Implicit message which is that wokeness Is short circuiting free inquiry on These sorts of things they don't Actually care and so when he says like Coverage who are you who is he talking About like you said is he talking about Medical professionals as they talk about Liberal editors is he talking about Trans activists he doesn't specify Because he knows that like a differing Uh um different arguments would be more Uh persuasive for that but the truth is That all these folk all the actual People who would study this they do look At like the um people who de-transition I'll just take this from Pink news a 50-year longitudinal study in Sweden uh That found 767 trans people just two percent Expressed regret following gender affirm And studies so not zero they say two

Percent studies in Britain and the Netherlands found similar rates of 0.4 And 1.9 respectively convert around 20 Percent of people who have had who have Undergone knee replacement surgery have Come to regret it the same study which Confirmed the majority of young trans People feel happier and more comfortable After being prescribed puree blockers Also found that 98 continued on to Hormone replacement therapy and and the Point is is that like to the extent that There's any percentage of regret and There's always going to be whether it's Knee replacement therapy or gender Affirming care Why is this a story for the non-medical Press Like because yes of course it should be Reported and yes of course doctors and Therapists uh and uh clinics should take This information to account as a way to Measure how well are we um doing care Gender affirming care Prior to doing more invasive treatment How well we do that's the measure in Which we do it right that's like how Much how much informed consent how much Are we assuring you know that our Patients are are aware of this et cetera Et cetera that is a perfectly legitimate But by highlighting The rare case In the general press it begins to twist

The Narrative as if there's like some Ongoing over aggressive treatment But you know you're like You don't see that about like CoolSculpting right or they're like you Know like like you know you know like Like I mean I mean I get like the fact Like well you know knee surgery Replacement uh is not a uh social issue And it's not something that you see and It's not out in front or whatever you Don't hear about CoolSculpting like I Don't know I ran into like some story About the it was like a former model who Had a and I didn't see any like opinion Journals out there talking about cool I Mean it's got to be a multi-billion Dollar business wow yeah and and the Over-representation of that two percent Figure that Matt was just referencing I Mean it's not just confined the sub Stackers the New York Times has been Doing piece after peace about or at Least one high profile one recently About that over represents that kind of Story because they feel it's incumbent Upon them to beat back the woke left That is uh going a little bit too far With this we're just asking questions They don't ask other questions like For the poor trans people in this Country who can't afford this kind of Surgery or this kind of care what are The implications for them they are a

Much more overwhelming population Because Health Care in this country is a Wildly inaccessible financially then the Two percent of people who might be Detransitioning or who are involved in a Lawsuit against a company which I Believe is what is being referenced here Or a surgeon or a Doctor by Iglesias Those are the stories that are being Untold about trans people and they're Not interested in that they're Interested in the two percent and like It's not an untold story in fact it's Foundational to every right-wing Argument against trans care it's just That like it's much sexier when it's Given the trappings of just asking Questions as a part of an impartial Press and we have a we have a society That's really hostile to trans people so Like and I've seen these detransition People that come out I've seen the trans Community actually have more empathy for Those folks even while they're being Used as a sort of hatchet against trans People in general saying like a certain Number of people will de-transition Guess what a large number of those folks Actually transitioned back again Invasive treatments uh uh I am Sam thank You for exposing the intent of grifters And propagandists when you say of course It should be covered Um when you say of course it should be

Covered Can you give us some sources we can Trust well I would just say Google Google uh I mean I've you know I've Found a bunch of just different research Papers Google a bunch of uh Google the Question of like uh regret in um in Elective surgeries Regret in uh transitional uh surgeries And just all you need to do ultimately Is read enough of these abstracts and You'll get a vague notion and and make Sure you know they're they're in in Journals uh medical journals you might Want to look if they're peer-reviewed or Not take that into consideration Read these abstracts and you will get a Basic gist of like how and you don't Need to be an expert in any of this all You need to do is be able to compare Apples to apples you don't have to know Necessarily the efficacy of all these if You look at enough studies you can begin To get the broad outlines of like There's nothing out of the norm here With these elective surgeries versus Those elective surgeries and and so And I understand like you know who do You trust in this in this market that's All you have to do it'll take you 10 Minutes And you get a sense of like the numbers Are more or less within line be aware of

The fact that there's always going to be Questions of Do we have a sample size Is there an agenda here but don't look At you know the way that people are sort Of like receiving these studies just Look at the studies and uh you will very Quickly realize there's nothing out of The norm here Maybe maybe it's a little bit less Frankly for transitioning than it is for Other elective surgeries because Probably the the need level was greater Yeah and uh but but put that aside Really what you're just looking for is Like is there 30 you know regret by People who are transitioning and the Answer is no the answer is no there's Like there's absolutely needs no are There people who who transition who have Regret about it how could there not be How can they like people regret Everything you know you'll find somebody Who regrets every single uh you know Across the board yeah now here's a coda To that Uh a glacias thing I guess Jade here has Been sort of on the case oh yes and he Criticized them and then uh Iglesias responded to Jeet and then Deleted his responses to Jeet because he Said Jeet was a bad faith actor ah and Uh I hate to see that yeah and one of Them was complaining like why are you

Attacking meek Transphobes and and I genuinely believe That Iglesias is so Self-involved That he cannot understand what role he's Playing in this context and thinks that He's only answering that that if he has A thought That it deserves to be expressed And that it is worthy of publication I Mean this is one of the problems with Like the the whole concept of of Sub-sackers and frankly YouTubers too Is that there is no sort of like filter And um If you if you don't have a sense On some level an ideological routing In in Assessing what you're putting out there Then uh then you can run into this Problem where you're like I'm not a Transphobe well all I'm doing is raising An issue that is actually completely Irrelevant to the the overall question But feeds into an existing narrative but That's not my fault that's society's Fault and if your job you know this is Like the same thing with like Sam Harris Saying like I was doing a thought Experiment when in 2005 I uh headline a Piece on um on a Huffington Post uh in Defense of torture If you're going to There's no like I'm sorry I'm just I'm

Just a player I'm not a role model you Know like he can't be Charles Barkley in This situation okay Um if you're going to write in the Public sphere Opinion pieces or say them on YouTube Part of your job is to assess what where Does what I my commentary fit In the public conversation You don't get to override that reality Because you're some type of artist yeah Right I mean honestly it's like they Expression of your soul you're trying to Be put your play put yourself in a place In the discourse which is pre-existing Before you decided to come into it yes I Mean and frankly what you're doing is Not art let's be clear here this is not Art It is polemics And if you do not recognize Where your argument fits In the existing argument in the sphere And remember like Why wasn't Iglesias writing this you Know five years ago Because he's only writing it because It's in the news now And he sees an opportunity to say Something that is completely unprofound Has been said over and over again he's Literally linking to uh Washington Examiner piece about a 32 year old Incidentally

Who had Um Uh Transit transition and and and felt That she didn't get the right uh the Right Um uh you know pre -operative care And maybe she didn't Maybe she should sue it's not Inconceivable to me that there would be Malpractice in that area in the same way That there is like you know getting leg Surgery But This is a glacias Sort of like being sloppy and just Chasing after uh the Clicks in the money And not taking a moment to care because He doesn't think it is his job or he Pretends it's not his job To care where what he's writing fits Into the argument and to whose benefit It exists it's not much I would be Responsible for the effect I have on the World yes except for it was his job Moments earlier when he decided to write This because the world needs to hear From me on this And he writes ajeed is a very tiresome Person but of course it's not just any Other Uh because Jeet said like you know where Are you talking about the other policy Decisions where there is zero risk is

Impossible and he goes but of course It's not just quote any other policy Discussion where I would say zero risk Is an impossible goal I don't think zero Risk should be the goal here either if That's what I thought I would have said It so there he is just sort of like Pretending and of course he says trying To claim that there's zero risk so he He's not saying that there shouldn't be There should be only zero risk he's Pretending that there's someone out There saying the opposite and he's Arguing the opposite like it's just Creating a strong man to express what he Wants to say and then denying he was Saying that in the first place it's Really amazing It really is amazing Uh we should put up the bad faith tweet Because I like the idea of it's like it When you're wrestling and you're about To get pinned and you're like this guy's Wrestling me in bad faith I'm I'm out of This this is The same exact thing Sam Psychopath in the way that I was uh Criticizing him Dave rubin's saying I Was rude Tim Poole saying that I broke All the rules by going on on that Zoom Debate with uh um um Ethan and and Crowder it is just a bunch of people who Can't defend themselves running away and

Trying to take some type of like moral High Ground in establishing that they're Like you know I'm not gonna I'm not Going to Sully The idea of conversation and Intellectual discourse I'm above these Tiresome actors Silly there it is so Half mat Iglesias No I'm sorry I was at uh slow boring Pardon me Slow boring I'm it's like uh when they Used to talk about the nerd prom give me A break oh my God the most aspirational Aspirational sort of wannabes Uh You're not even nerdy Let's put it that way