Cenk’s Confession

By | December 6, 2022

The Democrats are paid losers!

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Everybody kind of knows this I have to Confess that I hadn't thought of the Scale of this so let me quote here The second and this is wsws.org that I'm Quoting from the second Factor was the Slower growth in the working age Population due to a combination of now I'm quoting back to Powell quote Plunge In net immigration Wait what I thought we had open borders Yeah I thought everybody was coming in We had a no we net immigration is going Down under bind but what about the great Replacement okay none of that is true None of that is true here's the head of The Federal Reserve saying the promise We don't have enough immigrants okay so That's point one uh in in the second Factor uh here and then he says uh Plunger net immigration and a surge in Deaths during the pandemic Probably accounting for one and a half Million missing workers So many people died during covid that That's part of the reason why we have a Labor uh shortage because they died Meanwhile the Republicans are like who Cares about mass and vaccines everybody Get back in the assembly lines and oops You gotta drove back to the assembly Lines a lot of them caught covered Because he told them not to say Precautions they died and now you're Missing one and a half million workers

Okay so that's what's actually happening And by the way guys the quotes that I Read are direct quotes from Powell I'm Not the one saying it he's the one Saying it yeah but they say it in Gobbledygook so that and the reporters Are all part of this again they're not Evil they're just used to the group Think of well of course the problem is Wages and I've never I haven't seen Anybody report about how corporate Profits are at a record and and it's Outrageous and it's contributing to Inflation find me an op-ed that says That you know maybe they'll let one Progressive on out of like hundreds and Hundreds of op-eds written saying no It's the goddamn workers it's the Workers problem it's the wages are too High that's because it's not mainstream Media is Corporate media they're Multi-billion dollar corporations Themselves and where do they get all Their money two resources other Multi-billion dollar corporations that Do ads and the corruption in in politics Politicians give them 17 billion dollars Every election they did in the last Midterm and and to cover up the Corruption and that's where all of the Money goes yeah yeah it almost reminds Me of like a very small scale version of The political and economic Reorganization and Chaos that followed

Like the black plague like how you had Like the the system of government the Organization of the economy in European Countries fundamentally changed because So many people had died and in such a Short period of time and the balance of Power between classes change as a result Of it obviously this is a much smaller Percentage when you combine that with The immigration challenge changes and Other things we're seeing I think a Version of it Um anyway as you pointed out yeah the The profits are out of control U.S Commerce departments Bureau of economic Analysis reported non-financial sector Corporate profits of 2.08 trillion Dollars during the third quarter that's Up from 1.9 trillion dollars through the Same period last year Yeah a second quarter profits 2.07 Trillion now that may seem high but it's Important to note that is not high Enough for them to ever lower prices Literally ever Um and by the way when it comes to price Gouging It is crazy that Biden and other Politicians aren't using this the quote I'm about to read you as the rationale For some sort of Bill to stop uh the Corporate price gouging some sort of Windfall process profits tax this Darren Woods CEO of Exxon Mobil who said I'm

Optimistic that with time the market and We've proven this I think over the years The markets will come back into balance But it is a function of time I think in The short term everyone will squeeze What they can And uh the financial chief of PepsiCo Said on his own company's third quarter Earnings call that his company is quote Capable of taking whatever pricing we Need And those are not the only two we've Read you other quotes from other Corporations earlier where almost all of Them because they had one number they Have to be honest in their earnings call Otherwise they could be sued and two They like to brag in their earnings call About how much money they're making so The executives can get higher bonuses so They go on there and they're like ah Because of inflation we've used it as an Excuse to drive up prices that nobody's Stopping us right and so almost every Executive is bragging to no end about How they're taking advantage of Inflation yep and because there is no Government left guys last thing to give You a sense of how Unbelievable the corporate profits are So just three years ago in 2019 uh the Third quarter profits were 1.37 trillion Let's round up and call it 1.4 it's Going to make easy math and John just

Told you this year was 2.08 trillion so Let's round that up to 2.1 right so 1.4 And 2.1 in just three years that's a 50 Increase percent increase in profits and That was already a record at 50 I just Guys I from the business World a 50 Increase in profits is not a little it's Gigantic in just three years gee I Wonder what's driving up prices And yet the only one saying is Bernie Sanders and the Justice Democrats yeah And every other Democrat in Washington Is covering corporate ass when they Could have won the elections by the way If they talked about price gouging exit Polls indicated that price gouging made Uh voters Furious and of the voters that Were concerned about inflation that in The elections voted mainly against Democrats if they had a tackled price Gouging most of those guys said they Hate price gouging they would have loved An attack against price gouging by Corporations and big business they could Have easily kept the house But there's but they serve their Corporate donors and the mainstream Media corporate media keeps that from You religiously so you never know that The Democrats are just the good cop in The good cop bad cop game their Corporations play to screw you over