CAUTION: Watching This Video Will Make You Lose Brain Cells

By | January 5, 2023

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You know do you think we're getting Close to and I don't I'm not saying this Hyperbolically because people are saying It all Civil War Yeah yeah I've said that numerous times I've I've thought that a long time uh I Think they're going to push the wrong Button pretty soon and they're one of These days and well hell's gonna break Loose if it goes the wrong way And they go after ammunition and guns The way they already have There's gonna be trouble we're here for The people we're ready to take our Country back get rid of the people that Shouldn't be in office and put the People in that need to be in I I think we're doomed because I I don't Know if it's gonna happen Um it's it's actually really scary we Need to have people stand up and say hey Enough is enough and take our country Back this you know and hopefully Trump Can get in there and get it done again Like he did Michael sure they're talking to some More Trump supporters out of the Florida Rally of this time and the subject of Discussion to start us off with Sharon Is the talk of Civil War we hear about It all the time in fact I was surprised That one of those ladies in there that Said I'm afraid of this whole thing Happening while you're surrounded by

People who are gun toting Fingers on the trigger at uh any moment And is ready to kill and take out the People that should not be there so You're afraid for what the folks that You guys are coming to attack because There's this thought process that you're The vicious violent overtakers of the Government because that's democracy and Then afterwards these weaklings will be I guess exterminated from the earth what Is the plan let's I want to discuss Between each one of these shares so this Talk of Civil War are you afraid of this Do you see it coming to fruition and if It does how does that even work I've Always asked that question they just Like this as this fantasy in my opinion I think we're already in Civil War we Saw installment one the first battle was January 6th okay the plotting the Planning was before that well we're Already there and it's interesting Because when you hear these people's Comments minus invoking Trump's name They could be on the other side we're Afraid democracy hangs into balance you Know whatever it's actually it's crazy Talk but I think we are already not on The brink of it man we declare aired but We are at War Cold Civil War I mean you know backing Random candidates that are not gonna run For president but still there's more

Because these folks were talking about Uh more on the violence more on hate Speech since we're talking about how They're talking and what they're Concerned about You may not be surprised to see their Thoughts on what hate speech looks and Sounds like The Civil War they want Civil War who's That The globalists let's go there the stuff Tucker Carlson was on the other night he Said in his opinion there's no such Thing as hate speech in America how do You stand on that Um I believe in hate speech when you Have hate for somebody I am 100 into Speech hate speech because it's freedom Of speech you can speak freedom of Speech is freedom of speech no matter What the speech is It sounds terrible I mean you might want To cover your kids ears but it's still Freedom of speech I don't believe There's anything as hate speech It's all Under interpretation I think there's Free speech I think hate speech is just A term they they dreamed up to uh keep Other people from talking saying what's On their mind for the most part there's A lot of people that are worshiping the Extreme opposite we see it all around us The evil I mean look it's October There's demonic symbols everywhere and

It's gently been worked into a holiday That is promoted so just start with your Creator and then you will reject the Evil and you will awaken to him and Wherever that takes you and for many of Us that has taken us to the Savior Jesus Christ all I see by the way is candy in October but that's fine It's been a it's an ongoing thing when It comes to Halloween yeah you worry About the witches and the warlocks and The dressing up we did a story yesterday On Elon Musk and he dressed up Um I guess the Satan himself and many of His supporters were absolutely Devastated they didn't know what to do With it today they're probably over it Though it's just Satan for one day now It's back to doing what we're gonna do Because That guy's Our Savior I'm tired of these Folks actually let's go to one more of These uh Michael sure wanted to talk to This other day she's very Godly as well Uh she's also a Maga a woman and a Supporter and she has some theories About what the country was founded on Godly found it up go you know we were Talking about that yeah coming up here As kids we only knew trick or treat but When you become an adult and you open Your eyes you look around and you see All the Demonic everywhere you go wait Wait this is not candy and in a time

When people are censored and suppressed We've watched it we've watched it from The beginning them get censored and Suppressed so here we come like-minded People come together for the first time We're not afraid to talk to each other We're talking about God just playing Creator Everybody has one has him No matter your religion there's a God And in this country we were founded on The principles of God Country family freedom