Car Crashes Into FL Deputy During Highway Stop (Video)

By | December 7, 2022

Incredible police dash camera footage captured this close call during a routine traffic stop in Florida. David Shuster breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Correct An Ocala Florida that Sheriff's patrol Car just got hit yeah here's the view From another deputy's body camera yeah Yeah And this is the dash camera showing the Crash into another car just ahead In the back of our patrol car here is Some of the video in slow motion Thank you [Music] What makes this even creepier is that One of the sheriff's deputies seems to Be psychic more on that in a moment the Marion County Florida Sheriff's Department released the videos as a Safety reminder move over Florida says The slogan it could save a life Yeah the 2500 block Highway 44 428 57 Alpha this incident on November 26 2022 Began when a deputy conducted a traffic Stop on Southwest Highway 44. once the Driver and passenger were standing Outside their vehicle Motion in between the cars in case Someone hits us Purple Martin said come Up on the grass I don't want you getting Mushed in between the cars in case Someone hits us then The Corporal returns to his Patrol Vehicle to obtain more information about The occupants of the stopped vehicle Foreign The sheriff's department says Corporal

Martin while standing in a door jamb was Thrown to the ground but not injured The and other officers then attended to The driver and passenger of the crashed Vehicle they suffered minor injuries What'd I tell you boys Yeah come on come on All right I'm literally telling him bro What are you doing getting the grass for Me literally yes sir I just told them That this could happen and then this Happened so Kudos to Corporal Martin for telling the Occupants of that first vehicle to move To safer ground regardless of whether The law enforcement officer was Concerned about their safety or his own Or both the corporal's intuition may Have saved somebody's life the driver of That white car that crashed into Everybody was cited for the accident Thankfully nobody on the scene suffered Serious injuries Florida and several Other states have a law that requires Drivers to move over a lane When Approaching emergency vehicles or slow Down 20 miles per hour below the speed Limit if a move is not possible despite The law in Florida over the past seven Years State data shows there have been Nearly 1500 crashes where a driver Failed to move over and slammed into a Stationary vehicle and of these crashes There were seven fatalities and over a

Hundred people who were seriously Injured so if you approach emergency Lights slow down and if you're getting Pulled over it's okay to slow down and Pull off the highway onto an exit ramp As we've shown on this channel there are Some police who may initially suspect You're trying to evade them but most Police say using your flashers are Signaling your intent is fine and then Cops appreciate any maneuver that Increases everybody's safety I'm David Schuster thanks for joining us