Candace Owens BACK TRACKS Her Love For YE After Hitler Praise

By | December 7, 2022

Candace Owens finally breaks her silence following the controversy over Kanye’s praise of Adolf Hitler. Jayar Jackson and Jeff Wiggins break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“During an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show Infowars alongside white nationalist Nick Fuentes on Thursday, West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, praised Hitler and denigrated Jewish people and Israel.

The musician and fashion designer, 45, said that he “liked” Hitler and that nobody knew the meaning of antisemitism until he started sharing conspiracy theories about Jewish people this year.”

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But I also think it's really crappy for Everybody to keep thinking that I have To answer and agree with every single Thing that yay says I am not his Spokesperson I am not Kim to Balenciaga All right I am not working on that Campaign please stop tagging me in every Single thing that he says and saying That my silence is violence I of course Do not agree with every single thing That yay says I don't agree with every Single thing that I say when I look back Four years ago you know what I have a Different perspective on this and I Would and I'm I would like to be able to Amend my former perspectives Maybe amend them instead of saying why Are you guys connecting me to him you're Connected to Kanye West there's candy Store and says you guys know because you Supported him you promoted him you Walked out with him you made sure that Everything he said and defended him when People said he's being anti-semitic no He's not I mean you can't connect him to Yeah we're gonna get to that but she did Immediately criticize his ex-wife though Kim Kardashian over the whole Balenciaga Controversy as you heard there but she Remained silent though odd how that Works let's look at that so after she Criticized Kim Kardashian for her delay In speaking out against Balenciaga over Its campaign images of children posing

With teddy bears dressed in bondage gear Which was disgusting Social media users asked uh Candace the Candace host uh when she would do the Same for her musician friend over his Anti-Semitism which I think prompted all Of this uh this pushback and this Clarification that she wants to make Sure everyone knows hey if you've Changed your mind on the guy if you felt Like you made a mistake in promoting him Just say it people I think to a certain Degree will accept that because you Didn't see it coming now the criticism Could be how did you not see it coming But you know you probably can't answer That one because you probably could have But it was for the sake of maybe selling Parlor remember that whole thing that Your husband owns anyways uh this came After she was uh defending him on that Particular thing Drew Harwell tweeted this out and Reminded everyone that she had once said Anybody correlating yay to Adolf Hitler Should uh should not be a commentator Politician or journalist anymore just an Absolute joke well that was before he Then said he's all about Hitler and Nazis and you should connect me to Hitler and Nazis now you probably have To chill out with all of that stuff but There's a reason why maybe she didn't Say anything about that because there's

This whole recent history of this woman Her name is Candace Owens she said this about Hitler Yeah I agree I I actually don't have any Problems at all with the word Nationalism I think that it gets uh the Definition gets poisoned Um by a leaders that actually want Globalism globalism is what I what I Don't want so when you think about Whenever we say Nationals and the first Thing people think about in at least in America is Hitler you know he was a National socialist but if Hitler just Wanted to make Germany great and have Things run well okay fine the problem is Is that he wanted he had dreams outside Of Germany he wanted to globalize he Wanted everybody to be German everybody To be speaking German everybody look a Different way that's not to me that's Not nationalism How about those folks inside Germany who Cares about them who cares which is why It correlates to what's happening in America with which uh their president Donald Trump of course wants to Terminate the Constitution as we all Know how much he cares about anyone else That isn't just like him we know that Works and even those folks they're just Useful for him as well he's like a super Ego guy so that's why they love him so Much either way it goes Jeff just on his

First part here so I've I've been saying It since it happened since she was Standing here there with him with the White lives matter shirts I said when it All falls down and it crumbles one of These folks what are they gonna say when It all does fall down and now apparently It's one thing get your hands off man I Didn't do anything why are you guys Connecting this to me leave me alone bro That wasn't the energy before Well yeah so she should realize that We're connecting her to yay because she Has connected herself to gay yay has Connected himself with Germans and Nazis And Hitler she also did something very Similar that's kind of how these things Goes she's a black person I'm a black Person Jr you're black whenever there's Black on black crime we're all told to Speak on it and talk about it all the Time she knows how this thing goes you Know how many times I've been asked to Denounce black lives matter because I'm A uh well I was gonna say political Commentator but more political satire But that's beside the point when these Things come up as a black person I'm Always asked to denounce them and Disavow them she knows how these things Go but man you you did a good job of Including the name of a Kanye song and Your questions with me and it Simultaneously made me happy and sad at

The same time because that's all so dope Wait I I actually did that actually I Wish I'd done it on purpose which song Is this that uh Oh damn I should act like I knew that uh Yes as a matter of fact I did you know What this is The fact you brought it up remind me What we spoke about just before we came On and I want you to elaborate more Because I said the reasons why because Last week I was on with Jackson white And I was like you know I get everyone's Upset and tired of talking about Kanye But there is a reason behind it when he Was out there was a time as I mentioned He was top five hip-hop artists for me Because of the way he did what he did The words he said and actually the way He would say things and many people Didn't have the platform to say that did Speak some truth to our society the fact That it's a 180 has a lot of people Still have puzzled as to what it is That's happening and why it is that it Happened and then there's a Candice Owens who were then as I then said when He falls down they're gonna go Who's that guy because they were using Him Well yeah I mean so for me personally Kanye changed the landscape of hip-hop I Mean Jay-Z was my favorite rapper for so Long and Kanye did JD's best albums he

Did comments best album he did Scarface's best album I was a huge Lupe Fiasco fan he worked with Lupe Fiasco Kanye West was everywhere and everything For me with that Soul sound in his Production and then I very much rooted For him as an under as an underdog to go From just a producer to a rapper and Like when people say like yeah well like Okay I know what he said about Hitler And everything but he made graduation J.R he made graduation I was listening To Prince yesterday one of my favorite Prince songs is called um it's gonna be Lonely uh DJ Tunes uh sample is going to Be lonely for um what Kanye song is that Uh Big Brother about Jay-Z so like By Kanye and what he's doing is such a Big deal because he as far as culturally Means so much to so many people and he Like as far as his music goes he's Almost inescapable like you have to have And I'm sure J.R you're the same way There's maybe very fine and very fun uh Memories you have where you were Listening to his music or you were at His concert or something like that to Where like one of the best days of your Life his music was involved with that Man so that's why what he's saying and What he's doing and what he's being Right now is such a big deal for so many People because he meant so much to so Many people and now that's dashed and

Shattered and you're like how did this Happen that's just the thought process How these things go I'm glad you shared That stuff because this some people are Confused they haven't maybe been on to That level the connection to his whole Career