Campaign Attack Ads Are Out of Control This Election Season | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 3, 2022

Why are brands not allowed to lie in ads, but politicians can? Trevor examines some of the craziest lies that have been aired in midterm attack ads. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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Welcome to The Daily Show coming to you From Atlanta Georgia night three We've been having so much fun here every Single day I learned something new about The place you know like yesterday I Learned that people in Georgia have a Really interesting philosophy about food You know yeah yesterday I asked someone I said hey where should I eat and they Were like oh yo you got to get the wings At JR Crickets and I was like oh yeah Yeah yeah people were like yeah like so So what should I order I'm like oh you Got to get the lemon pepper wet extra Crispy extra sprinkles and they're like But you need like extra extra sprinkles Extra sprinkles like extra extra Sprinkles like it sounds like a lot of Sodium they're like yeah that's why you Got to go to American Deli afterwards And get the peach soda that's what you Got to do And then she said my favorite thing she Was like yeah because you see you see Because when you have that much salt you Got to cancel it out with the sugar That's what we do in Atlanta Like it's a balanced diets I appreciate that it was delicious But I slept for a week Also learned that people in Atlanta love Sports wow this is like a big Sports Town Like everyone here everyone here excites

It for the big Georgia Tennessee game on Saturday and people are hyped for that It's a big Sports town I've really and I Get it I get it I mean the Braves won The World Series right the The University of Georgia won the National championship You know yeah the the Falcons have Really cool jerseys And the city I feel like the city has Extra energy now because the midterms Are a few days away you can feel it all Right I see the shirts people out there Getting ready to vote everybody's voting Breaking early voting records that's What's happening out here People are out there making their voices Heard everybody's standing in line for Hours and hours I stood in line Yesterday four hours that's how long I Stood got to the front turns out it was A place called vegan Hey Didn't know that was a popular Restaurant in Atlanta I thought it was Just someone who sleeps around and likes Tofu The line would have been longer for that Uh but because the midterms the midterms Are on you know we talked about this a Little bit this adds everywhere in Atlanta and every ad every ad that I've Watched in the city is a campaign ad Right now everything you know this

You've seen it like I watched TV for 10 Minutes last night and I saw 30 minutes Worth of ads And the thing that's the thing that Stuck out to me was how most of them Were mean as Georgia would be Different with Abrams she pushed more Coveted lockdowns wanted businesses Closed and kids locked out of schools Abram's crime plan eliminate cash bail The same failed liberal scheme causing Crime to Surge in other states Stacey Abrams and Rafael Warnock support Aborting babies not just at six weeks Not just at 15 weeks where the baby can Feel pain but up to 40 weeks talk shows Magazine covers television cameos Celebrity Stacy a perfect governor for Liberal Elites just not hard-working Georgians damn You know you know if if you if you only Knew Stacy Abrams from attack ads in Georgia you Was Darth Vader combined with Thanos Combined with that who cut you Off in the traffic Pure Evil Stacy Abrams does all of it and by the Way I don't understand that last part What was that she's bad because she gets Interviewed on TV shows like look at This what what are they trying to say Huh what is this about what is this Why is this in an attack ad She hugs Trevor Noah which means she

Wants to turn America into Africa There's nothing wrong with hugging me I Give good hugs I mean on the flip side this this is Good for me I'm not gonna lie yeah no Because now I have a great excuse Anytime I don't want to hang out with Anybody You know they'll be like hey I'm like ah I would love to but if we're seen Together it could be using an attack ad You know yeah if you ever choose to run For governor of Georgia it's just going To spoil you I can't do that to you you Know maybe you should just Uber home From surgery I think it would be better And it's not just in Georgia there's Nothing ever it's not just in Georgia And it's not just mean in this moment It's getting meaner every single day Every campaign in America right now is Flooding the airwaves with attack ads Everyone my opponent will raise your Attack my opponent will cut your Healthcare my opponent and it's always That voice too right so is that a tech Ad voice I feel like you can say Anything in that voice and it sounds Terrible you know my opponent will Donate his kidney to you that son of a wait what I need a kidney You know if you ask me honestly I think Attack ads should be illegal yeah I mean it I think attack ads should be

Legal not campaign ads not campaign ads Attack ads I'll tell you why first of All first of all I think it's because They only drive up polarization and hate That's what they do right and secondly Politicians should be earning your vote By telling you what they're gonna do not Just by on other candidates Just tell me what you'll do if you want Me to vote don't tell me about the other Person Because you realize they're auditioning For the job we don't accept this in Any other job right there's no other job Where you can apply for it and then your Resume isn't what you do it's just a List of other reasons that the other People suck you can't do that anywhere Else you can't just be sitting there and Being like Oh what are my strengths well I think you should be focusing on Anthony's weaknesses yeah that guy types With these index fingers yeah so when do I start That's not campaigning that's not Winning votes right it's not shouldn't Be a part of democracy it's basically The same strategy every r b song from The 90s used you remember that every Song would just be some guy Is coming out there like girl You know your man ain't treating you Right He never buys you flowers

He's never taking you to Disney World She's like well uh are you gonna take me To Disney World girl this ain't about me Right now This is about your man and how he ain't Doing you right and by the way my car's In the shop so uh I might need to borrow Yours Like it's it's not helpful It's not healthy And here's the thing here's the thing it Would be one thing if attack ads were Just highlighting policy differences Between candidates my opponent wants to Raise your taxes but I want to lower Them that's that's one thing but that's Not what attack ads do because like Everything else in America it has to be Supersized left-wing politicians are Pushing sexual agendas on our children S-rated drag shows for kids pornography In elementary schools Amendment Oz Doesn't want you to know about his Deadly experiments on puppies Katie Hobbs organized a mock slave auction Katie Hopps guilty of racism no one is Safe with liberal Amelia Sykes babies Have to watch their backs because of Tina kotak Tina kotek too extreme for Oregon I'm sorry what Babies have to watch their backs If you're a baby watching that you are Crapping your pants

More than usual you are Yourself I've never seen an attack ad trying to Scare babies I was like watch out babies Tina Kodak Is here And now she's not And now she's here and now she's not And now she's here And by the way I know I know there's Some people who are thinking right now Oh but Trevor don't I deserve to know The bad things about someone who's Running for office yes I think you do I Think you do and ideally you would get That information from America's Responsible objective news media that's Where you should be getting it from it Doesn't need to be an attacker because Here's the thing here's the thing in my Opinion these ads are not helping they Don't help they don't help right because They don't just attack policy they Portray opponents as evil inherently Evil monsters that poisons the entire Country because what happens to Bipartisanship after that do people ever Think of that huh you you can't be like Yes I I said my opponent wants to drink The blood of children but now that the Election is over that doesn't mean we Can't work together on infrastructure Get on in here you pedophile let's do This deal

You can't do that Why would anyone support that And what's even worse is that many Attack ads are just straight up lies Right straight up lies like for instance Um there's a there's an ad in Texas Greg Abbott put out this ad right a TV ad That's spliced together different quotes From better or Rock to make it seem like He said something that he didn't say Right yeah campaign flyers in uh North Carolina they show candidates wearing Defund the police t-shirts that they Never actually wore Yeah and I'm like okay well as long as You're photoshopping picks why not go All the way just go all the way yeah Just be like look he's not just throwing Out a garbage bag he's throwing out the New Taylor Swift album you monster There's drinking children's blood and Then there's evil Oh and if you want to see just how bad The lies in these ads can get look no Further than this race in California We want to show you perhaps the most Dishonest TV campaign ad we've ever seen Some politicians think they should Control your child's education we're Trying to indoctrine our students in Communism jhen is running for congress To represent southern Californians Here's what Chen actually said you know I'm going to be a recipient of some of

These attacks unfortunately they're Going to be claiming that because our School district was teaching Chinese That meant we were trying to Indoctrinate our students in communism Literally that will be one of the points Of attack Huh Look at that he even called it he said These people are probably going to claim That we're teaching kids communism and I Guess his opponents saw that and they Were like well that's a great idea we Should do that yeah we should do that Because here's the thing it's bad enough It's bad enough to attack someone but to Pretend they said something they didn't Say and attack them for that that's That's even worse you're attacking them For something they didn't say you Realize if you edit it the context is Out of everything right that that cardi B song whap that's a song about female Sexual empowerment but if you edit out The p Now it's just a song about wet ass No one's going to be dancing in the club To that song get a bucket and the mop For this wet ass Oh please do not back that thing up on Me You can't do that This is good for democracy And

Here's the thing that that may blow your Mind I know because it blew my is that It's not illegal to line attack ads did You know this yeah it is not illegal the Courts have said that the government Cannot ban lying in political ads Because it falls under Free Speech yeah And look maybe you agree maybe you're One of those people who thinks oh the Government shouldn't get involved in Policing what's true or false in ads but Here's the thing it already does right If you lie in an ad for a car or for a For a cell phone or for even toilet Paper the FTC will ban that ad yeah Which is a weird set of priorities right Because if you lie in an election ad That could undermine your democracy but If you lie about how many sheets are in A roll of toilet paper I mean the worst that could happen is You end up with a wet ass So If you ask me America has everything Backwards if there's one type of AD You're not allowed to lie in it should Be your political ads right not only is That better for democracy Not only is it better for democracy but It means you would be allowed to lie in Commercial ads and I think that would be Funny as hell Chef Boyardee says his Beefaroni is Quick and convenient but forty percent

Of all people who ate Beefaroni Immediately died in the other 60 became Transgender it was Chef Boyardee hiding Under his hat is it critical race theory He won't say Chef Boyardee wrong for dinner wrong for America paid for it by concerned Citizens for SpaghettiOs See now that's what we need more

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